Chapter 76: Unrivaled Hero

Chapter 76: Unrivaled Hero

“Boss Fan, if you don’t dare to shoot, then scram for me! The north sector does not welcome you!” Lin Hu boomed in a righteous tone.

Boss Fan’s expression was dark and unsettled as he originally came with the intent to drag Lin Hu’s face in the ground but instead he fell into a difficult position.

If it was just Tang Zheng and his group, then he may be able to threaten them with the gun. But with Lin Hu throwing himself into the fray, he no longer had a strong self-confidence in carrying through with the act.

Even though he possessed a gun, so too did Lin Hu, except he just hasn’t taken it out yet.

Moreover, the other was an expert with a formidable force so he could not act carelessly.

But if he were to leave just like that, then where would he place his face? For gangsters, maintaining one’s face is one of the most important aspects.

Just when he was hesitating what to do, Ye Dindang rolled her eyes and said: “Song Yu, you are grand young master of the Song Clan, will you just let other people point a gun at you and not do anything? If this were to spread around then wouldn’t others laugh till their teeth fall out?”

Song Yu’s eyebrows congealed as he calmly said: “This is Chang Heng City, the guest will follow the host, so I think that it is more fitting for Tang Zheng to take care of this matter.”

Song Yu changed his mind and did not plan to make a move as he was extremely curious towards Tang Zheng and he also wanted to borrow the aid of Boss Fan to test out Tang Zheng’s strength.


Ye Dingdang frowned as her gaze unconsciously fell on Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng bitterly smiled as this matter took an unexpected turn and fell upon his head.

But he was not afraid, as even if he was alone against Boss Fan he would have his ways around it. This also goes without saying now that he had Lin Hu’s aid.

He stood alongside Lin Hu and straightforwardly said: “Boss Fan, you want to kill me?”

“Little brat, since you have offended young master Huang,your days are numbered.” Boss Fan coldly snorted.

Tang Zheng coldly smiled. It seems like Boss Fan’s news was slightly lacking and did not know that young master Huang had already suffered at his hands. He looked at Boss Fan with ridicule and said: “I don’t know how long I will live but there is one point I am clear is this. If you want to leave this place today, you will pay a hefty price.”

“Haha, could it be that you want to stop me?” Boss Fan mockingly said.

“Do you think I am unable to stop you? Then do you want to try it?” Tang Zheng lightly said, his voice was filled with complete self confidence.

Boss Fan sneered and said: “Do you think you can act so unbridled with just Lin Hu’s support? You look down too much on my men!”

Lin Hu said in a low voice: “Little brother, Boss Fan is not simple Moreover he has a gun, so you should not act to impulsively.”

Tang Zheng nodded: “Brother Hu, relax. I know what I am doing. He’s got another thing coming if he thinks he can deal with me with just one gun.”

Tang Zheng has already experienced guns twice previously. The first time he had suffered under Huang Ziyang’s hand but the second time he managed to retreat unharmed. As such, he has already gotten used to it that he no longer feared guns anymore.

If it was long distances then the gun would pose a threat. But since it was close quarters, one gun is not enough.

Seeing Tang Zheng unafraid, Lin Hu was slightly shocked and did not advise him anymore. Even so he also did not relax his guard as Boss Fan would really dare to open fire. If it happens, he would not sit still and let it happen without taking any action.

Song Yu’s gaze constricted as he incredulously asked: “Old Man Qin, is Tang Zheng really not a martial artist?”

This was his biggest doubts as from the outsider's’ point of view, Tang Zheng seems like a normal person and not like a martial artist. But despite having a gun pointed at him, he managed to possess a confidence that ordinary people would not have making him feel that Tang Zheng was an expert.

Old Man Qing did not take his gaze off Tang Zheng, as his eyes were like knives penetrating into Tang Zheng. He then firmly shook his head: “He is definitely not a martial artist!”

Upon hearing this, Song Yu was befuddled as he did not doubt Old Man Qin’s judgement. After so many years, Old Man Qin was never wrong. So where did Tang Zheng’s confidence come from?

Old Man Qin also had the same doubts as he felt that he was becoming increasingly unable to see through Tang Zheng.

Only Ye Dingdang was confident as she had clearly seen how fierce the battle between Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang. Tang Zheng has even made it out alive so this gave her the confidence that Boss Fan would not be able to harm him.

Meanwhile another thought rose in her mind; since Song Yu was unable to give up on her, then she will have Tang Zheng display his strength to force Song Yu to retreat.

Hence, she looked forward to Tang Zheng’s performance.

Tang Zheng unconsciously became the focus of attention as everyone was staring at him.

Boss Fan stared straight at Tang Zheng as his aura couldn’t help but dim down, as he tried to put up a strong front whilst roaring: “Tang Zheng, then this daddy will end you!”

As he said this, he was about to pull the trigger. Then, at this time Lin Hu immediately pulled out his own gun but but someone was faster than him.

A silhouette flashed like lightning within the dark of night, and Tang Zheng already leapt over. His fingers were poised, like sharp knives as if they wanted to rip through the air appearing in front of Tang Zheng.


Heaven Flying Immortal!

Tang Zheng’s first move was the Heaven Flying Immortal, which created the image that was an immortal descending from the heavens. With a light point, it was as like a blade cutting down from the Heavens.



His fingertips slashed across Boss Fan’s elbow. Fresh blood spurted out, and his finger that was on the trigger unconsciously stopped.

His fingers relaxed out of his control as the gun fell out of his hands to the ground, his eyes staring in foolish shock as if he had just seen a ghost.

