Chapter 63: Scram

Chapter 63: Scram

Fang Shishi's decisive decision to leave Class 1 for Class 7, was undoubtedly a fierce slap in the face for Wu Cuihong who previously made clear her contempt and disdain for Class 7. However, today, one of her most excellent student took the initiative to transfer into Class 7.

This was a resounding smack in her face!

Wu Cuihong's anger was scorching as she had the urge to kill someone, causing the whole class to tremble in fear, afraid of implicating themselves.

Suddenly, Wu Cuihong's gaze fell onto another empty seat—— Qiao Fei's.

"Where is Qiao Fei?" She asked without any good tone.

After a moment of silence, someone finally carefully replied: "Qiao Fei didn't come to class today."

"He didn't come?" Wu Cuihong's face became increasingly ashen, but she did not give it another thought. Qiao Fei was not only the class representative he was also from a wealthy family so even if he wanted to ditch class she did not have the ability to do anything to him.

"This period will be left for self-studying." Wu Cuihong ultimately did not want to give a lecture as she coldly threw down this one phrase before leaving the room.

Exactly at this moment, a graceful noble-like middle aged lady with makeup walked in, with two robust men following behind her as she loudly spoke: "Not a single person is allowed to leave."

Of course, Wu Cuihong would recognize this person as she was Qiao Fei's mother. Hence she quickly scurried over and forcibly squeezed out a thing smile before saying: "Madam Qiao, why have you come today?"

Madam Qiao coldly looked at Wu Cuihong, as she spoke with an ashen face: "You are also not allowed to leave!"

Wu Cuihong was momentarily shocked. Since she did not know why the others anger was so great she hurriedly said: "Madam Qiao, did something happen?"

"Of course something happened! Something big happened! Someone grew a lofty ambition and a leopard's guts, to actually dare hurt my son. I will uncover this person's identity!" Madam Qiao's killing intent surged.

Upon hearing her, Wu Cuihong was scared and worriedly asked: "Is Qiao Fei injured? Is his injury serious? What is going on here?"

"I was just about to ask you that? Aren't you his teacher? Yesterday, after school he did not come home, and it was only today that he was discovered injured and in a coma. He is still currently recovering." Madam Qiao sternly said.

Wu Cuihong was internally saying, how this was none of her business but if she were to say it, then she would only be adding oil to the fire. So, she said: "Qiao Fei's injury worries me too so we should first make clear what happened. I remember that he was still well yesterday after school was out."

"Then it must have happened after school. You are his teacher, so I will trust you. If this matter is not solved, then no one is allowed to leave the class." Madam Qiao's demands were rude and unreasonable causing everyone to feel angry as they glared at her.

"What are you staring at? My son is injured, and you guys are all suspects. If any of you know the truth, then hurry up and speak otherwise you will not be able to bare the results!"

"Do you even speak reason? It wasn't us who injured Qiao Fei so based on what right are you questioning us?" Someone refuted.

"Based on what? Heng, based on the fact that my family is on the school board. Anyways, today if the truth is not revealed then don't even think about leaving the classroom."

Wu Cuihong felt a headache coming, after Fang Shishi's matter, something else arises. Could it be that this year is unlucky for her? How come there are so many troublesome things that happen to her?

She forcibly suppressed her rage as she said: "Madam Qiao, this must be some sort of misunderstanding. Fellow students, please do not be angry, and try to cooperate a bit. Everyone, think back to yesterday and whether anyone saw Qiao Fei.

Yesterday, Qiao Fei intentionally avoided everyone so how could he possibly be seen by his fellow classmates?

Seeing everyone shake her head, Madam Qiao's mood became worse believing that everyone was simply not being cooperative as she said: "Don't believe that I am incapable of dealing with you bunch of students. I will interrogate each and every one of your individually."

"We aren't criminals, so you have no right to interrogate us." Students were also full of vigor, and were also loved by their family so how could they bear to stand this kind of attitude directed towards them. So, they each rose up in defiance causing the atmosphere to become tense.

But Madam Qiao was completely not scared as she tyrannically stared at them, and suddenly her eyes fell on the two empty chairs. One of them was her son but what about the other one? This indicates that not everyone in the class was present.

"Call every one of your students. You are not to lack even a single one. There must be someone in the crowd who knows what is going on." Madam Qiao ordered as if Wu Cuihong was one of her underlings.

"These are all our students."

"Lies, there are clearly two empty chairs."

"Oh, the other empty chair is the student who just transferred to another class."

"Just transferred? How come they were in such a rush to transfer. Something must be wrong; maybe my son's injury is caused by her? Let's go, find me that student." Madam Qiao's eyes brightened as if she saw the light.

Wu Cuihong originally wanted to advise against it, but suddenly a thought came to her. Since Fang Shishi was not one of her students then why should she speak up for her? Maybe it would be even better if Madam Qiao went and created a mess so that it would throw all of Liu Qingmei's face. This was simply killing two birds with one stone!

