Chapter 61: Death upon touch

Chapter 61: Death upon touch

"Tang Zheng, where did you take my daughter?" She Mengqin's high pitch voice rattled Tang Zheng's eardrum.

"Aunty, Shishi didn't go home?" Tang Zheng asked.

"Still pretending? I asked you what did you do to my daughter? Hurry up and return her home. If you dare do anything bad to her, then I will definitely not let you go." She Mengqin threatened.

"Aunty, don't worry, Shishi is definitely alright." Tang Zheng hurriedly hung up the phone. The two did not know that while he was on the phone, Fang Shishi had tried to call, asking for help. However, Tang Zheng's phone was his grandfather's old phone which did not give reminders about previously miss calls. So, he did miss this important phone call.

Tang Zheng charged even faster and headed towards the area where he felt the disturbance from.

"Tian Chanzi, is there any way for me to know for sure where Fang Shishi is?" Tang Zheng hurriedly asked while he ran.

"There is!" Tian Chanzi straightforwardly said as he quickly imparted the Tracing Technique to him.

Once Tang Zheng learned it, the feeling of where Fang Shishi was became clearer and distinct. The Tracing Technique did not work for tracking everyone, but it worked in this case mainly because the Defense Formation was deployed, allowing him to increase his speed.

"In the city center."

Thankfully Liu Qingmei's house was near the city center, so Tang Zheng did not have to run far before he arrived.


Tang Zheng looked at the luxurious hotel, and a strong sense of premonition arose within his heart. Fang Shishi was in danger at the hotel and this in itself was enough to clarify a lot of problems.

"Shishi, you must wait for me, you have to be okay!"

Tang Zheng entered the hotel and immediately arrived outside a hotel room. This was where his Tracing Technique had lead him.

The door was tightly closed but how was this enough to stop him. Peng, he kicked down the door.


Qiao Fei had just climbed onto Fang Shishi's body and had ripped apart her clothes. Suddenly, a muffled sound rang out from the door, and he loudly roared, twisting his head to look and discovered that there was another person in the room. It was a person he definitely did not want to see, and it was a person he never expected.

"Tang Zheng, why are you here?" Qiao Fei was incomparably loss as if he just saw a ghost.

"Bastard, I will kill you!" Tang Zheng saw Fang Shishi on the bed her face was full of tears, and rage filled his heart. He charged like a madman and a fist struck towards Qiao Fei's chest.

Qiao Fei was like a small shrimp and immediately fell to the ground.

"Shishi…" Tang Zheng embraced Fang Shishi.

"You bastard, scram. Don't touch me, don't touch me… Fang Shishi lost her head in fear as she loudly screamed, her tears flowed as her eyes filled with hopelessness and bitterness.

Tang Zheng's heart felt as if it had been stabbed with a knife and he said: "Shishi, it's me. It's me, Tang Zheng."

Fang Shishi froze as she said: "Tang Zheng, save me. Save me...."

"I came to save you. You are alright now. You are safe." Tang Zheng tightly held her in his embrace as if he was holding the world's most precious item.

Fang Shishi's emotions gradually stabilized as she finally clearly saw Tang Zheng and she felt surprised, saying: "Tang Zheng, it really is you! You came to save me!"

"It's me, I came late and made you suffer."

"I knew you would come save me. You are my hero, my big hero. Qiao Fei is a monster; he wanted to…" Speaking up to here she started to cry once again.

"I am here now; no one will hurt you." Tang Zheng patted her shoulders in comfort. At this time, his heart had a lingering fear, if he had come just a bit later then the result was unbearable to think about.

Qiao Fei, this beast, I will definitely not let you go!

His gaze fell on Qiao Fei's body, which was struggling to get up, his face was painfully twisted.

"Tang Zheng, you dare hit me!"

