Chapter 91: Car accident

Chapter 91: Car accident

Ye Tianlei, upon seeing Ye Xuanji start to acknowledge Tang Zheng's strength, quickly brought up the matter of Tang Zheng healing him of his injuries.

Ye Xuanji hesitated a bit as he originally came to Chang Heng City with hopes of treatment, but upon arrival, he did not find the so called Godly Doctor of legends. And looking for him would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Even the Medicine God had personally come out and searched every hospital and herbal store, but came up with nothing.

Even though only a day has passed, he started to become pessimistic. That is why he and Ye Tianlei had a face of hopelessness as they returned home.

However, as of today he once again felt his hope kindle in the form of Tang Zheng. Ye Xuanji indeed did feel his mind churn as he had some fears of death, for the higher the position one has, the more valuable one would treat their life.

Since last time he and Tang Zheng had a conflict, Ye Xuanji were really be throwing away his face if he went to Tang Zheng for help.

Ye Tianlei saw and understood his father's hesitations as he said: "Since Senior Medicine God is an expert and Tang Zheng is not ordinary himself, why don't we set up a meeting between the two and have him be tested. Then if Tang Zheng really has a method, it would not be too late for us to ask him to help with your condition. What do you think about my suggestion, father?"

Ye Xuanji was extremely happy but did not express himself, as this way he would not let go of any opportunity. If Tang Zheng really had a method, then he could think of a way to ask for his help. If Tang Zheng did not have a method, then he would not have to throw away his face.

"Fine, I will let you handle this matter." Ye Xuanji finally agreed.

Tang Zheng, on the other hand, did not know that he had attracted so much attention because of the Jade Women's Heart Sutra as he was currently with Fang Shishi, attempting to resolve the

conflict between the two.

Fang Shishi did not break out into a run but kept her head down, not saying a single word.

"Shishi, this time it really is a misunderstanding! Please don't be angry, okay?" Tang Zheng softly said.

"You and Ye Dingdang are surely hiding something from me." Fang Shishi finally said.

"This is all her blabbering. Last time I told you that I helped her, so that is why she spread the news of being engaged." Tang Zheng did his best to explain.

"Heng, who knows, maybe she has liked you for a long time and only used it as an excuse." She sorely said.

"This... " Tang Zheng was at a loss for words. After a moment he said: "Then that is her business because I do not have those thoughts."

"Then what is was that palm print on your face in the morning?"

"This…" Tang Zheng awkwardly started. He promised Liu Qingmei that he would not tell a third person so of course he could not speak the truth. Hence he said: "Shishi, anyways this matter is definitely not what you think it is. As for the specifics I already promised that I would not say it."

Fang Shishi lifted up her head and looked at him with red and teary eyes: "If you don't want to say then don't say it. You don't ever need to tell me and I also do not want to concern myself with your matters."

Fang Shishi finally blew up and the emotions she had kept bottled up within her finally exploded out like a volcano.

Tang Zheng was scared witless as he had never thought of her as a person with great temper. The two were both new to the scene of love, and towards this area they were confused, and now crisis had finally arrived.

"Shishi…" Tang Zheng was at a loss of words.

Fang Shishi was extremely heartbroken. So he had actually hidden so much from her, what did she matter in the grand scheme of things. What girlfriend? She is nothing.

Two streams of tears appeared as she lowered her head and broke into a run. Tang Zheng stared stupidly at her back not knowing if he should chase after her.

Suddenly, a car sped on by which Fang Shishi clearly did not see. The driver also did not expect that someone would come charging onto the road. It seemed like one car and one person was about to collide.

“Shishi, careful!” Tang Zheng nearly was scared out of his mind. His body flashed as he dashed towards her without a care for himself.

"Shishi, careful!" Tang Zheng nearly was scared out of his mind. His body flashed as he dashed towards her without a care for himself.

Fang Shishi let out a scream as she unconsciously turned her head to see a cement truck rushing at her. At that moment, she was scared witless; her face turned the color of clay and her two legs were as if they were pumped full of lead, unmoving.

I'm going to die!

Her mind rang out with this one thought. At this time, she suddenly regretted it. Why did she have to get into a conflict with Tang Zheng, since she liked him then she should believe in him.

In the face of death, what is one small fight?

She really wanted to say a word of apology to Tang Zheng, but she did not have time. All of it came to a stop at this one point in time.

Suddenly she saw a flash across her eyes as she was tightly embraced by a man. This embrace was very warm and gave her a sense of comfort. She felt that no matter how strong the wind or the waves were, they were unable to harm her at this time.

Moreover, a familiar face was stuck very close to her. She unconsciously opened her mouth and heard a loud yet muffled ‘PENG' and they were sent flying. That face in front of her revealed a bitter look as both hands continued to hug her tightly. She felt a shock transmit into her body.

"Tang Zheng!" She loudly shouted and following that the two fell onto the ground. Tang Zheng vomited a mouthful of blood which landed on her chest.

"You… are you alright?" Tang Zheng said this one phrase with great difficulty. With a twist, his head fell to the side, his eyes closed.

"Tang Zheng, don't scare me! What’s wrong? What’s wrong?!” Fang Shishi lost all color to her face as tears flowed down from her eyes. She loudly screamed out: "Hurry and wake up. I'm not angry anymore! I will never be angry again! Please, please hurry up and forgive me. Open your eyes and take a look at me!"

