Chapter 68: Godly Doctor

Chapter 68: Godly Doctor 

Seeing Tang Zheng hesitate, the young housewife stood up and said: "Since you are unwilling then never mind."

"No, I agree, I will sell to you, but tonight you have first to pay twenty thousand dollars, and once you see the result, then you have to pay me the other one hundred and eighty thousand dollars." Tang Zheng did not have the heart to wait for another customer.

The young housewife seeing Tang Zheng so anxious, hesitated, as his expression was the same as a cheat, but she has always harbored that tiny thread of hope.

"When can I see the results for your Life Continuing Pill."

"You can see the results immediately tonight." Tang Zheng confidently answer, "So, tomorrow at this time, you will give me the remainder of the money."

Hearing these words, the cheat standing to the side stared foolishly, as he internally said that he initially thought that this little brother's skills were not good, but it seems like he was the real expert swindler as he could speak such confident words as if he, himself, completely believed them.

What is the highest level of a swindler? That is first to cheat yourself before you can cheat those in front of you. Tang Zheng has obviously reached this state of being an expert.

The young housewife fished out twenty thousand dollars, and Tang Zheng handed over a pill bottle with a single Life Continuing Pill inside. The transaction was completed, and Tang Zheng reminded: "This Life Continuing Pill is effective immediately and the results will be evident after a nights rest."

The young housewife distantly sighed as she felt her actions to be laughable, so she walked away without turning back.

Tang Zheng put the twenty thousand dollars in his pocket and seeing that the lady doesn't seem like a person who isn't faithful to their words so she would probably bring the rest of the money tomorrow night.

Aiya, shit, what if she doesn't bring the money?

I really should have left a method of contact. I was too focused on selling the pill that I forgot about this crucial point.

"Senior, please accept me as your disciple, I will always follow you." The swindler grabbed onto Tang Zheng's elbow as if he was a treasure trove as he emotionally said.

Tang Zheng was shocked and seeing the other treat him like a swindler, he bitterly smiled and explained: "I really am not a swindler."

"Right, senior is not a swindler, senior is an expert. Senior, please accept me as a disciple. I will work extremely hard."

Tang Zheng really did not have the heart to bicker anymore with the swindler and flung his sleeve out, saying: "You found the wrong person." Then hurriedly slipped away leaving behind the swindler who was regretfully stamping his feet.

Mu Hongyan walked up to her house still shaking her head with a bitter smile as she was simply too naive tonight to actually believe a swindler's words and spending twenty thousand dollars on some Life Continuing Pill.

She took out the pill bottle and inspected it. The pill bottle itself was of poor quality just screaming out that it was street vendor material, completely unfitting for something that went against the heavens like the Life Continuing Pill. The more she looked at it, the more she felt cheated.

"Whatever, if I got cheated then so be it. At least he gave a hint of hope." She opened the door and a heart-charming little angelic voice ring out.

"Mama, you are home."

A little girl charged over as if she was a fairy and leaped into her embrace.

"Darling, don't run so fast otherwise you will be tired easily." She hugged her daughter and pitifully said.

"Hehe, when daughter sees mama, daughter will not be tired." The little girl childishly said.

This is a girl who was around four to five years old, her features were like those of jade, causing her to resemble a doll but her face was white, white to the point of being abnormal. It could even be said that it was ashen white, a clear indicator that she was not healthy.

Mu Hongyan hugged her daughter and said: "How come you haven't slept yet when it's this late? Didn't I tell you to sleep early?"

"Daughter will listen to mama; daughter wanted to see mother before sleeping. Daughter is scared that when I sleep, I won't be able to wake up and will never see mama again." The child's two hands hugged her mother's neck as she intimately said.

Mu Hongyan heard this and felt tears unconsciously slide down her face as she said: "Darling don't be afraid, you will wake up, and my darling will always be well."

"Mama, don't cry. If you cry then you are not good. Mama said that good children don't cry. See, daughter is a good child, and so daughter won't cry. Mama is also a good child so mama also can not cry." The child reached out a small tender hand and said while wiping away her mother's tears.

Mu Hongyan sobbed quietly and nodded her head: "En, darling is a good child. Mama is also a good child. Mama won't cry… won't cry."

But the teardrop was just like a disconnected pearl as it slowly slipped down her face.

"Madam, don't be sad. Heaven helps the worthy. Darling is a good girl and is very cute so there must be a way." A servant maid Wu walked over as she comforted with red eyes.

"En, darling will definitely be better." Mu Hongyan said, but she did not dare believe her own words.

"Mother Wu, bring darling to rest please."

"No, I want to stay with mama for a bit longer. Darling loves being with mama the most." Darling intimately put her forehead on her mother's shoulders.

"Okay, then stay with mama for a bit longer before going to bed."

"Okay then. Mama, what are you holding, it is very sweet. It looks like it tastes very good." Darling suddenly pointed at the pill bottle in Mu Hongyan's hand.

"This… is nothing."

"But it smells very nice, could there be something good to eat inside."

"Smells nice?" Mu Hongyan revealed a suspicious face, "You really smell something sweet?"

