Chapter 62: Explosive News

Chapter 62: Explosive News

"Your mom just called me to ask where you were and to send you home quickly." Tang Zheng said.

Fang Shishi firmly shook her head and said: "I do not want to go home. I want to stay with you." After speaking, she hooked her arms around Tang Zheng's elbow.

Tang Zheng felt incomparably helpless. She suffered such injustice and mistreatment so he really should stay by her side.

"Then why don't we take a stroll?"

"En, Tang Zheng, Qiao Fei said that you went to Ye Dingdang's house last night?"

"Oh?" Tang Zheng was shocked but did not deny, "It's true, yesterday something happened at the Ye Clan's house, so I went over to help a bit. That is also the reason why I stayed over at their house."

"What matter?"

"Its already been solved." Tang Zheng was not stupid as to tell Fang Shishi that he pretended to be in a fake marriage with Ye Dingdang, as that was simply letting himself suffer.

"Oh." Seeing him unwilling to say more, Fang Shishi did not force the matter.

The two slowly walked along the road; the night sky was hazy, and the lamplight made their two shadows stretch.

Fang Shishi lifted her head, looked at Tang Zheng, then said: "I think you changed a lot during this time and that you are not the same as you were before."

"Where did I change?" Tang Zheng pretended to be calm as his heart said that girls sure are keen.

"I can't place it, but your temperament has undergone a change and moreover whenever you act your attitude is different from before."

Tang Zheng unconsciously let out a sigh as many things have changed in a short time, that even he was not aware of. Previously, he only knew how to study and was the perfect role model of a good student, but today he was more casual and calm, unable to be easily affected by things.

"But then again, no matter how you change, I will like you for who you are." Fang Shishi tightly gripped his hand and sincerely said.

"Shishi, I will protect you and not let others bully you." Tang Zheng's mood went fluctuated a bit before he firmly said.

"En, I believe in you. Tomorrow I will request a class change so that I can be in the same class as you. I never want to be in Class 1 again because I don't ever want to see Qiao Fei again." She said as her expression suddenly darkened.

"Qiao Fei probably won't go to school tomorrow." Tang Zheng said.


"Because I beat him so that he looks like a pig head." Tang Zheng was not at liberty to say that he turned him into a retard.

"But he will still be back after he recovers and moreover I do not want to continue staying there. I want to be in the same class as you so that you can stay by my side."

When Fang Shishi made this decision, it was also because of another deep-seated reason, and that was even though Tang Zheng said there is nothing between Ye Dingdang and him, the two are still desk-mates and see and interact with each other on a daily basis. Who knows, something may blossom and by the time it is discovered, it may be too late.

This was just her little thoughts, but there was no denying it that her starting point was indeed her love for Tang Zheng.

"But will the old witch agree?"

"Even if she doesn't agree there is nothing she can do as my dad is on the school board and changing classes is part of his privilege, so I have my methods."

Tang Zheng did not bring the matter up again.

Unknowingly, the two walked from the city center to the south sector as the night sky became even darker and the temperature became colder. Fang Shishi could not help but shiver.

"Are you cold? I should send you back home now."

"I already said that I don't want to go back." Fang Shishi repeated.

"But your family will worry."

When he finished speaking, Tang Zheng's cellphone rang.

"Your mom is calling." Tang Zheng took out his phone and saw.

Fang Shishi pouted her lips.

"Tang Zheng, if you still don't send my daughter home, then I will call the police." She Mengqin threatened.

Tang Zheng made a gesture of helplessness to Fang Shishi and said: "Aunty, I will immediately bring Shishi home, don't worry."

"Heng, I'll consider you as being tactful. Hurry up."

"Shishi, if I don't send you home then your mom really will call the police." Tang Zheng said as he hung up the phone.

Fang Shishi said with dissatisfaction: "She cares about everything from the small to the big. She plans everything, and I am just like a puppet."

Tonight, she suffered a lot, and her mood fluctuated drastically.

"She only cares for you. In the future what we have is time. Also, you don't want her to have an even worse opinion of me do you?" Tang Zheng advised.

"Fine." Fang Shishi agreed, and the two called a taxi and arrived in front of an extravagant villa.

"It's late, so you should rest early. Tomorrow, we will always be together." Fang Shishi said rather expectantly.

"En, you should rest well. Just forget about tonight's matter." Tang Zheng advised.

"Then I will leave first." Fang Shishi hugged Tang Zheng, then kissed his lips. Then she reluctantly stepped inside.

This image was coincidentally seen by She Mengqin who was walking out, and immediately her pupils dilated, and she roared: "Shishi, what did you just do?"

"Nothing." Fang Shishi lightly said.

"I see how it is. I saw it, and you dare lie. You are learning bad things from him. This won't do; I must not let him continue like this." She Mengqin said with anger.

"You are not allowed to leave if you dare fine trouble for him. I… I will never talk to you again."

"What? You dare threaten me!"

"I am tired, so I am going to sleep now."

"Stop right there, what did you do tonight?" She Mengqin was unwilling to let her go and continued to ask.

"Not telling you." Fang Shishi thought back to that humiliating scene, and her mood dropped. Right now she only wanted to take a shower and rest, then completely forget about everything.

