Chapter 84: The Medicine King’s Confusion

Chapter 84: The Medicine King’s Confusion

Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi did not start fighting like normal girls. They just awkwardly stood there looking at each other as if they reached a tacit agreement before they walked directly to class.

Maybe beautiful girls have different ways of resulting confrontation than ordinary girls. Seeing this scene caused those who came for the fun show to cry out ‘what a shame’, because a truly marvelous ending would be if they both got into an unrestrained all out brawl.

But Ye Dingdang’s confession seemed to have grown wings and taken flight as it swept through the whole school like a gale. Immediately, this piece of news blew up on the internet forums, and Tang Zheng once again became the topic of attention.

Originally, the scandal between Ye Dingdang and Tang Zheng had already blown up, but in the end this news died down when Tang Zheng’s relationship with Fang Shishi became public.

But this time there was solid evidence, since Ye Dingdang actually solemnly confessed to Tang Zheng. The two campus belle were really fighting over Tang Zheng now.

Was Tang Zheng really that good?

Countless people silently screamed out that there was no fairness, and Tang Zheng became the entire schools enemy. Not only the males hated him, but even the females since they thought that he was greedy to actually try to set foot on both ships. This was what females hated the most.

Moreover, to actually take one campus belle and try to place dibs on another? Wasn’t this simply not giving others a way to live?

Several people were also curious as to how this love triangle actually developed, and how Tang Zheng would deal with it. In the end, the development of the situation became more and more interesting.

There were parties that were happy and parties that were worried. Gao Dazhi was currently clenching his teeth in hatred as he could only hide in the corner and stare at the people from afar, his gaze seeming to be spitting fire.

The moment Tang Zheng and Feng Yong walked in, everyone’s gaze shifted towards them as if they were famous stars. If it were anyone else, they may be frightened by all the attention, but Tang Zheng headed straight towards his seat acting as if he did not notice.

Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi also looked towards Tang Zheng, both with different gazes. Ye Dingdang’s gaze was filled with a passionate and complicated look whereas Fang Shishi’s gaze was filled with sorrow and pain.

Tang Zheng let out a breath, glad that the two ladies did not break out into a fight. he felt a bit apologetic upon seeing how pitiful Fang Shishi looked. He made a move towards clasping her hands, but Fang Shishi unconsciously flung his arms away looking at him with a hidden bitterness.

Tang Zheng half squatted down to her level, looking her eye to eye in close proximity and said in a soft voice, “Shishi, you have to believe me. This time it really is a misunderstanding!”

Fang Shishi bit her lips and her body couldn’t help but tremble as she distantly said, “Misunderstanding? I personally saw it and heard it. What could I have possibly misunderstood?”

“You heard it. She was the one saying all the nonsense while I didn’t say anything.” Tang Zheng hurriedly explained as he wanted nothing more than to scream out the injustice of the situation.

Fang Shishi felt her heart move as it was as he said, Ye Dingdang was the only one who spoke.

Ye Dingdang heard his words clearly and understood that he wanted nothing more than to throw her off, causing her heart to feel as if it was cruelly stabbed. She blurted out, “Tang Zheng, the matter about you being my fiance is something my parents agreed upon.”

This one phrase was like a savage hammer striking at Fang Shishi’s heart. A moment ago she felt the tension in her heart ease, only to have it become tense and hard as a rock at the next moment.

The biggest obstacle between her and Tang Zheng’s relationship was her parents. Whereas on the other hand, Ye Dingdang’s parents have already approved of her and Tang Zheng’s relationship. This all caused Fang Shishi to feel that she was immediately struck back one blow in this battle.

She originally thought that victory was within her grasp, but as of today she suffered such a setback causing her to feel incredibly terrible….

Tang Zheng fiercely glared at Ye Dingdang and said, “Dingdang, can you just not say anything so as to not add oil to the fire?”

Ye Dingdang gave a hmph, her expression was one of rebelliousness.

“Can you two please not curse and fight each other? I do not want to hear this. Tang Zheng, I want to study, do not disturb me” Fang Shishi said. She then opened her book and treated Tang Zheng as if he did not exist, wholeheartedly throwing herself into her studies.

Tang Zheng gave her a deep look, he could only return to his seat seeing that the situation was hopeless. No one saw that behind the opened book, Fang Shishi’s face was gradually filled with tears.

Ye Dingdang realized that the situation really had blown out of proportion, but she was not the type to lose. Moreover, the idea and teachings Feng Siniang had again and again ingrained in her slowly revealed itself. She did not reject Tang Zheng in the beginning, and only found him to become more and more pleasing to the eye.

On top of everything, the old gramps was slowly closing in. If she did not have a clear result, then she fears that she really may be forced into an arranged marriage.

Without a doubt, Tang Zheng was the best pick for this position, so she was steeling her resolve. Even though the atmosphere was tense between the three, she did not voice any more words.

At the same time, the atmosphere was also weird in Mu Hongyan’s house. There was a ____ practitioner who stared at Mu Hongyan and Nannan in shock, his gaze was fixed especially on Nannan.

Nannan crooked her head as she looked at him with curiosity before extending an arm to grab his beard and saying, “Old gramps, why are you looking at Nannan like that? Is Nannan’s face dirty?” Saying up to here, another hand touched his face.

