Chapter 74: Shield

Chapter 74: Shield

Ye Dingdang has been vexed for the past few days as every time she returned home she would have to face Song Yu, and she couldn't possibly drag Tang Zheng home to use as a shield.

Song Yu was indeed a man of great character, tall and pleasing to the eye. Towards ordinary girls, he would possess an equal standing to a knight in shining armor.

But the same could not be said for Ye Dingdang. For those she did not like she would find it impossible ever to change her mind to like them. Moreover, she did not like having her future controlled by others, hence her desire to escape the shackles of others.

Thus, even though Song Yu's actions would be able to make any lady fall head over heals for him, she was firm and unyielding as a rock.

Seeing the sincerity in her gaze, Tang Zheng once again weighed the dangers of staying with Liu Qingmei before finally deciding that it would be better to stay with Ye Dingdang. This way he would reveal fewer holes in front of Liu Qingmei.

"Okay, I promise you, but you have to gain Teacher Liu's agreement."

"What does this have to do with her?" Ye Dingdang was not aware of the matter that Liu Qingmei was giving Tang Zheng private attention.

"Teacher Liu gives me supplementary lessons at night. Therefore, if you want me to stay with you, you naturally have to seek her agreement." Tang Zheng explained.

Ye Dingdang looked at him in astonishment. Liu Qingmei was usually as cold as ice and even though she treated her students well it was unheard of for her to give a student private attention. So why would she treat Tang Zheng so well?

"Weird, weird, he really makes it increasingly difficult to see through him." She muttered to herself but right now was not the time to seek a better understanding of the situation hence she said: "Okay, I promise you."

Ye Dingdang energetically walked out of the call room, before quickly returning, her face revealed her satisfaction.

"Teacher Liu agreed."

Tang Zheng's lips curled up in a faint smile while at the same time he was not aware that Liu Qingmei's heart was in great turmoil as she was extremely dissatisfied: "Tang Zheng, you ditch me again and again. You may be able to hide from me the first time, but I want to see just how you will be able to continue to hide."

Tang Zheng was completely unaware of the fact that Liu Qingmei has taken even greater notice of him. After school, he was hauled away by Ye Dingdang and did not notice Fang Shishi staring at him from afar with wide eyes.

Fang Shishi knew that Tang Zheng needed to take supplementary classes today and so did not expect him to be with Ye Dingdang. Moreover, seeing the two act all intimate caused many different emotions to arise within herself. Her heart felt bitterness and jealousy floated to the surface.

"Why did he lie to me? Does he not know that he is hurting me?" Her expression turned dark as she was pained to the extreme.

"No, this must be a misunderstanding. I must believe in him." Another voice rang out.

"The eyes see the truth and I personally witnessed it so could it be false? He is lying to me. Ye Dingdang is so pretty so how could he possibly withstand her enticing?"

Fang Shishi's heart was a mess as the more she thought about it, the more she got scared. To care for a person will bring along a deep fear of lose.

Fang Shishi was fearful of losing Tang Zheng and unconsciously she discovered that she was becoming increasingly unwilling to let him go.

Fang Shishi soullessly left the school and for the whole night she was unable to sleep. In the end, when she did sleep, she dreamt of Tang Zheng leaving her causing tears to roll down her face, drenching her pillow.

When Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang walked out of the school, a Range Rover suddenly stopped in front of them.

"Dingdang, Aunty has matters to attend to today, so I came to pick you up from school." Song Yu stepped off the car and gave a slight smile that could smite any girls heart.

Ye Dingdang wrinkled her eyebrows as she internally said what bullsh*t could Feng Siniang be busy with, it must be that he volunteered for it himself. Luckily I have Tang Zheng this shield. Afterward, she calmly said: "No problem, didn't you say that you wanted to take a stroll around Chang Heng City tonight? Tang Zheng and I will accompany you to act as hosts."

Since she has already announced Tang Zheng to be her fiance she naturally and intimately hooked her arms around Tang Zheng's.

Tang Zheng felt his heart shake as he could clearly feel two round, soft, yet elastic bulges pressing against his arms.

Song Yu's expression did not change as he said: "This is even better as I have always wanted to interact more with Tang Zheng. Let's get in the car."

The three stepped into the car. Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang sat in the back with her continuing to look incomparably intimate as if half of her body was clinging onto Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry because to force Song Yu away she was really giving it her all.

Song Yu acted as if he did not see anything, calmly saying: "Let's eat first, Dingdang what do you like to eat?"

Ye Dingdang rolled her eyes and evilly smiled: "Coming to Chang Heng City we, of course, have to follow the popular custom. Let's go. I will take you to a place to eat."

Ye Dingdang gave the instructions as the Land Rover traversed towards the old north sector of the city. Not long later, a low hanging building appeared before their eyes.

This area compared to the flourishing central sector of the city was simply like trying to compare two different worlds.

Ye Dingdang guessed that Song Yu has never come to such a dirty and messy place, so she intentionally brought him here to see his reaction.

As expected, Song Yu who lived like a prince wrinkled his eyebrows and asked: "What good food can this place possibly have?"

Ye Dingdang said in satisfaction: "Good food lies with the people, and it is this street food that is the most authentic foods." Saying this she pointed at a stall, "I think this place is pretty good. Stop the car; we will eat here today."

