Chapter 83: Confession Crisis

Chapter 83: Confession Crisis

Since their first meeting, Ye Xuanji already saw that Ye Tianlei has broken through to the First Grade Natal Stage, but just didn’t have the time to ask.

But hearing his say something about a godly doctor he immediately did not look down to much on it as he deeply asked, “Then who is this saintly doctor?”

Ye Tianlei hurriedly said, “Father has already met him.”

“En? Could it be that the Medicine King healed you? How come I never heard him say it.” Ye Xuanji had a wave of suspicion.

The Medicine King was especially renowned within certain groups, and it is said that he has revived the dead with his skills.

That year, when Ye Tianlei was injured he had sought out this Medicine King, but the Medicine King had no solutions.

Not even waiting for Ye Tianlei to open his mouth, Ye Xuanji already shook his head and said to himself, “It can’t be the Medicine King, a few days ago when the Medicine King contacted me he mentioned nothing of it. Moreover, he just came to Chang Heng City.”

Ye Tianlei felt his eyes grow wide as he said in shock, “The Medicine King came to Chang Heng City?”

Seeing the old gramps nod, Ye Tianlei managed to keep his shock in check as he continued, “This injury of mine was not healed by the Medicine King. I am talking about another person, it’s Tang Zheng.”

“Tang Zheng?” Ye Xuanji who has experienced countless winds and years, who felt that his heart was calm and steady, upon hearing this news felt great shock, “How could it be him? He is so young. Godly doctor? Heng, you overestimate him.”

“Father, your son is not lying to you. This is the truth. You also personally saw that my martial arts has made a breakthrough.” Ye Tianlei decided to speak the truth.

Ye Xuanji shook his head and said, “No need to pin others. Work on the little brat, it is all in vain if you are trying to change my marriage arrangements.”

Ye Xuanji’s first impression was the strongest and thought this was impossible from the beginning. Hence, he would not change his mind. Moreover, godly doctors could not be found anywhere and so casually. Tang Zheng was so young so Ye Xuanji would not even consider it.

“Father, I do not have the intentions. Tang Zheng really has genuine talent otherwise how could he heal my injury.” Ye Tianlei said.

Ye Xuanji smiled in ridicule and said, “There is no need for you to worry about my injury. The Medicine King let me come to Chang Heng City for this reason.”

Ye Tianlei came to a suddenly realization. So that is why the old gramps came to Chang Heng City, it was because the Medicine King was here. Since there was still hope of course, he was excited. He proposed, “Why don’t you let Tang Zheng take a look first.”

Ye Xuanji waved a hand as if he was a bit angry and roared, “Has your mind been muddle to actually be so confused?”

Seeing the old gramps go into a rage, Ye Tianlei felt his heart tremble as he finally resisted his urge to ask again. Since the Medicine King was coming then it means he is confident otherwise he would not make a move.

Once the old gramps illness is healed then the Ye Clan’s pillar would not fall and the Ye Clan can continue to prosper.

“Father, when will you see the Medicine King?”

“In these two days, the Medicine King said he wants to first meet an old friend.” Ye Xuanji said, “Tell that Tang Zheng outside very clearly that I do not ever want to see him again. That will be all. You go first.”

Ye Tianlei was rushed out of the study room, his face was a bit awkward as he felt a bit ashamed standing in front of Tang Zheng.

“Tang Zheng, this time uncle really is too ashamed.” Ye Tianlei apologized and said, “Because of my family business, you were injured.”

Tang Zheng shook his head not agreeing, “Dingdang is my friend so that is natural.”

Ye Tianlei hesitated as he opened his mouth to tell Tang Zheng to stay away from Dingdang, but found that he really couldn’t speak those words.

At this moment, Feng Siniang who had her injuries treated fiercely walked over. Seeing her husband like that, she caught on as she hurriedly said, “The old gramps is still being obstinate?”

“Yes, moreover, I wanted Tang Zheng to take a look at his wound but he refused.” Ye Tianlei regretfully said.

“Uncle Ye, so you originally wanted me to heal his injury?” Tang Zheng asked in shock.

Seeing Ye Tianlei nod his head he recalled Ye Xuanji’s rude actions. He felt angry and said, “If it was anyone else, it’s okay but he almost killed me. Even if he wants to let me see, I will not see.”

Ye Tianlei was incomparably awkward as he did not know what to say.

Feng Siniang also felt that it was unfair and straight up said, “Little handsome brother, I will send you back to school and we can talk on the way.”

Not even giving Ye Tianlei a chance to tell Tang Zheng to keep his distance from Ye Dingdang, he saw the three walked away. Ye Tianlei kneaded his forehead as this situation was becoming increasingly complicated and was just a ball of mess.

“Little handsome brother, you don’t need to worry about the old gramps, you guys have control over your own matters.” On the car, Feng Siniang said decisively giving Ye Dingdang a signal as it to say ‘hurry up and take down Tang Zheng’.

“But his attitude…” Ye Dingdang suspiciously said, clearly recognizing the problem with the situation.

“Mom will bear the burden.” Feng Siniang was determined to fight to the end with the old gramps.

Ye Dingdang looked at Tang Zheng who had not said a word, and she internally said that Tang Zheng was much more pleasing to the eyes when compared to Song Yu. Should she really make the play turn into reality, and take him down?

