Chapter 77: Evasion

Chapter 77: Evasion

His gaze was like a knife. The atmosphere suddenly became heavy, causing one to be unable to breath, and Tang Zheng felt as if ten thousand giant stones were pressing down on his head.

His breathing quickened, but he did not surrender as he indignantly looked at Old Man Qin. He had not wanted to come in contact with Old Man Qin since the very beginning because his strength was simply too high. He was able to discern what others were unable to discover with a single gaze ..

“What do you mean?” Tang Zheng clenched his teeth and asked in return.

“Heng, you still dare quibble? What sword technique did you just use?” Old Man Qin solemnly asked him.

Even though Tang Zheng had only used one form of the Heaven Flying Immortal just now, Old Man Qin’s all-seeing eyes suddenly lit up like a torch as he could immediately tell that this set of sword techniques was different from others.

“Even though I only saw one form, that sword technique gives people a sense of dread. This kind of feeling is exactly the same as what I felt back when I saw the Sword Saint Ye Yuan perform his sword techniques. Could it be that he is a disciple of the Sword Saint?”

Old Man Qin suddenly went into shock. It was said that the Sword Saint once took in three disciples; however, it was unknown as to who those three people were.

“No, even though this feeling is the same, the sword technique is completely different. The sword technique used by Tang Zheng is not the same as the one used by the Sword Saint, but Tang Zheng’s sword technique does not lose out at all to the Sword Saint’s. This…”

Old Man Qin could not believe that the world still possessed such a saintly sword technique. These types of techniques were refined by countless people through the ages, so someone must have passed on the sword techniques to Tang Zheng. But then in this case, that person wouldn’t be any weaker than the expert Sword Saint.

Old Man Qin felt his heartbeat quicken. The number of true experts in this world could be counted on one hand and for such an expert to stay silent for such a long time raised hundreds of unanswered questions in his mind.

There must be a reason why a disciple of one of these super experts actually appeared in this world. Moreover, he was connected to Song Yu, the young master of the Song Clan, so Old Man Qin could not help but consider the implications.

No one else knew the thoughts flashed through Old Man Qin’s mind, and the others only felt that his reaction was too intense.

However, Tang Zheng felt his heart shake as Old Man Qin’s eyes were simply too discerning to actually be able to see the unordinary part of the Heaven Flying Immortal Technique. Even so, how could Tang Zheng reveal the truth? Instead, he straightforwardly exclaimed, “I can’t tell you!”

Old Man Qin’s gaze turned cold, and Tang Zheng felt as if he had been dropped into an ice cold cave as his body shivered. He immediately circulated his inner qi to counteract this wave of coldness.

“What are you trying to do?” He angrily asked.

“Tang Zheng, who is your master? You better tell the truth.” Old Man Qin continued his questions.

“That is my business and not yours!”

“You…” Old Man Qin wanted to speak more but Ye Dingdang stood in front of Tang Zheng, blocking him as she said in dissatisfaction: “Old Man Qin, what are you trying to do? Could it be that you want to bully others with your age and strength?”

Ye Dingdang had long since been dissatisfied with them; hence, she used this as an excuse to fly into a rage as they did not scare her.

Old Man Qin remained unmoved as he continued to stare at Tang Zheng, almost as if he would not rest until he got his answers.

Ye Dingdang, seeing the situation, said in annoyance, “Song Yu, just what the hell is wrong with him? Tang Zheng is my fiance and not a criminal, so why is he being interrogated like one?”

Even Song Yu felt that Old Man Qin’s overreaction was weird, as it was extremely rare to see him act with so much interest towards someone.

“Old Man Qin, since he is unwilling to say then there is no need to force him.” Song Yu advised.

Old Man Qin hesitated and finally nodded his head reluctantly.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief as this Old Man Qin was simply too perceptive. Thankfully, Ye Dingdang helped him dissolve the situation. Ye Dingdang continued to stare at Old Man Qin in dissatisfaction and said, “Tang Zheng, let’s go.”

She pulled Tang Zheng out of the restaurant.

Lin Hu looked at Old Man Qin and Song Yu thoughtfully before following, while the rest of his lackeys also left one after another.

Song Yu wanted to follow, but was halted by Old Man Qin, “Young master, may I have a word with you?”

“Old Man Qin, what is wrong with you? Why was your reaction so abnormal?” Song Yu stopped in his steps and asked in curiosity.

Old Man Qin’s two eyes turned firm as he said, “This Tang Zheng is too weird, Young master should stay away from him.”

Song Yu’s expression suddenly became suspicious as he clearly understood the meaning of those wordes. He asked uncertainly: “Old Man Qin, why do you say that? Is it that serious?”

Old Man Qin solemnly nodded his head and firmly said, “Young master, we should immediately leave Chang Heng City.”

Song Yu could no longer maintain his calm as Old Man Qin actually said those words, implying that some uncontrollable variables had appeared. Song Yu was clearer than anyone else as to what this meant.

“Is this related to Tang Zheng?”

“Right, I worry that he is after you, Young master, and since I am responsible for your safety I definitely will not let you stay in danger.” Old Man Qin carefully said.

“Old Man Qin, calm down for a bit. I have not yet accomplished my goal for coming to Chang Heng City, so how can I just leave midway?”

“Young master, is your mission more important than your life?” Old Man Qin coldly asked.

Song Yu’s pupils constricted as he was struck speechless. A moment later, he unwillingly nodded his head and said, “Okay, I will listen to you.”

“We must once again carefully investigate Tang Zheng.” Old Man Qin said grimly, leaving Song Yu with no words to follow up.

