Chapter 75: Over my dead body!

Chapter 75: Over my dead body!

Song Yu's face did not change, the muscles on his face did not even twist as he stared at the fist coming at him.

A gust of wind flew by as a person appeared in front of Song Yu, and the figure gave a simple wave of his hand.

A muffled sound rang out as Brother Hua was sent flying back before striking heavily against a table.

The crowd went into an uproar as everyone stared foolishly at the old man who suddenly appeared in front of Song Yu, it was—— Old Man Qin!

Song Yu's expression did not change as he slightly glanced at the group of people behind Brother Hua, immediately everyone was scared witless.

Ye Dingdang was greatly disappointed as she was looking forward to seeing Song Yu make a joke out of himself so as to make him back off. Little did she expect that such an unexpected variable would appear.

Brother Hua picked himself up as he fiercely cursed: "F*ck, who dares make a move, fight!"

Several lackeys bit their lips and charged up.

Song Yu saw but did not care as he calmly said: "Dingdang, this meal is no longer good, let us move to a new place."

Ye Dingdang did not fear the heaven's collapsing and even though she knew that Old Man Qin was an expert it was clear that the men here were the local tyrants but she still intentionally said: "If we leave before finishing that would be a waste. Tang Zheng, let's eat."

Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulders without a care and ate while keeping an eye on the fight. He only saw a lone figure dash into the crowd, and ten seconds later several large men were laying on the ground, pitifully crying out. Old Man Qin, on the other hand, stood in front of Song Yu as if he had never made a move.

Tang Zheng felt his heart tremble as he silently said to himself that with such speed, he is indeed a martial artist at the Fifth Grade Natal Stage. Brother Hua and his men were simply a bunch of chickens and dogs, easily taken care of.

"Just you wait, wait till I call Boss Fan. Let's see if you guys can eat then." Brother Hua said while gasping for breath, his words trembling.

"Boss Fan." Tang Zheng felt his heart shake, "Could it be that they are Boss Fan's men?"

This is the north sector, and it is Lin Hu's territory, was Boss Fan's men making a mess here? Should I notify Lin Hu?

While he was debating over the matter, Brother Hua already made a phone call to Boss Fan, weeping and crying for backup to get back justice.

Boss Fan was just worried about not finding a reason to handle Lin Hu, as his martial arts was higher than Lin Hu while his forces were also stronger. The key point was that he knew that Lin Hu made Huang Ziyang very unsatisfied so he always had the intention to make a move on Lin Hu.

For this would be able to increase his own strength while also helping to vent Huang Ziyang's anger. Hence he decided to take this gamble that could only end in profit.

At this time, when he heard Brother Hua's report, he immediately hurried over.

Ye Dingdang who was unafraid of the heavens collapsing, upon seeing Brother Hua call for backup excitedly exclaimed: "Great, we will wait for your backup!"

Tang Zheng originally wanted to leave but seeing the other side call Boss Fan, he also had the desire to watch the show. Boss Fan has constantly gone up against him, and this time he could use Song Yu's presence to take care of this mess.

Seeing Ye Dingdang not wanting to leave, Song Yu was clear on her intentions but did not think much about it. In fact, he thought that this little girl's candid actions were very cute.

"Since you want to see then I will happily comply so that you will know my strength." Song Yu turned towards Old Man Qin and gave him a signal before calmly sitting down.

Tang Zheng sent Lin Hu a short message and then continued to mind his own business to eat his food.

A short moment later, a series of cars braking hard rang out and thirty to forty people flocked over, blocking the door.

"Who was it that injured my little brother?" Boss Fan angrily charged up and saw his lackeys on the ground.

"Boss, you are finally here, these few people hit me." Brother Fan acted as if he saw his savior and immediately pointed at Tang Zheng's table.

Boss Fan's gaze immediately flew over as he roared: "Simply eating! You have a leopard's guts…."

Suddenly, his voice stopped as he felt as if something choked his throat and his eyes turned round while looking straight at Tang Zheng.

"It's you!"

He was originally unsatisfied with Tang Zheng as Tang Zheng had thrown his face. Moreover, he even caused him to lose lots of money so upon seeing him his eyes went red. He took big strides over as his fist pounded the table before roaring: "Little brat, you don't walk the good path and even dare to barge into heaven's gate? Today, don't even think about escaping."

Even though Boss Fan knew that Tang Zheng was an expert he had brought many brothers today so he did not believe that he would be unable to handle Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng silently sighed as his thoughts were too simple. By allowing Boss Fan to come over, he was effectively pointing spearheads at himself.

Song Yu's eyes brightened as he looked at Tang Zheng with his own thoughts.

Ye Dingdang looked at Tang Zheng weirdly and asked: "You know him?"

Tang Zheng nodded: "We have a little history."

Ye Dingdang's eyebrows did a little dance as she thought that she finally discovered one of Tang Zheng's secrets. She literally said that she would investigate it later, but they first must take care of the problem of Boss Fan. Seeing Boss Fan having some issues with Tang Zheng she frowned in satisfaction before saying: "Song Yu, between the three of us you are the oldest so you should take care of this."

