Chapter 66: Feast at Hongmen

Chapter 66: Feast at Hongmen

*TL note: this is in reference to the famous banquet that was set up with the aim of murdering one of the guests*

"Then you best remember the words you have just spoken and reply to others in the exact same way." Liu Qingmei advised.

Tang Zheng nodded his head: "Of course."

Tang Zheng could not help but sigh as Liu Qingmei was unexpected more intelligent than he thought as she was able to catch some inkling. The only thing is that she evidently sided towards him and that was definitely a good thing.

But then again, staying to close with sensitive women is not a good thing as Tang Zheng was worried that his secrets might be discovered hence he said: "Teacher Liu, can we not continue our supplementary lessons because I think I can review on my own?"

"No!" Liu Qingmei instantly rejected him as she has developed a bit of interest towards Tang Zheng and wanted to spend a bit more time trying to unravel the seal so that she can reveal his secrets and relish at accomplishing her goal.

Tang Zheng saw that the situation was bad and tried to escape but how could she let him succeed?

Their eyes met, and Liu Qingmei was persistent.

In the end, Tang Zheng conceded. He scratched at his aching head, if he knew earlier about what was going to happen then, he would not have agreed to take supplementary lessons. This time, he really did raise up a rock to smash down on his own feet.

"It seems like I need to be more careful in the future and hide things better."

"Teacher Liu, can he take a temporary break tonight? I want to bring Tang Zheng to my house to eat dinner." Fang Shishi suddenly said.

"Tonight…" Liu Qingmei looked deeply at the two and said: "Okay, I will make an exception this time." Then left.

"How come you are inviting me to your house so quickly?" Tang Zheng asked out of curiosity.

"Are you unhappy?"

Tang Zheng squeezed out a smile and said: "Of course I am happy."

"Don't be upset, it's just going to my house and not like you are entering a tiger den. Moreover, just look at how Madam Qiao acted so this matter will definitely not be put to rest so I must get my dad to make an appearance, so it will all depend on your performance tonight."

"I am so outstanding, and with a bit of acting I am sure to win him over." Tang Zheng boasted.

"Shameless, my dad's demands are pretty harsh, and he is very strict so don't become scared when the time comes."

"Relax, I have a lot of courage." Tang Zheng patted his chest and said.

"I know you have courage since you are Tang Zheng but let me tell you when Madam Qiao said that Qiao Fei became brain dead I was really shocked. Was your actions yesterday that heavy-handed?" Fang Shishi revealed her lingering fear.

Tang Zheng coldly snorted and said: "Making him brain dead is letting him get the easy bargain. I should have killed him for doing those kinds of things to you."

"Alright, don't be mad, maybe it's because he has done evil deeds that something causes evil things to fall upon him. Since he is now brain dead, he will never be able to harm another person. But you have to remember never to tell anyone about this matter otherwise, there will be complications."

"Of course I know that."

"Tonight, make sure to pay attention to my signals and find a good opportunity to act. You must behave in front of my father." Fang Shishi advised.

When class started, the two once again returned to class. The explosive news already started to settle down, and several people looked at Fang Shishi filled with intimacy.

When Madam Qiao commanded that the students be dragged away, Fang Shishi stood up with her back straight winning over the hearts of everyone in Class 7.

With this, Fang Shishi used the fastest speed to incorporate herself into the group, and this was even faster than Tang Zheng.

A small slip of paper suddenly appeared in front of Tang Zheng's desk.

"Did you do it?"

It was four simple words, but Tang Zheng clearly understood the meaning behind it as he twisted his head to look at the owner of this slip of paper only to see Ye Dingdang staring straight at him.

Tang Zheng returned the slip of paper without giving an answer, but the answer was already evident to Ye Dingdang. She has previously seen Tang Zheng confront a killer and that kind of decisiveness and fierceness was not something that ordinary people could possess.

Thus, she completely believed that Tang Zheng would do something like that, but she believed even more so that Tang Zheng would not act without a cause and that there is a reason for his every action.


Another slip of paper appeared in front of him. With these three simple words, his teeth unconsciously clenched together.

Of course, there was a reason, but this can not be revealed to other people as this was related to Fang Shishi's reputation, so he once again passed the slip of paper back.

Ye Dingdang wrinkled her eyebrow and coldly hmph, her expression revealed her dissatisfaction.

Tang Zheng pretended not to hear as he turned his gaze onto the blackboard as he listened to the teacher lecture.

Ye Dingdang looked at him in dissatisfaction then looked at Fang Shishi, saying internally: "Fang Shishi suddenly transferred class so this matter must be related to her. Just what did Qiao Fei do that caused Tang Zheng to be so furious?"

Her gossiping heart was ignited, but she could not come up with a conclusion as ordinary people would not think about the shameless actions Qiao Fei attempted.

This time, the news spread quickly through the online forums, and throughout the whole school, since this matter has been severely stirred up on a large scale. Moreover, the people involved were simple to eye-catching.

Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi undeniably became the focal point for the forum discussions as there were quite a few people who were jealous of Tang Zheng and his happiness. This added onto the fact that Fang Shishi transferred classes just for him caused quite a few people to call out the unfairness in the world and that how come such luck didn't fall upon them.

Additionally, there are now two campus belle in Class 7; one was Tang Zheng's girlfriend while the other was his previously rumored girl. This… simply indicates that they are in for a good show.

It is easy for conflict to arise between girls, especially pretty girls, moreover adding to this was that there is a man in between them which may cause this battle to become even more heated.

Being stuck in this situation would be hard for anyone to bear.