But her cold reply was simply a grand rebellion in She Mengqin's eyes, as this was entirely unusual. Her generally obedient daughter has changed to become disobedient, and this must all be caused by Tang Zheng.

"This little brat dares harbor malicious intent and even incites my daughter to rebel against me. How dare him, this is just preposterous." She Mengqin became angrier and angrier as she thought about it "If he thinks he can use the Ye Clan's backing to do bad things to my daughter then he is wrong. I will not let him succeed."

"In a few days, I will bring Tang Zheng to our house to eat, so you prepare a bit." As she approached the door, Fang Shishi's voice once again almost shocked She Mengqin to the point where her jaws were going to drop to the floor.

He wanted to enter the house this quickly, the Fang Family? He was simply daydreaming; I was just worried about finding an opportunity to teach him a lesson so at that time I will make you look bad. I will let you know just how high the standards the Fang Family is and that you are unfit.

The next day, Tang Zheng felt that Liu Qingmei's gaze was peculiar, just like how an…. eagle would look at a little chicken.

"This is bad, yesterday night she almost saw through me so if we continue the supplementary lessons then she would expose me one day.

Even though he thinks that Liu Qingmei is a great teacher and that it would be beneficial for him to continue to absorb pure Yin energy when compared to having his secrets exposed he would rather choose to maintain their distance.

"I must find an excuse tonight to avoid her."

"Teacher Liu, you come out for a bit." Suddenly, the principal called out from outside the door.

Liu Qingmei halted her lecture and walked out. The whole class all stared in succession at this image not knowing what was going on.

Shortly afterward, Liu Qingmei walked back in and behind her was an extra person and that was Fang Shishi.

Immediately, several people stared with wide eyes as they all looked at this campus belle, not knowing what was going on.

Liu Qingmei's expression was cold, not letting anyone see her thoughts as she lightly said: "Today our class will have a transfer student. Fang Shishi will be studying with everyone for the next two months."

"I am called Fang Shishi, and I hope that everyone will give me pointers in the future." Fang Shishi smiled sweetly and gently said.

Everyone was shocked for half a minute. Just which scene was being acted out right now? Fang Shishi was the number one student in the school so how could she enter Hell Class?

A few nimble-minded people already thought that the reason was Tang Zheng, so they turned their head in succession to look at Tang Zheng who was sitting in the last row only to discover that his expression was normal as if nothing major is happening.

"F*ck, this is definitely because of Tang Zheng. His luck with women is simply too great that Fang Shishi would change classes because of him."

Several people looked on with jealousy and envy, as this kind of situation never happened to them before.

Gao Dazhi tightened his fist and internally said: "Yesterday wasn't Qiao Fei going to take the initiative with Fang Shishi? Then how come Fang Shishi is here acting like nothing happened? Could it be that Qiao Fei changed his plans last minute? This time he will really see a cooked goose fly away. I wonder what his expression will be like?"

Suddenly, his heart brightened as he saw a strand of hope "Since Fang Shishi came then Tang Zheng will not have a chance at also taking Ye Dingdang then that means I have an opportunity.

Right now, he almost couldn't contain himself and his desire to jump up in joy.

"This time Qiao Fei is unlucky but for me, this luck is coming my way. Who cares about him as long as I have my happiness. What does it matter to me about Qiao Fei's happiness?"

He and Qiao Fei are jackals of the same tribe, and they are only together because of a common goal so since they have no friendship ties why should he even care about Qiao Fei's feelings.

"Fang Shishi really should have come to Class 7 earlier, then Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang would not have any opportunity. But right now is also not too late, haha, I, gao Dazhi's time has come for my luck to change. My spring time is finally here!"

"Where are you going to sit?" Liu Qingmei asked. With this top student coming to her class she would, of course, welcome her, but she like everyone else thought that the reason why Fang Shishi came is that of Tang Zheng so she could not help but give him a few glances.

Is this little brats charm that great that not only is Ye Dingdang's relationship with him intimate but even Fang Shishi this top quality girlfriend is also willing to do something silly like change classes? Tang Zheng was simply a love saint.

"Teacher Liu, can I sit over there?" Fang Shishi pointed at the spot in front of Tang Zheng, but there was already someone sitting there. In reality, Fang Shishi wanted, even more, to sit with Tang Zheng but she did not think that Ye Dingdang would agree to it so why would she bring up a hopeless request.

"You would have to seek your classmate's approval." Liu Qingmei pointed at the male student and said.

"I have no issues with it; she can sit in my spot." The male student excitedly said as if Fang Shishi wanting his seat was a great glory for him. Fang Shishi smiled and voiced her gratitude then took the seat in front of Tang Zheng. Letting Tang Zheng see her beautiful back and luxurious hair.

Tang Zheng did not know whether to cry or smile at this because he previously thought of Fang Shishi as being someone who would follow the rule to the book and did not have any courage but right now he discovered that her guts were pretty big. She even openly chose the seat in front of him as her own.

Right now, even a blind person could tell that the reason she came here was because of Tang Zheng.

Feng Yong discreetly gave Tang Zheng a thumbs up even Ye Dingdang had her thoughts as she looked at him in a profound manner.

There was now explosive news that spread from Hell Class causing students to feel their heart beating in their chest. At the same time, something big also occurred in Class 1.

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