Chapter 69: Demonic Energy Enters the Body

Chapter 69: Demonic Energy Enters the Body

*TL: So, Mu Hongyan's daughters name is ?? (Nannan), but it can also mean "Little Darling" or "Darling" so I will use it interchangeable when the mother calls her daughter. In the last chapter, I went with "darling" because I wasn't too sure if that was her name or how her mom addresses her but in this chapter, it is revealed to be her name.*

Tang Zheng worried the rest of the day whether he would receive the remaining balance and thought of many scenarios. Such as if the other treated him like a swindler and did not let the patient try the Life Continuing Pill or if the medicine worked but the person was shameless then he would truly want to cry, but no tears may come out.

"Why am I so silly, I should have clearly asked for the others contact information." He blamed himself

"Well, nothing I can do about it now. If I really can't get back that payment then I will think of another way but tomorrow is the last day, and I still do not know how to fish out the remaining eighty thousand dollars."

A large sum of money is enough to baffle a warrior or hero.

When nightfall approached, Tang Zheng once again put on his disguise and his hat as he walked towards the hospital.

Suddenly, the figure of the young housewife from yesterday entered his eyesight as she stood in front of Tang Zheng's spot yesterday, scanning all four sides, anxiously waiting for him.

The passersby couldn't help but give her several glances as she was simply to dazzling. It was at this time that Tang Zheng discovered that she not only possessed a mature charm on the outside but she also gave off a formless aura of high-class nobility, causing others to feel profound veneration for her.

But this time she was not alone, next to her was a small jade like little girl, who looked as if she was from the fairytales which immediately caused Tang Zheng to like her.

Once Mu Hongyan saw Tang Zheng, she immediately got excited and almost called out but then discovered that her attitude yesterday towards the Godly Doctor was simply too rude. She even actually doubted the Godly doctor and moreover she did not give enough money. What if the Godly Doctor had a strong sense of pride and her actions hurt his pride and he decided not to show up then wouldn't she die from regret? *TL: NAHHH, he just wants the money.*

So, when she saw Tang Zheng appear, shock and emotions surged within her, moreover emotions of gratitude followed.

She held her daughter's hands as she quickly walked towards Tang Zheng while differentially saying: "Godly Doctor, I finally get to meet you again. Thank you for saving my darling." Saying this, she actually got on her knees.

This scene simply attracted a lot of people's attention as several people stared on weirdly. Why was this beautiful housewife lady kneeling so solemnly in front of a man who was wrapped up like a bun? Was this a new show that was going on air?

Tang Zheng hurriedly pulled her up as stopping her. Her hand was simply too soft and delicate as if it was the world's finest piece of jade.

"I am absolutely not worthy."

"I really am grateful for Godly Doctor's aid; Godly Doctor at least accept this bow from me so I can properly express my gratitude." Mu Hongyan emotionally said. In this lifetime aside from her own parents she has never knelt for anyone else, but this time she wholeheartedly did so because, in her heart, Tang Zheng was a virtuous and prestigious Godly Doctor and a person at this level is definitely an old man hence she must kneel in front of seniority.

"There really is no need for this. If you continue, then I will just leave." Tang Zheng helplessly said.

"Then alright, the Godly Doctor benevolence and righteous simply awes others."

Tang Zheng was puzzled, when did I become benevolent and righteous? I just sold you a single Life Continuing Pill that's all. But then again, seeing the young housewife act like this he indeed was also moved to excitement as it indicates that his Life Continuing Pill did indeed work and that he no longer needed to worry about money.

"Mama, who is he?" Darling stared with her black eyes and asked curiously.

"He is Grandpa Godly Doctor, darling, hurry up and greet Grandpa Godly Doctor." Mu Hongyan taught.

Keke! *Coughing noise*

Tang Zheng nearly choked to death on his own saliva. Grandpa Godly daughter, am I THAT old?

"Grandpa Godly Doctor, are you ok?" Darling asked.

"I'm fine. You don't need to call me Grandpa Godly Doctor."

"But mama told me to call you Grandpa Godly Doctor. Good children listen to their mama's words." Darling maintained a serious expression as she said.

"This… well, I am actually not that old."

"Oh, then I will call you Brother Godly Doctor." Darling said with a smile.

"Nannan, you can not be rude." Mu Hongyan hurriedly admonished, "Senior, she is a child so please do not be angry at her words. I hope you do not mind."

"It's alright. I think calling me Brother is pretty good."

"Oh?" Mu Hongyan stared foolishly while internally saying: "Could it be that Senior Godly Doctor has the heart of a child?"

"Senior Godly Doctor, junior has not introduced herself, this junior is called Mu Hongyan, and it is through the blessings of three lifetimes that I was able to meet such an esteemed expert such as senior. Senior, the wind is cold here so is it alright to find a place to sit?" Mu Hongyan carefully suggested.

"This…" Tang Zheng originally wanted to leave after getting the money, so he did not expect the other to make such a suggestion,

"Brother Godly Doctor, can we sit for a bit? I want to stay with you a bit longer." The child lifted her jade like face, her eyes flashing as she spoke.

Looking at this jade like child, he was seriously unable to refuse hence he nodded his head in agreement.

Nannan excitedly clapped her hands and said: "Brother Godly Doctor is the best, Brother Godly Doctor is a good person."

Seeing her pure and cute appearance, Tang Zheng also felt incomparably cheerful as he smiled and said: "You are called Nannan?"

"Right, what is Brother Godly Doctor's name?"


"Nannan, you can not be rude and straight up ask a senior for their name."

