Chapter 7: Low-key Arrogant

Chapter 7: Low-key Arrogant

This outsider actually used the chair to block Ye Dingdang’s total annihilation, leading to her smashing her legs upon the chair. It would be weird if she hadn’t cried out so miserably.

Despicable, too despicable!

Basically everyone had the same thoughts, especially the drooling male fans of Ye Dingdang who were clenching their teeth. How could he act so ruthlessly towards a beautiful young lady, does he not understand that you’re suppose to love and protect the opposite sex?

“I want to kill you!” Ye Dingdang’s sharply screamed with unrestrainable anger.

Ding ling ling!

At this time, the bell rang signaling the start of class and the teacher walked in, Ye Dingdang was like a ready to pop balloon that was suddenly deflated. Staring at Tang Zheng angrily, she unwilling called a ceasefire.

Tang Zheng’s head did not lift up as he continued to read, other people discovering that the good show was over could not help but feel disappointed.

“Just you wait, when class is over I will let you see.” Ye Dingdang bit her lips and unwillingly sat down in her seat.

Gao Dazhi was eagerly and cruelly staring at Tang Zheng, then disappointedly returned to his seat.

Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang were practically neighbors sitting next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, but he did not once look sideways, merely listening to the class for a bit before burying his head back into his book.

Ye Dingdang could not help but to occasionally look at him as if she was trying to see through him, her heart fiercely said: “This person sure acts the part, but does he really understand? It is said that whenever he tried to use his brain his head would hurt, so he could only be last place.”

“Heng, just you wait I will beat you so that all your teeth fall out, in this Class 7 you dare oppose me, Ye Dingdang, you’re simply seeking a beating.”

Tang Zheng was not clear on Ye Dingdang’s ideas, nor did he care about what she was thinking, but at this time Tian Chanzi deeply said: “Little brat, this girl is not simple, she is also a martial artist.”

“Martial artist?” Tang Zheng said amazed.

“That’s right, on her body there are signs of inner energy movement, martial artists and cultivators both have different energy movement. For martial artists their strength become inner energy and not true qi, this is how they rely on their body and martial arts techniques to slowly refine their body and refine energy, while we, cultivators, borrow heaven and earth’s energy to cultivate.” Tian Chanzi explained.

“Then what is her strength?” Tang Zheng couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity.

“Martial artists body, like true cultivators are classified into seven different levels which are Refining Body, Pre-Natal Stage, Innate Stage, Scholar Stage, Martial King, Martial Emperor, and Martial God, each one is then further split into nine grades, both types of bodies mirror each other and this girl is at the fourth grade Refining Body realm.

Tang Zheng was shocked: “Then doesn’t that mean she is stronger than me?”

“Of course, she has trained in martial arts for at least tens of years, if she was still weaker than you who have trained for only one day then isn’t that the same as wanting someone else to just smash their head in.”

Tang Zheng blushed, he was too anxious for quick results.

“I see that she wants to teach you a lesson later so it seems you are in for some pain, heihei.” Tian Chanzi said finding joy in his misfortune.

“...” Tang Zheng was speechless, he always wanted to keep a low profile, but there was a saying that the tall tree may long for peace but the winds never cease.

“Relax, you have a way of opposing her, say if you were to practice something any fourth grade Refined Body realm person would have no way of dealing with. But if this were to spread then wouldn’t this cause an uproar and there would be nowhere for me, Tian Chanzi, to hide. Later, this is what you will do…” Tian Chanzi solemnly taught by word and example.

Tang Zheng finally let out a relaxed breath.

“Additionally, let me tell you another piece of news, this girl also has a pure Yin constitution which doesn’t lose out to Fang Shishi’s. You sitting next to her like this has already absorbed quite a bit of Yin energy.” Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng’s eyes flashed, his luck really is super lucky, so this is saying if he were to sit next to Ye Dingdang then he can continually absorb her pure Yin energy.

After class, an announcement was broadcasted in the courtyard, and since this was the free period many people went towards the field to exercise. Ye Dingdang suddenly stood up, clasping both her hands, glared at Tang Zheng and said: “Get up, follow me to the Sky Platform.”

