Chapter 88: Fourth Grade Refining Qi

Chapter 88: Fourth Grade Refining Qi

Liu Qingmei opened the door to see Tang Zheng. She discovered that he had on a secretly delighted look, which made her immediately blow up. He was actually acting, and even acted so realistically too.

“Tang Zheng!” She gnashed her teeth as she roared out these two words.

Tang Zheng was shocked as his face immediately became tense. No matter how you looked at him, it would seem as if he was suppressing his joy.

“Teacher Liu, I…”

Tang Zheng did not get to finish before he was broken off by Liu Qingmei, who coldly said, “Yesterday’s matter was an act and I was blind.”

“Teacher Liu, yesterday something went wrong with my body, which was the cause of the events that took place. It was not intentional!” Tang Zheng hurriedly explained. This misunderstanding was becoming worse and worse, so he attempted to explain it clearly.

“Heng, something went wrong with your body? Then why did I see that you were happy? I really misjudged you. You’re even worse than Song Donghua. You are so young, yet you learned such horrible things? Do you think you can face your grandfather?” Lu Qingmei reprimanded with pain and heartache.

“Liu Qingmei, I was not secretly delighted.” Tang Zheng explained.

“I clearly saw it, so how are you going to fake it? Do you dare say you were not smiling?”

“I…” Tang Zheng was speechless. He was indeed smiling, but it was not about taking advantage of Liu Qingmei. It was due to the benefits from last night, which were simply too great. His cultivation made a great leap and he broke through to the fourth grade refining qi. It must be known that previously his qi was only 3 inch and four parts, but after just one night, his true qi became 3 inch and six parts. This was simply miraculous.

Even Tian Chanzi could not resist but click his tongue in praise. Moreover, he even reminded him that this was all due to Liu Qingmei, and the amazingness of the Mysterious Yin Body Constitution.

Even though he and Fang Shishi have intimate connections, he did not undergo such big improvements. Of course, he also did not spend the night with Fang Shishi on the same bed, so that may be one contributing factor.

Anyways, not only did he take advantage of her body this time, the key was that his cultivator greatly increased.

Tian Chanzi has previously instigated him nonstop to take down Liu Qingmei. If he did that, his cultivation may have straight up broken through to the fifth grade refining qi.

He did not know whether to cry or laugh, since he did not know how to deal with this terrible mess. If he still had any thoughts of taking down Liu Qingmei, he might as well just walk into prison.

Tian Chanzi harshly criticized him for being a coward, and that if worse comes to worse he can just run away. The main thing would be that his cultivation would increase at a rapid pace. This was extremely enticing for cultivators.

It must be known that any ordinary cultivator, if given the chance of having a shortcut, they would use it even if it meant killing. Not to mention something trivial like this. Thus, who would be as nitpicky as Tang Zheng?

Since Tang Zheng did not take the bait, he had no more methods. Right now, Tian Chanzi was feeling very satisfied as Tang Zheng was facing imminent bodily explosion before. There were omens of it occurring, but Tian Chanzi did not notify him. This caused a series of accidents that ultimately led to Tang Zheng having the great opportunity to absorb yin energy from Liu Qingmei.

For that reason, this was all orchestrated by Tian Chanzi. He needed Tang Zheng to become strong, so his soul would also become stronger. As of today, his soul became much stronger than it was before.

Tang Zheng was oblivious to all this, but if he were to know, then it would not be known what Tang Zeng would’ve done. At the very least he will curse Tian Chanzi for being despicable and lowly.

“You have nothing to say right?” Liu Qingmei said in ridicule after seeing him keep silent.

“Teacher Liu, I am practicing martial arts and there were some setbacks. I was really in a muddled state last night and did things that I do not remember. Even so, I will not deny it.” Tang Zheng took a deep breath and decided to explain everything. Whether she believed it or not was up to her.

Liu Qingmei wrinkled her eyebrows as she looked at him acting all mysterious, and doubtfully thought, “Is he speaking the truth? I do know that he practices martial arts, but what kind of martial arts leads to that kind of situation? Wait, that’s not right. If he really wanted to do something to me, then why didn’t he take the final step?”

This was the question she was most dumbfounded. If Tang Zheng really wanted to take advantage of her, why would he stop halfway through the deed?

Even though she had her doubts, she did not immediately believe his words and even put up an obvious look of disbelief.

“What is Teacher Liu prepared to do? No matter the consequences I will not complain.” Seeing that it was helpless, Tang Zheng took up a hoodlum stance.

“What I want to do?” Liu Qingmei’s eyebrows congealed. To speak the truth she did not know what she wanted to do. The fact that she was taken such great advantage of by her student was not something she can just swallow.

“Tang Zheng, this matter better not be made known to a third person. If I were to hear about yesterdays incidents from another’s mouth, I will definitely not let you go.” Liu Qingmei declared.

Tang Zheng hurriedly nodded his head and said, “Teacher Liu, relax. I will definitely not speak of this. This matter is only known by the heaven and the earth, and us. There will definitely not be a third person who will know!”

Liu Qingmei nodded her head and believed that Tang Zheng did not dare blabber.

“As for how I want to punish you…I will have to think about it.” Liu Qingmei said.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief. As long as she did not send him to the police station, then there can be a way to get out of this mess.

“Thank you Teacher Liu. When you think of what you want to do, just tell me. I will be leaving first. Is it okay if we stop all supplementary lessons in the future?” Tang Zheng carefully asked.

