Chapter 72: Prince and Princess

Chapter 72: Prince and Princess

“This is inner qi? Tang Zheng was greatly shocked as she really did gain fortune from misfortune as her body now possess a wave of inner qi.

“Right, this is the result of the Life Continuing Pill and the demonic energy mixing and evolving. I said before that as long as you break the Curse technique then she will be blessed.” Tian Chanzi said.

“She is so small yet has endured so much pain so this bit of blessing is a given. This way, doesn’t it mean that she already took a step within the path to cultivating.

“Yes, but her age is too small and her wisdom has not been fully developed. Moreover she has no compatible technique to cultivate in so she could only maintain this state. But, this is extremely beneficial to her body as her will always have this wave of inner qi to nurture her and it will bring her many benefits in the future whether she becomes a cultivator or martial arts practitioner.”

Tang Zheng was sincerely happy for her as everything he did was worth it.

“Tian Chanzi, just now that Python said it will look for me. What should I do?”

“Just a small fry clown, what is there to be afraid of. Oh, that’s not right, even though he is only a small clown in my eyes, to you it is a great threat.”

Tang Zheng could not help but give him a white eye and said: “Wouldn’t it be easier to just say I was to weak. What is the point in wasting so much words to say it indirectly.”

“Heihei, this is exactly my intention.” Tian Chanzi said without the least bit of politeness.

“You relax, I will worth hard to cultivate. When I can refine true fire then I will be able to refine Spirit Pills so by then my power will increase greatly.” Tang Zheng stubbornly said.

“Then wait till you refine true fire before speaking.”

Tang Zheng felt a bit melancholy, as these few days it was not like he did not try to ignite his fire source but every time his inner qi entered his dantian it would be like a clay ox entering the sea, striking at his confidence.

At what others would treat as a fairly simple issue he was actually faced with a road block so how would it not cause him to feel melancholy.

“Brother Godly Doctor, I just dreamed of you.” Nannan opened her eyes and said with a smile.

“Wa, you really dreamed of me oh?”

Nannan seriously nodded her head and said: “Right, I dreamed that a large python wanted to eat me but then Brother Godly Doctor came and rescued me by defeating the python.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart shake as wasn’t her dream about his battle? Just now when he sucked into the seal, it seems the seal was connected to her consciousness hence she was able to witness the scene. It seems she treated it as a dream.

“Brother Saintly Doctor is simply to amazing, in the future Nannan will not be afraid.”

Tang Zheng patted her head and said: “Right, in the future Nannan does not need to be afraid.”

“Brother Saintly Doctor will protect Nannan right? Just like how a Prince will protect his Princess right?”

“A prince protecting his princess?” Tang Zheng involuntarily laughed. This little girl was unable to escape from the prince and princess dream as it seems she was still young. Seeing her excited gaze, Tang Zheng said: “Brother will protect you just like how a prince would protect his princess.”

Nannan excitedly clapped her small hands and excitedly said: “Oh, Nannan has a prince now, Brother Godly Doctor is Nannan’s prince. BRother Godly Doctor, this is our secret okay? You can not tell other people.”

Tang Zheng did not expect her to learn from him and use his saying as he said with a laugh: “Okay, this is our secret so we can’t tell other people.”

Mu Hongyan stared straight at her room door not clear how the treatment is proceeding but she just felt that the time was passing incredibly slow.

Mother Wu has never seen her like that hence she advised: “Madam, is that Godly Doctor really going to treat little misses illness?”

“Of course because he is a Godly Doctor.” Mu Hongyan continuously told herself that she must believe so she did not hesitate when she replied.

Mother WU has seen so many so called Godly Doctor who had reputations as weighty as Mount Tai but they were all helpless in the face of Nannan’s disease so when she saw that Mu Hongyan brought a weirdly dressed man to treat the little misses diseased caused her to feel great doubt.

If there really was a way then wouldn’t they have long since found it?

There was a disturbance in the room and Mu Hongyan hurriedly walked to the door but did not dare enter as the Senior Godly Doctor told her that they can not be disturbed so even though she really wanted to enter she managed to restrain herself.

Gazhi! *TL: door creaking*

Suddenly, the door opened.

Nannan walked out while holding Tang Zheng’s hand, her face revealed her excited moreover her gazes was filled with luster and charm, effortlessly moving her arms and legs as if it was completely natural to her now whereas it was incomparably difficult for her before.

Mu Hongyan and mother Wu could tell at a glance, and they both agreed with wide eyes and disbelief that Nannan had changed greatly.

“The treatment is that quick?”

Mu Hongyan bent down her body as she brought Nannan up in a hug as she closely inspected her discovering that Nannan’s body has undergone a large change. There was no longer any signs of sickness and she now possessed a both full of youthful vigor as if she was a rising sun.

“Senior Godly Doctor, how is the treatment?” She anxiously and hurriedly asked.

Tang Zheng lightly smiled and said: “The results are good and the demonic energy has been completely removed from her body. In the future she will very healthy.”

Mu Hongyan excitedly bounced up and down as from from yesterday to today her emotions has went through extreme highs and lows, as she was still unable to put down her lingering apprehension so she asked: “Then ten years later…”

“Ten years later, she will be safe and sound then her body will become even better, more so than the ordinary person. If she were to train in martial arts I believe that her will achieve great accomplishments.