“How is this little brat so quick, and he is much stronger than when he was a week ago at the death match. In these short few days how did he improve so much?” Boss Fan felt doubt fill his heart.

He did not know that the Tang Zheng now could not be compared to the Tang Zheng of the past as he had already broken through to the Third Grade of Refining Qi. This added to the fact that the Third Grade of Refining Qi is far superior to the Third Grade of Refining Body so Tang Zheng was able to completely triumph as there was no doubt on the victor.

At the moment Tang Zheng made a move, Old Man Qin’s eyes unconsciously change, as it was filled with incomparably doubt and shock.

Song Yu also felt his pupils constrict as he could not believe what he saw. He twisted his head to look at Old Man Qin as he had never seen Old Man Qin misjudge someone before.

At the moment, his feelings towards Tang Zheng was very complicated as he had always thought Tang Zheng to not be simple but he never expected him to be so full of secrets. He has completely surpassed his expectations.

Only Ye Dingdang was elated as she herself felt like she had achieved a victory. In reality she was also filled with complicated emotions as she could tell that Tang Zheng was clearly much stronger than he previously was. Just based on his lightning fast reaction speed, she was unable to say with certainty that she could pull it off.

He surpassed me?

Her heart was filled with doubt but the feeling was once again covered with joy as she saw Old Man Qin and Song Yu’s reaction, that shows they were equally flabbergasted. This shows how shocked they were at Tang Zheng’s strength.

“Heng, I just wanted to let you know how strong my fiance is as he is no weakling. This time Song Yu is sure to back off.”

She thought in satisfaction as if Tang Zheng had really become her fiance.

“You… what do you want to do?” Boss Fan finally felt fear, as he felt very powerful with a gun in his hands previously. But when he discovered that the gun was useless, he started to dread.

“I want to leave you with a lesson you will never forget.” When the voice rang out, Tang Zheng’s hand descended once more, as another ‘puchi’ sound rang out and blood spurted all over. Boss Fan’s hand that held the gun fell limp to the side. Since his meridians in his wrist were damaged, his future battle prowess will be heavily decreased.

This time Tang Zheng did not pull back as after he suffered from Qiao Fei’s repeated attacks, he was clear on the logic of gaining an advantage from making a preemptive strike. Even though he could not brazenly kill Boss Fan, he could inflict heavy damages.

This kind of permanent damage to one’s power is an incredible lose to any martial artist.

Tang Zheng’s actions were swift and decisive, causing others to unconsciously feel their heart strings shiver. This was especially so for the lackeys who did not dare breathe as they no longer dared to look at Tang Zheng as a student.

Lin Hu who was witnessing Tang Zheng’s incredible crowd, could not help but silently sigh. Thankfully, he was insightful and turned his hostility into friendships. Otherwise the one who would be suffering would be him.

Boss Fan let out a pitiful cry as blue veins popped out on his forehead as he did not dare look Tang Zheng in the eye. He was finally clear that he was not Tang Zheng’s opponent and felt immense anger and fear.

“Scram. If I ever see you do bad deeds again then things won’t end so easily.” Tang Zheng said.

Boss Fan acted as if he received a grand amnesty, as he gnashed his teeth and quickly charged out of the restaurant without even picking up his gun. His group of lackeys also scurried out in pursuit.

Lin Hu picked up the gun and handed it to Tang Zheng, who shook his head as he was a student and did not have any need for this item. Moreover he would only scald himself with this hot potato, and maybe even attract more trouble to himself.

Lin Hu understood him and gave a smile before keeping it, and said: “Today, Boss Fan has been completely defeated and will naturally draw ridicule to himself.”

“He got what he deserved.” Tang Zheng calmly said.

“Wa, Tang Zheng, you are simply too amazing!” Ye Dingdang was like a small butterfly as she leapt into Tang Zheng’s embrace, with her budding breasts pressing firmly against his body, making his heartbeat increase.

Ye Dingdang on the other hand was completely oblivious to it and in that second she truly believed he was an unrivaled hero.

It must be known that Ye Dingdang has a severe hero complex and seeing Tang Zheng force Boss Fan away had caused her good feelings towards him greatly increased. At the same time she looked as if she found a new world and her eyes flitted between Tang Zheng and Lin Hu.

She could guess that Lin Hu was a gangster and that his relationship with Tang Zheng was not shallow so she mistakenly believed that she had discovered Tang Zheng’s secret. Hence, her excitement.

“Little brother, this is your friend?” Lin Hu asked with a smile.

“This…” Tang Zheng was thinking more along the lines of friends but Ye Dingdang took the lead and said: “I am his fiancee.” Speaking up to here she gouged out Tang Zheng with her eyes as if to say you almost revealed our ploy.

Tang Zheng forcibly squeezed out a thin smile but did not refute.

Lin Hu gave Tang Zheng a weird look. He actually has a fiancee, then when he looked at her again he unconsciously took a deep cold breath.

A martial artist!

This little girl was actually a martial artist and her strength was higher than his.

Lin Hu felt a dizzy spell as he suddenly thought how could another martial artist suddenly appear?

No one understood the reason for Lin Hu’s shock. Song Yu walked over, his illuminated gaze was fixed on Tang Zheng as if trying to melt him with his eyes.

“Tang Zheng, you have good skills.” Song Yu praised.

Tang Zheng lightly smiled and said: “Just some poor techniques.”

Song Yu shook his head and sighed: “I did not think that you had so many secrets.”

Tang Zheng smiled but did not continue the conversation. Then, Old Man Qin broke the silence with a solemn question: “Just who are you?”

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