Chapter 9: Sowing Dissension

Chapter 9: Sowing Dissension

Qiao Fei understood the situation immediately and asked: “Gao Dazhi, what is going on with you, who pissed you off?”

Gao Dazhi gave Qiao Fei a look the two knew one another, but there was no further interaction between them, Gao Dazhi has never liked Qiao Fei believing his every movement to carry a wave of gloominess.

“What does it concern you!” Gao Dazhi said without any good tone.

A flash of anger swept past Qiao Fei’s eyes, each minding their own business and said: “Today I saw a message, and thought that I should notify you.”

“What message.”

“On Peng Cheng Forums it is said that Ye Dingdang is chasing Tang Zheng. Since I knew that you have always been pursing Ye Dingdang so I thought I might tell you that some people seem harmless but if you are too late to defend, be careful to not suffer a major lose.”

Qiao Fei said pointedly.

Gao Dazhi angrily said: “What is your meaning?”

Qiao Fei smiled and said: “You know what I mean.”

“You want to make me go against Tang Zheng?”

“What of it, scared? Right now you are already not in a good position, unless don’t tell me that you are afraid of him?” Qiao Fei said provokingly.

“Who said I was afraid, he’s just an egg, I, your daddy can easily crush him to death.” Gao Dazhi refuted, but couldn’t help but unconsciously recall the scene that occurred on Sky Platform. He, himself, ate dog shit that day and Ye Dingdang seemingly lost without reason, causing him to be unable to see through Tang Zheng’s strength. Does this mean that he is pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger?”

“You and Tang Zheng were in the same class for two years, can he fight?” Gao Dazhi asked.

Qiao Fei acted as if he just heard the world’s funniest joke and couldn’t help but laugh loudly: “Haha, can he fight? Are you kidding with me? He is just a bookworm who doesn’t have the strength to even tussle with a chicken.”

Gao Dazhi appeared to understand, if Tang Zheng really knew how to fight then half a year ago he wouldn’t have been struck in the head by others making him an idiot. So, it seems like he was just too careless today which resulted in his lose.

“Gao Dazhi, Tang Zheng is treacherous and cunning, if you hesitate Ye Dingdang will really become his person.” Qiao Fei said fanning the fire.

“You’re dreaming!” Gao Dazhi roared. He bitterly chased after Ye Dingdang for two years without any results, and has always unconsciously thought of Ye Dingdang as his. So, he wouldn’t allow any other person to get her.

“Qiao Fei, you want to use me to get rid of Tang Zheng?” Gao Dazhi’s coldly said, his pupil constricting.

Even though Gao Dazhi was a blockhead, he was not an idiot, Qiao Fei’s schemes were completely seen through by him. Qiao Fei coldly laughed and said: “I am just looking out for you.”

“Heng, you and I are not that close. But I heard that Tang Zheng’s grades have always pressed down upon your head, you, a class representative even with your wealthy family background still can’t compare with Tang Zheng. Even, Fang Shishi looks to Tang Zheng and this doesn’t make you jealous?”

“What is there to be jealous about?” Qiao Fei said while his heart said otherwise.

Gao Dazhi laughed: “Lying in front of me is pointless, it’s not like I will reveal you, moreover… half a year ago when Tang Zheng was attacked, hei, I don’t think that matter is as simple as it looks, you wouldn’t happen to have played a part in that would you?”

Qiao Fei’s expression abruptly changed, as if his secret was pried into by someone else, and he hurriedly denied it: “You can eat random stuff but you can’t speak random words.”

Gao Dazhi loosened his shoulders and said: “Whether you did it or not has no influence on me whatsoever, anyways this time I will take care of Tang Zheng.”

“I heard you know a few lackeys from outside our school.” Qiao Fei said with some thought.

Gao Dazhi coldly laughed, declining to comment.

Tang Zheng returned back to class and discovered that his classmates were looking at him strangely. He could only coldly laugh and continue to bury his head in his studies and cultivation.

The Pressure Point Technique Tian Chanzi had imparted to him was of great interest to him but towards all the other bodies pressure points he was still considered unknowledgeable.

Tian Chanzi patiently explained to him every single one of them, his learning speed was exceptional and every pressure points location and their function was firmly remembered.

After today if he were to face someone stronger than him he would have a method at his disposal that would provide him with an invincible trump card. But since his true qi was still not strong and thick enough he could only lock his opponents power for five minutes. According to Tian Chanzi, if the Pressure Point Technique was practiced to the apex it could even lock someone for a whole lifetime, not allowing them to move even a single step.

Tang Zheng thought about it for a moment, infatuated, this Pressure Point Technique was just to awesome.

“Little Brat, in the end this Pressure Point Technique is just an insignificant technique, to us cultivators, the Body Lock Technique is truly impressive. Just by chanting the incantation, even without touching your opponent you are able to lock them in place.” Tian Chanzi snorted in distain and said.

Tang Zheng’s felt his heart blossom, and said: “Then can you tell me when I can learn this technique?”

“Third grade Refining Qi realm.”

Tang Zheng clenched his teeth, he must reach Third grade Refining Qi realm as fast as possible, this was like a watershed. He must cultivate to Third grade Refining Qi realm because both learning techniques and also refining the Life Continuing pill require him to reach that stage. Tang Zheng felt his time was really to limited.

When the bell that released the students rang, everyone carried their bags and headed home. Feng Yong followed after Tang Zheng’s side chirping without stop.

“Boss, what school are you preparing to test into? Is it Yan Jing University in Beijing?” Feng Yong asked with great curiosity.

