Chapter 80: Liu Qingmei’s Background

Chapter 80: Liu Qingmei’s Background

After school was over, Liu Qingmei looked flabbergasted at Tang Zheng who hurriedly entered the car. She suspiciously asked: "How come you are so excited about coming to today's supplementary lesson?"

Tang Zheng gave an embarrassed smile and took a glance in the rear-view mirror of the car. He saw that Fang Shishi and Ye Dingdang were standing not so far away, as if they may break into a confrontation at any time with Tang Zheng as the cause, putting him in an awkward position. He finally got to experience the idiom of ‘sitting on pins and needles.'

Right now he wanted nothing more than the hurry up and leave for his supplementary lesson, even though Liu Qingmei did not have wholly good intentions and wanted to dig out his secrets.

"How could I dare fall short of Teacher Liu's goodwill." Tang Zheng spoke while his heart thought otherwise.

Liu Qingmei did not give it a second thought as she immediately started driving back towards her home after following their usual routine of picking up dinner before starting the lesson.

After a short hour break, Tang Zheng had to strengthen his mental fortitude as he had to start pretending that he was confused about the content of the lecture when in reality he had long since familiarized himself with the material.

This time he came prepared, so Liu Qingmei clearly did not pick up many hints, so she unconsciously wrinkled her eyebrows and said: "Today, we will end here. Tomorrow we will pick up where we left off."

Saying this she did a little stretch; her voluptuous breasts stood erect. It was truly a sight to behold that could cause anyone to be entranced.

Tang Zheng took a glance and felt his heartstrings tremble.

Liu Qingmei's eyes flashed as she fiercely gave him a glance that could gouge out his eyes. He hurriedly drooped his head and said: "Teacher Liu, I will be leaving first."

Liu Qingmei was just about to answer when someone knocked on the door. She immediately wrinkled her eyebrow as no one ever came to her house so who would be here?

The answer was quickly revealed as the only person standing outside the door was—— Song Donghua, the secretary of the city mayor.

Tang Zheng had the chance of meeting him once at the police station so they could be considered as knowing one another. When Song Donghua saw Tang Zheng behind Liu Qingmei, his eyebrows furrowed but then later smoothened out as he gave a slight smile, looking to be cultured and refined.

Song Donghua was thirty years old, an age when males were the most charming. This coupled with his sophisticated and refined look could charm countless young ladies.

But Liu Qingmei acted as if she did not see it and asked in dissatisfaction: "Secretary Song, what is your purpose in visiting today."

Song Donghua smiled and said: "Lady Liu, I was passing by the area and thought I might drop by to check up on you. I hope I am not disturbing you?" He said this while turning to look at Tang Zheng before nodding, "Student Tang Zheng, we meet once again."

Tang Zheng felt a bit of shock as the other actually remembered his name. Tang Zheng nodded his head, treating it as his greeting, then he turned to Liu Qingmei to say his goodbye, as he did not care for what they had to talk about.

For it seemed to him that when Liu Qingmei saw Song Donghua, her attitude became even colder and distant.

Tang Zheng carried his backpack as he walked into the dark of the night. He took a deep breath as his mind was churning with thoughts.

Since the Qiao family left, the most important thing for him to do now was to cultivate. Moreover, he had the important task of trying to kindle his spark so that he could develop his true fire and then refine pills which would then increase his power.

Without the assistance of pills, his cultivation would increase, but the speed would not be comparable. Furthermore, after seeing Old Man Qin's hostility towards him, he couldn't help but fear a sense of fear as if there was a danger that was creeping closer.

Moreover, there is also that mysterious demon race that may come seeking revenge as he had broken the Curse technique.

Anyways, the conclusion was that there were a lot of pressure on him. Except it could not amount to the pressure he felt when he had about saving his grandfather.

Du du!

Suddenly, sharp horn noises rang out behind him as a car came to a stop by his side. Song Donghua stuck out his head and said: "Student Tang Zheng, I will send you back."

"No need, my home is not far so I will walk."

"Get in the car; I have the time." Song Donghua allowed no explanation as he opened his car door. His kindness was hard to refuse so Tang Zheng could only get in the car.

Song Donghua drove the car steadily, without rush or impulse, showing that he had refined his temperament to be above average.

Song Donghua casually asked about Tang Zheng's studies and his life before steering the conversation onto Liu Qingmei.

"Liu Qingmei is a good teacher to give you extra supplementary lessons at night."

"Yes." Tang Zheng nodded his head in agreement. Even though Liu Qingmei's personality was a bit cold, she was suited for teaching. In this case, the Old Witch was not even fit to carry her shoes.

"I don't know if Teacher Liu has anything she likes?" Song Donghua casually asked, and even though he put in great effort to conceal his intention Tang Zheng was still able to see them as he calmly said: "You guy's are friends so in this area I am sure you are more knowledgeable than me."

Song Donghua let out an embarrassed smile and said: "Of course I am knowledgeable, but I am not sure about matters concerning her in school so I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about it."

Tang Zheng felt his heart move; this man was clearly interested in Liu Qingmei. Originally Tang Zheng thought they were friends except it was just that there relationship was not that deep but now after thinking about it the answer became evident.

"Little brat, he wants to pick up your teacher." Tian Chanzi voiced his thoughts before him, revealing Song Donghua's intention.

Tang Zheng let out an involuntary laugh as he couldn't help but say to Tian Chanzi: "Tian Chanzi, you as an extreme martial arts expert, even know the meaning of the word ‘pick up.'"