Feng Yong seeing this hurriedly said: “Sister Dingdang, Tang Zheng is my classmate, this isn’t good.”

Gao Dazhi hurried over, pushed Feng Yong aside and said: “Fatty Feng, you dare stand next to Sister Dingdang, do you want to pick a fight?”

Feng Yong’s throat moved but he ultimately did not continue speaking.

“Tang Zheng, if you are a man then you will come, acting so sissy.” Ye Dingdang took a big step out after she said aloud.

Tang Zheng stood up, being said by others that he was not a man was unacceptable, moreover if he did not take care of this matter now, he will not be able to continue remaining low-key even if he wanted to.

On Sky Platform, Ye Dingdang and Gao Dazhi stood proudly, looking at Tang Zheng in ridicule, Gao Dazhi proudly said: “Sister Dingdang, how will you deal with this little brat?”

“Beat him up, then let him find another grade level, I will not let him stay in Class 7, just seeing him annoys me.” Ye Dingdang coldly said.

Gao Dazhi crushed his fist in his palm and coldly smiled, ‘heihei’: “Okay, it’s been a while since I have beaten someone up and these hands of mine are itchy.” Tang Zheng was expressionless and did not move, his body completely relaxed.

Ye Dingdang eyes flashed with a strange light, other people when faced in this situation would be scared witless, their legs would tremble, and they would cowardly beg them to spare them, but he was different. Could it be that he was a fool?”

“Is there really no way to get along? I am sure we do not have any problems we can’t get over.” Tang Zheng lightly said.

Gao Dazhi cruelly laughed: “You have offended Sister Dingdang and you still want to live in peace. Let me tell you, it’s still not too late to beg for mercy.”

Gao Dazhi raised his fist and charged at Tang Zheng, his person was large but his foundation was shallow, completely unable to utilize his body’s energy, and was not worth mentioning.

Tang Zheng’s body flashed and he disappeared causing Gao Dazhi’s eyes to be as wide as a flower, he suddenly lost his target and felt there was something odd but realized his body was no longer in his control and came crashing down. His appearance looked like that of a dog eating shit.

Ye Dingdang’s pupils constricted and she softly said in shock: “You are also a martial artist?”

Tang Zheng smiled but did not reply, intentionally staring at her in a mysterious manner. Ye Dingdang’s face changed and she tightly clenched her teeth.

Gao Dazhi did not hear Ye Dingdang’s astonished words and got up battered and full of fury, he was actually put down by Tang Zheng which was simply to humiliating, “Little brat, I want you to pay with pain.”

“You are unfitting.” Tang Zheng cast a glance at him and lightly said. What is arrogance? This is true arrogance, a low-key kind of arrogance.

Gao Dazhi let out a loud roar he was prepared to start another attack but Ye Dingdang suddenly coldly said: “Stop, you are not his opponent.”

Gao Dazhi taunt his neck, his face red, and disputed: “Just now, I was not being careful and that’s why I ended like that, this time he will not be so lucky.”

“Shut up, I said you are not his opponent, did you not hear me?” Ye Dingdang impatiently repeated.

The big burly Gao Dazhi suddenly drooped his head, as if he was a housewife, still unwilling he glared at Tang Zheng and mumbled: “How is he strong, how come I can’t see it.”

Ye Dingdang stepped forward a few steps and faced off with Tang Zheng, she and Tang Zheng’s were of similar height, both a meter and seventy centimeters, moreover both their eyes were sharp and gave of this threatening wave of heroic spirit.

Tang Zheng did not cower, his eyes were stable without any ripples.

“Leave Class 7 and I will pretend this matter never happened.” Ye Dingdang said in an overbearing manner.

Tang Zheng ruminated then said: “Why do I have to leave?”

“Because… I do not want to see you.”

“Then why don’t you leave Class 7?” Tang Zheng said taking an opposing stance.

“Don’t even think that!” Ye Dingdang glared, “since that is the case then don’t blame me for being rude.”

