Chapter 78: To hesitate over what move to make

 Chapter 78: To hesitate over what move to make 

Seeing them stare at him as if he had grown an extra head, Tang Zheng quick-wittedly said: "My master taught me a trick to see through another's martial arts level."

"You are only a Third Grade Refining Body, yet you are still able to see through a Fifth Grade Natal martial artists level. This is just…" Ye Tian was at a loss for words as he hesitated for a while before sighing: "You are too amazing."

"It is my master that is amazing." Tang Zheng continued to push all responsibility to this ‘master' of his.

Ye Dingdang frowned and muttered: "Weirdo!"

Ye Tianlei did not acknowledge Ye Dingdang's words as he continued to say: "Just now Dingdang stated that you performed a sword technique. What sword technique was it?"

"Heaven Flying Immortal." Tang Zheng honestly said.

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang looked at one another before slowly shaking their heads. It seemed like the two have never heard of this sword technique before.

"This sword technique of yours must be amazing to incite such a reaction from Old Man Qin and to make them leave in such a hurry." Ye Tianlei also did not know.

"Who cares. It's best if they leave, then I will have my peace." Ye Dingdang quickly said.

Ye Tianlei profoundly said: "How can it be this simple. This matter is simply too weird, and we can only calmly watch how things proceed."

How could they possibly imagine that the two were scared off by Tang Zheng's sword technique? More specifically Old Man Qin was afraid of the person who passed on this sword technique to Tang Zheng.

Feng Siniang changed the topic and asked: "Little handsome brother, did you fight in the underground death matches to pay for your grandfather's medical fees? Why did you go through such trouble? I already said that no matter how much money you need my family will support you."

Tang Zheng smiled and said: "Thank you for your good will, but it has already been taken care of."

"Is your grandfather's health better?" Feng Siniang silently shook her head. Everything about this little handsome brother was good. It's just that at times he can be stubborn, but because of this, she felt he was extremely different from an ordinary person, causing her to feel pleased.

"My grandfather's disease is healed."

"Healed?" Feng Siniang and Ye Tianlei were both shocked as the doctors had already given him the death sentence, saying that he only had a few days. So how could he be healed?

"He was healed?" Ye Tianlei asked.


"Then congratulations to you." Ye Tianlei said. "I don't know how your grandfather became better since his illness seemed severe."

Tang Zheng hesitated before saying: "I was the one who healed him."

"You healed him?" The three Ye Clan members could not help but be extremely shocked, especially Ye Dingdang who stared at him. "Tang Zheng, you can not bullsh*t about this. When did you heal him?"

Ye Tianlei did not voice his doubts as he remembered the time when Tang Zheng opened his meridian as if it was a small matter when all the doctors had their hands tied.

At that time, he already guessed that Tang Zheng was skilled in the medical field, but this time he got evidence for it, and it left him speechless. He could only sigh in his heart, Tang Zheng seriously kept on giving them surprises.

Feng Siniang rolled her eye and said: "Little handsome brother, I did not think your medical skills were that good. It truly is unexpected."

"Aunty Feng over compliments me." Tang Zheng modestly said as the credit goes to the Life Continuing Pill which has vastly surpassed any doctors skills.

Ye Tianlei suddenly felt his heart move as he unconsciously thought back to his old man. Since the old man's days were limited, would he be able to heal him like he did his grandfather?

He was frightened by his own thoughts but also held a hint of hope, like a dying man grasping at anything.

"Tang Zheng, since your medical skills are so great there is something I hope you can help me with." Ye Tianlei anxiously asked.

Feng Siniang gave him a look, and she immediately understood his intentions, as there could only be one possibility. If the old man can somehow recover then, they would not need to form a marriage alliance with the Song Clan and Dingdang would be saved.

Even though they let Tang Zheng pretend to be Ye Dingdang's fiance, any intelligent person would be able to see through their ploy and Song Yu was definitely an intelligent person so he naturally would have saw through it long ago except he chose not to say anything.

Even though the old man did not say anything, he definitely would not sit idly by. Tt would be hard to change any decision he made unless there was an extremely unseen variable.

This variable would be his recovery.

Even though Ye Tianlei has left Jing Cheng, within his body flows the Ye Clan's blood and Feng Siniang as his wife understood his personality better than anyone else.

Even though she stubbornly said to stay in Chang Heng and not return to Jing Chen, and Ye Tianlei did not express his disagreement, Feng Siniang was clear on his heart's desires.

In the end, he still wanted to return to the Ye Clan's main branch and did not want to have a large barrier between him and the old man.

If he was able to heal the old man's illness and add to the fact that Ye Tianlei has broken through to the Natal realm, then everything will flow nicely.

"Uncle Ye, I was just lucky. I actually don't have many skills in medicine." Tang Zheng already guessed the others intentions.

Ye Tianlei shook his head and said: "There is no harm in first listening. There is a person in my family who faced an accident during training and his days are limited. Do you have any ways of helping?"

"This… I have not seen the patient's body conditions so I can not make a proper judgment." Tang Zheng said difficulty.

"That's true; I will think of a method for you to meet him." Ye Tianlei said, carrying hope in his heart.

