Chapter 81: Ye Xuanji

Chapter 81: Ye Xuanji

"So, you are Tang Zheng?" The old martial artist's voice was not loud but when it reached Tang Zheng's ears it rang out like thunder, penetrating deep into his soul.

Tang Zheng maintained a steady countenance as he said: "That is I."

The old martial artist's eye flashed with a light before he said: "In the future stay far away from Dingdang, otherwise you will be incomparably regretful."

Tang Zheng suspiciously looked at the other and said: "What do you mean?"

"From today forward you will stay away from Dingdang." The old martial artist said like a hammer striking a nail.

Tang Zheng was not clear about the identity of the other, but in the early morning, he started spouting words like ‘stay away from Dingdang' making him seem like a weirdo. Moreover, the other revealed a wave of intimidation that would cause others to tremble in fear.

But Tang Zheng was not an ordinary person, and he only felt that the other was being unreasonable. Even if it was towards this old expert his face was steady and unable to be seen through. He repressed his anger as he said: "I do not need others butting in matters between Dingdang and me."

The old martial artist's eyes let out a cold light; "No one in this world can bargain with me."

"That is because you have never met me before." Tang Zheng countered.

"Interesting. Youngsters these days do not know how high the heavens are and how deep the earth is. Then I will take the place of an elder to teach you a lesson."

Tang Zheng's pupils constricted as his house's elder is his grandfather. How big the heaven and earth is, no one can take the place of his grandfather. Moreover, this person did not have good intentions, so he himself had no need to be polite.

"Tian Chanzi, what level is this martial artist at?" Tang Zheng asked.

Tian Chanzi hesitated: "Ninth Grade Natal Stage, there is only a level difference between him and the Great Scholar stage."

"... Ninth Grade Natal Stage." Tang Zheng felt his heartstrings twang. He was only a Third Grade Refining Qi which compared to a Ninth Grade Natal Stage was like comparing the heaven and earth.

"Just who is he. Since he is an expert why would he care about me?" He unconsciously thought about Song Yu. Could it be that he was part of the Song Clan?

Old Man Qin and Song Yu left in a hurry so could they have sent this person? Even if he was a part of the Song Clan he couldn't be so unreasonable.

Seeing Tang Zheng's gaze turn unsteady the old martial artist thought he was scared and said: "Promising right now is too late. In these years, there has never been a person who dares speak like that to me. You are the first so how could I let this off if I don't teach you a lesson."

When the sound rang out, he extended his hand to grab at Tang Zheng's shoulder. His hand was wrinkled and had old spots like any other ordinary person, but this wrinkled hand gave Tang Zheng incomparable pressure as if it was a hand reaching out of hell, bringing with it a stifling air.

Tang Zheng hurriedly retreated, but the hand followed latching onto Tang Zheng's shoulders.

"In front of me, everything you do is futile. I know you are a martial artist but you have insignificant talent so how could you escape my grasp." The old martial artist said and used his strength to squeeze.


A sharp sound rang out and Tang Zheng felt his shoulder snap, a heart-wrenching pain spread throughout his body.

Tang Zheng could not bare the pain and groaned, using his arms like swords, shua, it was aimed towards the opponent. The Heaven Flying Immortal Technique burst into action bringing with it a formless energy that emanated out.


The old martial artist let out a shocked sound, but his hand still did not move. His arms shook a bit, peng, Tang Zheng's penetrating hand was penetrated by a strong energy that brought with it immense pain. From this, it could be seen just how strong the pain was that it stabbed into one's heart.

The old martial artist's mouth slightly twitched, but his gaze became increasingly gloomy. He could tell that this sword technique was not ordinary, but he did not think it could injure him as their levels were simply too big to be bridged.

However, when the moment Tang Zheng's hand struck him a wave of pain emanated through his arms, after countless years, there were extremely few people who have caused him this much pain. Moreover, this was from a person who had such a large gap in strength from him making it seem unimaginable.

"Little brat, you are not his opponent, I already told you to take care of some girls, and your cultivation will increase by leaps and bounds, but you didn't so now you end up in such a sorry position. Hurry up and escape!" Tian Chanzi hurriedly urged.

"How do I escape? His hands are like pincers." Tang Zheng said incomparably helpless.

"You retard, hurry and use the Body Lock Technique!" Tian Chanzi urged.

Tang Zheng was simply muddled, if martial arts didn't work then use cultivation techniques, but he has never used the Body Lock technique so he did not know if it would work on a Ninth grade Natal Stage.

He was just about to employ the technique and escape when he heard the sound of shocked person and someone flew like the wind towards him.

"Release Tang Zheng!" A delicate voice rang out. It was Feng Siniang's!

The old man did not move as he stared at Feng Siniang and said: "You came."

Feng Siniang's face was not good and filled with anxiety. Her eyebrows revealed her alarm, and up to now, Tang Zheng has only seen Feng Siniang acting amiable and never like this.

"Old Gramps, Tang Zheng is the Ye Clan's benefactor, please do not hurt him." Feng Siniang anxiously tried to stop him.

