Chapter 8: The School’s Pretty Boy

Chapter 8: The School’s Pretty Boy

Liu Qingmei looked on at the scene in shock, this position… this ambiguity, didn’t Feng Yong say that Tang Zheng was being bullied… this kind of bullying was in reality showing his luck with woman.

Feng Yong was dumbstruck, he out of the goodness of his heart called out the teacher to act as a savior but he ended up disturbing the good time between the two… Tang Zheng was simply too powerful, he just came and has already progressed so far with the great beauty Ye Dingdang.

The two, Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang, upon seeing Liu Qingmei both simultaneously felt like they were heading towards hell, their hearts were in shock. “Bastard, let me go!” Ye Dingdang angrily roared in shame.

Tang Zheng pressed a spot on her legs allowing Ye Dingdang to recover her mobility, and like lightning she flashed a few steps back, widening the gap between the two.

Liu Qingmei wrinkled her eyebrows, Ye Dingdang has always been haughty and it was said that there were a lot of people who chased after her but none have succeeded. Never would she have thought that Tang Zheng would be the first… causing her to feel a whole new level of respect toward Tang Zheng.

“This is a school, please be more aware.” Liu Qingmei coldly said, turning her body she walked away without giving them another look.

Ye Dingdang was beyond furious, loudly saying: “Teacher Liu, we aren’t doing what you are thinking.”

Liu Qingmei’s head did not turn back as if she did not hear.

“Tang Zheng, this is all your fault.” Ye Dingdang said glaring fiercely at Tang Zheng, clenching her teeth, wishing she could eat him alive.

Tang Zheng loosened his shoulders and said: “It was you who called me here to the Sky Platform, so who else can you blame. I only want to earnestly study but you kept on bothering me.

Tang Zheng took a big step off Sky Platform, Feng Yong looked at him with eyes full of worship flooded like a continuous torrent of water.

Too cool!

In this whole school, no one else would dare act so domineering in front of Ye Dingdang.

“Sister Dingdang, will you let him off this easily?” Gao Dazhi asked with an unwilling heart.

Ye Dingdang looked at him, coldly snorted and said: “Then what do you want to do?”

“I know a few people outside of school, and can call them to beat him up.” Gao Dazhi’s eyes flashed with a hint of fierceness.

Ye Dingdang did not give him an answer but coldly smiled, inwardly calling him an idiot, and quickly left Sky Platform, leaving behind Gao Dazhi by himself blowing hot air.

It wasn’t that Ye Dingdang did not have any thoughts of revenge but since Tang Zheng already knew the Pressure Point Technique, this proved that he was stronger than her and not just by a level. Afterall a Pre-Natal Stage martial artist was a true expert and she had no way of gaining revenge even if she wanted to.

Since she was unwilling to return to class to see his face and anger herself to death, she decided to just leave school. As for skipping class she was already a familiar hand.

Tang Zheng walked into the classroom, shaking his head, with Feng Yong eagerly following closely behind him asking: “Tang Zheng, just how did you get Sister Dingdang?”

“Let me correct you, she and I have no relations.” Tang Zheng said in a straightforward manner.

Feng Yon laughed weirdly, ‘heihei’ :”If that was called not having any relations, then what is. Heihei, you guys were just in that position. I did not know that Sister Dingdang called you out to Sky Platform was for that reason, nor did I know that she was chasing you and was even the type of girl to take the initiative. If I knew I would not have notified the teacher to disturb the two of you.”

Tang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry, since Feng Yong was so adamant about the matter, then he was to lazy to correct him. Feng Yong did call the teacher out of worry that he was being bullied so this let Tang Zheng bear good will towards Feng Yong.

“Tang Zheng, in the future you are my boss and I will be your follower.” Feng Yong abruptly said.

“...” Tang Zheng was stunned, just what is with this sequence of events, he never thought about accepting followers but seeing that Feng Yong’s eyes were serious, his heart felt moved.

From Gao Dazhi’s attitude toward Feng Yong he could tell that even though Feng Yong was Class 7’s representative he was marginalized by others. This caused Tang Zheng to unconsciously think about himself during his period of trouble causing him to have feelings caused by a fellow sufferer empathizing with another.

“Okay, follow me and no one will dare bully you.” Tang Zheng said, his words both powerful and resonating.

Feng Yong’s heart was like a blossoming flower, and suddenly nodded his head: “Yes, boss, heihei, Sister Dingdang is beautiful and since she is already chasing you then bosses luck with woman must not be superficial. But, towards woman, you can’t agree to quickly and must tease their appetite...”

“Stop!” Tang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, Feng Yong actually passed on a trick on picking up girls.

When morning class concluded, Tang Zheng did not see Ye Dingdang again and couldn’t help but feel disappointed as his chance of absorbing pure Yin energy was gone, so he could only study and cultivate.

Within the dining hall, Tang Zheng got his lunch and was immersing himself in his food.

Peng Cheng International School’s dining hall was not only majestic and splendid but the taste was definitely top-notch and definitely could not be compared to any public school. The reason was because the chefs were gathered from five star hotels and the food was separated into Eastern and Western food, among them was exotic delicacies with exceptional taste.

Even though Tang Zheng was excused from the tuition his living cost still had to be provided by himself; so for every meal he chose the cheapest vegetables but even so this sum of money was no small expenditure.

“See, that is Tang Zheng who used to be first in the whole city but is now dead last, heihei he really is a genius.”

