Chapter 89: Jade Women’s Heart Sutra

Chapter 89: Jade Women’s Heart Sutra

“Is there something on my face?” Tang Zheng asked curiously.

“Take a look at it yourself.” Feng Yong said with embarrassment as he took out his phone and opened his camera. Tang Zheng’s eyes immediately became wide open when he saw his face.

“Fu*k, how the hell did this happen?”

Without a doubt, he saw that there was a clear palm imprint on his face. This was done by someone smacking him, but he did not know who.

“It must have been done by Teacher Liu last night.” He immediately speculated. Who else could it be?

She must have saw it in the morning, but did not remind him as she clearly wanted to see him make a joke out of himself.

He was annoyed at himself for not looking earlier, it was too late to regret now. He really made a joke out of himself this time. It was no wonder that everyone he met in the morning were pointing and laughing.

The problem was that this was hard to explain.

He subconsciously looked towards Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi, who were both looking at him. Ye Dingdang’s face revealed curiosity, while Fang Shishi’s revealed pain and disappointment.

He felt his heart thud. Just yesterday, he caused Fang Shishi to feel unhappy, and even ignored her. Yet today, this palm print was something that he couldn’t clear himself of even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

Feng Yong asked with incomparable adoration, “Boss, you are simply too damn amazing! Just which beauty did you provoke this time?”

Tang Zheng looked at him without any good feeling and said, “Stop talking nonsense, go sit and read your book.” He then walked towards his own seat.

Seeing him walk over, Fang Shishi lowered her head and pretended to read. Ye Dingdang looked at him with great interest, then asked with a chuckle: “Whose masterpiece was this?”

Tang Zheng gave her a white eye and said, “I hit myself.”

“Your lies are simply terrible. Just which beauty did you provoke in order to get this slap on the face?” Ye Dingdang asked adding oil to the fire.

A girl’s straightforwardness was simply too terrifying. Even though she did guess correctly, she never would have guessed that the beauty in question was their classroom teacher.

That would be simply unimaginable!

Tang Zheng grunted and just ignored her.

“So, being a pervert isn’t that easy. You don’t have good skills, yet you go outside and make a clown of yourself.” Ye Dingdang continued to speak.

“If you don’t talk no one will treat you as a mute.”

“Hey, doing something bad and still having such a righteous attitude. I’m afraid you may be the only one.” Ye Dingdang was not afraid of him and continued to mock him.

Tang Zheng was speechless as he nervously looked at Fang Shishi. He was deeply afraid that this would worsen the situation between them. Even though he got into a conflict with her yesterday, as a man, he was prepared to take the initiative to explain himself.

Hence he secretly wrote a note and passed it over to Fang Shishi, within which contained a note seeking a chance to explain himself. This note was like throwing a stone into the sea, eliciting no response, as Fang Shishi completely ignored it. She did not even deign to reply him and simply focused on studying.

Tang Zheng wanted to talk to her, but the teacher walked in and left him with no opportunity. All he could do is wait till school was out to try and talk to her.

Even though he was waiting, he did not waste any time as he was revolving his qi to heal his face while listening to the lecture.

By the time class was over, the palm print on his face was gone as if it was never there to begin with.

Ye Dingdang also discovered this point and stared wide eyed in shock. Removing the palm print was something she could do too, but she could not do it as fast as him. This caused a feeling of unwillingness to well up within her. She nudged his arm and asked him curiously, “What level are you at now?”

She was constantly dumbfounded. His level was clearly lower than her’s yet he was able to do things that she couldn’t do.

“Of course, I am at the fourth grade of Refining Body.” Tang Zheng replied.

“Ah, how did you catch up to me so quickly?” Ye Dingdang always used the fact that her cultivation was higher than his as a means of comforting herself, but not many days have passed and he made yet another breakthrough.

Tang Zheng laughed and said, “That is because I am a genius.”

Ye Dingdang gave him a white eye, as she stared with sparkling eyes filled with desire, “Do you have some method? Why not share?”

Tang Zheng shook his head. All of this was due to the Nine Yang Saint Body, so what method did he have?

“Stingy.” Ye Dingdang pouted and said.

“Little brat, I have a method to speed up this little girl’s level.” Tian Chanzi suddenly appeared and said.

“What method?” Tang Zheng asked curiously.

“This little girl’s martial arts technique is not suitable for her. Since she has a pure yin body constitution, then she needs a gentle type of martial arts. This way, she can be able to fully utilize her physique.”

Tang Zheng mulled over this point and came to a conclusion. This was like his Nine Yang Saint Body, which was also compatible with the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll, giving him the effect of achieving twice the results with half the effort.

“I have a martial art technique set called the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra, which is geared towards females.”

“Jade Women’s Heart Sutra? Is it powerful?”

“Heihei, won’t you know after she tries?”

“She already learned a form of martial arts. Would it be alright for her to learn another one?”

“Of course that’s not a problem. Do you think every technique has such annoying requirements as the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll, which requires one to be a blank slate? If that were the case, then there wouldn’t be so many cases of plundering cultivation or martial arts techniques in this world.” Tian Chanzi said snorting in disdain as he looked down on Tang Zheng’s ignorance.