Nannan seemed to understand and said: "Oh, then Nannan won't asked."

"Senior Godly Doctor, can we go over to the teahouse?" Mu Hongyan asked.

Tang Zheng nodded his head, and they went over to the teahouse. Suddenly, Tang Zheng discovered that a tiny hand clasped his and he saw that Nannan's left hand was holding onto her mother while her right hand was holding onto Tang Zheng, all the while her face had a content smile.

Mu Hongyan was scared pointless by her Darling's actions as she was deeply fearful that it may cause Tang Zheng to be unhappy as she hurriedly apologized: "Senior Godly Doctor, Nannan is still small, and child…"

Tang Zheng splayed his hand and said: "No harm done."

Mu Hongyan let out a breath of relief; he was indeed a virtuous senior, this broad and encompassing nature was not something ordinary people could possess.

But these three people paired together was indeed weird; Tang Zheng was wrapped up in bundles while Mu Hongyan and Nannan were like people who walked out of a fairytale, attracting many people's gaze.

But since the three were not ordinary people, they were indifferent to the fiery gazes of others and Mu Hongyan seeing that Tang Zheng's temperament was not ordinary felt even more cheerful and committed in her judgment of him.

Mu Hongyan ordered a top-notch tea and personally poured Tang Zheng a cup, who took a small sip. He saw that the other did not mention money and hence could not help but feel a bit anxious. He wanted to bring it up but if he were to directly do so that would be a bit awkward as Nannan was present making it hard for him to open his mouth.

"Senior, I was a bit offensive yesterday, so I will use tea in place of alcohol to apologize."

"You did not offend me, as it is only human nature, so there is no need for this." After she had called him senior, Tang Zheng felt that he suddenly gained a few years and felt a bit out of place.

"You do not need to be so reserved, as it just makes me feel like I am narrow-minded and petty." Tang Zheng said magnanimously.

Seeing that Tang Zheng did not really mind the issue, she did not continue to stress over it and said: "Yesterday night after I gave Nannan the Life Continuing Pill, the effects were extremely good and she had undergone a heaven-defying change in the morning when she woke up."

"Mama, is the Life Continuing Pill the very sweet smelling pill that I ate yesterday?" Nannan asked curiously.

"Yes, that pill was given by this Godly Doctor."

"Wa, Brother Godly Doctor, you are too amazing! That was the tastiest thing I have ever eaten before. Moreover, after I ate it, I discovered that my whole body became warm and incredibly comfortable."

Tang Zheng lightly nodded and faintly smiled: "It's good that you like it." But he unconsciously let out a sigh in his heart as he did not think that this small little girl would have such a difficult life that she would require the use of the Life Continuing Pill.

"Senior, I have a few questions that I would like to ask you, but I don't know if senior is willing to teach me?"

"This… as long as it is convenient, I will do my best to tell you."

"That Life Continuing Pill is very mysterious, how come only Nannan can smell it while others can't?"

"This…" When Tang Zheng heard the story, he already noticed this point as during the process of refining the Life Continuing Pill it did release a weird smell but afterward the smell was absorbed by the pill so that even Tang Zheng could not smell, so how could this little girl smell it?

"I am also not clear." Tang Zheng truthfully answered.

Mu Hongyan slightly felt disappointed as she did not believe that Tang Zheng did not know the reason but that it touched upon some secret that he did not want to reveal.

Hence, she asked her second question which was also her most concerned question.

"Senior Godly Doctor, is Nannan completely better from today forward?"

This time, Tang Zheng was not in a hurry to reply but turned to stare straight at Nannan who in turn stared right back at Tang Zheng. She then playfully stuck out her tongue at him.

Tang Zheng's eyebrows gradually congealed together as he shook his head and said: "No."

Mu Hongyan initially thought that her daughter was completely healed but did not expect that she was joyful over nothing. She looked as if she fell from heaven to hell as her expression turned ashen pale before she asked: "Senior, isn't this a life Continuing Pill? How come there is still some problem with Nannan?"

Tang Zheng initially refined the Life Continuing Pill for his grandfather and since his grandfather was already old, to be able to live another ten years was all Tang Zheng could ask for.

But ten years towards the four to five-year-old Nannan was not enough. After ten years she would only be in her teens, and at that time a youthful girl passing away would bring more pain and bitterness to the family.

"Please listen to me, this Life Continuing Pill can only extend one's life for ten years and can not let someone's life extend by one hundred years. Do you understand?"

"Ah, ten years? Just ten years?" The tea cup in Mu Hongyan's hand fell to the table, spilling tea all over. She was completely unable to image how she would handle losing Nannan ten years from now as this was completely incomprehensible to her right now.

"Moreover, Nannan's problem is not as simple as you think it is. The Life Continuing Pill can extend her life by ten years, but during this ten year period her body will suffer from torment." Tang Zheng's voice changed as his tone became lower.

"Torment?"  Mu Hongyan's eyes stared in widely as she felt that she was happy too early and that the situation was not what she expected it to be. "What kind of torment? Nannan is still a child, and she has already suffered a lot these past few years. She is still a child, so this shouldn't be happening to her."

Nannan's two hands supported her small face as she stared at the two people in confusion not really understanding what they are saying. However, from what she did catch on she said: "Mama, Nannan is not afraid of suffering as long as Nannan can stay by mama's side, Nana is not afraid no matter how much pain I feel."

Her face revealed a decisive look as if she was a small adult.

Seeing the bitter Mu Hongyan and the determined Nannan, Tang Zheng silently made a decision.

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