After the car came to a stop, she anxiously grabbed onto Tang Zheng before entering the stall. The sky was already dark, and there were quite a few customers, so the noise was loud.

Song Yu was finally unable to maintain his calm composure as he felt completely out of place. As a child, he has always lived a luxurious life and so has never been to such a poor environment before. Seeing everyone masticating their food it caused him to want to run and escape the place quickly.

But by doing so, he would be admitting his defeat, so his immense ego caused him to halt his steps as he forced himself to sit down.

"Can the food here really be good?" He uncomfortably asked.

Ye Dingdang nodded his head: "Of course, Tang Zheng, what do you say?"

Tang Zheng realistically nodded, as he grew up in an environment that was even worse than here, so he did not feel out of place whatsoever.

The three order a few dishes to which Tang Zheng dug in eagerly. Ye Dingdang ate a few bites and discovered that it was actually not that bad. It was not as nasty as she thought it would be so she also picked up her pace.

Only Song Yu acted as if he had fish bones stuck in his throat, which he swallowed with great difficulty. Over the course of the meal he only moved his chopsticks once and then he tightened his face as he didn't eat anymore.

Even though he clearly knew Ye Dingdang's intentions he did not reveal it as this was closely related to his family Clan's benefits. He must get together with Ye Dingdang. On top of spending some time with Ye Dingdang, even though she did not like him, he found that the valiant aura she possessed was extremely different from the usual artificial airs noble ladies put on. This caused him to form an even greater interest in her as he felt that this arranged marriage was not bad.

Marriage within large Clans was not a simple affair as it was directly related to the benefits of both Clans. Song Yu having grown up in the Song Clan knew this clearly, and hence he did not reject this arranged marriage.

Even though Ye Dingdang announced that Tang Zheng was her fiance, and even though her parents did not refute the fact, the intelligent Song Yu could clearly see that it was all a play.

Thus, he did not become angry as he was a conceited person and had confident in exposing this bubble of a lie.

When he saw Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang's arms linked together, he did not force Tang Zheng away nor did he say any malicious words as he was confident that he could use his own knowledge to quickly solve this crisis.

But seeing the two eat with such gusto, his stomach let out a growl.

"What? Hungry? If you are hungry then eat, it tastes really good." Ye Dingdang lifted her head up and teasingly said.

Song Yu forcefully squeezed out a thin smile and said: "I am not hungry."

"If you aren't hungry then we will eat more." Ye Dingdang did not force him but passionately gave more food to Tang Zheng.

The atmosphere at the table was a bit weird, and even those sitting near them discovered it. Even so, their attention was not on the two males, but on the pretty Ye Dingdang.

Ye Dingdang's beautiful appearance was conspicuous in this dirty run down place and was like a flower blossoming in the pond. Several people eating on the side could not help but give her a few glances, especially the nearby burly man who stared without restraint.

"Heihei, this little girl sure is tender and sweet. She must be amazing in the bed." The man naughtily laughed unbridled.

"Right, such a delicate girl is not seen often. It would be such a waste if we didn't bring her here."

"Haha, Brother Hua, you are so handsome, so you will be able to win the little girl's heart."

"Right, within Chang Heng City who doesn't dare to give Brother Hua face. Brother Hua liking her is her fortune." Other people joined in.

The one who is known as Brother Hua was a large burly bear of a man who was drinking till his face was red. His two eyes flashed with light as he licked his lips and said: "Okay, Brother Hua will give you all a lesson on how to pick up a woman."

Brother Hua unhurriedly stood up and stared straight at Ye Dingdang before loudly saying: "Pretty lady, let's drink a cup."

Ye Dingdang's eyebrows immediately wrinkled up as she was about to react when she saw Song Yu to her side, and then rolled her eyes to say: "Prince Song Yu, how should we take care of this situation?"

She intentionally targeted Song Yu but Song Yu was unable to do anything but follow along as he wrinkled his eyebrows, and a hint of rage appeared on his face before he swept his eyes over the man called Brother Hua, saying: "Scram!"

Brother Hua flew into a rage as this little white face handsome brother dared to tell him to scram, he simply ate the guts of a leopard.

"F*ck, little white face, you dare speak like that to me. This daddy will beat you till all your teeth fall out." Brother Hua angrily roared.

"Brother Hua is formidable!" Several lackeys called out.

Song Yu did not make a move but his face gradually deepened as Brother Hua was the first person who dared called him a little white face. *TL: little white face (pretty boy): is a derogatory term for a male.*

Ye Dingdang interestingly measured him up, not knowing how he would take care of this mess.

"Dingdang, this isn't a good idea." Tang Zheng reminded her.

Ye Dingdang smiled evilly and said: "If I don't do this, then how will he learn to back off. Let him throw a bit of face and he will definitely leave Chang Heng City and never bother me again. Then you would also be free right?"

Tang Zheng internally agreed. Moreover, with him and Ye Dingdang here, Song Yu would not receive any injuries. For Song Yu, he always had the feeling of not being able to see through him so even though he expressed his goodwill on several occasions he has always maintained his distance.

Brother Hua blustered and gave Song Yu a glance, then said: "Little white face, do you want to kowtow and admit you’re wrong? Well first eat this old daddy's fist, then we will see."

When the voice rang out, a powerful punch flew towards Song Yu's face.

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