The old martial artist coldly and detachedly said: "Savior? How come I do not know that the Ye Clan had such a savior? He is only the tool you used to put on a play."

"Tool?" Tang Zheng's expression darkened as even though he was not anyone significant he was not some tool. Since Feng Siniang recognized the old martial artist then he gave up on the thought of using the Body Lock Technique to escape.

"You are too unreasonable. You depend on the fact that you are older and stronger than me to bully me. I am a tool, so what is it to you. You aren't even worthy of being a tool. You are but a stupid, stubborn old man." Tang Zheng was furious as he has always respected his elders but this time he was pushed to the end by this old martial artist who again and again bullied him.

He did not care about the other's identity. Who cared what expert you are, you are not the same person as me, so I will curse first then worry about the consequences later.

Youngsters must have vigor, otherwise what is the point in having the same slow nature as an old man who thinks first before acting.

These words were not said in a quiet manner, and people from all four sides quieted down making it seem like a silent and secretive forest where not even the wind blew.

Feng Siniang was shocked into silence and looked at him in complication, her eyes carried with them several emotions that were unable to be clearly conveyed with words.

Ye Dingdang hurriedly rushed over, nearly tripping. Her mouth was opened so wide that a duck's egg would fit in her mouth.

The old martial artist was also shocked into a stop as he did not dare believe his ears. Someone actually dared to curse him, that he was not even worthy of being a tool and that he was a stubborn old man.

He… suspected that something was wrong with this world.

This world could not have something wrong, and Tang Zheng was also not diseased, so this must be what his heart truly felt hence he hesitated before saying.

"Seeking death!" The old martial artist suddenly flew into a rage as he suddenly raised his clutch and aimed it at Tang Zheng's chest.

This crutch was like the god of death's sickle, as long as it struck then even with Tang Zheng's level he would die without a doubt.

Tang Zheng did not even have time to employ the Body Lock Technique as he could only see the crutch come closer and closer.

"No!" Feng Siniang roared with force as she straightened her body

The crutch struck Feng Siniang's shoulder, causing it to stop somewhat as fresh blood squirted from Feng Siniang's shoulder. This one strike struck squarely on her shoulders so one could imagine just how powerful it was.

Feng Siniang gave a stifled groan but did not retreat, and stood like a stubborn wall that would not move, protecting Tang Zheng.

Feng Siniang was a First Grade Natal stage while the old martial artist was a Ninth grade Natal Stage so even though they were both Natal Stage experts the two's distance was great, and Feng Siniang had no way of retaliating. All she could do was use her body to block. Even if she were able to gather all her body to block it, she would still not be able to stop it.

But then seeing that Tang Zheng was not injured she let out a breath of relief.

The old martial artist's face was gloomy and unsettled as he stared at Feng Siniang and said: "You are willing to go against me for him?"

Feng Siniang bore the pain, clenched her teeth and said: "Old Gramps, Tang Zheng is a savior of our Ye Clan, I could not bear to stand by and watch as he gets injured."

"You are not allowed to hurt my mom." Ye Dingdang regained her senses as she hurriedly rushed over, extremely agitated as she forgot to call Feng Siniang by her name.

She charged at the old martial artist and her two fists struck out without fear.

The old martial artist eyes turned weird as he finally could not do anything but release Tang Zheng. His palm swept and Ye Dingdang was spun around like a top, without being harmed.

Tang Zheng managed to walk back from hell's gates and never expected Feng Siniang to use her body to take a blow for him. His heart felt incomparably warm.

As a result, he stretched his arms hesitantly to stop Ye Dingdang so that she could stop. Ye Dingdang's breath was in disorder as she panted, her face was red as if she had drank wine.

Even though she was not injured, it was evident that it was not easy to bare.

"You are members of the Ye Clan, but you still make a move against me. Haha, great." The old martial artist smiled, his tone was complicated.

"You dare injure my mom, why would I not dare make a move?" Ye Dingdang blustered as she roared without fear.

"Dingdang, you have grown." The old martial artist's tone became more relaxed.

"Yes, I grew older, and no one dares to order me around. I decide my life. I make my own decisions!" Ye Dingdang looked as if she used her whole body's energy to yell out.

In the distant, quite a few students were pointing and nodding, having never seen Ye Dingdang act like this, causing them all to be curious.

But then again, even when Ye Dingdang flew into a rage she was incomparably beautiful causing countless male students to praise her for her strength and heroic nature.

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as several people guessed that this old martial artist was a member of the Ye Clan, but with this, he just became angrier. He and the Ye Clan were not enemies so why would they treat him like this.

Therefore, he took Ye Dingdang and put her behind him, using his body to protect her as he stared at the old martial artist in fear and asked: "Just who are you?"

"Ye Xuanji!" The old martial artist said.

So he was indeed a member of the Ye Clan, Tang Zheng said internally as he did not know what the name meant. To ordinary people, this name would be normal, but for those who belonged to special circles, this name contained a meaning that ordinary people were unable to comprehend.

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