Chapter 82: Abandoned Son

Chapter 82: Abandoned Son

Feng Siniang could not see through the old gramps intentions.Seeing the atmosphere become increasingly tense and hostile she hurriedly said, “Old gramps, Tianlei did not know you were coming to Chang Heng City so how about first coming to our house?”

Ye Xuanji nodded his head and lightly said, “Bring this little brat along.”

“Why do I have to go with you guys? It’s not like I am a member of the Ye Clan” Tang Zheng refuted, “Moreover, Aunty Feng is injured so we should send her to the hospital.”

Ye Xuanji’s two eyes let out a coldness, and as he was just about to go into rage, Feng Siniang took the stage and said, “Little handsome brother, my injury is not serious, so we will go home first.”

Even though Feng Siniang did not have any good feelings toward Ye Xuanji, she was completely aware of the others temperament. Tang Zheng constantly contradicting him was definitely not good.

“Aunty Feng, I still need to go to class.” Tang Zheng did not want to interfere with other people’s business so he rejected.

Feng Siniang flexibility said, “I will ask your teacher for a leave of absence, so can you just treat this as me pleading to you?”

Since the old gramps already said that he wanted Tang Zheng to go the Ye Clan’s house, if he did not show up then the old gramps was sure to fly into a rage. She would not be able to stop him, and the one who would suffer a loss would be Tang Zheng.

Feng Siniang did not want to see this outcome.

“Aunty Feng’s words are too heavy, but since you asked, I will not refuse anymore.” Tang Zheng promised as Feng Siniang did take an injury for him, thus he had to give her face.

Ye Xuanji gave Tang Zheng a profound glance, he had never thought there would be a day when his own face was not able to be put to use.

Ye Dingdang angrily stared at Ye Xuanji, and when Ye Xuanji saw her eyes filled with rage he asked, “Do you hate me?”

“Yes!” Ye Dingdang said like a hammer striking upon a nail.

“I am your grandfather.”

“But did you do your duties as a grandfather? From when I was young till now, you have never come visited me.” Ye Dingdang said without giving any face.

Tang Zheng felt his heart go cold as this person was actually Ye Dingdang’s grandfather. No wonder they had similar temperaments.

Feng Siniang was deeply afraid that words that would agitate the old gramps, so she hurriedly hauled Ye Dingdang and said, “Let’s go.”

At the same time, a whisper rose up in her heart as she said, “Didn’t the old gramps say he wasn’t coming? Then why is he here now? Did something happen?”

Several people got on the car and left under the gaze of many others. When Fang Shishi arrived at school, she immediately heard of this and her face changed. She sat by herself in class while her heart went through ups and downs.

In this period of time, even though Tang Zheng and her relationship had progressed quickly, Ye Dingdang had always been in the surrounding. Even though she did not make any motions, a girl’s sixth sense told her that there was danger.

Seeing the situation, Feng Yong hurriedly said, “Sister-in-law, don’t listen to other people’s gossip. The boss is not that kind of person. Don’t you know him yet?”

Fang Shishi squeezed out a thin smile and said, “Just what is going on between them?”

“It must be nothing.” Feng Yong patted his chest as if in assurance. Even if there was something, as a little brother he must not say it, since that would just be causing problems for his brother.

“Feng Yong, you don’t need to worry about me. Hurry up and go do what you have to do.” Fang Shishi let out a sigh as her heart was once again going through its ups and downs.

Gao Dazhi saw the two whispering and her eyes let out a hint of poison. He originally thought that with Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi being together, he would be able to pursue Ye Dingdang. Little did he know that Tang Zheng would still continue to bother Ye Dingdang.

“I already told Madam Qiao that it was Tang Zheng who harmed Qiao Fei, so why hasn’t there been any movement? This speed is simply to slow.”

Even though Gao Dazhi sat on his high horse, he was not stupid. He originally wanted to borrow someone’s knife to make the kill, but he really had not expected that there would be no movement.

Of course he wouldn’t know that the killer already made a move, but he also turned into a retard.

“Continuing at this rate won’t do. I am not afraid of thieves of those cunning plans, since Tang Zheng always spends his time with Dingdang, what would happen if he one day gets into bed with her? Then what will I do? No, this won’t work. I must think of a plan.”

But just what method is there?

Gao Dazhi was grabbing at his brain, but there was no way. Whether it be acting in broad daylight or acting underhandedly, he was not Tang Zheng’s opponent. Suddenly he felt a strong wave of hopelessness wash over him.

“I cannot give up. I must keep observing him and catch his weakness, then watch him die a pitiful death.” Gao Dazhi sullenly made a decision.

At this moment, within the Ye Clan’s courtyard Tang Zheng was calmly sitting there while Ye Dingdang seethingly sat next to him. Feng Siniang had went to get her wounds treated while Ye Xuanji was already invited by Ye Tianlei into the study room.

Tang Zheng looked at Ye Dingdang and said, “Is your grandfather’s relationship not good with your family?”

Ye Dingdang gave a hmph and angrily said, “He completely does not have a grandfather’s sense of duty. Back then it was he who kicked my dad away from Jing Cheng.”

“Is your Ye Clan a big family clan?” Tang Zheng asked cautiously.

“It’s that Ye Clan and not my family. Since he kicked my dad away from jing Cheng, then we will not recognize that family.” Ye Dingdang’s attitude was firm.