Tang Zheng suddenly froze, he previously was unable to study and basically did not consider this problem but right now since he has recovered just where should he attend school? If he were to leave Chang Heng City then he would have no way of taking care of his grandfather.

“I don’t know, it’s still early. I’ll think about it later.” He said, his heart evidently not with him.

“Heihei, Boss is so smart, you definitely can get into Yan Jing University.” Feng Yong said.

“Which university do you want to test into?” Tang Zheng asked.

Feng Yong dispiritedly answered: “With my grades just testing into San Ben would be enough for me to thank the heavens, but my family already used their connection to get me into Yan Jing University. Over there the resources are abundant and the networks are numerous, in the future if I were to meet more people it would be beneficial to me taking over the family business.”

“What does your family do?” Tang Zheng casually asked.

Feng Yong’s expression turned embarrassed and said awkwardly: “Just a small business.”

Tang Zheng seeing that he did not want to speak about it, did not investigate further.

“I see that our classmates aren’t stupid but how come they just aren’t able to raise their grades?” Tang Zheng asked in curiosity, after listening for the day he discovered that the teacher was very skillful and did not lose one bit to the teacher of Class 1.

The teachers Peng Cheng International School hire are all top of the line teachers within the country, the teachers are all capable, even if it was the Hell Class teacher who taught the lowest class.

“Everyone is the child of a wealthy family and several people’s family already pulled some connections to get them into good Universities, so why should they work so hard to learn.” Feng Yong’s single phrase answered the mystery.

Tang Zheng shook his head, he really could not understand the minds of these silk-pants boys and said: “Relying on one’s parents is not considered growing up and learning, to hit steel one’s own body has to be hard.

Feng Yong’s face grew red and said: “Bosses words are correct.”

“Hehe, I am not talking about you, just voicing my own opinions.”

“No, these words are words my father often says, it’s just that I have never attached any importance to them, but I dare say that it’s too late now. My foundations are poor and there are only three months till the big high school exam, to profess devotion in time of trouble is not going to help.” Feng Yong hopelessly said.

“No, polishing your weapon before battle, does not make it faster but at least makes it shinier as long as you have heart, your grade will definitely change for the better.” Tang Zheng said firmly, “Feng Yong, in the future you will take extra classes from me and I guarantee that your score will rise.”

Since Feng Yong already addresses him as boss, this boss can’t just be for show.

Feng Yong was overly joyful to have this amazing student help him, then his crappy scores can most definitely be raised, and his allowance will naturally increase. Thinking up to here, his eyes couldn’t help but give off light.

“I will find some time to put together a study plan for you, and then make some time to teach you.”

“Okay okay okay, thank you boss.”

“You, who are you calling boss, fatty, you should at least find a decent person to be your boss, choosing this trashy brat. You sure have no eyes.” Suddenly, the two found themselves surrounded by six fiendish lackeys, blocking their way.

“What are you guys going to do?” Feng Yong asked in fear.

“Fatty, scram to the side, this does not concern you.” The lackey waved his hand, and said with annoyance. His eyes stared dead straight at Tang Zheng.

“You guys are here to deal with me?” Tang Zheng’s pupil’s constricted, he unconsciously recalled the event from several months ago when he was attacked by others. Without even seeing who his attackers were, he was hit on the head once and continually beaten by several people until he fainted. During the whole event he did not even see one of his attackers clearly.”

As of today he now possessed martial arts so if anyone dared to bully him they were simply seeking death.

“Heihei, so you are Tang Zheng, there is someone who wants to teach you a lesson that people must know their place. There are just some people who you can’t afford to offend.” The lackey said with joyful satisfaction.

“What do you mean?”

“Haha, this little brat has turned silly from reading all those books. Let me tell you it this way, in the future stay away from Ye Dingdang, and don’t think of stuff like being the toad who wants to eat swan meat.” The lackey said with an all high and almighty attitude.

Tang Zheng speechlessly looked at Feng Yong, whose face turned bitter, before saying: “Boss, I didn’t know things would turn out like this.”

“Just who sent you?” Tang Zheng asked.

“F**k, you have no right to ask, brothers, attack!”

“Stop!” Feng Yong said, trembling,“ open your dog eyes and take a look around, this is Peng Cheng International School, if you dare make a move here, be careful if you aren’t able to suffer the consequences.”

“Heihei, who are you trying to scare, this little brat is merely a destitute boy, who would take a stand for him. Moreover this is outside of the school and not within the school.” The lackey said having long since prepared a counter attack, thinking highly of himself.

Tang Zheng looked at his surroundings and discovered his fellow classmates pointing but not a person stepped out to help, even the school security guard who was originally walking over saw that it was Tang Zheng and resentfully walked away. It appeared that even he knew of Tang Zheng’s identity and that he had fallen from the altar, becoming an insignificant person.

There were also many people within the crowd who were coldly mocking Tang Zheng, wanting to get on Ye Dingdang’s good side believing that he was asking for trouble. Those that liked Ye Dingdang found joy within Tang Zheng’s misery.

Gao Dazhi and Qiao Fei also hid within the crowd watching from a distance, the corners of their mouths were raised in a cold but satisfied smile.

“Boss, I will block them, you hurry and run, they will not dare do anything to me.” Feng Yong said while he quietly stood in front of Tang Zheng in order not to be stained with dishonor.

Tang Zheng’s heart was shocked, he pulled Feng Yong back, who anxiously urged: “Boss, while the green hill’s last, there will be hope, you are not their opponent.”

*idiom: ‘while the green hill’s last, there will be hope’ = ‘where there is life, there is hope!’

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