Mu Hongyan’s emotion could not longer be described with the mere words of happiness as she could not even find the words to express the gratitude she felt because the result vastly exceeded her expectations.

Mu Hongyan gave her daughter a big kiss on the lips, crying tears of joys as she said: “Nannan is finally better. Mama is very happy.”

“Then Nannan will not have to worry about not waking up from her sleep?” Nannan asked cutely.

“Yes, you don’t need to worry at all anymore.”

“Then that is good, in the future I can peacefully sleep.”

Mu Hongyan put down Nannan and her heart was unable to settle down. She could not help but tightly hold Tang Zheng’s hand and said: “Senior Godly Doctor, you have given me, Mu Hongyan another reason to live and the money I gave you before is unable to express my gratitude. If Senior has anything you need help with I must help so that I can find inner peace with myself.”

Tang Zheng understood her heart and so he smiled and refused her as even though he knew that her identity was not ordinary he did not need her to help him with anything. Moreover she already paid him.

“Senior Godly Doctor, not only is your skill great moreover your medical expertise is high so you must be some famous character. I don’t know if I have the honor of knowing your name so that in the future I will be able to express my gratitude.”

“This… I am really not at liberty to reveal my name.”

“Then will we meet again in the future?” Seeing him not give his name, revealed that he did not want his identity to be revealed. Even though Mu Hongyan felt a bit of pity she was helpless and could only hope that they would be able to meet again.

“Brother Godly Doctor, will you come visit me?” Nannan pitifully asked.

Tang Zheng slightly blanked out, really unwilling to hurt her little desire and said: “I will come visit you and will even bring you a present.”

Mu Hongyan clearly saw that he was prepared to say words of rejection but changed his mind when Nannan asked her question showing that he cared for her.

“As long as you promise to come visit Nannan then it’s all good.” Mu Hongyan said internally.

“Senior Godly Doctor, our houses door is always open to you. Please feel free to drop by anything. Here is my cellphone number so that you can contact me.” Mu Hongyan handed over her namecard with just her name “Mu Hongyan” and her cellphone number on it.

Tang Zheng accepted and was prepared to leave when Mu Hongyan’s cellphone rang.

“Caught him!”

Mu Hongyan’s face revealed joy as she asked: “Did he confess?”


Her eyebrows immediately wrinkled together as the enemies endurance far surpassed her expectation. Tang Zheng already guessed that the gunner has been caught as his heart moved and he asked: “Did you catch the gunner?”

Mu Hongyan nodded her head.

“Can I go take a look?” Tang Zheng asked as he was not sure whether the gunner was after him or Mu Hongyan and her daughter.

After experiencing the matter with Qiao Fei he was extremely careful of hidden dangers so he wanted to reveal and remove any signs of danger. Of course Mu Hongyan on the other hand did not have any objections hence the two went to a deserted area far away. Tang Zheng only saw that there were several people dithering around who were her bodyguards.

“These are all First Grade and Second Grade martial artists, just what is Mu Hongyan’s background to actually command such a powerful bodyguard group.

Tang Zheng was filled with suspicion when a bodyguard came over, and gave Tang Zheng a profound look before differentially reporting to Mu Hongyan.

The assassin’s mouth is tightly shut and very professional as he had clearly undergone training for interrogations and we have no leverage to make him open his mouth.

“Madam, it is all because we are useless.” The bodyguard drooped his head and said.

Mu Hongyan also had no idea as to what to do but was unwilling at heart.

“May I take a look?” Tang Zheng suddenly said.

Mu Hongyan hurriedly said: “Please do, Senior.”

The assassin was tied to a steel beam, his body was drenched and there was quite a bit of blood marks as he was battered to the extreme. Even so his pair of eyes were extremely vicious and there was a faint cold gleam to them.

When he saw Tang Zheng, his pupils trembled as he stared straight at him.

Tang Zheng looked at him and from the others gaze he was able to judge that he was the target and not Mu Hongyan and her daughter.

“Am I your target?” Tang Zheng coldly asked

The assassin coldly smiled but did not reply.

Mu Hongyan felt her heart go in shock so it seems that she was part of the casualty but even so she did not blame Tang Zheng, more so she felt anger towards the assassin as they actually dared to try to assassinate her Senior Godly Doctor, which was the same as trying to assassinate her.

“Just who are you?” Mu Hongyan questioned angrily.

The assassin coldly smiled but declined to smile. In reality he had prepared for this assassination attempt for several days and decided that today was the day but who would know that he would fail when success was right within his grasps.

He had a bit of regret at choosing this time to make a move as he should have waited until he was the only one so that his chances of success would be higher.

“Madam Mu, may I interrogate him alone for a bit?” Tang Zheng wanted to ask the assassin but didn’t want to assassin to reveal his identity hence the question.

Mu Hongyan agreed without the least bit of hesitation then took her bodyguard to the side, leaving behind only Tang Zheng and the assassin. At this time a drop of a needle could be heard and a weird atmosphere suddenly developed.

Tang Zheng stared dead straight at the assassin and asked: “Just who commanded you to kill me?”

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