"Ya, it really does smell nice. There must be something good in there. Right, right? Darling is very smart, so I must have guessed correctly." Darling clapped her hands and excitedly said.

Mu Hongyan's face was muddled as she did not smell a hint of sweetness so how could her darling smell something sweet?

"Darling, you sit for a bit." She took her daughter and put her on the sofa before standing with mother Wu to the side.

"Mother Wu, do you smell anything sweet from this pill bottle?"

"Madam, I don't smell the faintest thing. Just what is in this bottle?" Mother Wu weirdly asked.

"Mother Wu, you rest first, I will take care of darling and put her to sleep."

"Okay then Madam, don't sleep too late."

Mu Hongyan foolishly stared at the bottle, and an absurd thought sprang out within her mind: Could it be that the person wasn't a swindler and that the pill bottle does contain a Life Continuing Pill? But how come Mother Wu and I can not smell it but darling can?

So many unanswered thoughts raged through her mind.

"Mama, what are you doing, are you eating all the good stuff by yourself? Can daughter eat some? Daughter wants to eat some too?" The child was clearly acting pitiful as she spoke.

"Mama is coming, mama didn't eat anything good." Mu Hongyan looked at her daughter with a mixed of emotions, "Darling, there is some good stuff here, do you want it?

Her daughter heavily nodded her head and licked her lips, before hurriedly saying: "Daughter wants to eat it, this sweet smelling stuff must be good."

Mu Hongyan hesitated about whether she should let her eat it or not.

"Darling only has one more month left so even if I do not give it to her to eat, one month later she will leave this earth. What if this is poison? What happens if darling has even less time?"

"Even though swindlers may sell fake medicine, they would generally not make it into a poison otherwise they would incite trouble. So, even if this is not some Life Continuing Pill, it shouldn't be poison. But if my darling really eats it and has her lifespan cut short then I will definitely not let that swindler go."

A hint of strictness appeared in her eyes as she actually gave off an imposing aura without the intent.

"Darling, since you really want to eat it then mama will give it to you." Mu Hongyan poured the Life Continuing Pill into her palm. It looked just like a pearl since it was sparkling and translucent.

Her eyes lit up. This at least looks decent.

Wa, so sweet! I want to eat! I want to eat!" Her daughter couldn't wait any longer, grabbed the Life Continuing Pill and straight up ate it.

Mu Hongyan stared at her daughter, deeply fearful that it was nothing good but seeing her daughter relish in the taste, stretched a bit before speaking through her muffled mouth: "It tastes really good, really really really good."

She had on an expression of being unable to completely express herself and the tastes of it.

"Darling, do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?"

"Nope, daughter feels very comfortable as if my whole body is warm."

"You feel warm and comfortable?" Mu Hongyan incredulously asked, her daughter's small body was unique in that it was always cold and that she would rarely feel warm, but after eating this Life Continuing Pill she immediately felt a warm and cozy feeling, so how could she not feel shocked.

"Yea, daughter has never felt this kind of warmth before. Daughter is tired and really wants to sleep." Her daughter yawned and said.

"Okay, mother will take you to bed." Mu Hongyan hugged her daughter and entered her room, but discovered that her daughter had fallen asleep in her embrace, peaceful like a small angel.

“My darling must get better, if this Life Continuing Pill is real then that person is not a swindler but a Godly Doctor!”

She felt herself to be extremely fortunate that she would meet such a Godly Doctor at her most desperate moment. Moreover, she almost missed her chance and it would be the most regretful thing in her life.

"May the Heavens protect. May the Heavens protect." Both her hands were clasped together as she let out a smile as if she was relieved from a burden. In these past few years, she rarely smiled, but her smile was simply too stunning.

"The Godly Doctor said that the results would be evident in a night so tonight I will stay by my darlings side and must not let anything unexpected happen."

She carefully guarded her little angel and seeing her darling peacefully asleep, her ashen face had a trace of healthy red, while her body's sickness gradually disappeared.

Mu Hongyan stared with wide eyes as she did not let go of a single detail. She wanted to carve her daughter's transformation into her mind because this is the happiest moment of her life and this is also the most important time for her darling girl.

On this night, Mu Hongyan barely blinked and up until the sun lit up the sky and the sunlight shone inside upon her daughter's rosy red face as if she was bathing in saintly light.

Suddenly, her daughter opened her eyes and sweetly smiled. Mu Hongyan felt her heart melt as this smile completely dispersed the haze that filled her heart for several years as she also smiled from the bottom of my heart.

"Mama, you look very pretty when you smile."

"Darling, your smile is also very pretty."

"Then in the future daughter will smile more so that mama will also smile more for daughter likes to see mama smile."

"En, mama, will smile lots, so you also have to smile." Mu Hongyan hugged her daughter tightly to her bosom.

"This is all given to me by that Godly Doctor, tonight I must properly express my gratitude." She silently decided.

*TL note: For ??? (Mu Hongyan) her surname is Mu but Hongyan (??) literally means ‘beautiful lady'.

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