After this matter, Liu Qingmei probably wouldn’t wish to see him again.

As expected, Liu Qingmei nodded her head. Something this awkward happening between the two, teacher and student, caused her to be at a loss as to what to do. Moreover, if this situation were to happen again, wouldn’t her losses really be great then?

Tang Zheng was inwardly happy since this meant that he would not have to be worried about being seen through.

Liu Qingmei stared at him,and she felt her heart strings twang seeing his mouth slightly curve up. She immediately guessed at his thoughts and immediately calculatingly said, “Tang Zheng, you better reveal your true knowledge during this month's mock tests, otherwise I will show you.”

“What?” Tang Zheng was greatly surprised.

“I want you to stop pretending to be stupid and take out your true abilities.” Liu Qingmei said decisively.

Tang Zheng said with a bitter face, “Teacher Liu, last month's mock test was my true ability.”

“A bunch of bullsh*t, do you think I would believe you? Anyways, this time if you do not score first in school then just you wait. The matter of you making plans on your teacher, if your grandfather were to know, then what do you think would be the results?”

Tang Zheng was scared senseless. If his grandfather were to know, then it would be weird if he didn’t get both of his legs broken. The key was that his grandfather would feel incomparably hurt.

Tang Zheng had no methods and could only nod his head and say, “Then I will do my best.”

Liu Qingmei felt a satisfied smile appear on her face after finally seeing his dejected look. Her anger was slightly dimmed down by a bit as she said, “Anyways, I only care about the results. You may leave now.”

After speaking up to here, she slammed the door with a ‘peng’. She leaned against the door as a trace of smile grew on her face.

“Little ‘un, you can’t hide your true ability anymore.”

She was able to deduce from Tang Zheng’s reaction that he had indeed been hiding his abilities. Though she did not know the reasons for such actions.

She lightly patted her cheeks as she muttered to herself, “Liu Qingmei, just treat yesterday's matter as if it were a dream. Do not ponder on it and just forget. Although, I may need to use it to threaten the little brat in the future. Heng, to actually try and play smart with me.”

In reality, Liu Qingmei was arrogant to her bone, but she was also a very calm and intelligent person. Even though she suffered a loss and was indeed angry, she calmed down and realized that there was nothing she can do to Tang Zheng about this.

The important part was that in her subconscious, she had slightly believed Tang Zheng’s explanation.

In addition, he also had a grandfather. If something were to happen to him then what would happen to the old gramps?

Anyways, it was Liu Qingmei who had never been taken advantage of. She was taken advantage of for the first time by Tang Zheng, and moreover it wasn’t just a small loss….

Tang Zheng restlessly walked down the stairs as he looked at the sunlight shining down. One of his eyes was also shone upon, giving it a golden gleam.

He did not close his eyes but actually stared at the sun more intensely. He let out a low roar as he dispersed the negative thoughts in his heart and said, “This result is for the best, so I should not think more about it. Right now I must improve in my studies and my cultivation.

When his thoughts turned to cultivating, he felt his heart beat like a drum. His cultivation speed was increasing too quickly, and he did not have sufficient yin energy, so there was great danger. In the future he may not have such a chance.

What if he really died by bodily explosion? Wouldn’t that be a great loss?

He headed straight towards school when his phone rang. It was his grandfather calling. After not returning home for a night his old man was worried.

Tang Zheng hurriedly explained in a few words, saying that he studied to hard at his teacher’s house, so he stayed over. The old gramps did not think much of it and only advised him to study hard in order to repay the teacher’s good will.

Tang Zheng walked and talked, completely oblivious to the luxury car not far away. Inside sat Song Donghua, whose face was gloomy. He was currently staring dead at Tang Zheng’s back.

He fiercely struck at the steering wheel and muttered to himself, “Dammit! He actually stayed the night over at Liu Qingmei’s house. Did anything happen between them? No wonder Liu Qingmei treats him so well, what supplementary lessons! I think it’s more like a secretive love affair!”

Yesterday night, he originally wanted to wait for Tang Zheng and use him as a spy. Though he never expected that Tang Zheng would not appear after a whole night.

His anger soared as he wanted nothing more than to charge in and catch them in the act. In the end, he did not do so because it did not fit with his reputation.

He previously treated Liu Qingmei’s cold arrogance with reverence, but after he confirmed her and Tang Zheng’s ‘adultery’, he no longer felt an ounce of respect for her.

After all, what respect does a teacher, who has that sort of relationship with their student deserve?

Of course, he would not be so silly as to just give up after this. In fact, he would become more fierce in his pursuit of her because this would mean he has more of a chance at success.

It was no longer any adoration, but purely a desire for her backing. As a male, discovering such an incident, he could not do anything towards Liu Qingmei. How could he not have any methods when it comes to a student?

So, all his pent up fury was aimed towards Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng was completely unaware of the fact that he was being targeted, but even so, he sensed that something was off.

The students coming and going would point at him and whisper something to those around them, occasionally secretly smiling.

“These people sure are annoying. The news from yesterday must have been spread around.” He quickened his pace and entered the room, causing the originally clamorous room to quiet down. Practically everyone stopped talking as they all turned to stare at him as if he were some kind of joke.

Not long later, a burst of laughter rang out and some people even laughed till tears appeared on their faces.

Tang Zheng did not know what was going on and silently called them all imbeciles. He walked straight towards his seat when Feng Yong called out to him.

“Boss, your face…” Feng Yong pointed at his face and said.

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