Chapter 67: Swindler

Chapter 67: Swindler

When Tang Zheng left, Fang Shishi happily returned to her room to rest while in another room, She Mengqin was in a rage at her husband, asking: "What's wrong with you today? How come you smiled at everything the kid said? Didn't you say that you would make him back off?"

Fang Chongguo shooked his head and bitterly smiled: "If I acted like you and was cold to him then how do you think our daughter would react? That would only serve to push her towards him, and that would not be a rational action. Just you wait, even though that kid acts as if he has no care in the world, right now his heart will be in tumult and confusion as he will realize just how big the gap between him and Shishi is."

"Just knowing is not enough, these kind of people who want to be a toad eating swan meat would not give up no matter what. This is especially true since our family's Shishi is so outstanding." She Mengqin said not letting the matter go.

"Of course I have a backup plan, I already contacted international universities, and after Shishi's high school exam I will send her away so that they will be separated. Then the only thing that follows is that they will naturally separate."

She Mengqin's eyes brightened as she said: "This is a good method. How come I didn't think about it?"

"You only think about violent methods and don't actively use your brain so how can you think of it?"

"Fine, you are the smart one in the family. Well, since you are so smart just what happened at school today?" She Mengqin suddenly wrinkled her eyebrows and asked.

Fang Chongguo's expression deepened as he said: "Just now, Shishi already told me what happened at school and it was purely the Qiao Family that went crazy. Heng, to dare slander my daughter, I will not let this matter rest."

"Right, to slander Shishi in front of so many people. Their family's Qiao Fei is made of gold but is our family's Shishi also not a treasure? You must get a proper accounting of this debt."

"You do not need to worry about this matter, as the only thing you should concern yourself with in this time period is Shishi. Remember not to act overly hasty otherwise, it will only incur her retaliation. Shishi this little girl seems weak but has her own point of view. Moreover, she is also a bit stubborn so if you follow her will then you will gain an unimaginable result." Fang Chongguo advised.

Qiao Family. It was brightly lit.

Madam Qiao already returned home as Deng Maocai naturally did not dare do anything to her and cautiously sent her back.

But she was anger to the extreme, while her anger towards Deng Maocai did not reach the point of blowing up another matter greatly angered her.

A student told her something that caused her to be flabbergasted. That yesterday night, Qiao Fei actually dared to make a move on that pretty transfer student.

This was simply a crucial piece of information as she initially believed that this matter was related to Fang Shishi but did not have any evidence.

But this piece of information was indirect evidence. For how could she not understand her own son's actions, but she did not think this was anything bad as a distinguished male was not a bad thing. Moreover, Qiao Fei had the ability and capital to do so; she even thought that it is the girl fortune to be looked upon by Qiao Fei.

But the girl's background was not simple as she was actually the young lady of the Fang Family and the Qiao Family's power may not be stronger than that of the Fang Family. If she were to reveal this information to the public, then it would cause the two families to become nemesis.

The student also revealed another important piece of information is that the male student by Fang Shishi's side is her boyfriend. Moreover, his skills are exceptional so Qiao Fei must have suffered under his hands.

Madam Qiao could almost envision the scene in her mind. She could see Qiao Fei making his move, but Tang Zheng somehow found out and then beat him so that he became the way he is today.

"Son, I will definitely not let your perpetrators get away scotch free. Even though I can not do anything to that little hussy, I am still able to deal with a background-less poor student.

"I want to make this poor bastard forever disappear from this earth. So, what if you are good at fighting, a single bullet is enough to deal with you."

Spending money to take someone's life is no big deal for someone who was rich especially since there are so many desperate criminals. It will quickly be taken care of as long as one is willing to spend money.

Of course, the Qiao Family can pay out this money, no matter how much it is.

When the sky lit up, the plan was speedily being developed. For the next two days, Tang Zheng's life was pretty simple, in the morning he went to class, and at night he took supplementary lessons. He carefully dealt with Liu Qingmei not letting her discover any more of his secrets.

But the more he was like this, the more curious Liu Qingmei was. Even so, she was neither hurried nor impulsive as she was prepared to slowly chip away at this castle Tang Zheng built.

Tonight, he once again asked to be dismissed from school as five days had passed and he must find a method to deal with the issue of his tuition. After all, one hundred thousand dollars is not a small sun and he was unable to fight in a match nor was he able to gamble, so he must find another method.

Even though he had many skills, he was unable to exchange it for money so after thinking left and right he finally discovered a method to make money and that was—— selling pills!

Right, he could sell the Life Continuing Pill.

The Life Continuing Pill was incomparably precious but it was temporarily useless for Tang Zheng, so that made it worthless to him, so why not take advantage of it?

But then again the Life Continuing Pill was simply too mysterious, so would other people believe him? To this question, he was not confident.

"Many wealthy people in this world fear death so they would be able to buy anything. There has to be someone who is willing to try it."

Nightfall. Tang Zheng wore a large hat and disguised himself as he sat at the entrance of the hospital, with a sign in front of him that says three words: Life Continuing Pill, two hundred thousand!