"When in Rome do as the Roman's do. It's not like I am an old man who won't pick up new things." Tian Chanzi explained. "Little brat, Liu Qingmei has a hard to come by Mysterious Yin Body Constitution, you shouldn't just let her fall into another's hands. As of today, your cultivation is increasing, and you need more Yin energy and simply sneakily absorbing it won't be beneficial anymore.

Tian Chanzi, already unconsciously labeled Liu Qingmei as Tang Zheng's partner.

Tang Zheng long since known his intention and refuted: "Song Donghua is mature and is a good role model so what do I have to compete with him? Moreover Liu Qingmei is older than me by many years so how could she see me as anything other than a student?"

"Heng, you little brat actual undervalue yourself so? Did you not hear a single word I said? Age is not a problem; height is not a distance. Moreover, there isn't that much of an age difference anyways. You are currently a cultivator so your lifespan is entirely different from those of an ordinary person. Don't use a normal human's mindset to consider things." Tian Chanzi earnestly and well-meaningly taught.

"I can't argue with you." Tang Zheng's traditional teachings had been instilled into him since birth. He could not be compared to Tian Chanzi's bold and imaginative thoughts, so he could not win in an argument.

But one point Tian Chanzi brought up that made him uncomfortable was that now that his strength was increasing, simply absorbing others Yin energy was not cutting it. So, this was a major problem as he did not want to die by bodily explosion.

"Student Tang Zheng, what are you thinking about?" Seeing Tang Zheng not reply, Song Donghua wrinkled his eyebrow as he asked.

"Nothing." Tang Zheng came back to reality.

"Then can you tell me a bit about Teacher Liu's matter at school?" Song Donghua pursued.

Since Song Donghua wanted to chase after Liu Qingmei, Tang Zheng unconsciously did not want to help him, so he gave a perfunctory answer: "It's not much different from other teachers. Anyways there is nothing much to talk about. I'm here, thank you for the ride."

Song Donghua could do nothing but stop the car and see Tang Zheng's body in the distance as his expression gradually deepened.

He indeed wanted to pursue Liu Qingmei not only for her exceptional beauty but also because of her background. Other people may not know what her background is but he learned of it from the city mayor himself and he couldn't help the surge of emotion within his heart.

Liu Qingmei was actually the young lady of the governor of the province and since she has always maintained a low profile, not a lot of people knew of her true identity.

Song Donghua wanted to take this chance. He naturally would not let this opportunity slip as he has crawled up the levels of the government step by step from the bottom. Today, he was able to get to where he was due to his efforts, but the most important thing when it comes to bureaucracies is the backing one has. So, even though he is currently helping the city mayor and has his support that is not a guarantee so he hoped to find an even bigger tree to support himself and there was no greater support than the governor of the province.

If he was able to become the governor of the provinces son-in-law, then his political career will be smooth sailing and his meteoric rise was guaranteed.

So within this period he has started his intense pursuit of Liu Qingmei, he has actively invited her to dinner and indirectly expressed his desire for her.

But Liu Qingmei was not moved at all, and from that moment forth she had treated him coldly. He naturally could not give up and even though he did not constantly pester her he still had his methods as he had managed to occupy such a high position and one could not do so if they were not sharp and had their methods.

This time he actively took a step to increase their contact by going to her house but things did not proceed as planned. He did not even get to enter Liu Qingmei's house as she gave the excuse of resting early before shutting the door on him.

Later he thought about Tang Zheng as he had received special attention from Liu Qingmei as she not only charged into the Police station for him but also gave him extra supplementary lessons. Hence, he decided to make a move on Tang Zheng but how could he expect that Tang Zheng did not act as he expected, treating him very superficially, and did not give him any useful information.

He looked at Tang Zheng's back in dissatisfaction before starting his car and then leaving. He will not give up because this would determine his future. Hence he must obtain her.

In the following days, Tang Zheng's life once again recovered its normal pace as he went to class in the morning and cultivated at night. As the days passed his cultivation increased by quite a bit as his Nine Great Meridians accumulated a total of three inches and three portions, causing there to be a scorching hot energy surging within his body, making it seem as if he were a big stove, with the temperature slowly increasing.

He gradually came to understand the danger Tian Chanzi was talking about as previously the Yin energy he absorbed was able to offset his  energy, but as his cultivation increased, the Yin energy he absorbed was clearly not enough.

Tian Chanzi constantly incited him again and again to devour Fang Shishi or Ye Dingdang, but of course, if he were able to get Liu Qingmei then that would be even better.

But how could this be as easy as Tian Chanzi said it to be? In this period, he and Fang Shishi had become increasingly intimate as they would occasionally kiss, but in the end, they have not progressed to the final step because he did not have the time. Once school was over, he would be hauled off by Liu Qingmei, not giving him any chance to escape.

In the early mornings, Tang Zheng walked into the school with a heavy heart when he almost bumped into someone as that person suddenly appeared in front of him.

He was about to apologize when his gaze was unconsciously attracted to the other. The person was wearing a traditional Tang Suit and possessed a mighty aura and stood in front him. His hands were holding a crutch as he stared at Tang Zheng.

Suddenly, Tang Zheng felt his hair stand on end as he felt the gaze of a tiger fall upon him, making him uncomfortable as the piercing gaze made it so that he would not be able to escape.

He unconsciously took a step back and looked into the other's eyes only to discovered that his gaze was cold and icy. Moreover, it possessed a high and almighty feeling as if he was standing high up, giving others a sense of oppression

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