Chapter 85: Large Scale Search of the City

Chapter 85: Large Scale Search of the City

Mu Hongyan, seeing the situation, hurriedly explained, “Senior Medicine King, these kids are just blabbering, and don’t understand.”

Nannan pouted her small lips and said, “I am not small. I am already big. He’s originally Brother Godly Doctor, this is a secret between him and me.”

Mu Hongyan laughed involuntarily as she did not put it to heart, but the Medicine King looked closely at Nannan and said, “Nannan, can you tell me about what happened between you and the godly doctor?”

Nannan’s gaze revealed a small hint of satisfaction as she said, “Brother Godly Doctor is a handsome brother oh.”

“Handsome brother?” Mu Hongyan and the Medicine King could not help but be shocked. The two had unconsciously thought of him as an intelligent old man, so how could a handsome brother fit the image?

Moreover, Nannan clearly would not lie so the two hurriedly grabbed onto this suspicious point. The Medicine King hurriedly asked, “Nannan, what is the secret between you two?”

“Aiya, this is the secret between him and me and we even promised not to say it.” The little girl’s tone was tinged with a bit of regret for revealing information about their secret.

Her serious expression was simply too cute.

Mu Hongyan completely did not expect that her daughter and the Senior Godly Doctor would have a secret, so she herself did not know how she should feel.

The Medicine King felt his soul stir as he asked, “Nannan, could it be that you saw his appearance?”

Nannan pouted her lips as if in great difficulty and drooped her head before saying, “I promised Brother Godly Doctor that I would not say.”

The Medicine King and Mu Hongyan looked at one another. Nannan’s one phrase confirmed their suspicion, and Mu Hongyan felt her heart stir. She had always thought that the Senior Godly Doctor was suspicious, but never would she have thought that her daughter had seen Lushan’s true appearance. *TL: Lushan= famous place. This mean she saw the true appearance of someone famous or Tang Zheng.*

She was both shocked and happy as she said, “Nannan, this is really important, so can you please tell Mommy?”

“But Brother Godly Doctor already told me to not tell any outsiders.” Nannan tried to maintain her expression.

“But Mommy is not an outsider. Mommy is family.” Mu Hongyan guided.

“But Brother Godly Doctor said that I could not tell Mommy either.”

Mu Hongyan’s expression turned to look like the chinese character ? but continued to anxiously ask, “Okay, then you don’t need to tell Mommy because Mommy knows too. Senior Doctor must be an old grandpa.”

Nannan stared with wide eye and shook her head nonstop. “No he is not, how could Senior Godly Doctor be an old grandpa. He is very young and he is very handsome!”

The little girl easily fell for the trap, and with her naive mind, she did not even know that she had.

“How can that be?” Mu Hongyan continued to feign ignorance but she felt shocked at heart. Her previous deductions were completely off, the other wasn’t some intelligent old man but a young man. This completely toppled everything she knew.

The Medicine King’s expression was also very complicated. He too had thought that the other was an old man who had decades of experience in the medical field, but the other was actually a young man. Even if the Medicine King had met all kinds of weird people and situations, he too felt that this was unimaginable.

“I’m speaking the truth.” Seeing that she was not believed, Nannan anxiously jumped up.

“Okay, I believe you. Nannan is speaking the truth.” Mu Hongyan restrained the shock within her heart as she hurriedly comforted her daughter.

It was only then that Nannan smiled brilliantly.

In reality, after knowing the truth, Mu Hongyan’s other questions were solved. She had always found it weird that the Godly Doctor actually allowed Nannan to call him brother. The truth was not far off and he was actually really young!

“Nannan, then can you recognize him?” The Medicine King asked.

“Of course.” Nannan said proudly raising her head.

Mu Hongyan had her own thoughts as she quietly asked, “Does Senior Medicine King have any good methods?”

“I must find this person! He is simply a miracle in the history of the medicinal world. There are so many questions I want to ask him. Moreover, I have an old friend who has a severe illness and his days are not long. If only I could obtain one of these Life Continuing Pills then he will be able to pass this tribulation.” The Medicine King said.

Mu Hongyan nodded her head, so that was the case. She then voiced her thoughts, “But even if Nannan saw his true appearance, Chang Heng City is so big. Its population is estimated to be in the millions, so to find just one person would not be an easy task.”

The Medicine King was extremely confident as he said, “This old friend of mine is not an ordinary person but the head of the Ye Clan, Ye Xuanji. His son, Ye Tianlei, has managed the affairs in Chang Heng City for the past ten or so years so his connections are deep. With him, finding one person would not be too overly difficult.”

“Ye Clan?” Mu Hongyan could not contain her shock. She nodded shortly afterwards and said, “If other people really have no methods, then Ye Tianlei will have many. Before I came to Chang Heng City, I heard many stories about the couple and they are far from ordinary!”

In the end, Mu Hongyan wasn’t a person from Chang Heng City. It was just the place where she met her deceased husband. So, during her daughter’s last few days she had decided to come back as a form of consoling herself.

But her deceased husband seemed to still be protecting their daughter even in heaven since she happened to meet an extremely rare chance.

“Then we should go notify them right now, so they could conduct a large scale search of the city.”

When the Medicine King met Ye Xuanji, he was notified of what happened and he too was shocked and said, “That little girl’s situation is practically known by all in our circle, yet she was miraculously saved.”

