Chapter 70: Curse Technique

Chapter 70: Curse Technique

Tang Zheng settled his heart and asked: "Can you tell me a bit about Nannan's condition?"

Mu Hongyan had initially fallen into despair, but this phrase once again seemed to give her a glimmer of hope. Leaving her with no time to wallow in her pains as she hurriedly said: "Nannan's body was weak at birth and prone to many diseases, her body temperature is not high and moreover as she ages her body temperature drops. In the past, her condition fell to the point of being ice cold and aside from that every once in awhile she would be sick."

"What are the symptoms of her sickness?"

"She would feel lethargic and at first she would sleep for a day, then two, then three, and finally now a week. The doctor says that there may come a time when she will fall asleep only to never wake up again." Mu Hongyan bitterly said.

"Nannan does not like to sleep at all." Nannan pouted her lips and said.

"En, Nannan is now not afraid of sleeping because Nannan is better now." Mu Hongyan hurriedly comforted.

Nannan raised her eyebrow in delight as she smiled and said: "Yes, after eating Brother Godly Doctor's pill, Nannan is better now."

Tang Zheng has never heard of these symptoms before but from listening to it be felt that it sounded a bit demonic and evil, as for the reason he did not know. What he did know was that the longer he stayed in contact with Nannan the more he felt that her body was giving off a wave of energy—— a wave of demonic energy.

How could a naive little girl possess demonic energy? More likely than not her disease was caused by this demonic energy.

But he would never have thought that this demonic energy actually originated from within the mother's womb, so this was to say that something must have happened to the mother when she was pregnant.

"Senior Godly Doctor, you must have a way of saving Nannan right?" Mu Hongyan nervously asked as she was deeply fearful that Tang Zheng would give a negative reply.

"I can try, but there is no guarantee of its success." Tang Zheng did not give any guarantees as this was the first time he has met this kind of situation before and he was indeed unable to clearly discern the issues with Nannan's condition.

"Senior, you definitely will be able too. I believe in you because you are Nannan's only hope as well as her last option."

"I will do my best. But, I want to ask you a question. When you were pregnant with her did anything weird or strange happen?"

"Weird or strange?" Mu Hongyan's expression was vacant, clearly not understanding what Tang Zheng meant.

"Like did anything abnormal happen or did something happen that you had no explanation for?"

"Now that Senior has mentioned it there was one odd event during my pregnancy. There was a time when I suddenly fainted for no reason, and the reason the doctor gave was that I was low on blood sugar but I never had low blood sugar issues before. After that event, it has never happened again, so I did not think much about it." Mu Hongyan recalled and said.

"When you woke up what feeling did you have?"

"I didn't feel anything in particular just that it was a bit cold. I even thought that it was because I was in the wind too long."

Tang Zheng felt his heart move, as there was a high likelihood that that was the time the demonic energy entered her body, but it did not stay in her body but resided in her infant daughter's body.

Seeing Tang Zheng ask this kind of question, Mu Hongyan immediately thought of a possibility as she was not stupid, then asked in astonishment: "Senior, are you saying that Nannan's illness is related to the time I fainted?"

"It should be."

Mu Hongyan's expression became bitter. So, her daughter's pain these few years was caused by her. Anyone who is a mother they would know just how incomparably bitter they would feel.

"Why did it end up like this? Why did I let Nannan endure so much suffering? Why did I have to be the root cause of her suffering?"

Seeing her fall into deep self-torment, Tang Zheng hurriedly said: "This really isn't your fault."

"No, this is my fault."

Tang Zheng firmly shook his head and said: "This really isn't your fault because that year the person that they wanted to hurt was Nannan."

"Hurt Nannan? But, Nannan wasn't born yet so why would someone want to harm her?"

"This I don't know, but those who made a move are not simple." Tang Zheng said with his own thoughts as this sinister energy that entered the baby's body through her mom's womb was no longer within the bound of martial arts but of a technique.

"Little brat, at least you are a bit insightful." Tian Chanzi suddenly said. *TL: he always jumps in at the right time eh? -Hungry*

"I've always been keen alright."

"Heng, I just give you a small compliment and your tail straightens up to heaven like a god. This young child is suffering from someone else's Curse Technique."

"Curse Technique? What kind of technique is that?"

"It is a sinister and harsh technique that is usually practiced by those in devilish sects. The technique itself has a long duration and moreover it is hard to discern. Therefore the person who performed this technique intentionally wanted to torment this little girl to death."

"Such viciousness!" Tang Zheng looked at Nannan's naive appearance and couldn't help but become furious that such a technique was used to harm her.

"The devil race has many more vicious techniques than this as you will see in the future." Tian Chanzi said calmly not perturbed in the slightest at the cruelty he witnessed.

"Then is there any methods to dispel this Curse Technique?" Tang Zheng hurriedly asked.

"The Curse Technique is not that easy to dispel, and if you are not careful, then the person who is cursed may die."

"I asked you whether there is a method to deal with it and not for you to try to scare me off."

"What a joke, how would I not have a method. I just wanted first to forewarn you of the dangerous nature surrounding the Curse Technique."

"But based on my current strength is there any methods?"