Seeing Nannan grab the old gramps beard, Mu Hongyan was scared into a jump as she was prepared to remove her hand. Then she saw the old man splay his arms as if it was not an inconvenience. Only upon seeing this did she let out a breath of relief.

This old man’s identity was indeed very frightening as even the large family clans had to act courteous and refined in front of him, but here Nannan was grabbing at his beard.

“Senior Medicine King, is Nannan’s disease really completely healed?” She asked cautiously because even though the Senior Medicine King has already determined that Nannan’s disease has been completely healed, she could not help but ask again to make sure.

The Medicine King solemnly nodded his head and said, “She really is healed. Even that wave of weird qi has disappeared.”

When she heard this, Mu Hongyan felt a stone lift from her heart as she asked, “Is Medicine King talking about that wave of demonic energy?”

The Medicine King’s eyes lit up as he nodded his head, “That wave of energy is indeed very demonic, so saying that it’s demonic is not wrong. It is just that I have never been able to find the origin of that demonic energy”

Saying up to here, his eyebrows wrinkled as if this problem had been irking him for many years.

Mu Hongyan recalled a previous scene and said, “Senior Godly Doctor said that the demonic energy was caused by a Curse Technique.”

“Curse Technique? What is that?” The Medicine King’s eyes grew wide as this was the first time he had heard this phrase. Even though he spent his whole life treating a myriad of diseases and dealing with thousands of herbs, he had never heard those two words before.

Seeing that even the Medicine King was not clear, she herself was even less clear as she only felt a greater reverence towards the Senior Godly Doctor.

Mu Hongyan shook her head and expressed her cluelessness.

The Medicine King found it hard to swallow. At his level, there were very few things that could interest him, and only increasing complicated and difficult situations were suited towards his taste.

That year even he had looked at Nannan, but his hands were tied as he had no methods at all no matter how hard he tried. He understood that there are a few things that are outside of human comprehension so he could only give up. Even so he managed to accurately predict how long Nannan had to live.

This time when he heard news that Nannan was healed he could not help but travel thousands of li’s to Chang Heng City to verify the truth of the matter.

He had no solution, yet someone else did, so this proved that he had completely lost to someone else. This had never happened before as he had never lost. So after being utterly defeated, he had to see for himself who this godly character was, and also exchange a few pointers concerning the medical field.

Seeing that Mu Hongyan did not know the whole story, the Medicine King continued to ask, “Then do you know how he treated Nannan?”

“He first gave Nannan a Life Continuing Pill and then he personally dispelled the demonic energy from Nannan so that she could be completely healed.” Mu Hongyan thought back to the situation with a dream like gaze as she still couldn’t come to terms with the truth.

“Life Continuing Pill? You said Life Continuing Pill?” The Medicine King’s gaze suddenly became agitated as his face revealed a weird hazy red glow.

Mu Hongyan was unclear about why he was so agitated and just nodded her head before saying, “Senior Godly Doctor indeed called it a Life Continuing Pill, which could extend one’s life by ten years.”

How could the Medicine King not become agitated. After browsing through so many medical texts, he only once stumbled upon the three words, Life Continuing Pill and that was in an ancient scroll. So how could he not be shocked? If he did not have good memory then he would have long since forgotten about the matter.

Hearing these three words again, information concerning the Life Continuing Pill once again resurfaced within his mind. This pill had the ability to steal from the heavens and go against faith, extending one’s longevity. In other words, this was simply a saintly pill!

At the time the Medicine King snorted in disdain as he would never believe that something like that would exist. It must have been fabricated by ancient people.

Never would he have thought that the Life Continuing Pill would appear in this world, and moreover it was used to save a person.

The truth trumped the theoretical, and the Medicine King had already retracted his disdainful scorn. He became increasingly differential and said, “Can you please tell me the whole situation as it happened?”

Seeing the Medicine King become so respectful, Mu Hongyan organized her thoughts and started telling the story. The Medicine King’s face gradually revealed a look of incredulity as he listened. It was only until the end of the story that he could not help but say, “How is that possible? How could someone who possesses the Life Continuing Pill be in need of money so much so as to go sell the pill? Moreover he sold it as a street vendor……”

This was simply to hard to believe.

“Senior Medicine King, this is the truth.” Mu Hongyan confidently said, even though she herself also had the same suspicions.

The Medicine King kneaded his temples as this situation was really to weird and out of the ordinary. He muttered to himself for a while before saying, “Do you have any news concerning that person?”

Mu Hongyan couldn’t hide her disappointment as she shook her head and said, “Senior Godly Doctor does not want anyone to disturb him, so I do not have any news about him.”

Mu Hongyan had the thought of sending people to look for the tracks of the Godly Doctor but in the end she gave up. Since this was the will of Senior Godly Doctor and she did not dare disobey.

“Brother Godly Doctor promised that he would come visit me.” Nannan’s childish voice rang out as she stared with her large eyes.

The Medicine King agitatedly grabbed Nannan and said, “Are you speaking the truth?”

Nannan acted very serious, trying to put on the look of an adult as she nodded and said, “Of course, we even pinky promised. Brother Godly Doctor would not lie and Nannan knows that he will definitely come find me.”

A pair of large eyes stared brightly.

“Nannan, how could you call him Brother Godly Doctor?” The Medicine King suddenly discovered the weird point.

Nannan cocked her head as if pondering this question.

The Medicine King anxiously looked at her, awaiting her reply.

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