Chapter 90: Priceless Treasure

Chapter 90: Priceless Treasure

Feng Siniang handed the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra to her husband, Ye Tianlei. He suspiciously accepted the paper. Upon closer inspection, he felt his eyes unable to leave the piece of paper, which suddenly became hefty. His breathing unconsciously quickened.

“Where did you get this?” Ye Tianlei hurriedly asked.

Feng Siniang shrugged her shoulder and helplessly pointed at Ye Dingdang, and said, “Ask your daughter.”

Ye Tianlei’s gaze fell upon Ye Dingdang, who felt satisfied at her parents reactions. It seems like this Jade Women’s Heart sutra was something amazing.

“Dingdang, where did you get this?”

Ye Dingdang did not continue to draw out the attention as her gaze fell on Ye Xuanji for a moment, as she said, “Tang Zheng gave it to me.”

“What, Tang Zheng!?” Ye Tianlei and his wife exchanged glances as their voices turned higher by one pitch, revealing their astonishment.

Even though Tang Zheng has constantly brought them miracles and they no longer dared belittled him, this technique set far surpassed what they thought Tang Zheng could bring out.

The husband and wife gave each other another look, they both tacitly agreed that their understanding of Tang Zheng was still shallow.

Ye Dingdang solemnly nodded her head, “He said that this Jade Women’s Heart Sutra is suited for my training, and it would greatly help me.”

Her parents both nodded as they could see how extraordinary this technique was. It was evident that this set was geared towards females, but it was more profound than other such techniques.

Feng Siniang herself could not help but admit that the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra was even more profound than the technique she was training in.

Ye Xuanji did not say anything, but upon hearing Tang Zheng’s name he unconsciously knitted his eyebrow and snorted in disdain, “That little brat? You guys give him too much credit.”

Saying this, he reached out to grab the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra and mockingly scanned it. By belittling it, he thought it was a toy a child brought out.

“Father….” Ye Tianlei wanted to put in a few words of argument. But seeing Ye Xuanji’s gaze deeply on the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra, his pupil released a glimmer of light.

He did not move at all. It was as if someone locked his body in place. The only noticeable sign was that his breathing quickened.

The three did not disturb him, and only Ye Dingdang crossed her arms as she enjoyed this sight. Her grandfather was always going on about how good he was, but he wasn’t the only one who was good.

Moreover, he was forced into this reaction by something Tang Zheng gave her. This caused her to be more firm in her thought that Tang Zheng was not ordinary.

A needle drop could be heard in the room as the three present held their breath. Only Ye Xuanji’s hurried breathing could be heard, drawing everyone’s attention.

Not long later, Ye Xuanji lifted his head and stared at Ye Dingdang, then asked, “Tell the truth, just where did you get this?”

He did not believe that Tang Zheng had the capabilities of bringing out something like this.

Ye Dingdang’s expression abruptly changed as she said without any good feelings, “I already said that Tang Zheng gave it to me. Whether you believe it or not is none of my business.”

Ye Tianlei hurriedly stared at her daughter and said, “Dingdang, how can you speak to your grandfather like that?”

Ye Dingdang gave a white eye and said, “Heng, I already said it so it’s up to him if he wants to believe it.”

Ye Xuanji indeed did not believe her words as he was already a Ninth grade Natal Stage expert. His understanding of martial arts was high. Likewise, his comprehension skill far surpassed the three by a whole level.

The profoundness and intricacy of this technique was simply to great, causing many waves of agitation to appear within his firm mind.

His view was set further into the future. With this female martial arts technique, the females in the family clan would have their training increase, making the Ye Clan even stronger.

With this, the Ye Clan’s strength can raise another level!

Ye Xuanji did not acknowledge Ye Dingdangs attitude, but tightly held onto this piece of paper as if it were a priceless treasure. He said, “I want to bring this home to carefully ponder over its mysteries.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Dingdang immediately jumped up and loudly cried out, “That is mine, how could I give it to you? Return it to me!”

Ye Dingdang reached out towards the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra, but Ye Xuanji easily avoided it. She did not give up as she charged over as if not afraid of the other.

Ye Tianlei was shocked into a jump as Ye Xuanji’s position was of utmost importance. No one in the clan dared make a move towards him. Ye Dingdang was the first.

“Dingdang, don’t be rude!” Ye Tianlei hurriedly blocked her daugher.

Ye Dingdang angrily roared, “The Jade Women’s Heart Sutra was something Tang Zheng gave me. Based on what are you taking it away?”

Ye Tianlei awkwardly advised, “The old gramps is the head of the family, so you have to listen to his orders.”

“If YOU want to listen to his orders, then that is your business! I on the other hand, won’t listen. Hand over the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra to me.” Ye Dingdang said with her face red. She stretched out her jade like hands toward Ye Xuanji as if wanting to take it back.

Ye Xuanji’s expression did not change as he heavily said, “Dingdang, tell me the truth. Just who gave this to you? Do not say it was that little brat because I do not believe he would possess an incredible martial arts technique such as this! Do not think that I am muddled by old ages because I am more clear than any of you regarding the pricelessness of this technique!”

Ye Dingdang gave a cold hmph and did not acknowledge him. Since you do not believe it, then I am to lazy to waste my breath on you.