Tang Zheng did not mind as he hurriedly glanced over the technique and making a copy of it.

“What are you writing that has you acting all focused?” Ye Dingdang seeing him keep silent and couldn’t help but ask again.

“Didn’t you want a shortcut? Well, I will give you a martial arts technique, and you can go ponder over it on your own.” Tang Zheng casually said.

“Martial arts technique?” Ye Dingdang stared with wide eyes. As a martial artist, she indeed understood the importances of a martial arts technique. No matter how talented a person is, if they do not possess a strong martial arts technique, then all will be futile.

The majority of people only had one set of technique, since others would not be so kind hearted as to pass on their own techniques.

But Tang Zheng was actually writing out an entire set of technique for her. Moreover, it was a shortcut, so how could she not be shocked.

Seeing Tang Zheng continue to write with rapid speed and a determined face made her feel that he was not lying, which only added to her shock.

Tang Zheng finally put down his pen and passed over a sheet of paper with voluminous words, saying, “Here, this is the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra. It should be helpful to your training.”

“Jade Women’s Heart Sutra.” Ye Dingdang blankly received the paper. Her gaze scanned the paper and was immediately entranced.

Even though she was not some amazing practitioner, any martial artist whether they just entered this world, would have the ability to differentiate between martial arts technique. Even though she did not really understand this Jade Women’s Heart Sutra, she could tell that it was not a technique one could casually pick up at a street vendor. She could also deduce that it was extremely profound and mysterious.

She unconsciously lifted up her head and stared right at Tang Zheng as if she was looking at a monster. She took a deep breath and asked, “How did you get this?”

“Heihei, it’s a secret.” Of course Tang Zheng would not tell her that within his mind was an old man who lived for several thousand years.

Ye Dingdang gave him a white eye for trying to act all mysterious, but on the part of the Jade Women’s Heart Sutra, she decided to reign in her temper. She continued on in a daze and asked, “You’re just going to give something valuable just like that?”

Tang Zheng scratched at his head and said, “What else would I want?”

Tian Chanzi caused a ruckus in his mind and said, “Why can’t you just make a small request like a kiss or something?! That way you would be able to absorb a little bit of pure yin energy.”

“Tian Chanzi, you really are despicable.” Tang Zheng disdainfully said. He did not want to take advantage of others. Moreover, yesterday’s matter left him with a big problem, so why would he want to cause more trouble?

Tian Chanzi grunted a few times, but did not continue to force his point because he was internally joyfully, “Little brat, you are a p*ssy, so in this case, this old daddy will help you. The Jade Women’s Heart Sutra can indeed increase one’s level and it’s profound. But, within it is a secret that will soon reveal itself. At that time you will know what it is, and you can consider it as this old daddy giving you a gift free of charge!” *TL:..........*

Tang Zheng was completely unaware of Tian Chanzi’s little scheme. Within Ye Dingdang’s gaze was uncertainty, her gaze was weird as if there was something she could not wrap her mind around.

In reality, she was feeling very complicated at heart. This martial art technique set was priceless, yet Tang Zheng just casually gave it to her. Could it be that he had ulterior motives towards her?

The more she thought about it, the more she thought it was a possibility as she recalled her memories her ups and downs with him. Even though they had their fair share of conflicts, the two became closer and closer and their relationship also became better. It was almost to the point where they could almost develop to becoming a couple.

Thinking up to here, her heart palpitated with eagerness….

Ye Dingdang only thought up to there, when her mind preoccupied. Within her hand was that sheet of paper, each and every single word was deeply imprinted into her brain. Seeing those words were like seeing Tang Zheng.

She shook her head with all her strength as she muttered, “Ye Dingdang, just what is wrong with you? What nonsense are you thinking about?”

“But didn’t you already say that you will be his girlfriend? Then why don’t you just go with the flow and take advantage of the situation?” Another voice refuted inside her.


She let out a loud scream as she once again shook her head, trying to get rid of the voices within her mind.

Feng Siniang walked in just in time to see her in this state and asked out of curiosity, “Dingdang, on the entire trip you have been preoccupied. Is something the matter? Ai, what’s written on there to cause you to go into a daze?’

“Here, why don’t you see for yourself?” Ye Dingdang gave her the paper.

Feng Siniang took the paper and gave it a look, only to find herself fixated on it. Her gaze was locked on each and every single row of words.

Ye Dingdang hugged her body as she looked in satisfaction at Feng Siniang’s shock. She rarely saw her like this.

A while later, Feng Siniang suddenly lifted up her head and asked with wide eyes, “Dingdang, where did you get this?”

“Take a guess?” Ye Dingdang said secretively.

“Guess my ass, hurry up and speak. Just who gave this set of martial arts technique to you?” Feng Siniang face was solemn as she could barely keep her excitement in check.

“First, tell me what you think of this technique.” Ye Dingdang said without hurry, acting calm.

“This set of martial arts technique…” Feng Siniang did not finish speaking when Ye Xuanji and Ye Tianlei, with a hopeless face, walked over. Ye Tianlei seeing Feng Siniang’s expression felt his heart thud. He was clearer than anyone about his wife’s personality. Anything that could cause her such great shock was definitely not a small matter, he hurriedly asked, “What’s the matter?”

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