Chapter 65: Unable to see through

Chapter 65: Unable to see through

"Police Chief Deng, what do you mean?" Madam Qiao incredulously asked.

Deng Maocai gave her a look, saying how come this person just won't listen. I just told you to shut up and that I will make the decisions.

However, he did not say his thoughts aloud as the Qiao Family was still not an ordinary family in Chang Heng City.

"Everyone speak their piece. Just what is going on here?" Deng Maocai still did not greet Liu Qingmei and Tang Zheng and pretended to act impartially.

Madam Qiao already discovered that something was not right, but she still said: "My son was attacked and injured last night. I suspect that it is related to that female student."

Deng Maocai's eyes flashed as he turned to look at Fang Shishi and silently said that she was pretty before asking: "Student, can you tell me what you were doing last night?"

"Last night I was with him." Fang Shishi calmly said.

Deng Maocai then gave Tang Zheng a look and nodded his head, noting down what she said before saying: "Then do you know how Qiao Fei was injured?"

"How would I know?"

"No, she's lying." Madam Qiao immediately shouted.

"You sure are speaking with reason, and everyone else is a liar. Don't think that you are all high and almighty." Liu Qingmei coldly said.

Deng Maocai looked at Liu Qingmei and discovered that her brow was furrowed up in anger, even more so than the last time they were at the police station. He felt his heart thump and thought that if she really were to burst in rage then he really might be done for so he hurriedly said: "This teacher speaks to reason and since both sides speak the same words and there is no substantial evidence, I think it would be best that we wait for Qiao Fei to wake up before speaking again. He will know for sure how he got injured."

The principal interrupted: "Yes, everything will be made clear once Qiao Fei wakes up."

Fang Shishi's gaze jumped as she anxiously looked towards Tang Zheng but Tang Zheng's expression did not change and he used his gaze to comfort her.

Madam Qiao originally wanted to take care of this business before her son woke up but seeing that Deng Maocai was not helping she realized that things had undergone a series of unforeseeable changes. Full of unwillingness she stared at Fang Shishi and said: "Just you wait, when my son wakes up, it doesn't matter who the culprit is, they won't think of escaping."

Ding ling ling!

The bell rang out and her phone rang. After she listened to the content of the call her face abruptly changed as she asked: "Are you speaking the truth? My son is brain dead…"

She went into a daze while holding her phone as if someone used the Body Lock Technique, looking to be without a soul.

After other people heard that Qiao Fei was brain dead, this… absolutely became explosive news!

There were a lot of people who did not like Madam Qiao's action and had already exclaimed their cheering.

Well deserved!

Who told you to be so overbearing, thinking you are number one under heaven. Now you should cry, no, crying won't do you any good right now.

Madam Qiao did not cry. Her whole universe had collapsed and she released a loud, penetrating roar: "I want to kill you to avenge my son!" Then she charged straight at Fang Shishi.

Tang Zheng stood in front of Fang Shishi, and with a wave of his hand she was pushed to the side before fiercely slamming into the ground.

But she immediately got up and charged again as if she had gone crazy. Her expression was violent as if the devil possessed her.

"Will the police just watch with wide eyes as she brazenly commits violence?" Liu Qingmei asked.

Deng Maocai finally recovered, and that Madam Qiao has severely hoodwinked him. He saw the madness in her eyes and knew that she has temporarily lost all reason, so he hurriedly ordered his two underlings: "Restrain her."

"Restrain me? Do you dare to restrain me? Do you know who I am? With one word from me I can strip the skin from your bodies." Madam Qiao bared her fangs and brandished her claws and one policeman who was not careful had the skin on his face ripped off leaving blood streaks behind. Even so, she was still not the police's opponent and was quickly restrained.

"Attacking policemen is against the law." Liu Qingmei lightly said.

Deng Maocai was frightened into a shock. Liu Qingmei was finally angry, and this was the tempo to deal with Madam Qiao, but for Deng Maocai both parties are not people he can afford to offend. He is only able to protect himself if he were to act impartially under the law.

Moreover, Tang Zheng also has a grip on his weakness and even if he did not give Liu Qingmei face he still can not provoke Tang Zheng.

"Take her away; this is a school and not a street market. What a scandal it is to make a ruckus here." Deng Maocai strictly spoke and saw Madam Qiao's vixen face he immediately came to a realization that Madam Qiao and Liu Qingmei are from entirely different class.

From the beginning, Liu Qingmei was like a phoenix observing from up above while Madam Qiao, even though she was good at clamoring, was just a chirping sparrow in comparison.

"What are you guys doing? Let me go! I want to avenge my son!" Madam Qiao shouted.

Upon seeing this, the principal said: "Police, this is all a misunderstanding. Can you not take her away?"

In the end, Madam Qiao's identity was unique and for her to just be taken away like that by the police would put him in a difficult position.

Deng Maocai, on the other hand, would not listen as he steel face and impartially said: "Take her away. Since she hurt other people are you going to take responsibility? Moreover, she even attacked a police officer so she must be taken away. Let's go; we will return to the police station."

"Why haven't you taken away my son's attacker! Take that little slut away! I want her to wish she was dead than alive!" Madam Qiao was still roaring causing Deng Maocai's face to become increasingly ugly, as for how can a person's vision be so terrible as not to read the situation.