"F*ck, this daddy will not only hit you, but I will also kill you, lowlife." Tang Zheng put down Fang Shishi and charged forward like a crazy tiger. His fist and legs flashed as Qiao Fei continuously let out pitiful cries and not long after his had a bloody nose and his whole face was swollen. Qiao Fei then fell on the floor writhing and did not have a shred of energy to retaliate.

"Tang Zheng, stop hitting him if you continue he will really die." Fang Shishi saw the situation and hurriedly advised.

"That's exactly what I want, to beat him to death."

"If you beat him to death then you will have to go to jail. Do you want to go to jail? What about me then?"

Tang Zheng finally stopped.

"Tang Zheng, let's leave this place, I do not want to see him again." Fang Shishi bitterly and painfully said.

"Okay, we will immediately go, but since Qiao Fei dares to do such an infuriating act, he may avoid the death penalty, but he will still suffer the penalties. Shishi, you first leave, I will join you in a bit."

"I can't walk. He drugged me."

Tang Zheng slapped his brain, he was too careless and overlooked it. He grabbed ahold of her hand and sent his true qi out to investigate. Upon finding that the situation was not dire, he immediately used his true qi to disperse the drugs effect.

Fang Shishi immediately discovered that she has regained her mobility and stared at Tang Zheng with wide eyes not knowing how he did it.

"He really is my hero."

"You leave first."

Fang Shishi obediently stepped out, and Tang Zheng grabbed ahold of Qiao Fei and raised him up.

"Tang Zheng, what are you doing? Killing people is against the law." Qiao Fei fearfully cried out.

"Heng, killing you would simply be dirtying my hand." Tang Zheng quickly ripped off his clothes.

"Ah, what are you trying to do? Could it be that you have this kind of fetish!" Qiao Fei's butt tensed up as he lost his calm to fear.

"Do you think everyone is a pervert like you? Qiao Fei, you and I have no enmity, but you, again and again, try to go against me. Moreover, you even sent people after my grandfather, could it be that you think I am just going to let you off just like that?"

Qiao Fei's face turned pale white as he fearfully said: "Tang Zheng, let me go, I will never do it again. I was previously jealous of you because your studies were better than you and Fang Shishi even likes you. Jealousy blinded me."

"It is easier to move mountains and change the flow of rivers than it is to change human personality. I already gave you chances, but you were the one who did not appreciate it." Tang Zheng previously promised that he would not bother with Qiao Fei for his previous actions but he now he is just seeking death so this there is no one to blame but himself.

Seeing that Tang Zheng was just like a God of Death, Qiao Fei was scared to the extreme as he begged for forgiveness saying: "Tang Zheng, don't kill me. I have money, I can give you money, don't you need money?"

"Who wants your dirty money. Just accept your fate for you have committed to many evil deeds and this is your retribution."

He stared wide-eyed at Tang Zheng as he was about to make a move and even though he didn't know what Tang Zheng was going to do, he just knew that whatever it was it would cause him so much pain he would wish for death. Seeing that his pleading did not work, Qiao Fei instead burst into a rage as he roared: "Tang Zheng, what piece of crap are you? I am the young master of a wealthy family, and you are just a little poor bastard who grew up in the dumpster. I just hate myself for not killing you but just making you turn into a stupid idiot." *TL: recall how Tang Zheng was beaten to the point of losing his studious abilities*

"What? Are you saying that you caused that injury?" Tang Zheng has long since had his doubts, but today he heard it for himself causing, even more, rage to burn in his heart.

That one strike had caused his whole life to change making him fall from his high status into the dust, causing him to suffer countless white eyes.

"Ya, it was me who did it, so what? You occupied the school's first place position for so long making everyone's gaze focus on you, but you are unfitting. You are completely undeserving of this glory, so I dragged you down from your pedestal and made you become the object of scorn." Qiao Fei seemed to press his luck as he completely said his own inner thoughts.

Tang Zheng's heart moved as he asked: "Then that school fee was also all your doing?"

