Chapter 71: Profit from Disaster

Chapter 71: Profit from Disaster

A woman's fury is a very scary thing, especially a beautiful woman's fury, which is even scarier. Mu Hongyan happened to be an extreme beauty so her fury would naturally be extremely frightening.

When Tang Zheng felt the killing intent roiling from her body, he even thought her to be a cold and detached assassin so he waited for her to make a move but she didn't as she did not know any martial arts.

Not knowing martial arts does not mean that a person does not present a threat. When Mu Hongyan roared out at the pitch black night: "Grab him!"

When Tang Zheng heard the earth-shattering cry, the car charged away when suddenly another few cars roared out into the night in pursuit.

Tang Zheng clearly saw and immediately had a better sense of Mu Hongyan's true strength as she actually had several bodyguards who followed her around. Moreover, it was not just one, but all her bodyguards were martial artists.

Anyone within Chang Heng City who can possess such a group was definitely not someone with an ordinary background.

"Who is she?" A question emerged within his thoughts, but no matter how he thought about it, he couldn't come up with an answer.

Since that was the case, then he might as well not think about it anymore.

"Senior, can you let me go now?" Mu Hongyan calmly said when she discovered that she and Tang Zheng's position was very ambiguous, as they were tightly pressed against each other and could feel each other's body temperature. Tang Zheng could even feel her breasts were extremely soft and elastic.

Tang Zheng hurriedly released her and awkwardly explained: "I apologize, just now that was all done in the heat of the moment."

"It's alright. Senior, this time I have implicated you so I am sincerely sorry. If senior needs to rest, then we can do the treatment later."

"No need, the treatment comes first. These evildoers are simply to malicious, actually daring to do such things on the open road."

"Right, but they can not escape and once they are caught the truth will come to light."

The two quickly got in Mu Hongyan's Volvo S80, and this time there were no gunners. Tang Zheng and Nannan sat in the back seats and Nannan nestled against his body; her small eyes were slightly opened as if she was enjoying the moment.

Mu Hongyan saw the scene from her rear view mirror and was silently shocked. Why was Nannan sticking to him as if he possessed some kind of magic as this was simply not something Nannan would do.

Nannan was shy with strangers and would not act so intimately with strangers but when she was with Tang Zheng it seemed like they had a tacit understanding and did not feel a sense of unfamiliarity towards one another.

"Nannan being able to associate with senior is her karma." Mu Hongyan silently thought and did not say anything so that the two could have their space.

When they arrived at Mu Hongyan's house and got out of the car, Nannan was still unwilling to let go of Tang Zheng's hand and in the end the two held hands as they walked in.

"Senior Godly Doctor, please come in." Mu Hongyan passionately invited.

"Brother Godly Doctor, hurry and sit, Nannan will give you toys to play with," Nannan said as she took her own doll and gave it to Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng patted her head and said with a smile: "Nannan is good."

When Mother Wu saw that there was a guest, she hurriedly came over just in time to see this image which caused her to feel incomparable shock, making her speechless.

"Mother Wu, hurry and go cook some water so we can serve our guest some tea." Mu Hongyan instructed.

Mother Wu entered the kitchen full of suspicion, but could not help but turn around to take the measure of Tang Zheng. When she saw that Mu Hongyan was very differential to Tang Zheng, she could not help but think about just what background this man had.

"Senior should take a seat and rest first I will go prepare tea."

"No need, I will immediately start."

"No, I think senior should rest. A lot of things have happened tonight that would cause anyone's head to tremble." She went to tie her hair up, rubbed her temple, all the while looking incomparably amorous.

"Nannan's father is not home?" Tang Zheng surveyed the surrounding but did not discover any hints of a male and casually asked.

Mu Hongyan's expression darkened as she said: "He passed away a few years ago."

"I'm sorry." Tang Zheng hurriedly apologized.

"It is a thing of the past so senior does not need to brood over it." Mu Hongyan entered the kitchen before coming back to give Tang Zheng a cup of tea, respectfully setting it in front of him.

This image let Mother Wu feel taken aback as she has never seen Mu Hongyan so respectful towards anyone. Again, she couldn't help but be curious as to where this saintly figure came from to actually let her Madam lower her status. *TL: Status of serving the tea herself instead of having Mother Wu do so*

"I am done resting. Let's begin." Tang Zheng set down the teacup and said.

"Okay, Senior can use my room as there is a lot of space." Mu Hongyan took the initiative to say.


"Do you need me to do anything?"

"No need, you can guard the door to make sure it is quiet and that no one disturbs us."

"Senior relax, everything will proceed as you instruct. Nannan, in a bit you and Senior Godly Doctor will go into the room and you have to be obedient and listen to him. If the senior tells you to do something, then you can't make a disturbance." Mu Hongyan instructed.

Nannan heavily nodded her head and said: "Mama, I understand. I will not make a disturbance as that will make me a bad child. Nannan is a very good obedient child."

"Nannan, let's go."

Seeing Tang Zheng hold Nannan's hand as they enter her room she couldn't help but feel anxious.

The room had a slight female fragrant, and this was the second time he entered a woman's private living quarters aside from Ye Dingdang's. He discovered the style of the room was leaning towards the mature while it also possessed a sort of elegance. Moreover, the light female fragrance caused one to be intoxicated as he couldn't help but think about the female owner.