"We will be leaving first." Deng Maocai respectfully said to Liu Qingmei and even though he did his utmost to resist himself, an insightful person would be able to tell that he was rather differential to Liu Qingmei.

The ruckus that was created was so loud that there were already several people congregating around the doorways and windows quite a few of whom looked at Liu Qingmei with a complicated gaze.

No one knew much about Liu Qingmei aside from the fact that her personality was cold and that she did not like to interact with people, giving off a sense of being distant but never would anyone have thought that she would have an extremely powerful background.

But today, based on Deng Maocai's reaction, it can be seen that her origins were quite big.

Within the crowd, the person who was feeling the most complicated was Wu Cuihong.

In this whole mess, she played the part of pushing the boat with the current in hopes of using it to her advantage. All she wanted to see was Madam Qiao's atrocious behavior causing Liu Qingmei to look bad and to Wu Cuihong she was full of anticipation and even thought that the more chaotic and crazy things become the better it would be.

But in the end what developed only opened her eyes, the police that Madam Qiao called ended up not helping her but also aided in taking her away.

This world was simply too crazy and she was unable to understand what just happened.

In the end, seeing Deng Maocai's attitude towards Liu Qingmei, Wu Cuihong finally realized that the police's weird reaction was all because of Liu Qingmei!

"Who is she and why does she have so much power?"

The fear and apprehension within Wu Cuihong's heart started to grow as her conflict with Liu Qingmei was not something that began in a day or two but was a well-known secret. At first, Wu Cuihong believed that she could use her superiority to repress Liu Qingmei but little did she know that her background was so large.

"Oh shit, what if she came looking for revenge?"

Wu Cuihong's emotions fluctuated significantly as her face immediately turned ashen and her soul felt like it left her. Her part in pushing the boat with the current did not end in the way she thought it would.

The other person who had a hundred feelings welling up within himself is Gao Dazhi. He has always paid attention to the development of the situation and when he heard that Qiao Fei was injured yesterday he immediately thought that it was related to Fang Shishi because he was the only one who knew of Qiao Fei's movements.

Not only did Fang Shishi injure Qiao Fei, but there was also another person involved and that was Tang Zheng! He wanted nothing more than to charge up and say that Tang Zheng was the perpetrator but when the whole class did not speak he could not possibly stand out otherwise he would become public enemy number one. Then in the future, he would not be able to stay around in Class 7.

The situation developed way out of his expectations and Qiao Fei ended up becoming brain dead. This truly scared him and he could not help but sneak a glance at Tang Zheng only to discover that his face was normal as if he was not related to this incident but Gao Dazhi was clear that it had to be Tang Zheng.

He was able to make Qiao Fei brain dead.

Gao Dazhi's heart trembled as fear involuntarily rose up within his heart as if a savage tiger was staring at him, ready to pounce and swallow him whole at any given time.

"No, this won't do. I can't sit and await death. The issues between Tang Zheng and I can not be dissolved and right now Qiao Fei has been done in. The next person could be me so I must do something!"

"Right, I can tell Madam Qiao the truth and she will not let Tang Zheng go even if there is no solid evidence. They will use everything in their power to get revenge for Qiao Fei."

Gao Dazhi's eyes flashed as if he were grabbing at loose straws, the corners of his mouth revealed a sardonic smile.

When all the ruckus died down and the crowd dispersed, Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi were called out by the teacher to talk downstairs.

Liu Qingmei stared fixedly at the two; Tang Zheng was calm as if nothing happened while Fang Shishi still pretty and trying to remain calm revealed a hint of peculiarity written between her brows.

"This matter is definitely related to them!" She finally gave the verdict internally.

But then again, Qiao Fei being brain dead was something that shook her to the core. The methods used was simply too vicious and her eyes fell on Tang Zheng as if she wanted to penetrate into the deepest part of him and to see everything.

It was extremely peculiar to be able to maintain the level of calmness and cool-headedness but Tang Zheng was able to do so.

"Is this matter related to you guys?" Liu Qingmei finally asked.

Fang Shishi felt her heart tremble as she unconsciously gripped down on Tang Zheng's hand. Tang Zheng blankly lifted up his head, looked Liu Qingmei in the eyes and said: "Teacher Liu, you can't possibly joke about matters such as these."

"So what you are saying is that you two are unrelated to this?"

"Of course we have no connections to this. We are students so how could we do something like that." Tang Zheng realized that lying was an innate gift given to him by God, as his face did not turn red, nor did his heart rate increase, seeming as if there was not a single bit of difference than if he were speaking the truth.

Today, his ability to control his body was amazing. As long as he did not want to reveal something about himself, then no one can discern it.

Liu Qingmei discovered that she could not help but reevaluate Tang Zheng as even though she already found that he was hiding his strength when testing, that was not what amazed her. What amazed her was that Tang Zheng's display today was simply amazing as he was able to maintain his composure after so much has occurred. This made her unconsciously recall the events that happened at the police station a while back.

Could it be that he was acting that time too?

She suddenly discovered that she was unable to see through him, causing her to feel a bit melancholy as she was unable to see through a little boy.

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