Chapter 73: Smack your face with money!

Chapter 73: Smack your face with money!

"I am an assassin, and assassins have their own creed so why would I reveal my client?" The killer professionally answered.

Tang Zheng's pupils dilated and grabbed the other by the neck and said: "If you don't speak then you will die."

"Haha, few assassins who fear death."

Tang Zheng unconsciously recalled the assassin who tried to kill Ye Dingdang and how even Ye Tianlei was unable to pry his mouth open. So how could he have a method?

"Little brat, others do not have a method, but that does not mean that I don't have a way." Tian Chanzi voice suddenly rang out.

Tang Zheng felt his beat heart as he said: "You have a method?"

"Of course I do, there is a method called Soul Search, but when you use it this brat will be unable to hide anything but in turn, his mind will be wasted, and he will be the same as a retard."

"He originally wasn't anyone good. Moreover, I nearly died at his hands so letting him go retarded is letting him get off easy." Tang Zheng decided.

"Okay, you've got spirit, and you need that as a man must not be soft-hearted." Tian Chanzi praised.

The assassin tyrannically stared at Tang Zheng without a hint of a frown as he was oozing with the feeling of being carefree.

Even though this time he failed, he did not think that it was because he was unskilled but that there were several unexpected variables.

"I will ask you once more. Will you speak or will you not?" Tang Zheng asked.

"Stop wasting your energy. You have no ability to do so." The assassin said in self-satisfaction.

"You brought this upon yourself." Tang Zheng did not waste any more words and used the Soul Search technique. The assassin's gaze immediately became dull as cold sweat continuously poured from his forehead.

A moment later, Tang Zheng paused, and his gaze trembled, as he muttered to himself: "So it's that crazy woman."

He already had his answer as this was all commanded by Qiao Fei's mother as a way of getting revenge for her son. As for how she came to the conclusion that Qiao Fei turning brain dead was caused by Tang Zheng was not in the assassin's mind.

"Okay, you came to the school to make a ruckus and still will not stop. I even let your son live yet you still want to kill me then don't blame me for what I do next." Tang Zheng felt his killing intent rise within himself.

Tang Zheng opened the door, and Mu Hongyan hurriedly walked over and asked: "Senior Godly Doctor, what happened?" Suddenly, her gaze fell on the lifeless killer's body, and she asked in shock, "What happened to him?"

"He turned into a fool."

"Ah?" Mu Hongyan was not the only one staring wide-eyed as the several bodyguards by her side were also at a loss. To cause another person to turn retarded in such a short period of time was not an easy task, and this only pointed to Tang Zheng's strength.

Mu Hongyan suddenly remembered a phrase, the most powerful doctors were also the most proficient assassins as Godly Doctors were able to save and kill people, not only that they had countless ways to do so!

Today the things she saw and heard today proved to verify this point, but she did not feel the least bit afraid because this assassin nearly caused the death of her and Nannan so he deserved whatever he got.

"Senior, do you need my help?"

"Can you deal with him."

"Relax Senior."

"I will be leaving first."

"Senior, will we meet again?"

"I promised that I would visit Nannan." After Tang Zheng spoke, he quickly disappeared within the night.

In reality, the assassin becoming a retard would protect his identity from being revealed. Since Mu Hongyan was not an ordinary person, he did not know whether his identity being revealed would have been a good or bad thing.

The next day, Tang Zheng took out one hundred thousand dollars in cash and brought it to school. He already discovered that the card contained nine hundred and eighty thousand dollars and was not the promised one hundred and eighty thousand dollars, so he felt some good will towards Mu Hongyan.

He did not decline the money because firstly he has always been in need of money. Moreover Mu Hongyan would not miss this money, and secondly, he completely healed Nannan and also pissed off the devil race who performed the Curse Technique. So one million dollars could not be considered a lot.

Liu Qingmei coldly sat in her office when Wu Cuihong walked in all high and almighty, loudly saying: "Teacher Liu, just now people from the financial affairs office came asking whether Tang Zheng turned in his tuition and if he did not then following the school policy he will be expelled."

Liu Qingmei's eyebrows slightly raised as she glanced at her and coldly said: "You do not need to worry yourself about this matter."

"I am a part of the school, and this is related to the school's benefits so why would I not worry?" Wu Cuihong asked in retaliation, "Is Tang Zheng going to turn in his tuitions or not? As his class teacher shouldn't you worry a bit? Didn't you always look out for your students?"

Liu Qingmei lightly said: "Teacher Liu, don't think that I don't know the matter about Tang Zheng having to pay tuition is all because of you fanning the flames in the back. Don't you have the least bit of compassion? Tang Zheng was a part of your class for a long time and has earned a lot of praise, yet you throw stones at a man who has fallen to his lowest…"

Wu Cuihong hurriedly cut her off and said: "You don't have any evidence so stop spitting blood. Then again, this is the decision the school made, and you should be more worried about whether he can pay the tuition. Since he is so poor if he can pay then that would be really seeing a ghost in broad daylight. That means he can only wait to be expelled."

"Who said I was being expelled?" Tang Zheng walked in and loudly asked.

Wu Cuihong looked at him in ridicule and said: "You dare to come. I want you to stop coming to school from today forward, otherwise you will be expelled in front of so many people, and that kind of feeling is not bearable."