Even though she knew that Tang Zheng was no ordinary person she was not the least bit afraid since she, herself, was known within her clan, and none of her peers were her opponent.

Ye Dingdang kicked out a foot like lightning, carrying with the long and flexible leg was a ‘huxiao’ sound as it charged at Tang Zheng’s breast.

Tang Zheng’s gaze turned cold, the expert made a move, as expected it was not normal and he extended his toes a bit and a roundhouse kick was aimed at her back while avoiding her strike.

Ye Dingdang had already made preparations, coldly smiled, flipped in the air, lifting a leg up high before bringing it down like an approaching big knife.

Tang Zheng moved like lightning, using the Heaven Gathering Hand he accurately grabbed onto the beautiful legs, an immense force shook him so that even his teeth hurt but he simply clenched them because this was his chance at victory.

Since his strength was inferior to Ye Dingdang’s the only way for him to obtain victory was through ingenious methods.

“Release your hands!” Ye Dingdang lovable voice scolded, ready to release her inner energy to shake off Tang Zheng.

Suddenly, Tang Zhen’s hands on her thigh muscle shifted to the side a bit, and she as if shocked by electricity felt her entire body go numb, all of her inner energy collapsed leading her to weakly falling into Tang Zheng’s embrace, unable to move a single step.

The two’s posture was very ambiguous as Ye Dingdang’s body just collapsed on Tang Zheng’s body. Since she started training martial arts at a young age her body was both pliable and flexible, otherwise she would not have been able to accomplish the highly difficult position she was currently in.

Ye Dingdang was greatly shocked, just now that one strike which resulted in her body becoming numb and unmoving, was the Pressure Point Technique from martial arts.

“He even knows how to use the Pressure Point Technique, isn’t this something only Pre-Natal Stage cultivators can do? Could it be that with his young age that he is already a Pre-Natal martial artist, how is this possible?

Ye Dingdang was shaken up to the extreme, it must be known that in order to target pressure points one inner energy must be profound, moreover one must be able to recognize the pressure points with great accuracy in order for it to work.

But Tang Zheng acted as if he was an old hand and quickly succeeded, so how could she not be shocked.

Ye Dingdang still shocked, was still in the ambiguous position, and even though most people did not notice, Gao Dazhi who stood to the side was looking on dumbstruck. He harshly slapped his face…. Pain, this was not an illusion.

Gao Dazhi was unable to control his anger, this Tang Zheng was simply too shameless to go as far as to use these lowly methods, and to even rub Ye Dingdang’s feet. It must be known that this was the beautiful legs he has fantasizes about yet it was defiled by Tang Zheng, causing him to go crazy.

Tang Zheng let out a relaxed breath, Tang Chanzi indeed did not lie to him, even though he was weaker in strength, this Pressure Point Technique was a sure win move.

“Heihei, little brat, how was it, this move is strong right.” Tian Chanzi said with satisfaction, “let me tell you this Pressure Point Technique can only be used by those in the Pre-Natal Stage, but you are able to use it right now which is our cultivators advantage. For us cultivators at the beginning our true qi is more solid and stronger than the inner energy within beginning martial artists, this is only one of many subtle differences between us.”

Tang Zheng did not acknowledge Tian Chanzi’s boast but gazed very closely at Ye Dingdang, getting a closer look at her beauty, and couldn’t help but have his heart shaken.

Previously he has never gotten this close to another person, especially such a beauty, so some strange feelings couldn’t help but arise within his heart.

Ye Dingdang recovered, seeing Tang Zheng’s strange expression and the two’s ambiguous position, her face couldn’t help but blush and she said quietly: “Hurry and release my pressure point.”

“If I release your pressure point, you will just want to fight again, and I am not that stupid as to do that.”

“Will you release me or not?” As a favored child of heaven, Ye Dingdang had never suffered such mistreatment causing her to feel ashamed and angry.

“Not releasing.” Tang Zheng stubbornly said.

“You…” Ye Dingdang was furious.

“What are you two doing?” A wave of sound caused by high heels striking the ground rang over along with a surprised cry.

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