*TL: take him down= make him yours :P*

She was distraught with anxiety as she thought about this until they finally reached the school. She turned to Tang Zheng and said, “Tang Zheng, how about I suffer a little and be your girlfriend?”

Tang Zheng thought there was something wrong with his ears as he was almost jolted into a jump. He stared at her in disbelief and said: “Stop speaking nonsense, I have a girlfriend already, are you trying to scare me to death?”

Saying up to here, Tang Zheng was still a traditional man to the bone.

At this time, Tian Chanzi immediately jumped up and shouted, “Little brat, are you stupid? Since the girl already brought it up, you should just go with the flow and take her down!”

“Don’t say anymore, if you speak another word I may really be unable to resist.” Even though Tang Zheng was indeed traditional to the bone, he still had the little desires men have.

“I think you really have gone crazy. Do you not understand your own body? Your pure Yang energy has already accumulated to a large degree, and if you don’t have sufficient pure Yin energy to balance it, then you will definitely die by bodily combustion!” Tian Chanzi said feeling extremely annoyed at Tang Zheng for falling short of his expectations.

*TL: honestly Tang Zheng…*

Ye Dingdang was also frightened by her own guts, but seeing Tang Zheng reject her without a second thought caused her to feel hurt and angry. She loudly asked, “Could it be that I can not compare to Fang Shishi? Am I not as pretty as her?”

Tang Zheng wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “No, that’s not it. You are really pretty.”

Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi are both extreme beauties, one had a valiant air while the other was family’s precious jade. Towards males, they have two completely different attractions.

Hearing him admit that she was pretty, Ye Dingdang felt a hint of satisfaction in her heart. She maintained her face and said, “Then do I throw your face by being your girlfriend?”

Tang Zheng hurriedly shook his head as how could she possibly throw her face. It was the opposite as he completely grew a face (TL: don’t take this literally…), since he knew how many countless males in the school wanted such a beautiful thing to happen to them.

“Then doesn’t that conclude everything? I will be your girlfriend. No, from now on you are my fiance. This is something both my mom and dad know about.” Ye Dingdang said as if a hammer striking a nail, showing great resemblance to Feng Siniang.

“But I already have a girlfriend.” Tang Zheng said with a bitter smile.

“Just break up then.” Ye Dingdang say playing down her words.

Tang Zheng was speechless. Ye Dingdang’s words were simply to overbearing, but it indeed had its attraction. Even so, he was not a fickle person, hence he of course would not agree.

The two’s voices rose in volume as the nearby students clearly heard their conversation, each had their jaws drop with enough space to stick in a chicken's eggs.

Oh lord!

Ye Dingdang actually confessed to Tang Zheng and wanted to be his girlfriend! No, she wanted to be his fiance! Moreover, she completely trampled over Fang Shishi.

Overbearing, extremely overbearing! Maybe even a meteorite striking the earth would not be so overbearing!

Basically everyone present was thinking about how they would spread this gossip to other people. As a student with a stuffy life, it was rare for them to stumble upon such good news to act as seasoning on their boring lives.

They were all thinking how Fang Shishi would react if she were to hear this news and what the result would be.

Who knows if Tang Zheng was previously too luck.His luck finally came to an end today, Fang Shishi walked out from the crowd, her face ashen pale, and her two legs looked as if they were trembling.

Clearly, she already heard their conversation. So what would Tang Zheng do?

Everyone gathered their concentration as they did not make a sound, deeply fearful of disturbing this good scene.

There was someone who caused a disturbance and moreover it was intentional. Feng Yong bustled up and loudly cried out, “Boss you are finally back! This is too perfect, there is a problem that I don’t get. Can you please hurry up and help me?”

Feng Yong rushed straight towards Tang Zheng, grabbed onto him, and practically ran off as if he were a well qualified fire fighter.

The two ran off into the distance without stopping, both panting. Feng Yong was panting because he was tired but Tang Zheng was simply too nervous.

As a virgin brother, he was completely at a loss at what to do in this situation. He gratefully looked at Feng Yong, patted his shoulder and said, “Fatty, thank you!”

“Heihei, helping the boss carry some of his burdens and dissolve his worries is the glory of this junior.” Feng Yong smiled with joy, but his face arose a worshipping gaze as if he was a fan looking at a star. He said, “Boss, you are too too brilliant, sister Dingdang actually confessed to you, and even asked you to be her fiance… isn’t this tempo a bit too quick?”

Tang Zheng voiced with a bit of hardship, “This is a misunderstanding. She was just spouting nonsense.”

“How could this be nonsense? Sister Dingdang is not a person who would say random stuff. I can see that she really likes you.” Feng Yong said with great certainty.

“How can that be?” Tang Zheng unconsciously denied it, but he clearly felt his heart pound, gedeng. If she really liked him then what would he do?

“Haha, boss, you are simply to amazing when it comes to flirting with girls. Others don’t have such good things happen to them.” Feng Yong said with admiration, “Boss, don’t be so sad, you have to be a happier as this is a joyful thing.”

“Joyful thing?” Tang Zheng did not think so, as he was at a loss at what to do. He also did not know what would happen between Ye Dingdang and Fang Shishi. Would they start duking it out like in the dramas?-

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