Tang Zheng knew that it must be the contentious within big family clans. Since he was doing nothing and just sitting there, he decided to gossip, so he asked, “Why was your dad kicked out of Jing Cheng?”

Ye Dingdang hesitated before saying, “Since we are not unfamiliar I will tell you, but you must not tell others.”

Tang Zheng nodded his head.

So, it seems Ye Xuanji had two sons and one daughter, Ye Tianlei being his second son. Ye Tianlei’s martial arts was not bad, it was better than his older brother by a bit. That year he was heavily injured and his meridian was blocked, so it was determined that he would not be able to advance into the Natal realm.

In big family clans, if they do not have an expert leading it then the family’s decline was inevitable. This was an unchanging reality since the olden times.

Even though many believed that Ye Tianlei would succeed the old man back then to act as the master of the family, he actually got injured and lost hope of breaking through. Thus he lost access to the seat of being master of the clan.

It was at this time that Ye Tianlei got to know Feng Siniang, whose birth was common but her martial arts was not. Hence with love at first sight, Ye Tianlei swore to marry her.

Ye Xuanji went into a rage and swore that he will kick them out of Jing Cheng if they dare get married. Seeing that Ye Tianlei no chance of breaking through, and he indeed loved Feng Siniang whole heartedly, he married her and then left Jing Cheng to come to Chang Heng City. The husband and wife using their own two hands managed to built up their family to where it is now ten years later.

After listening to the story, Tang Zheng couldn’t help but sigh as he finally knew the reason why Ye Dingdang did not have any good feelings towards Ye Xuanji.

“Now, you tell me should I listen to people like him? He even wanted to use me as a chip to marry off to Song Yu. Heng, delusional! I, Ye Dingdang, has his life controlled by no one!” she said with great indignation.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and praised, “Right, you make your own decisions in your life, since it concerns your lifelong happiness.

After venting, Ye Dingdang felt much better as she said, “I did not think that your guts were bigger than mine, and that you would dare speak to him like that.”

“Haha, you too.” Tang Zheng smiled.

Ye Dingdang shook her head and said, “Did you know that there has never been anyone who would dare treat him like that? When I saw that scene I nearly felt my heart burst out.”

“But thankfully my mom was there to save you, otherwise you would be a cold corpse, and I wouldn’t be able to talk to you now.” Tang Zheng thought back to the situation and felt some lingering fear.

Ye Dingdang also knew the danger of the situation, and for the first time ever she said with embarrassment, “Tang Zheng, sorry, it was all my fault that this happened to you.”

Tang Zheng shook his head, “We’re friends so what’s the point in saying these words?”

“... friends.” Ye Dingdang subconsciously reminisced on this word, she did not have any real friends since she was young. She felt that this word was foreign, but at the same time she felt happy. She then thought back to when Feng Siniang talked about cooking the rice, and her heart turned gloomy.

“He already has a girlfriend so could it be that Feng Siniang wants me to steal him away?”

“Steal what? You make it sound as if no wants it. Ye Dingdang, are you this kind of a person? Moreover, the person you like is a valiant hero.”

She started thinking random thoughts and unconsciously thought back to when he used his body to protect her when facing the old gramps. His back was not broad, but it still gave her a sense of security as if he was a tall wall that blocked the big winds and heavy rains.

She felt a peculiar feeling sprout in her heart…..

“Dingdang, I already came for so long, so what is there for me to do? He also did not clarify. Moreover, I also need to go to class.” Tang Zheng resentfully said.

Ye Dingdang looked at the closed study room door and said, “How should I know what they are talking about? It’s not like you didn’t see my father’s solemn gaze as he told us not to bother them and to wait a bit.”

Tang Zheng was helpless as he once again calmed down, but at this time, the study room door opened and two people agitatedly walked out.

“Tianlei, the words I said before definitely will not change. Dingdang must marry Song Yu. You are a member of the Ye Clan so you must know that this is for the clan’s future.”

“Dad, I know this point, but Dingdang is my daughter. I must look out for her happiness, moreover she and Tang Zheng are already engaged.” Ye Tianlei clenched his teeth as he was prepared to follow through with the predetermined plan by his wife.

Ye Xuanji looked at him in ridicule and said, “Do you really think I am so muddle minded that I cannot see through these childish plays?”

Ye Tianlei’s plan was seen through as his face turned red. He once again said, “Dad, I am not lying to you. It is the truth.”

“Heng, I do not care about the crappy plans you made. The final result is Tang Zheng must disappear from Dingdang’s side so that she can prepare to marry Song Yu.”

Seeing the old gramps be so obstinate, Ye Tianlei wanted to refute again. His heart moved as he hurriedly changed the topic and said, “Dad, I met a Godly Doctor who may have a method to heal your injury.”

Ye Tianlei thought that if the old gramps life was not threatened, then he would not need to connect the Ye Clan with Song Clan through marriage, but how would the old gramps listen? The old gramps snorted in disdain, “Godly doctor? Haha, there are countless people who call themselves a godly doctor, and I have seen many of them. I see that you have been tricked by others.”

“Dad, my disease has been cured, and I have broken through to First Grade Natal Stage.” Ye Tianlei hurriedly said.

Ye Xuanji’s gaze trembled as his expression deepened.

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