"Under normal circumstances, you would be unable to do anything but the person performing the technique is pretty crappy so you still have a way."

Tang Zheng let out a breath of relief as he had already made a decision to help Nannan and did not want her to die after just merely living another ten years.

"After the Curse Technique has been broken than her lifespan should lengthen right?"

"That is a given, moreover, she has already eaten the Life Continuing Pill, so she will gain fortune from her misfortune, causing her to live a better life than others." Tian Chanzi said.

"Senior, when can you cure Nannan? If you need any medical equipment, I will set it up for you." Mu Hongyan stopped wallowing in her despair as she anxiously asked.

"I do not require any other medical tools and only need a quiet environment."

"Will the house do?"

"As long as it is not loud."

"It is definitely not loud." Mu Hongyan promised. "Senior, this time when you saved my family's Nannan, I still do not know how to convey my thanks."

"You already paid yesterday."

"Ah, right, I nearly forgot! The remaining balance from yesterday is saved onto this card. The password is the last six numbers of the card." After debating for awhile, Mu Hongyan ended up depositing five hundred thousand dollars into the card as Nannan's life was priceless. If she were only to give the remaining one hundred and eighty thousand dollars, then she would not be able to see past herself hence why she put in five hundred thousand dollars. This sum of money was not pocket change and was just enough to express her gratitude.

However, after listening to Tang Zheng's words she had new thoughts as Tang Zheng was actually willing to stay and listen to Nannan's illness while offering treatment when he could just walk away after getting his money.

This caused her to feel twice as grateful and incomparably respectful to Tang Zheng. She decided that she will later add another four hundred and eighty thousand dollars for a grand total of one million dollars. *TL: she gave him 20,000 the first night.*

After Tang Zheng got the money in his hand, his heart was finally eased as he did not misjudge.

"Senior, when would you like to start the treatment?" Mu Hongyan eagerly asked.

"Of course, the sooner, the better. I also don't want Nannan to suffer any more pain." Tang Zheng said.

This phrase undoubtedly struck deep within Mu Hongyan as she said with great excitement: "Thank you, Senior! Would tonight be okay?"

"That is fine." Recently, Tang Zheng's night time has been tight, and he finally got two days off from Liu Qingmei so he feared that if he were to ask for more absences, she might just go crazy.

"Then we will leave first." She paid for the bill before hurriedly leaving the teahouse, heading towards the parking lot.

Nannan seemed to really like staying with Tang Zheng so from the beginning she had held onto Mu Hongyan with one hand while holding onto Tang Zheng with the other. From other people's perspective, it seems like a warm and loving family except that this family was weirdly dressed and somewhat unfitting.

Mu Hongyan's car was parked in the nearby parking lot, and they would arrive shortly after crossing the road.

The green light lit up, and the three people walked on the crosswalk. It was near nightfall, so there was not a lot of people.

Suddenly, a car charged straight towards them not stopping at all, as if it wanted to drive through them.

"Ah!" Other people seeing this image, screamed in succession.

Tang Zheng discovering the danger, immediately reacted, he used his left hand to grab Nannan's waist while he dragged Mu Hongyan's hand with his right and quickly retreated backward.

A gun sound rang out and Tang Zheng's heart string trembled as he was sensitive to gunshots. At the same time, the gunshot rang out he gave a cry before dropping to the ground while also pushing Mu Hongyan and Nannan to the ground too.


A window on the street suddenly was smashed open by the bullet and the crowd reacted, screaming arose from all four sides.

Tang Zheng twisted his head to see and discovered that the charging car had stopped and a person holding a gun stepped out. The black barrel was aimed in Tang Zheng's direction.

Peng peng peng...

A series of gunshots rang out.

If it were just Tang Zheng by himself, then he would have many ways to deal with the shooter, but he had an adult and a child with him, so he did not dare be negligent. He hugged the two and hurriedly retreated, basically running to hide behind a wall in a hail of bullets. The bullets slammed into the ground around him stirring up dust.

"Are you two alright?" Tang Zheng lowered his head to look at the two people in his embrace, as he hurriedly asked.

"Nannan is okay; Brother Godly Doctors embrace is very warm and comfy." Nannan seemingly completely unaware of the danger gave a bright smile.

Mu Hongyan's face actually did not have a trace of fear but was instead filled with rage. Yes, that's correct. Rage.

"This gunner was simply targeting us." Tang Zheng could clearly feel the gunner's killing aura, but he did not know if it was directed at him or the mother and daughter pair.

Even though Tang Zheng did not really know the mother-daughter pair, anyone who was able to get the devil race to make a move was clearly not ordinary.

Anyway, up to this day, Tang Zheng has only met martial artists and not cultivators.

Thus, he was unable to eliminate the possibility that the gunner's target was Mu Hongyan and Nannan.

"Unwilling to give up?! That year you hurt Nannan, and now you dare try to hurt us again?! Simply thinking that my daughter and I are easy to trample around?!" Mu Hongyan was extremely angered as her face was red with fury.

At this moment, she aside from possessing a mature, charming, and noble like aura, possessed another wave of energy emanating from her body and that was—— killing intent!

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