Tang Zheng has clearly heard the two's conversation so originally thought that the school wouldn't be so petty as to worry about a few hundred thousand dollars. So, it seems like the issue with his tuition is related to the Old Witch.

"You are daydreaming if you want to expel me." Tang Zheng satirically said.

"Haha, you are the one who is daydreaming. Could it be that you think you can pay all that money?"

"Why don't you see for yourself!" Tang Zheng threw his backpack on the table, and bright red paper money fell out from inside. *TL: money in China is different colors.*

Wu Cuihong's expression abruptly changed, as she internally asked whether this brat could be so dog gone lucky to actually get all that money. It couldn't be. Where did his luck come from?

"Heng, it can't be that the money is on top while the bottom is all paper. Do you really think that these kind of ways of deceiving others would work?" Wu Cuihong did not give up and said in ridicule.

"You are the one that that is trying to deceive others. Take a look at what this is. Is it paper?" Tang Zheng grabbed a handful of cash from his bag and smacked her face with the money. The cash tumbled around in the air creating the effect of snowflakes twirling through the air.

"Wa, this really is money!" The other teacher all exclaimed in shock one after another. Even though one hundred thousand dollars isn't a lot but this scene created by falling money was simply too spectacular.

Tang Zheng felt amazing. If it wasn't the Old Witch who constantly went against him he would not have done something as excessive as smacking her face with money.

Wu Cuihong's face turned ashen pale as she roared: "Tang Zheng, you dare hit a teacher."

"Stop spouting lies, didn't you doubt that the money is fake, I just let you clearly see that the money is real. I don't know if it was clear enough though?"


Wu Cuihong was dumbstruck, and her face was burning with pain, this is simply smacking her face, just a second ago she solemnly vowed that Tang Zheng's money must be fake and in the next second Tang Zheng used his actions to show her that her words were a bunch of bullshit.

But then again, if Wu Cuihong were to just stop here then she would not be the Old Witch Hag, wouldn't this be saying that she wasted the last fifty years of her life.

"So what if this money is real? Everyone knows that your family is poor so where did all this money come from? Could it be that you did something that you can not tell or something that even violates the law?"

"Haha, thats laughable to the extreme. In the beginning, you said the money is fake; now you say that I came by the money through unlawful means then why don't you take out evidence huh? Take out the evidence, or else you better be careful that I might sue you for slander."

"If you didn't want others to know, don't do it but since you did then you would have long since taken care of all the evidence but I believe there is justice in the Universe and that there will be a day when you will be revealed." Wu Cuihong continued to make a solemn vow as if she personally saw it.

Tang Zheng shook his head and thought that she had gone mad. There was no point in bickering with crazy people as he said: "You are right if you don't want someone to know then don't do it to begin with. Why don't we wait and see in the end who is the one who is revealed to have the ugly features. That's right, I also want to remind you, as a teacher your days are limited, so you should take the last opportunity you have to continue to be tyrannical."

"Haha, you still want to test first, you are dreaming!" Wu Cuihong gave a cold smile, but her heart was not as confident as she once was because she originally thought that Tang Zheng would be unable to take out the school fees yet he managed to do so. She gradually discovered that the Tang Zheng now was vastly different from the Tang Zheng of the past.

When this notion came to mind, a torrent of other thoughts followed suit as she came to the clear realization that Tang Zheng has changed. From the time he left Class 1, it was as if he changed to become a whole new person.

"No, it must be me who is over thinking things. There is no way he will test first. I can not lose!" She continually comforted herself.

Liu Qingmei seeing Tang Zheng take out the sum of money felt her heart loosen in relief, but her expression did not change. She merely nodded at Tang Zheng and said: "Let's go, I will take you to the financial department to hand in your money."

Arriving at the financial department to hand over the money, Tang Zheng's danger at being expelled from school was easily solved.

Liu Qingmei said: "Tang Zheng, for the past few nights you have taken a leave of absence from your supplementary lessons, since you want to win the bet then during this important time you must not delay any longer. Tonight, the supplementary lessons will continue."

"Oh, okay." Tang Zheng unwillingly said.

"It seems you are unwilling?" Liu Qingmei's eyes flashed as she asked.

Tang Zheng squeezed out a smile and said: "How can that be? Teacher Liu Takes great care of me so I can not be thankful enough."

"As long as you know it." Liu Qingmei's eyes flashed with a hint of craftiness, as she thought you wanted to escape from my grasp just like that? I still haven't scooped out all your secrets yet.

Tang Zheng returned to the classroom, and before he even sat down, he saw Ye Dingdang's face was a bit weird. A while later, Ye Dingdang pitifully said: "Tang Zheng, after class come with me."

"I am busy."

"Just drop it. This matter is very important."

Tang Zheng thought back to Liu Qingmei's gaze and refused "No, my matters are important too."

Ye Dingdang fiercely stared at him then said: "You just can't make an exception for me? This matter is related to my happiness!"

"What matters? Saying it as if it is some solemn business."

"Song Yu wants me to take him on a stroll of Chang Heng City."

"And how is this a problem? It's not like he eats people."

"But I don't want too, and I also don't want to be alone with him. For the past few days, he's stayed at my house, and it annoys me to death!" Ye Dingdang impatiently said.

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