Many people harbored evil intentions as they silently cursed, hoping to see a good show.

While the people in question did not have these thoughts as at this moment, Tang Zheng was on the Fang Family's already getting ready for the feast.

Will this be another Feast at Hongmen?

Tang Zheng did not know, and even if it were not another Feast at Hongmen, this situation would not be easy to overcome. Even in this situation, his attitude was excellent in the sense that he was not worried and he would ‘counter soldier with arms, and water with the earth'' basically he would deal with the situation as it arises.

He did not bring any gifts as he was once again, poor, leaving him completely unable to buy anything. If he were to buy some cheap gift, then it would only make him into a laughingstock so it would be better if he just didn't buy anything.

So, he very gangsterly brought himself to another family's feast. *TL ORRRR: So, he went to another family's feast in a gangsterly manner (fashion).* LMAOOO

"Don't bear any burdens by yourself because you have me." Fang Shishi tightly held his hand and comfortingly said.

"I don't have any burdens." Tang Zheng lightly said.

Fang Shishi seriously looked at him and discovered that he was not lying, causing her to be unable to restrain herself from tapping his forehead and saying: "It seems like I was worrying over nothing and that your heart is simply too all encompassing."

"Hehe, this is called strategic respect for my opponent, and tactical dismissal for my opponents as well."

"You even upgraded on theory. You and your glib tongue." As Fang Shishi looked at him not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

When the car arrived, Fang Shishi grabbed onto Tang Zheng's elbows as they walked into the splendid mansion. She once again adopted the image of a devoted daughter as if to use this method to declare her decision or maybe it was her method of counter-attacking her mother.

When She Mengqin saw the two acting all intimate, her originally unhappy expression immediately dropped to the freezing point, as she straight up charged over.

Fang Shishi acted as if she did not see her expression and walked directly in front of her parents, naturally and unrestrainedly saying: "Dad, mom, this is Tang Zheng."

"Greetings to uncle and aunt!" Tang Zheng refined and courteously said.

She Mengqin coldly hmph, not even deigning to put on a friendly expression. Fang Shishi pouted her mouth in dissatisfaction as she then looked towards her father.

Fang Chongguo nodded his head almost indifferently and said: "Little Tang, come. Take a seat and rest for a bit."

Hearing this Fang Shishi revealed hints of excitement, her father was indeed several times better than her mother. She sweetly smiled at her father and then pulled Tang Zheng to sit down.

"Little Tang, how are your studies at school?" Fang Chongguo acted like a senior and affably asked him.

"Going well." Tang Zheng said with a smile.

Fang Chongguo smiled but did not reply, not continuing to ponder this question.

"Little Tang, who else is in your family?"

"My family only consist of my grandfather and me."

Fang Chongguo smile became even wider.

"Little Tang, what plans do you have for the future?"

"I currently do not have any plans."

Fang Chongguo's smile became increasingly concentrated, and he did not mention the question again.

"Little brat, this man is very crafty." Tian Chanzi suddenly said.

Tang Zheng was slightly shocked as he said: "Why would you say that?"

"Did you not grasp the meaning of these three questions?"

Tang Zheng's heart moved, although the three questions seemed simply they contained very deep meanings. The first question was about his studies, and he was last place, so this was a fact that She Mengqin would have long since looked into yet Fang Chongguo stilled asked it, showing that he sincerely wanted to embarrass Tang Zheng.

The second question was about his family, and Tang Zheng's family consisted of two poor people, which compared to the Fang Family were like the heaven and earth. So, this was once again another strike at him.

The third question was about the future and Tang Zheng truthfully replied and revealed that he was only seriously considering the high school exam at this point while also trying to raise his cultivation level as fast as possible. But as for the rest, he did not have any plans.

The three questions formed a gradual progression that revealed one's true soft and hard powers, or one's influence and strength. For an outsider, Tang Zheng would seem like he has no strength hence the three questions were asked to make one feel inferior and force one to retreat.

But, Fang Chongguo does not know of Tang Zheng's identity as a cultivator, so the three questions the secular world places emphasis on has completely no effect on him whatsoever, so he did not develop any sense of inferiority, nor did he suspect Fang Chongguo's intentions.

Tian Chanzi, on the other hand, was experienced and immediately saw through Fang Chongguo's intentions.

At first, Tang Zheng had a good impression of Fang Chongguo, but after Tian Chanzi's explanation, he realized that Fang Chongguo was vastly worse than She Mengqin to deal with as She Mengqin would wear her expressions on her face while Fang Chongguo kept it hidden.

He was a man who hides his thoughts behind a smile, just like a tiger who wears a grin!

This was Fang Chongguo.

Tang Zheng unconsciously felt a wave of hopelessness as this was indeed another Feast at Hongmen.

Fang Shishi completely did not expect her father's question to be that deep and meaningful. She only saw that her father's smile become increasingly larger and that Tang Zheng maintained a pleasant countenance that was neither servile nor overbearing. With this, she thought that things were going to succeed.

"If I knew that father would be so easy going then I would have brought Tang Zheng to our house even earlier."

After that, Fang Chongguo did not bring up any more questions but cordially invited Tang Zheng to eat more. If it wasn't because Tang Zheng knew his intentions he may have actually been deceived by his cordial action.

After dinner was over, Fang Shishi enthusiastically brought Tang Zheng on a tour of her house as if she was a small angel for at this moment she felt incomparably happy and that everyone was within grasp.

Seeing her happy expression, Tang Zheng did not make clear her father's intentions, and that in reality, happiness was still out of reach. But even so, he did not give up.

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