Chapter 79: Escape from coercion

Chapter 79: Escape from coercion

Boss Fan with his neck heavily wrapped in gauze dejectedly drooped his head in front of Huang Ziyang and pitifully said: "Young Master Huang, you have to bear witness for Lin Hu has banded together with Tang Zheng and completely did not put me in their eyes. They even did not put you, Young Master Huang, in their eyes. These kind of people staying in Chang Heng City will only bring trouble."

Huang Ziyang's face turned ashen as he coldly said: "It's Tang Zheng again, he really won't give up."

"Right, that little brat's martial arts are to demonic. Young Master Huang, only you can suppress them. Otherwise, they will overturn the heavens." Boss Fan instigated.

This time he suffered greatly and of course he wanted to get revenge but seeing how Tang Zheng pulled moves that even ghosts can't, it caused him to tremble. The only person he could turn to was Huang Ziyang.

"Good, very good!" Huang Ziyang clenched his fist as his bones cracked.

Boss Fan was frightened, as this time, when he sought out Huang Ziyang he discovered that the others previously vigorous and imposing aura had undergone an enormous change as it was now replaced by a gloomy and dark aura.

"Young Master Huang, when are you going to make your move?"

"Make a move?" Huang Ziyang gave a demonic smile, "Wait till my Godly Technique reaches large success then I will torture him to death."

"Godly Technique?" Boss Fan was shocked as he stared at him in doubt. "How long would that be?"

"It won't be long now. Have you not discovered that my power has increased significantly?"

Boss Fan was shaken up by Huang Ziyang's creepy smile as he fearfully said: "No wonder I felt that Young Master Huang has changed. I wonder what stage Young Master Huang's martial arts is at now?"

"Seventh-grade Refining body." Huang Ziyang said in satisfaction.

Boss Fan's pupils suddenly grew large as in the past few days Huang Ziyang was able to break through to the Seventh Grade refining Body from the Sixth grade. Just what technique did he train in?

Boss Fan was at a loss and just as the words were at the tip of his tongue he swallowed it back down as he was not that stupid as to ask such a question.

"Congratulations young master Huang!" Boss Fan immediately changed his expression acting all differential.

"I have a premonition that after a few days I will once again make a breakthrough. When I reach the Pre-Natal Stage, then it will also be the day of his death." Huang Ziyang solemnly vowed.

Boss Fan felt his heartstrings tremble. Just what was this Godly Technique that can allow him to make breakthroughs at such speed? Huang Ziyang's eyes flashed with a cold light as his heart felt incomparable satisfaction. Even though he suffered under Tang Zheng's hand, he managed to gain this incredible technique that brought him immense benefits.

He was initially worried that the technique was fake, but after training in it, he immediately saw the results which dispelled all his doubts. He thought that the day he reached large success in this technique was close at hand.

Never would he have expected that the technique he was training in was meticulously modified by Tian Chanzi, so that even an expert could not discern the hole in the technique, not to mention a little Refining Body martial artist.

This set of technique allows one to increase their level quickly, but there are major side effects which becomes increasingly severe as one's level increases. As of today Huang Ziyang's gloomy and heavy aura was one of the side effects, but even so, he was already deceived hence he did not pay any attention to it.

Also, Tian Chanzi also left behind a fatal weakness in this technique and even if Huang Ziyang were to crack open his brain he would not discover it.

Tang Zheng did not know about Boss Fan running to complain to Huang Ziyang as he did not have the heart to care. Currently, he was staking out at Qiao Fei's house, which was pitch black as there was no one present. After investigating, he found out that Qiao Fei's family brought Qiao Fei to Jing Cheng to see if they could heal his illness.

This time Tang Zheng came for revenge. For how could he just sit still and not care when Madam Qiao has sent people to kill him. The Qiao Family actually ran pretty fast managing to avoid this catastrophe.

"You can hide once, but you can't hide forever. There will be a day when you will come back." Tang Zheng silently left.

The next day.

Tang Zheng arrived at school early only to find Fang Shishi sitting in her seat, her eyes were red, causing him to be flabbergasted. He hurriedly asked her: "Shishi, what happened? Did you not sleep well last night?"

Fang Shishi looked at him pitifully as she indeed did not sleep last night. In fact, she dreamt of Tang Zheng breaking up with her. Hence she ended up crying in her dreams, causing her eyes to be red.

"Shishi, don't scare me, just what happened?" Since the two knew each other, this was the first time he has seen her like this, and he was seriously frightened.

"Did someone bully you?"

Fang Shishi did not nod nor did she shake her head as she just stared at him stupidly as if she was forever branding this image of him in her heart.

But the more she was like this; the more unsettled Tang Zheng became as he hurriedly held her hand and comfortingly said: "I will always be here for you so can you tell me everything. With me here, you do not have to worry, okay? Please tell me what's wrong?"

"Last night did you stay with Ye Dingdang again?" Fang Shishi nipped at her lips as she asked looking as if she might break out sobbing.

"I…" Tang Zheng unconsciously prepared to deny but seeing her eyes become red; he was unable to deny anything.

He nodded and said: "Yes, she had matters that she needed help with."

"What matters."

"..." Tang Zheng hesitated as he was not allowed to speak of it as it was all fake but even so a fake play will still bring many troubles. Even knowing this he couldn't not say it as he already saw how pitiful Fang Shishi was.