“You still don’t know, he’s been kicked out of Class 1 and is now in Hell Class.”

“All your news are outdated, today there is another major news, it was said that Ye Dingdang is chasing him.”

“Fuck, no way, why would Ye Dingdang like him? How is he fitting for Ye Dingdang who has such a heavenly appearance?”

“Really, the forums are already blowing up with this news.”

“I’ll go look immediately, this is definitely the biggest news of the year…”

Tang Zheng was originally unperturbed, since for the past few months he has heard so much frigid irony and scorching satire that his ears have become numb to it, but after hearing towards the end he was shocked. How did matters between him and Ye Dingdang blow up on the internet?

Peng Cheng’s forum was created by several students who loved to work with technology, quickly making a name for itself. It is reported that any event whether big or small will appear in the forum.

Tang Zheng’s phone was not a smartphone, but the old grandpa phones that can only call and send text messages so he was unable to see the forum or what it says but that did not stop him from speculating.

At the time the event occurred there were only five people present, there was absolutely no way for it to be Ye Dingdang or Liu Qingmei, leaving only Da Gaozhi and Feng Yong. Since Da Gaozhi suffered a lost and probably wouldn’t seek more embarrassment the answer lay with—— Feng Yong.

“Boss, so you were sitting here, I looked for you for half a day.” Speak of the devil, and the devil appears, Feng Yong carrying a plate and walked over.

“Boss, this time you are famous, heng, I want to see just who won’t give you face in the future.”

“What did you do now?”

“Of course it was to announce your glorious achievements, boss, you don’t know but in this school there are countless boys who are drooling over Ye Dingdang but this time Ye Dingdang actually took the initiative to chase you. This news, ought to make them give up.” Feng Yong said excitedly.

“The forum discussion was started by you?”

“Of course, I am one of the forum moderators, this piece of news was written by me after two painstaking periods. I feel that I am not this serious when writing essays for school.”

“Give your phone to me.” Tang Zheng took Teng Yong’s phone without further explanation and entered the forum, glancing at the pinned hot topic message.

Even the name of the message sounded cool!

Campus Belle Ye Dingdang’s Man?

Tang Zheng nearly spit out blood, since when did he become the campus belle’s man?

In actuality, this message did not need to be pinned at the top since even without it, it would be pushed up as underneath in the comments section there were already a thousand comments, which was quickly increasing.

The message vividly described Ye Dingdang’s whole hearted admiration for Tang Zheng, then continued by recounting her hot pursuit and reluctance to part. Moreover, it also mentioned how she invited him to Sky Platform to speak of her heart’s feeling.

Finally the message concluded with an analysis that Ye Dingdang must have long since felt affection for Tang Zheng which explains why all her previous suitors ended with one result and that was rejection. Previously, they were not in the same class and she therefore did not have any opportunities but now that they are in the same class, she has decided to commence her pursuit with great passion.

Anyways, the message from head to end was filled with reason and basis, making others unable to do anything but believe it.

There were various different comments, some were cursing Tang Zheng saying he was a toad wanting to eat swam meat, while others were crying out in injustice, a person even commented that he was so handsome and wealthy but how come he was still unable to get on Ye Dingdang’s good side?

Tang Zheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he read, and was also left speechless.

“Boss, my writing is pretty good right? Heihei, this girl has been taken, Sister Dingdang is now your person.” Feng Yong said with great flourish.

Tang Zheng fiercely started at him and said: “This is all your fault.”

Feng Yong was shocked: “What’s wrong, boss, did I not write enough?”

“There is absolutely nothing going on between Ye Dingdang and me.”

“I know, but that was before, in the future something will definitely happen.”

“I want to keep low-key.” Tang Zheng said helplessly.

Feng Yong laughed, heihei: “Boss, you are the schools most popular person and have many pairs of eyes staring at you, how could you possibly remain low-key. From my perspective you have to be high-key, be high-key and let everyone look up to you, this is how you will look cool.”

Tang Zheng opened his mouth and sighed, nothing will come of blaming Feng Yong.

“Boss, look you have now charged up to become the school’s number 1 popular character.” Feng Yong pointed at one of the forums ‘popular list’.

The forum based on the traffic flow of people, will create a list of ‘most popular people’ and previously when Tang Zheng got on the list was after his injury when he went from first place to last place, bringing about many taunts and ridicules. From then on, he has never made it on the popular list until today after the explosion of this news, making him a popular figure.

Qiao Fei was also looking at the forum and saw that the name at the top of the school’s most popular list and felt as if a steel needle was stabbing into his heart, a savage glint flashed past his eyes.

“Fuck, how come he appeared on the list again? Moreover, it is because Ye Dingdang is chasing after him. What a joke, what would Ye Dingdang see in him?”

Towards Ye Dingdang’s beautiful appearance it wasn’t that his heart was moved but that he was weary of the rose that carried thorns; hence why he liked Fang Shishi more as she was like a gentle, lotus flower.

“A salty fish wants to make a turn over, he’s dreaming! This time I will make it so that you aren’t able to turn over your fortune.” Qiao Fei schemed, then went straight to look for Gao Dazhi.

Gao Dazhi fiercely slammed down the phone within his hands onto the ground, the feeling of unwillingness welling within himself caused him to stomp his feet. He said with unrestrainable fury: “A bunch of nonsense, what rubbish…”

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