Tang Zheng was helpless as he was not skilled in medicine and it seemed like he was exposed, so he hurriedly said: "Uncle Ye, I will truthfully say that I do not have much skill in medicine and fear that I will disappoint you."

"No worries, just do you best." Seeing Tang Zheng act so modestly, Ye Tianlei could not help but feel more hope. The more modest a person was, the more it said about their character.

What he did not know was that Tang Zheng wasn't faking modesty but speaking the truth.

"Okay then." Speaking up to here, Tang Zheng could only agree and then take his leave.

"Tianlei are you truly prepared to have Tang Zheng give it a try?" Feng Siniang seriously asked.

"Yes, this could be our only hope."

The wordless Ye Dingdang finally could not help but say: "Dad, how could Tang Zheng be skilled in medicine? Skills take the accumulation of experience over time, and he is still so young. Moreover, I have never heard him say anything about knowing medicine."

"Sometimes miracles happen in this world. Can you tell me that his martial arts has always been so good?" Ye Tianlei refuted.

Ye Dingdang opened her mouth but was unable to come up with a rebuttal.

"Could it be that you want to invite Tang Zheng over to Jing Cheng?" Feng Siniang asked.

"How can that be? He is currently in his most crucial stage of preparing for the high school exam so he can not be careless. Moreover, it is us who is trying to ask him for help, so I will think of a way to invite the old gramps here."

Feng Siniang frowned and asked: "Do you have the ability to invite him over?"

Ye Tianlei gave an implausible smile because truthfully he did not have complete confidence since the old gramps will is hard to discern by others.

Ye Tianlei's phone rang, and he immediately made a hush sound as he said in a low voice: "It's the old gramps."

"Hello, Dad, do you need anything?" Ye Tianlei deferentially asked.

"Tianlei, what the hell did you do to actually have something go wrong with this arranged marriage I set up?" A solemn voice rang out from the phone, giving those who heard a feeling of pressure.

"Dad, something did indeed happen."

"Heng, I think you are intentionally making a mess. Just when did Dingdang have a fiance and how come I didn't know it?" The old man asked with a hint of anger in his voice.

Feng Siniang opened her mouth as she was just about to refuse but seeing her husband's expression she stopped and swallowed the words at the tip of her tongue.

"Dad, I didn't have enough time to tell you about this matter."

"What bullsh*t, this is clearly you guys going against this arranged marriage, so you made this ploy. Don't think that I am muddled by age and don't know anything so you want to trick me."

"Old Gramps, the previously arranged marriage is true." Feng Siniang became angrier the more she listened and couldn't help but open her mouth.

"What is real? Anything I don't know about is fake, and Dingdang is a member of the Ye Clan. Therefore, without my acknowledgment as the head of the clan then it is all fake." The Old man angrily roared.

Seeing Feng Siniang say that the arranged marriage was true, Ye Tianlei was helpless and could only stick up for her and say: "Dad, please rest your anger, this is indeed our fault for not telling you beforehand but what's done cannot be undone, and there is no way to change it."

"Tianlei, are you trying to fool me?"

"No, Dad, you called at the right time as I also have something to say to you and was hoping you could make a trip to Chang Heng City." Ye Tianlei hurriedly changed the topic and said.

"Why do you want me to make a trip to Chang Heng City? There is a pile of stuff I need to take care of in Jing Cheng before I can peacefully leave this world so when where I have the idle time to go to Chang Heng City."

"Dad, this is crucial." Ye Tianlei said, "I met a Godly Doctor, and he may be able to heal your illness."

"Haha, Godly Doctor? What a joke? I have seen many of these so-called godly doctors, and none have been able to heal me of this illness. You don't even know when you are being cheated? Heng, I see that you haven't made any improvements at all." The old man said in ridicule.

Ye Tianlei was calm, but Feng Siniang could not restrain herself anymore as this was simply speaking down to her husband so how can she just sit by and watch? However, Ye Tianlei immediately grabbed her hand to prevent her from flying into a rage.

"Dad, this Godly Doctor truly may have a way." Ye Tianlei would not give up.

"Don't say anymore. Let me tell you, Tianlei, Dingdang's marriage affairs can not and will not change. As for the fiance or whatever you made up with I will give you three days to take care of it." The Old Gramps made a final decision and then hung up.

"How can he be like that?" Ye Dingdang finally blew up, her eyes went red with rage, as she had to suffer this great injustice. "Marriage is a big matter that is related to my future happiness so how can he make a decision just based on his one word?"

"Dingdang, there are a lot of things one can not control for themselves in a clan." Ye Tianlei sighed and said.

"No control over oneself? I, Feng Siniang have never done anything I did not want to do, and my daughter will also be the same. If the old gramps wants to make me back off on our plans, then he is knocking on the wrong door. Even if it is fake, I will make it real! Dingdang, work harder to take down that little handsome brother. If there is no way, then we will make it so that rice is already cooked!" Feng Siniang resolutely and decisively said.

Ye Dingdang's gaze was unsettled as even though she and Tang Zheng shared a room, the seasoned Feng Siniang guessed that nothing had happened between the two.

"Could it be I really have to cook the rice?" Ye Dingdang wavered. *TL: cook the rice= basically go to the point of no return i.e., have a baby.*

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