"Shishi, listen to me, this matter is like this…" He spilled everything and told her how Ye Dingdang used him as a fake fiance, and after his story, her face became significantly better.

"How could she ask others to help her with stuff like this." She distantly said because based on her personality she would never do something like this.

"She had no other way and was forced to do so." Tang Zheng explained.

Fang Shishi let out a breath of relief as she said: "I'm sorry, I accused you unjustly." Girls who are in relationships can be sensitive moreover Fang Shishi knows how talented Tang Zheng was and hence there was a fear that he might be taken by someone else.

This was a sign of insecurity, and most girls were like this so Fang Shishi could not be blamed.

"You silly girl, it's alright. This is all my bad because I did not tell you." Tang Zheng patted her porcelain like face and said with a smile.

"Don't be like that; other people will see." Fang Shishi became incomparably shy as this was the classroom and acting this intimately would cause her heart to become chaotic.

"Who cares if they see, all that will happen is their eyes will be red." Tang Zheng teasingly said.

Fang Shishi immediately drooped her head as her face became as red as an apple and she coquettishly said: "You're so bad."

This playful tone attracted others attention making it almost unbearable for them as to how could Tang Zheng be so lucky that this beautiful little flower would fall into his palms.

Tang Zheng laughed as he felt incomparably joyful.

"Hey, what are you doing in the early morning?" Ye Dingdang's curious voice rang out.

Feng Yong also walked over as he asked: "Boss, what's the matter, one person's satisfaction does not trump the crowd's satisfaction."

Tang Zheng laughed, heihei: "One person can only enjoy this kind of thing." Saying up to here he once again attracted Fang SHishi's coquettish gaze.

Ye Dingdang seeing the situation had her own thoughts.

Feng Yong did not understand as he doggedly pursued his line of question: "Boss, can you not speak such profound words? Please explain to me just what is there to be happy about?"

Tang Zheng laughed again as he glanced at Fang Shishi who was currently extremely shy, before saying: "Feng Yong, it's none of your business."

Feng Yong was not stupid, and his eyes brightened as he finally understood: "Haha, sister-in-law, I understand. I won't ask anymore."

The phrase ‘sister-in-law' once again caused Fang Shishi to feel even shyer in front of so many people she did not know what to say. The key point was that this phrase seemed to give her a status and brought with it a feeling of courage.

Right, she was publically known as Tang Zheng's girlfriend so Ye Dingdang can stand to the side.

She gave a slight cough before straightening up her back and pushing out her chest as she looked at Ye Dingdang and then said to Tang Zheng: "In the future, if there is anything between the two of you, you have to tell me."

"It won't happen anymore as she has already solved the problem." Tang Zheng hurriedly said.

Song Yu already returned to the capital, and Tang Zheng does not need to continue to act as her fiance.

Fang Shishi's eyes lit up as she wanted this situation to be solved quickly then he wouldn't have to stay in contact with Ye Dingdang. With this, she made the decision that she would spend more time with Tang Zheng.

Ye Dingdang saw that Tang Zheng wanted nothing more than to break off their relationship and how much he cared for Fang Shishi, couldn't help but feel her heart move, and she felt a bit of jealousy and annoyance.

"It's not like I'm an ugly monster so why is he looking at me like I am a diseased dog, wanting nothing more than to get rid of me? Just where do I lack when compared to Fang Shishi?" Ye Dingdang silently cursed, as girls can be jealous at times, especially beautiful girls.

The two were dubbed the two campus belle and previously they would not come in contact with each other but today they have. All this was because of Tang Zheng, and right now Ye Dingdang could not help but feel a sense of defeat.

How could she possibly bear it?

Ye Dingdang suddenly remembered how Feng Siniang said they could make the play become a reality as she said, seemingly possessed by gods or demons: "Tang Zheng, tonight there is a matter that I need you for."

Tang Zheng asked in astonishment: "Didn't Song Yu return? My mission is complete so what else is there for me to do?"

"It's something else. You will know later."

Fang Shishi's nerve immediately became tense as if a girl's sixth sense was at work. She stared straight at Ye Dingdang and said: "Tang Zheng is staying with me tonight." Speaking up to here she grabbed onto Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng was not stupid and immediately discovered that there was a weird atmosphere and his face turned into a bitter melon. Just what the hell was going on right now.

"Do you promise or not?" Ye Dingdang forced.

"You're staying with me. I am your girlfriend so accompanying me is right and proper." Fang Shishi said devotedly and righteously, arguing on high grounds.

"What's so great about a girlfriend? There will always be someone who came first and then those who come after. I asked first." Ye Dingdang disputed.

Fang Shishi's eyes immediately became as wide and round as a circle. It was clearly evident that Ye Dingdang was fighting with her so how could she bare it?

"This is the privilege of a girlfriend, don't you know? Tang Zheng, tonight will you stay with me." Fang Shishi gave Tang Zheng a smile that could cause any man's heart to tremble.

Tang Zheng gave a bitter smile, as the two girls fought, he was like the fish that would end in disaster no matter who he agreed too.

Suddenly, Liu Qingmei walked in, and his eyes lit up as he said: "Tonight, Teacher Liu wants me to take supplementary lessons as I have skipped them for several days. I am unable to skip anymore otherwise she will definitely go crazy."

The two girls were suddenly placed at a loss as they gave him looks of dissatisfaction.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief as he originally did not want to go to supplementary lessons but right now the supplementary lessons were used by him as an excuse to escape from everything.

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