Chapter 64: The so called “rescue soldier”

Chapter 64: The so called “rescue soldier”

Fang Shishi did not make a move to retreat or to avoid as under this kind of attack she was unable to do anything even if she wanted to, leaving her completely at the mercy of the other.

But she was not the least bit scared, not even the inkling of fear, instead she was full of courage because behind her stood a person, a person she can trust her life too——Tang Zheng!

Now, when Madam Qiao burst into the room the two were already able to deduce that it must be related to Qiao Fei but when they saw that Madam Qiao wanted to hurt her classmates, Fang Shishi stood up.

When the bodyguard's large hands were upon her shoulders, a hand suddenly shot out. The bodyguard felt as if his hand had hit a piece of steel when he suddenly shot backward, and a burning hot pain emanated from his hand, and his bone felt as if it was going to snap.

Tang Zheng already stood up and stared straight at the bodyguard. They exchanged gazes when the bodyguard roared: "Who are you?"

"Scram!" Tang Zheng roared in a low voice as the other was not even a martial artist, so he did not even feel like making a move.

The bodyguard, on the other hand, was feeling a different set of emotions. He discovered from Tang Zheng's body a powerful aura and even though he looked just like the other students, he felt apprehensive of him at heart, causing him to be confused.

"How come you aren't making a move?" Madam Qiao asked.

The bodyguard knew that he couldn't stay still so he attacked again, his fist charged straight at Tang Zheng.

No one clearly saw what happened exactly, but the bodyguard lightly fell as if he were a dead fish.

Madam Qiao finally realized that things weren't going well when she shouted: "Fine, you dare hit people. Hurry and grab that girl and guy student!"

The other bodyguard charged forward, but when he was faced with Tang Zheng, his momentum stopped as he limply fell to the ground like a dead fish.

Everyone stared with wide eyes as they looked at Tang Zheng like he was some alien. This was the first time they saw Tang Zheng make a move and it couldn't help but shake their world because they did not see Tang Zheng make a move, so the only word that rang out in their mind is: Expert!

Teenagers only worship the strong and seeing this sight caused several people to cheer. Madam Qiao's face turned ashen white because no matter how stupid she could be she realized that she had messed up now.

"Little brat, you dare hit people! I will have you expelled!" Madam Qiao tried to put on a strong face and said.

Tang Zheng disdainfully looked at her, completely not acknowledging her.

A strange light flashed past Liu Qingmei's eyes as her gaze fell upon Tang Zheng before she once again stared at Madam Qiao and said: "You bring people to school to create a mess so don't you dare try to leave. This matter must be reported and taken care of by the police."

"Haha, call the police? Fine, someone hurt my son, Qiao Fei, and now he is laying in the hospital. I just also want to call the police." Madam Qiao no longer had support and she was deeply fearful that the crowd of students would not fear the heavens and attack so when she heard that they wanted to call the police she was all for it.

"You can't call the police." Suddenly, the principal walked in and anxiously curbed the crowd, "Everyone's our people, and this was all a misunderstanding so we must make it clear."

The principal felt a headache coming as he was elected by the school board so of course, he could recognize Madam Qiao, hence why he did not want this matter to become even larger than it already is.

"Who is the same people like her. Principal? She brought people to the school to find trouble, and these kinds of individuals should be severely punished." Liu Qingmei said, getting right to the point.

The principal bitterly smiled and said: "Teacher Liu, calm down first. This is Qiao Fei's mother, and the Qiao Family is part of the school board so how could she bring men to create trouble in the school? This is merely a misunderstanding, and moreover, based on my understanding, Qiao Fei is indeed injured and in the hospital. So, that is why Madam Qiao is acting so anxiously."

"Qiao Fei is at the hospital?" Liu Qingmei said. Of course, she has heard of Qiao Fei's name, the illustrious Qiao Family, and how his grades were extremely good but based on some rumors there are lots of students who are afraid of him.

"My student was injured after school was let out and I believe a student is responsible for it. That student happens to be the biggest suspect, and moreover, that male student dared to hurt someone, and these kinds of students should be expelled." Madam Qiao looked at the principal, here aura blazing, both hands were crossed at her waist, as she said domineeringly.

The principal looked at Fang Shishi, and his forehead started to burst out into a cold sweat as if it were another student then he may have some authority but Fang Shishi was not someone to be messed with. After all the Fang Family was also a member of the school board so he could not afford to offend them. For this reason, he hurriedly said: "Madam Qiao, there must be a misunderstanding here."

Seeing that the principal was bias towards the other, Madam Qiao was angered as she internally said that after today she must get him to scram and find a replacement that was more obedient.

"Misunderstanding? Then I will wait for the police to come investigate." Saying this she suddenly made a phone call and loudly said: "Station Chief Deng, I am at Peng Cheng International School, can you please make a trip. There is some matters I need you to take care of. Good, I will wait for you."

After hanging up, she disdainfully looked at the crowd and said: "The police will immediately arrive, so you all just hold on."

The principal, patted down his forehead which was bursting with cold sweat and said: "Madam Qiao, there is no need to involve the police in this kind of thing as we can solve it ourselves."