Song Yu was slightly shocked before he smiled and said: "Even if Dingdang did not make the request I would be unwilling to pass on this responsibility."

Saying this he gave Old Man Qin a meaningful glance.

Old Man Qin understood, his body flashed like lightning while he struck out at Boss Fan.

Boss Fan did not expect that the other would not say a word before striking hence he angrily roared out: "Seeking death!"

Boss Fan's Third Grade Refining Body was not a false reputation hence his fist also exploded into action as if it was like a sharp knife aimed at Old Man Qin.

This time, Old Man Qin's attack was leisurely, as everyone could follow his trajectory. Boss Fan seeing the situation thought that the opponent was weak, hence his confidence was at its max.

A sound that was like muffled thunder rang out and Boss Fan flew out like a stringless kite, before fiercely smashing into the table.


The sound of broken bones rang out, and Boss Fan's pitiful cry resounded! His right arm was drooping at an angle. It was broken!

One move, one simple move and Boss Fan was defeated. At that moment, all the lackeys stared wide-eyed in shock as if they just saw a ghost, not knowing what to do next.

"Overestimating your own abilities!" Song Yu saw and disdainfully said.

Ye Dingdang pouted as this 'Boss Fan' was simply too weak, as he was defeated in only one move.

Tang Zheng, on the other hand, was not shocked as he had long predicted the outcome.

"Dingdang, these little clowns are simply too annoying, let's go." Song Yu suggested.

Ye Dingdang thought that there was nothing else, nodded her head only to hear Boss Fan let out a roar: "Halt, you dare behave atrociously in Chang Heng, this old one will not let you step out of this store."

Boss Fan has been in power for too long, and there were not a lot of people who would dare act like this in front of him. Today he has lost a lot of face in front of his lackeys so if he did not make a move then how would he be able to continue in this business?

Hence he beared the pain and stood up this time. In his hand was a gun, with the muzzle aimed at the group.

Old Man Qin's pupils constricted as he immediately stood in front of Song Yu while Tang Zheng felt his body tighten. He unconsciously stood to protect Ye Dingdang causing her heart to grow warm, as there was now an exciting show to be seen.

"Don't move. Otherwise, I will open fire. I want to see which is faster, you guys or this old man's gun!" Boss Fan angrily roared, incomparably satisfied with himself as he was thinking how amazing his gun was. If he knew to use it before, then he wouldn't have suffered so much.

"Bringing about your own destruction!" Old Man Qin's body roiled with killing intent as he coldly said.

Boss Fan had a gun at hand and felt many times safer hence he said without fear: "You dare have such a hard mouth when death is imminent."

Tang Zheng silently sighed, as he said to himself "You are the one who stepped into death's door you just don't know it yet."

Old Man Qin was a Fifth Grade Natal Stage expert, and at this close distance the threat of a gun was not significant. Moreover, he had many methods to kill you before the gun was even fired.

"Yo, this place is very lively. Boss Fan, what are you doing pulling a gun on my territory? Do you think you are cool or something?"

Suddenly, a voice boomed out, and Lin Hu aggressively entered with a group of lackeys.

After receiving Tang Zheng's message, he hurried over. When he saw the situation he couldn't help but feel anger. Boss Fan really did not put him in his eyes to dare pull out a gun in his territory.

Boss Fan's eyes flashed with coldness as he said: "Lin Hu, this brat is with you, and he dared hurt my brother, so I am taking revenge for him."

Lin Hu nodded his head towards Tang Zheng in greeting before saying: "Boss Fan, pulling out a gun just because you aren't a match for others. You, as a boss, are simply too inferior."

"I don't need you to butt in my matters. Go away." Boss Fan angrily roared.

Lin Hu's face darkend as he roared back: "Boss Fan, you take a clear look. THIS is MY territory, and you dare act so atrociously here. Do you think I will just sit back and watch? Moreover, you dare to target my brother, Tang Zheng. Heng, Do you want to be my enemy?"

"Be your enemy?" Boss Fan disdainfully said, "Lin Hu, you offended young master Huang, so your days are limited."

Lin Hu's expression slightly changed, as this matter had already spread. Of course, Lin Hu was clear that the incident of Huang Ziyang being injured a while back was related to Tang Zheng, even though others may not be clear on the situation.

But Lin Hu was clearer than anyone else on one point, and that was if even Huang Ziyang suffered at Tang Zheng's hands then why would Lin Hu not continue to maintain a good relationship with him.

"Boss Fan, if you want to make a move on Tang Zheng, then you will have to do it over my dead body." Lin Hu stood in between Tang Zheng and Boss Fan as he coldly said.

Boss Fan felt shocked, just what was going on with Lin Hu to not be afraid of death over these few people.

Song Yu looked on at this scene in interest as his gaze fell on Tang Zheng. Even Old Man Qin was unable to refrain from giving Tang Zheng a glance.

The situation turned into a deadlock as the atmosphere became awkward.

Boss Fan's breathing became more coarse as this situation was far from what he expected and he has now entered into a position where it is hard to advance or to retreat.

His gaze unconsciously fell on Tang Zheng's body as he asked just what magical powers does this little brat have so as to cause Lin Hu to step forward for him.

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