Two hundred thousand dollars for ten years of life was simply letting other people take advantage of him, but Tang Zheng did not dare set the price too high unless he scared away his customers.

But after squatting down and setting up his sign, he immediately attracted many weird gazes.

"Life Continuing Pill? F*ck, swindlers on JiangHu, don't even make an attempt at making their schemes seem real." Someone ridiculed.

Tang Zheng's expression did not change as he closed both eyes as if he did not hear, as there were murmurs of him being a swindler.

"It's even two hundred thousand dollars? Why don't you just rob someone? There is no need to look; this is definitely a cheat."

The crowd commented in succession, before quickly dispersing. After that, there was the occasional person who would glance over, but then each would shake their head before walking away.

A middle-aged peddler to the side, with bottles and jars of pills in front of him, finally couldn't stand it anymore and decided to walk over and give him some advice: "Little brother, this way you can not cheat any money. Even though there are a lot of people in this hospital, and there are sufficiently wealthy people, people these days are not stupid. Just look at me, I sell pills for sexual diseases, and it sells pretty well because it is trust worthy while your Life Continuing Pill, zeze, is too unreasonable. This is simply cheating too much. It seems like your skills are still lacking or maybe your master has never really taught you real skills in the art of peddling".

Tang Zheng looked at him but declined to comment for he was not a cheat and it was the other person who was the cheat.

"Little Brother, I advise you just to rest for the day and try another technique tomorrow for this is not how you are supposed to cheat." The other person patiently advised.

"Those who hope for it will fall for it." Tang Zheng lightly said.

"F*ck, it's not like everyone is stupid. Also, even a fool would not believe this." The other person did not know whether to cry or to laugh and simply shook his head, while internally saying that this person must have gone mad at the thought of money.

After the other's voice rang out, a pair of legs appeared before Tang Zheng, it was a pair of well-proportioned, beautiful and slender legs that had on black pantyhose.

"Life Continuing Pill, can it really extend one's life?" A charming sound rang out that would cause anyone who heard it feel their bones go weak.

The swindler swallowed his saliva and internally said could there really be a fool who took the bait? He hurriedly turned his head and saw a beautiful young housewife, staring straight at the three words "Life Continuing Pill."

A beauty!

An extremely beautiful housewife!

This youth was not only pretty, but she also possessed a mature charm that would cause any man to palpitate with eagerness. The swindler could not help but stare on.

The beauty did not acknowledge the swindler's gaze but continued to stare at the three words as if they contained some magical charm.

Tang Zheng internally said that the woman really was pretty and even though he has seen his fair share of beauty, they each had their own distinguishing qualities.

"Life Continuing Pill, of course, is able to extend one's life." Tang Zheng's was both resolute and decisive.

Suddenly, the woman shook her head and bitterly laughed, her gazes was filled with a stifled bitterness and melancholy as she muttered: "I actually almost believed this cheat. I really have gone silly."

"This is not a cheat, but a real and true Life Continuing Pill." Tang Zheng corrected.

Her eyes fell on Tang Zheng's body, and seeing how he was heavily disguised, even more so than a typical cheat.

The Life Continuing Pill was simply too precious and Tang Zheng understood the concept of the danger of harboring something precious so even though he was in dire need of money he would not reveal his identity, as he did not want to bring trouble upon himself.

She was prepared to walk away but upon hearing Tang Zheng, she stopped once more, internally saying: "You have already tried so many methods so what is one more?"

"This is obviously a cheat as how could there be a Life Continuing Pill in this world." Another sound range out.

"But what if, what if it was real. Then this would be able to save my darling babies life."

Thinking about her darling baby, her heart felt as if a knife was harshly stabbing into it causing pain to surface.

"For my darling baby, I will try once more." Carrying this minuscule chance, she squatted down.

Tang Zheng's eyes brightened as other people just smiled and walked away but she actually stopped and spoke so many words. Moreover, from her voice, she was in urgent need of this Life Continuing Pill.

Business has come!

Seeing her squat down, Tang Zheng was sure that she had the intention of buying. Since Tang Zheng finally got a willing customer, of course, he was unwilling to let her go.

"This Life Continuing Pill of yours cost two hundred thousand?" She asked.

"Right, not one cent less."

"What if you are a swindler?"

"I already said that I am not a swindler."

"Would a swindler say they are a swindler? Moreover, this is the first time I met you so how could I trust you."

"Then we can not do business." Tang Zheng understood the concept that if one wants to catch, then they must be willing to let go, "It is up to you."

Seeing Tang Zheng remain so calm she could not help but silently smile, swindlers these days sure are confident aren't they?

"I only have twenty thousand dollars on me. If you are not a swindler and it shows results, then I will pay you the other one hundred and eighty thousand dollars." She said.

"This…" Tang Zheng originally wanted to complete the transaction in one go, but the other didn't bring enough money.

The swindler on the side eyes brightened, ‘f*ck, you can cheat like that? Moreover, he got twenty thousand in an instant and is it that easy to cheat others nowadays?

Seeing Tang Zheng hesitate he wanted nothing more than to smack him. Little brother, twenty thousand dollars is not a small sum. I don't know how many pills I have to sell to earn that much money.

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