Tang Zheng was completely unaware that he had scared off Song Yu by revealing his skills, and at this moment, he was currently saying his goodbyes to Lin Hu, before finding himself being stared at by Ye Dingdang.

“Do I have flowers on my face? Why are you looking at me like that?”

Ye Dingdang’s face was full of satisfaction as she clicked her tongue and said, “Tang Zheng, you sure keep your secrets hidden. Speak, what other secrets do you have?”

Tang Zheng did not know whether to cry or to laugh: “How am I keeping secrets?”

“Heng, this time I personally saw it, and yet you still dare to refuse to admit it? Just what is the relationship between you, Lin Hu, and Boss Fan? They are all gangsters, while you are a student, so you should not be hanging out with them.” Ye Dingdang couldn’t help but blurt out the question.

“I met them coincidentally, what is so weird about that?”

“Who you trying to lie to? A ghost? You think you can lie to me like that?”

“This is my business and I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You… this won’t do. Don’t think about escaping this time, or I will ignore you forever.” Ye Dingdang said, not sparing him.

“It would be amazing if you would ignore me.” Tang Zheng obediently submitted.

“You…” Ye Dingdang was speechless, as she had no way to retort. Suddenly, she came up with an idea and said, “If you don’t say then I will tell Feng Siniang that I like you, what do you think she will do then?”

Tang Zheng felt his heart tighten as he said, “Are you going to be so cruel?”

“Heng, you forced my hand.” Ye Dingdang said in satisfaction.

Tang Zheng made a bitter face. Feng Siniang has always wanted to pair him up with Ye Dingdang, and if she was sure that Ye Dingdang liked him then she would use any method she could to make him her son-in-law.

Just thinking it about it caused Tang Zheng to feel fear.

“Fine, consider yourself merciless!” Tang Zheng felt incomparably helpless.

“You are the one who forced me.” Ye Dingdang was incomparably happy, “Hurry up and tell me how you met those gangsters.”

Tang Zheng then truthfully told her how he met Lin Hu and Boss Fan. When Ye Dingdang heard that he had fought in death matches, her jaw almost fell to the floor in shock.

“No wonder you dared to provoke Huang Ziyang, you actually fought in underground death matches,” Ye Dingdang said in shock, “You sure have guts.”

In his mind, Tang Zheng said that he had been forced to do so as he had no other way to save his grandfather’s life.

“I already said all I have to say, so can I leave now?” Tang Zheng asked, making a move to leave.

When his voice cried out, Ye Dingdang’s phone rang.

“Feng Siniang, what do you need?” Ye Dingdang picked up the phone and asked. Suddenly, her eyebrows raised as she said. “What, really?”

She hung up the phone with wide eyes while still in a state of shock.

“Hey, are you possessed? What happened?” Tang Zheng asked out of curiosity.

Ye Dingdang felt all sorts of emotions well up as she looked at him. A moment later she said, “Song Yu went back to the capital.”

“Oh, that quick? Just in time. Since he returned, I am free.” Tang Zheng felt happy at this turn of events.

“Hey, aren’t you curious as to why he left in such a hurry?” Before, Song Yu had been unwilling to leave until he succeed, but he left so quickly in such a heaven- flipping manner. It was truly weird.

Tang Zheng felt his thoughts stir as it indeed felt odd, but he did not think much about it. As long as it was not related to him, then he was cool with it.

“You take your time and think about it. I don’t care so I will be leaving first.” Tang Zheng waved his hand, but just as he was about to leave, Ye Dingdang grabbed onto his arms.

“You are not allowed to leave, my dad invited you to our house as a guest.”

“The sky is already dark so I’ll come another day.”

“No, my dad said that I must bring you back, so you are not allowed to leave. I do not want to go back empty handed.” Ye Dingdang immediately hailed a taxi after speaking and pulled him in.

Half an hour later, the two were sitting in the living room of the Ye Clan’s mansion. Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang were sitting in front of the two. Ye Tianlei’s expression was especially imposing as he asked. “Just what happened tonight that could scare Song Yu so much and force him to immediately leave Chang Heng City?”

When the husband and wife discovered the matter, they too were also incomparably shocked as nothing major had happened in Jing Cheng, which meant that something had happened here in Chang Heng City. Otherwise, based on Song Yu’s personality, he would not have left in such a hurry.

Ye Dingdang was unable to contain her joy as she said, “Wa, it’s best that they left so quickly. Now I can be at ease. As for the matters today, hehe, it is very fascinating…”

Ye Dingdang’s eyebrows did a little dance as she jabbered on and on, narrating the events of the day. As Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang listened, they could not help but look towards each other.

“Are you saying that they left because they saw Tang Zheng make a move?” Ye Tianlei asked in a low voice. No matter how they looked at it, it was still inconceivable.

Ye Dingdang hurriedly nodded and said, “It must be. You didn’t see Old Man Qin’s expression back then. It was as if he had seen a ghost.”

“Ye Dingdang, don’t speak such nonsense. Old Man Qin is a Fifth Grade Natal martial artist, how could he be shocked by me?” Tang Zheng could not help but also feel incredulous.

“Fifth Grade Natal martial artist? How can you tell his cultivation level?” Feng Siniang was frightened into a shock and could not help but ask.

Tang Zheng sucked in a cold breath of air. He had revealed Old Man Qin’s cultivation level in a moment of carelessness; how could that not shock Ye Tianlei and his wife?

Ye Dingdang also looked at him as if she saw a ghost.

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