“That’s right, this is simply a miracle, and your injuries may have to depend on this person.” The Medicine King said slowly.

Ye Xuanji felt his heart tremble. He had lost all hope, but today, that hope was once again rekindled. How could he not be moved?

The more powerful a person is, the more precious their life ism because they know that if they are able to live on then anything is a possibility!

Ye Tianlei was also by his old man’s side as his face became agitated and said, “Then what does Senior Medicine King require us to do?”

“Help me find him. He is very young and there are no outstanding features. His area of operation shouldn’t be too large. The key is to search the herbal shops, hospital areas and any suspicious places worthy of searching!” The Medicine King advised.

Ye Tianlei nodded his head. He never would have thought that this Medicinal God was the Tang Zheng he was familiar with. And so, a large scale search of the city began.

However, all the while, no one imagined that they were searching in the completely wrong direction. This Godly Doctor was not some doctor, but a normal high school senior preparing to take the high school exam!

At this time, Tang Zheng was within the tight grasp of Liu Qingmei, and he passed everything very torturously.

Fang Shishi ignored him and Ye Dingdang would not speak out for him. Fuel was constantly being added to the fire, and the poor virgin he was, he was completely clueless as to what to do.

In the end, Liu Qingmei’s place became somewhat like a safe haven, but today Liu Qingmei had a weird gaze in her eyes as she just would not turn her head away from him.

“Teacher Liu, did a flower grow on my face? Why are you looking at me like that?” Tang Zheng asked weirdly.

Liu Qingmei’s cold countenance turned slightly mischievous as she mulled for a long time before saying, “Tang Zheng, you are simply too deep to see through, to even have Ye Dingdang confess to you.”

Tang Zheng’s face immediately turned into a bitter melon. He didn’t think that the news would spread so fast that even the teachers would know. He hurriedly denied it, “Teacher Liu, it’s just people spreading baseless rumors. You should not believe it.”

“Really? At that time I happened to be passing by and heard everything clearly.”

“What?” Tang Zheng was shocked. Liu Qingmei had actually personally heard it? Then wouldn’t this mean that he wouldn’t be able to wash this lie off himself even if he jumped into the Yellow River?

His face turned more bitter as he let out a sigh.

“Why are you looking so dejected? You are still young! Why not just board both ships and set sail?” Liu Qingmei mockingly said. This kind of situation was actually personally witnessed by her on school grounds.

Tang Zheng shook his bitter face and said, “Teacher Liu, can you please not laugh at me?”

“I am not the least bit interested in your personal affairs, but I want to remind you that the high school exams are looming, and you would be wise not to relax. You should take this opportunity and study well.” Liu Qingmei advised.

Seeing that she did not continue to pursue this line of questioning, Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief. Suddenly, Tang Zheng noticed they were on a different road and weirdly asked, “Teacher Liu, aren’t we going to your house?”

“Nope, I have some matters to attend to so you will first need to accompany me to a place. Then, we’ll go back to my place for supplementary lessons.” Liu Qingmei lightly said.

Tang Zheng did not ask anymore. The car stopped in front of a high class western restaurant. He had never been to such establishments before, so he was completely astonished. The main reason was that it was expensive and he did not have the money to pay.

He continued to maintain his silence as he followed her inside.

The waitress brought the two to sit at a table next to the window. There were already people at the table who greeted her as if they had been waiting for a while.

When he saw who the other was, Tang Zheng was surprised as it was actually Song Donghua. Likewise, when the other saw Tang Zheng, he also blanked out before recovering his calm.

Song Donghua stood up, and like a gentleman pulled out the chair for Liu Qingmei to sit on. However, Liu Qingmei did not sit but stood straight and coldly said, “Secretary Song, I did not come here today to eat. I have matters to attend to later but I just wanted to make one thing clear to you.”

Song Donghua’s lips twitched, but he maintained his smiling countenance as he said, “If there is anything you want to say we can do it over a meal. Student Tang Zheng, you should also take a seat and eat.”

Tang Zheng did not take a seat but looked towards Liu Qingmei. He already guessed that Song Donghua was pursuing Liu Qingmei so he was curious about how the two would develop.

Seeing neither of the two take any action, Song Donghua was put in an awkward position but maintained his calm.

Liu QIngmei was expressionless as she spoke, “I know your intentions but I want to make clear to you that you are not my type. As such, we could never happen. I hope you do not continue to bother me in the future.”

A weird light flashed through Song Donghua’s eyes as he calmly said, “Lady Liu, saying these words are too early. We are all friends, so why don’t we interact a bit more before making any advances.

He would not watch wide eyed while his opportunity flies out the window.

Song Donghua’s words were not hurried not slow, but refined and courteous like drifting clouds, causing even the nearby waitress to reveal looks of foolishness.

“Then let me be even more frank. I do not like bureaucratic officials. No, I hate bureaucratic officials. Do you think you can leave the government for me?” Liu Qingmei straightforwardly said.

In this country that favors government officials, it is a position that is especially liked and valued by many. Some mother-in-laws especially want their daughters to marry one with such a position. But Liu Qingmei was not like the rest.

From a young age she has personally seen too many government officials dealing in corrupt business, causing her to have this innate resistances towards them.

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