"That student transferred to Class 7."

"Class 7, the worst class?" Madam Qiao said in astonishment as even she has heard of Class 7's reputation, "There is definitely something suspicious. Those who transfer into Class 7 can not be any good student, and my son's injury must be related to her. Let's go to Class 7."

The three people angrily rushed to Class 7, and Wu Cuihong happily tagged along. The other students watched and were all thinking which scene were they were acting out."

Liu Qingmei was in the middle of giving a lecture but heard the ruckus coming from outside when her classroom door was heavily pushed open, and smashed right into the wall, creating a loud noise.

Liu Qingmei's eyebrows jumped up as she stared unkindly at the door only to see Madam Qiao bringing two large men into the room.

"Get out! I am teaching!" Liu Qingmei said without any good tone.

Madam Qiao looked at Liu Qingmei and unconsciously felt inferior, at her age, she hated seeing other people who were younger than her and those that were prettier than her, but without a doubt, Liu Qingmei was both younger than her and also pretty to causing her to look like a dried up twig.

Thus, she did not give Liu Qingmei any face as she said: "You still want to think about lecturing? Don't even! Hand over the student who just transferred in."

Liu Qingmei was inwardly flabbergasted, just who was this crazy woman and why did she want Fang Shishi?

"Who are you?" Liu Qingmei asked.

"Heng heng, who am I? I am someone you can not afford to provoke. Let me tell you, hurry up and call the person out. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue being a teacher." Madam Qiao overbearingly said.

Liu Qingmei would tell that her background was not ordinary, but she was not afraid of her as she ridiculed: "You want to threaten me? You are not qualified!"

"My family is part of the school board, and you still say I am not qualified?"

Liu Qingmei's expression did not change as she said: "So what if your family is part of the school board? I am teaching, and even God must give way to me!" Liu Qingmei was a person who went hard against hard so when Madam Qiao tried to use her identity to pressure her it was completely useless.

Looking at the unyielding Liu Qingmei, Madam Qiao was both furious but at the same time thought it was funny as no one has dared speak to her like this in years.

She walked straight up to a male and slammed him desk asking: "Tell me just who was it that transferred into your class?"

"Just what kind of shit are you and why should I tell you?" The male student disdainfully looked at her and then completely ignored her.

Class 7 was not like Class 1, the students here did not just possess an ordinary arrogant attitude added on top of youths rebellious nature, even the teacher was completely unable to subdue them. So how could a lady who just trampled in possibly scare them?

Madame Qiao was angered to the extreme as she said: "You are expelled. Immediately scram!"

"I think you should be the one to scram!" Liu Qingmei walked over, "Let me reiterate; please leave the classroom. I am lecturing!"

"What kind of shitty class is this, just who was it that transferred in from Class 1. Stand up for this lady!" Madame Qiao slapped the desk and angrily roared.

Several students unconsciously looked at Fang Shishi, thinking just what amenity did she have with this crazy lady to drive her to such anger. Even so, no one gave up Fang Shishi and even angrily stared at Madame Qiao.

Seeing how Madame Qiao, again and again, treats Liu Qingmei with rudeness, several people angrily stood up, and this wave of anger started to build up until it finally exploded into an earth-shattering cry: "Scram!"

The sound was immense and shook the whole room, causing the shocked Madam Qiao to take three steps back. If it wasn't for the two immense bodyguards supporting her, she might have fallen to the ground.

She felt shock and alarm, as her chest heaved, and she panted loudly before saying: "Revolt, you dare revolt. Won't speak, will you? Then I will make you speak. Go, grab someone and interrogate them. I want to see just how long you guys can remain tight-lipped."

The two bodyguards flashed forward and grabbed a male student, wanting to drag him out of the seat but this student dead would not let go of the table, his face turning beat red.

"Halt!" Liu Qingmei coldly said, wanting to intervene but the other bodyguard blocked her.

"If you won't cooperate then this will be the result!" Madam Qiao arrogantly said as if satisfied.

"No one is allowed to touch my student. You will pay for every single one of your actions." Liu Qingmei's powerful words resonated.

The students started to clamor as the crowd became more agitated until suddenly, someone shouted: "Everyone, fight!"

Several students raised their chairs and rushed over.

At this time, Fang Shishi stood up and said: "The person you are looking for is me. Leave the other students alone."

The room suddenly quieted as several people unconsciously looked at her.

"Fang Shishi, you don't need to stand up, these kind of people are completely unable to be reasoned with. We will make them scram!" Someone hollered.

"Right, we will force them out."

Madam Qiao stared dead straight at Fang Shishi. It was another girl who was younger and prettier than her, causing the envy in her heart to grow as she waved her hand and said: "Grab her!"

"STOP!" Liu Qingmei wanted to block them, but one of the bodyguards already leaped over and immediately appeared in front of Fang Shishi. His hand shot out without the least bit of restraint as if he wanted to break her shoulders.

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