"Haha, of course, it was I who force you away so that you would stay away from Fang Shishi and never have a chance."

Tang Zheng's eyes flashed with anger, as he was originally only going to teach him a lesson and make him scared fiercely but it seem it wouldn't be as easy as he thought it would be.

Qiao Fei would be afraid of him, but he would not give up as if he was so persistent in targeting him then in the future he would only act more fiercely.

It is easy to dodge a spear in the open but hard to avoid the knife in the shadow.

He must remove this hidden threat at its roots.

Moreover, the things he wanted to do towards Fang Shishi could not be forgiven! Even dragons have their reverse scales, so humans also have sensitive topics, for Tang Zheng, his family and girlfriend is his reverse scale. Anyone, it doesn't matter who will die upon contact if they threaten those Tang Zheng cares about.

"He has already been possessed by hatred. It would be better to kill him and get it over with." Tian Chanzi advised.

"No, if I kill him then the police will intervene, and that will only bring me more trouble. I want to make him wish for death but unable to have it, I want to turn him into a retard. Do you have any methods?"

"This is easy; you only need to send your true qi and create a mess inside his brain then his mind will become muddled so that he will basically be a retard."

"Okay, this is fine." Tang Zheng did not think that his methods were cruel especially since Qiao Fei wanted to kill him, so he even thought that his methods were soft.

"Qiao Fei, in the future you will never be able to mess around." Tang Zheng stretched out his hand and pressed on Qiao Fei's temple.

"Kill me if you dare. Otherwise, I will never let you go." Qiao Fei hooted trying to put on a facade of strength.

"I will not kill you because I want to waste you and make you a... retard!" When his voice rang out, Tang Zheng started revolving his energy.

"...Retard?" Qiao Fei was incomparable suspicious when suddenly there was a sharp pain emanating from his brain that felt like a knife had stabbed into his brain, then he fainted.

Tang Zheng checked the room to make sure he did not leave behind any evidence and then found Fang Shishi's cell phone on Qiao Fei's body before he left the room.

"What did you do to him?" Fang Shishi hurriedly asked when she saw him.

"I made it so that he will never mess around again."

"You… killed him?" Fang Shishi stared wide-eyed with fear.

"Why would I do that? I only beat him till he fainted. Let's go."

Fang Shishi let out a breath of relief because even though she hated Qiao Fei to the bones, she did not want Tang Zheng's hands to be stained with blood.

"How did you find me?" After leaving the hotel, Fang Shishi could not help but ask out of curiosity. After she had calmed down, she discovered that it was extremely mysterious how Tang Zheng found out her location.

"Do you remember the Jade Buddha I gave you?"

"I remember. I always carry it on my person."

"The Jade Buddha is a piece of treasure that will notify me whenever you are in danger."

"Treasure?" Fang Shishi stared with wide eyes as if she was listening to something crazy. This far surpassed her comprehension, "Could it be that the thing that sent Qiao Fei flying when he wanted to hit me was because of the Jade Buddha?"

Even though Tang Zheng did not personally see the scene he expected as much and nodded his head then said: "Yes, that is also how I know, but the Jade Buddha can only be used once a day."

This was because Tang Zheng strength was still weak so he the effectiveness for the Spiritual Defense Formation was limited to one use per day. Moreover, the Spiritual Defense Formation becomes stronger if the attack is stronger, so the stronger the attacker is, the stronger the defense mechanism is. Since Qiao Fei only made to slap her, the retaliation was not considered strong and was only enough to send him flying. If Qiao Fei's attack was any stronger, then he may have straight up died from the counterattack from the Defense Formation.

Fang Shishi's felt love blossom in her heart as he even gave her such a precious gift. From this, it could be seen how important a position she occupied in his heart.

"In the future, remember to always carry it on your person." Tang Zheng advised, "I will send you home."

"No, I don't want to go home." Fang Shishi firmly said.

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