Ye Tianlei awkwardly explained, “Father, Dingdang would not lie. If she said that Tang Zheng gave it to her, then that is the case.”

Feng Siniang also nodded her head and said, “I too also believe that it was the little handsome brother.”

She felt flowers blossoming in her heart. With her piercing eyes she did not misjudge, this little handsome brother was indeed capable of bringing great shock to everyone.

Ye Xuanji’s eyes flashed with a strange light. Even though he did not believe it, the other said so with a solemn tone. So even if he did not want to believe it, he could not think otherwise. Even so, this vastly surpassed his beliefs.

“Is this brat really so unordinary?” Ye Xuanji muttered to himself as if he were asking the others, but also asking himself.

Feng Siniang felt her mind working. She felt this was a rare opportunity to recommend Tang Zheng, she hurriedly said, “Old gramps, Tang Zheng has already created many miracles so I am not extremely surprised.”

“But why did he give this to Dingdang? It must be known that if this set were to spread, then it would attract many people's attention.” Ye Xuanji muttered.

“Didn’t I already say it. The little handsome brother is Dingdang’s fiance so of course he would give it to her.” Feng Siniang said.

Hearing the word fiance, Ye Dingdang felt her mind tremble, “Could it be that this was the reason he gave it to me?”

From her family seniors reaction, she could clearly understand that she didn’t give the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra enough credit. It was really an extremely priceless treasure.

Yet he still gave it to her so easily….

Ye Xuanji muttered irresolutely to himself, his gaze deepened as he was within his own world.

Ye Dingdang’s gaze was fixated on the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra. Since it was so priceless, then she definitely could not give it to someone else.

“Return it to me!” She woke up from her thoughts.

Ye Tianlei hurriedly shot a gaze towards his daughter but Ye Dingdang acted as if she did not see. Feng Siniang on the other hand, did not make any move to stop her. Her lips curved up in a hint of a smile.

Of course she would not stop her daughter. This was her daughter’s technique, so why should she give it to someone else?

It must be known that this pair of mother and daughter did not harbor much good feelings toward the Ye Clan. Their anger may even outweigh that good feeling by a bit.

Ye Xuanji stared at this unfamiliar granddaughter of his, realizing that he did not understand her. From the beginning, she had never treated him differently.

“Dingdang, this Jade Women’s Heart Sutra is very important to the Ye Clan. Can you give it to me for safe keeping?” Ye Xuanji asked.

“Hell no, the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra is incomparably precious. This is something Tang Zheng gave me, and me alone. I will not give it to anyone!” Ye Dingdang refused without the slightest hesitation.

Feng Siniang gave her daughter a praising look. This was her, Feng Siniang’s daughter! Like mother like daughter!

“Old gramps, you are the clan’s head. If you were dead set on stealing this from me then I am definitely not your opponent. But, if this were to spread outside that you stole something from a junior. Hei, that reputation wouldn’t sound so good.” Ye Dingdang said with a sudden idea.

This was a plain threat to him, but Ye Dingdang did not care. For this Jade Women’s Heart Sutra, even offending the old man was okay.

As expected, Ye Xuanji’s expression immediately underwent a thousand changes as he coldly said, “You dare threaten me?”

Ye Dingdang shrugged her shoulders and said, “It wouldn’t be as serious as threatening, as I am only speaking the truth.”

These kind of people place utmost importance on reputation. If this news were to spread, then it would cause irreparable damage to the family name.

To even steal his own granddaughter’s things would deal damage to his name.

Suddenly, Ye Xuanji’s expression changed and he started laughing crazily, “Haha, why would I steal your thing? Here, take it.”

Saying up to here he threw the light paper like a blade. Ye Dingdang did not feel fear as she stretched out her hand, feeling immense pain, but keeping it from showing.

It was clear that this was a small lesson for her continuous attacks against Ye Xuanji dignity, as the clan head.

Ye Dingdang ignored the pain and let out a breath of relief. Compared to the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra falling into the other's hand, what was this little pain?

At this time, she felt anticipation within her heart. She wanted nothing more than to immediately start training in this technique.

Ye Dingdang said a quick parting word and charged straight into her room. Seeing his daughters back, Ye Tianlei said, “Old gramps, Dingdang is still small so she does not understand.”

Ye Xuanji spread his hand and said, “You carefully investigate Tang Zheng for me.”

Ye Tianlei had on a difficult face as he said, “Father, I already previously investigated him, but there was nothing that stood out.”

“Heng, then how did he come about this Jade Women’s Heart Sutra.”

“He has a master, so it should be this secretive master who gave it to him.” Feng Siniang said quickly. She stole the limelight, bringing out the master behind Tang Zheng.

“Master?” Ye Xuanji previously did not discover Tang Zheng to be extraordinary, except for his Immortal Flying Heaven Technique. Everything else about him was average.

But this Jade Women’s Heart Sutra gave him a clear shock.

“Then investigate his master. I want to see just what kind of saint he is.”

Ye Tianlei shook his head and said, “Father, there is no information on his master. Moreover, Tang Zheng has treated the Ye Clan well. This time he even passed on the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra to Dingdang so we should be grateful. How could we start another investigation on him?”

“It seems like your injury really was healed by him.” Ye Xuanji said heavily as muttered to himself. This time he really started to value Tang Zheng.

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