"Heng, I do not need you to take care of it. The police will take care of it now. Let me tell you before the police arrive, the female and male student can not leave. Today you must give me an accounting of this matter."

"Principal, letting this kind of people create trouble in the school is simply destroying our school's reputation." Liu Qingmei said.

The principal gave a bitter smile and said: "Teacher Liu, it's better to speak fewer words."

Seeing this kind of deadlock, Fang Shishi quietly said: "What do we do?"

"Don't worry; they don't know anything so they can't do anything." Tang Zheng consoled.

"How about I call my family? Since the Qiao Family want to bully others with strength, I will have them know that my family is not easy to bully." Fang Shishi said.

Yesterday night, Fang Shishi was a victim, but today Madam Qiao came in making a ruckus as if Fang Shishi was the perpetrator, which caused her to feel greatly angered.

As for what happened last night, she did not want to bring it to light as it is in the end not something good and concerned her innocence. Even if nothing happened, for those who heard they would assume that something did and wild rumors will break out.

"There is temporarily no need for that. They have no play so even if the police come it will all be for naught. In a bit, I will say that the two of us were together so they would have no way." Tang Zheng said.

"Oh, I understand."

Ye Dingdang saw the two whispering and suspiciously asked: "What are you two muttering about?"


"Just what happened to Qiao Fei?"

"Who knows." Tang Zheng shrugged his shoulder and pretended not to know while he clearly understood what happened to Qiao Fei.

"You two, come over here." The principal waved towards Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi.

The two walked over, and the principal sincerely said: "Yesterday, student Qiao Fei was injured, do you know who did it?"

"Don't know."

Tang Zheng bluntly said.

"No one asked you, you little brat." Madam Qiao berated while staring at Fang Shishi and said: "Where did you do last night?"


"Heng, you didn't do anything? Liar, hurry and speak the truth otherwise you will suffer later." Madam Qiao threatened.

The principal seeing the situation advised: "Madam Qiao, they are still child so we should have a better attitude."

Madam Qiao stared at the principal not knowing why his attitude was so abnormal as if he ate the wrong medicine since he kept being bias towards others.

"Since she said she did nothing then she did nothing." Liu Qingmei said.

"Kids these days speak lies as if it's the truth if I believe her then pigs can climb trees. Let me ask you; you said that you didn't do anything bad but do you have a witness?"


"She was with me yesterday so I can be her witness." Tang Zheng said.

Liu Qingmei gave Tang Zheng a weird look as she was thinking how he was clearly taking supplementary lessons with her yesterday so how could he be with Fang Shishi. Still, she did not reveal that hole in their play.

"The two of you were together?" Madam Qiao stared straight at Tang Zheng.

How could Tang Zheng possibly be threatened by her gaze as he lightly said: "Yes."

"Now you have nothing to say, wrongly accusing my students. I want to sue you for slander."

"It's not for sure who is wrongly accusing. When the police arrive, we will know." Madam Qiao did not want to end things here as she must find out who was the main culprit for injuring her son. Therefore, when her son wakes up, she will be able to dissolve the hatred within her heart.

When her words rang out, several police walked over, waving their hands and saying: "Make way, make way, why are you all gathered here?"

"Police Chief Deng, you came just at the right time. My houses, Qiao Fei, was injured last night and is currently at the hospital. I believe it is related to this female student." Madam Qiao straightforwardly said.

"Just with which eyes did you see Fang Shishi injure your son?" Liu Qingmei angrily asked.

"Heng, this kind of thing without even seeing one would know. Police Chief Deng, take them away, then make a detailed investigation." Madam Qiao pointed and commanded.

Deng Maocai initially thought this was a small matter but upon seeing Liu Qingmei, he immediately recognized her as she is a beauty who is rarely seen and the last time they met she gave him a deep impression.

Back then it was he who played a significant role in Qiao Fei's plan to frame Tang Zheng, and it was only by having his subordinate Liu Gang take the blame was he able to maintain his position as Station Chief. The key point was that he was even caught having sexual intercourse with another woman by Tang Zheng.

Never would he thought that when he was called over by Qiao Fei's mother that he would once again see Liu Qingmei.

"F*ck, how can I be so unlucky? The Qiao Family is my unlucky star. This old one is still recovering and hasn't done any evil deeds in a while when they came knocking again."

Several days ago, Deng Maocai was anxious and frightened worried that Tang Zheng would release his incriminating photos until he realized that there were no movements and guessed that the other was weak willed and let him go. This caused him to rejoice internally.

Suddenly, Deng Maocai's eyes constricted as he saw Tang Zheng and he felt his heart beat, ba-dump, how can I be so unlucky and why is it him again?

Keke! *TL: coughing noise*

Deng Maocai gave off two loud coughs to cover up his internal shock as he pretended to maintain calm and said: "The police only act on evidence and not based off of words said. So this matter we will investigate carefully and do not need others telling up what to do."


Madam Qiao was not an idiot and could clearly tell that Deng Maocai was not taking her side and went blank for a moment.

Did the sun rise from the west? How come the "rescue soldier" she called was not acting as she commanded?

Immediately, her anger once again soared high.

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