But Tang Zheng did not have any reaction. *TL: he CAN'T die… we are only on chapter 91…* *EN: I'm hopping on the Dingdang boat now*

The driver looked at this scene in shock, his soul just about ready to fly out of his body. He saw that there were already quite a few people rushing towards them as he suddenly stepped on the gas to escape.

"Hurry up and call an ambulance." Fang Shishi shouted out amidst sobs.

Tang Zheng was hurriedly sent to the emergency room with Fang Shishi waiting outside. She did not even take the time to wipe off the fresh blood from her chest as she sank into a silence prayer: "Tang Zheng, you must be fine. Nothing must happen to you otherwise I will never forgive myself. Hurry and get up. In the future, I will be good and everything will be fine. We will love each other…"

"Shishi…" Suddenly, She Mengqin charged over from the corridor. Her face one of panic, Fang Chongguo also followed, his face had a bad color.

Mother…" Fang Shishi seeing her parents jumped into her mother's embrace and cried ‘wuwuwu'.

She Mengqin hurriedly looked her up and down and asked in concern: "Shishi, you were hit by a car, are you hurt anywhere? Aiya, there is blood on your shirt. Hurry, doctor, doctor! Hurry and give my daughter treatment."

"Mother, I am fine, this isn't my blood."

"If it's not your blood then whose is it? When I heard that you were in a car accident, mom and dad hurriedly came over. Just what happened?" She Mengqin was like a machine gun and rattled off.

Fang Chongguo was a bit calmer as he caringly said: "Shishi, stop crying, tell us what happened?"

"I was not careful and was nearly hit by a car. It was Tang Zheng who saved me and this is his blood." Fang Shishi said painfully.

"Tang Zheng." Fang Chongguo was shocked.

She Mengqin did not care whether Tang Zheng lived or died and said in shock: "So you are okay?"

"I am fine, but Tang Zheng is heavily injured and is currently in the emergency room." Fang Shishi said, tears once again streaming down her face.

"Good girl, don't cry. As long as you are okay." She Mengqin hurriedly wiped her tears, "Thank the lord, after we return we need to go to the temple to burn some incense."

Fang Shishi did everything she could to escape her mother's embrace and angrily said: "Mother, how could you? It was Tang Zheng who saved me and not the Heavens. It should have been me lying there but my life was exchanged with Tang Zheng's."

She Mengqin stared foolishly as she had never seen her daughter throw such a temper. At that time she did not know what to do, but Fang Chongguo interrupted: "Your mom is just worried about you. How is Tang Zheng right now?"

Fang Shishi shook her head with great difficulty and said: "I do not know. The doctors are currently doing their best."

"Shishi relax, Heaven helps the worthy. The doctors will definitely save him." Fang Chongguo said comfortingly.

She Mengqin flicked her lips as she poisonously thought: "It would be for the best if he were to die. This way he would not be able to continue bothering our family's treasure."

"Shishi, you first return home to rest. I will notify his family to come watch." Fang Chongguo advised.

"His family?" Fang Shishi felt her eyes glow, "No! Do not notify his family! Wait, I need to go to his house otherwise if his grandfather sees that he is not home he will definitely worry."

Saying up to here she stood up and ran out.

"Shishi, where are you going?" The married couple asked in shock.

"You two, wait here, if there is any news notify me. I will go to his house to comfort his grandfather." Fang Shishi said while running down the stairs, disappearing into the night.

She had only been at Tang Zheng's house once but she still remembered the road. She quickly called a taxi and then went over. On the way she casually bought a shirt to change out of her blood-soaked one. She cleaned up her face so as to not let herself seem so sad. She thought for a bit about what she was going to say.

The taxi arrived in front of the small house, the dusk light illuminating the path as she made to knock.

"Grandfather, are you home?" Fang Shishi did her best to sound normal.

"Who is it?" Tang Dahai walked out. Fang Shishi's gaze flashed with a weird light as Tang Dahai seemed ten years younger than before. She nearly didn't recognize him.

But she calmed her thoughts as she awkwardly squeezed out a smile and said: "Grandpa, it's me. You seem a lot better now."

"It's Tang Zheng's girlfriend. Why are you here? Is something the matter?" Tang Dahai warmly smiled and asked.

The word ‘girlfriend' nearly made Fang Shishi break into tears. So his most dear grandfather actually knew about them and from this, she could tell that Tang Zheng was very serious about their relationship. Yet she had still doubted him.

She felt that she deserved to die ten thousand deaths.

"It's me grandpa, our class is holding an event so Tang Zheng won't be able to come home today. So, he told me to come over to notify you."

"This child, if he can't come home then he should just call me himself. How could he have you specifically come to tell me yourself."

"His cellphone ran out of battery and I was free so I decided to come and see how grandpa was doing."

"Child, you have a good heart. Come on in." Tang Dahai warmly invited.

Fang Shishi shook her head and said: "I need to return now. Next time I will come visit grandpa. You have to take care of yourself."

Tang Dahai genially smiled and nodded his head. His gaze followed Fang Shishi as she left. Within the darkness of night, her shoulders were slightly rising and falling, her tears were falling….

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