Right, this is Mu Hongyan's scent, and previously Tang Zheng also smelled this fragrance when he was embracing her.

"I shouldn't think random thoughts and hurry up to finish the matter at hand." Tang Zheng splayed his hands and hurriedly cleared his mind of his excess thoughts then said to Nannan: "Nannan, in a bit you should close your eyes and take a little nap, be good and just listen to brother's instructions."

"Brother Godly Doctor, why do you hide your face behind a cloth?" Nannan nodded her head and curiously asked.

"Because Doctor doesn't look good." Tang Zheng teasingly said.

"How can that be, Brother is definitely handsome. Brother Godly Doctor, can you let Nannan see your face?" Nannan curiously asked.

Seeing her illuminated gaze filled with expectancy, Tang Zheng could not find it within himself to refuse and said: "Okay, but this will be our secret, you are not allowed to tell anyone else."

"Not even mama?"

"Right, so this will be our secret okay? Come, pinky promise me." Tang Zheng seeing the cute little loli, felt compassion. *TL: IDK how I feel about this.*

Nannan twisted her head in thought before pinky promising and then nodded to say: "Okay, then. It will be our secret." Then she turned her face up as she looked expectantly at Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng slowly took off his disguise to reveal his delicate and beautiful face. *TL: what?! LOL, is it his real face?*

"Wa, Brother Godly Doctor is a handsome brother." Nannan covered her mouth and said in an exaggerated manner.

"Hehe, how old are you and you already know what a handsome brother is."

"Nannan knows everything; Brother Godly Doctor really is a handsome brother, the most handsome brother!"

"Okay, now can you close your eyes."

"En, do I need to sleep?"

"You can sleep if you want."

"Then can I dream of Brother Godly Doctor?"

"This I can't guarantee you since you can't control your dreams."

"I heard that the more you think of a person, the more likely you will dream of them. I will do my best to think of Brother Godly Doctor, so I will definitely be able to dream of you." She said while closing her eyes, and then entering her dream.

Tang Zheng restrained his smile as his expression became solemn.

"Tian Chanzi, let's begin."

"Okay, you follow me to read this incantation." Tian Chanzi said a hard to pronounce sentence to which Tang Zheng recited, which caused his energy to be set into motion.

The incantation was compatible with the inner qi, causing the incantations to be aroused immediately. The energy in the room immediately underwent a change, and a ball of dark energy arose on top of Nannan's head. Moreover, it continued to be separated from all parts of her body as it congregated at the top of her head.

"So it is this wave of demonic energy, I have finally got you, this time don't even think of escaping."

Suddenly, Nannan's face revealed pain as if she was undergoing unbearable torment.

"This demonic energy is unwilling to let go. Continue to urge your inner qi." Tian Chanzi commanded.

Tang Zheng immediately urged his inner qi, and in an instant, the restless demonic energy finally settled down, and Nannan's expression finally became calm and peaceful.

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief, but he did not dare become careless. He only saw that the ball of demonic energy grow larger until finally, a black seal arose from her temple as it flew out, revolving at high speed.

Tang Zheng discovered that the space around him became blurry and the space distorted. In the next second, he found himself in a foreign room.

The black colored seal was revolving at high speed in the air. This was the same black seal that emerged from Nannan's forehead. With a tremble, the black seal suddenly became a gigantic black python as it looked down upon Tang Zheng.

"Who are you? To dare break my Curse Technique?" The python opened its mouth and spewed out the human language.

"And who are you to dare use such a cruel Curse Technique on such a young child's body? Do you even have any human nature in you?" Tang Zheng loudly called back.

"Haha, human nature?" The python acted as if it had just heard the funniest joke, twisting its head a smile emerged as its tail swiped back and forth. "Little brat, you actually dare to break my Curse Technique, then I will make today your funeral day and swallow your soul so that you will never be able to reincarnate. I want to let you know the result for those who don't mind their own business."

"Then let's see if it's you that dies or me!"

The python charged forward as his immense body coiled around Tang Zheng trying to strangle him to death.

Tang Zheng urged his inner qi into motion as he waved his hand, and immediately a large gust of wind came into existence, the Heaven Flying Immortal Technique suddenly revealed its strength. Even though Tang Zheng had only learned the fifteenth form of the first set, the strength was not to be looked down upon. The only sound that could be heard was the cry of the sword as it flooded the entire space causing the python to cry out pitifully.

"What kind of sword technique is this? Why is it so strong? Just who are you?"

"I am the one who will kill you! Break for me!"

An invisible sword congealed and tore through space before it fiercely beheaded the python, which immediately collapsed.

"I am unwilling! I will definitely find you!" The python let out a furious roar when it was crushed by the sword qi, scattering within the empty space before finally settling down and dissolving into the ground.

The space in front of him twisted and warped, and Tang Zheng discovered that he once again returned to the room and Nannan was still in a deep sleep. He discovered that her body no longer possessed demonic energy.

"I said before that this little girl would benefit from this misfortune. Take a look at her body's constitution." Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng hurriedly investigated and discovered that her eight main meridians already had a small wave of inner Qi.

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