Chapter 60: Trap

Chapter 60: Trap

Fang Shishi stared at Liu Qingmei's MINI off in the distant and as she prepared to leave the school she heard someone calling out her name.

"Qiao Fei, did you call me?" Fang Shishi saw the hurried Qiao Fei and asked.

Qiao Fei pretended to be unperturbed and said: "Yes, there is something I want to talk about."


"Let's go over there and talk." Qiao Fei pointed at the school's side door and said.

Fang Shishi did not suspect him and followed him over, saying: "Speak, what is it?"

Qiao Fei once targeted Tang Zheng, so Fang Shishi did not have any good feelings toward him.

"Do you know where Tang Zheng spent the night yesterday?" Qiao Fei asked.

"Of course, at his home."

"Home? He told you."

"If you have no other business then I will leave first." Fang Shishi was unwilling to say more.

"You are being tricked by him. He did not go home yesterday but stayed over at Ye Dingdang's house. Moreover, he stayed over for a whole night." Seeing Fang Shishi making to leave, Qiao Fei hurriedly said feeling a complicated thrill arise within himself.

Fang Shishi's expression went through a myriad of changes as she said: "You are lying."

"Haha, how could I be lying, I have evidence. See." Qiao Fei opened up his phone to reveal a photo where Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang left in the same car and this morning when the two arrived at school together, looking to be intimate.

Fang Shishi stared blankly at the photo, her thoughts in a jumble: "Could it be that he really spent the night at Ye Dingdang's house? How come he didn't tell me? Just what did they do?"

When it comes to most girls who are faced with this situation, it is unavoidable for them to think random thoughts, causing them to be at a loss at what to do.

"Fang Shishi, you treat him wholeheartedly, but he lied to you so you should never trust this kind of big fat liar." Qiao Fei saw that the opportunity was right and immediately sowed dissension.

Fang Shishi lifted her head, looked him in the eyes, then said: "Qiao Fei, this is between him and me, so I do not need other people interfering with my business."

"How come you just won't understand? He does not fit you and moreover he still has room in his heart for another woman. Shishi, you know that I have alway liked you…"

"Shut up! Don't say anymore, I do not like you, and will not get together with you. In the future, please do not say such words. I will be going home now."

Fang Shishi felt like a knife was twisted in her heart as she drooped her head and started walking away. She must ask and make clear the situation from Tang Zheng just what was going on and whether he did lie to her. Is all they had fake?

Before she was even able to take two steps someone suddenly covered her mouth from behind, making her body go limp as if all the energy had escaped from her body. Her head also became drowsy and sleepy.

She silently screamed ‘oh shit' before she finally lost all consciousness.

Seeing her collapse, Qiao Fei tightly grabbed her, his lips curled up in a devious smile as he muttered to himself: "Shishi, it was you who forced me to do this. I bitterly pursued you yet you ultimately chose Tang Zheng, if I did not make a move then I would really be letting Tang Zheng, that destitute bastard, take advantage of you and I would never let that happen."

Seeing Fang Shishi's elegant complexion, his two eyes flashed with desire.

"Tonight, you will be my woman, and in the future, you will never think to leave me, haha."

Qiao Fei was confident in taking the body of the girl he wants and even more so had thousands of methods to keep her from leaving.

He supported Fang Shishi up so that they looked like an intimate couple, as he quickly made his way out of the side door towards the long since prepared car.

His car charged straight towards a five-star hotel and when he arrived he swiftly and familiarly climbed the stairs to entered a room he prepared beforehand. He then looked at the unmoving Fang Shishi on the bed, looking just like a Sleeping Beauty, he couldn't help but swallow his saliva as desire blossomed within him.

"Where is this?" Suddenly, Fang Shishi opened her eyes as she subconsciously asked. Suddenly, she saw Qiao Fei and her surroundings causing her face to undergo a drastic change as she exclaimed: "Qiao Fei, what are you doing?"

"Heihei, a lone male and a lone female. What do you think I am going to do?"

"Qiao Fei, we are classmates, don't act like this. This is against the law, don't you know that?" Fang Shishi's heart went numb as how could she not understand Qiao Fei's intentions. She would never have thought that Qiao Fei was this kind of person.

"Haha, against the law? My family has money, and the law is useless against those who have money. The law is only good for poor people like Tang Zheng."

"You… you have done it now. My family will not let you go."

"Heihei, who knows after we are finished here your family would be even happier. We can then get married, and our two families can come together, now wouldn't this be an excellent story that will spread wide and far. Plus, it would be beneficial to both of our families if that were to happen."

"No, I do not like you, so I will not let you succeed." Fang Shishi bit her lips and decisively said.

Qiao Fei laughed loudly: "This is not for you to decide because right now it is my words that count. Do you think you have the ability to fight back?"

Fang Shishi struggled to stand up but discovered that her body was limp and without energy.

"What did you do to me?"

"I just did a little something so that this would make the game more fun. Moreover, I am confident and can guarantee that after you experience my skills later, you will not want to leave me."

"You're dreaming!"

"No, I am speaking the truth and not a lie because in a bit I will record your touching moments as such beautiful scenes should be recorded. But, if you were to leave me in the future then these beautiful scenes will be released for the whole world to see."


Fang Shishi's whole body started to tremble at the thought of Qiao Fei recording such pornographic videos to threaten her. How could he be so perverted, so shameless, and how did she not have discovered it earlier?

If he really did succeed then, her life was ruined and she would not have the face to look at Tang Zheng. This was the first time in her life that she felt so hopeless.

"Tang Zheng, where are you? Come save me." She called out in her heart but she knew that Tang Zheng was currently taking a supplemental lesson so how could he get over here. It was not like he was a saint or someone who can tell the future.

"Qiao Fei, I beg of you, let me go. I do not like you and the things that are force will not bring satisfaction." Fang Shishi wept and begged.

"Heng, now you know to beg me? Well, it's too late, I previously treated you so well but you did not see and chose that poor kid Tang Zheng. Do you know how deeply you hurt me? Tonight, no one will save you and from today forward you will be my woman, haha. I will be gentle and let you know the taste of a man."

Hearing these words that aren't fit to be said caused Fang Shishi's ears to turn red with rage as she was both angry and scared. Her whole body trembled as she said: "Qiao Fei, even if you succeed in taking my body you will not have my heart and I will definitely not let you go!"

Her whole body was still weak and without energy, so she had no way of retaliation. It seems tonight she will fall under his poisonous hands and will have no face to ever face Tang Zheng again, but even if she forever leaves this earth, as a ghost, she will never let Qiao Fei go.

Seeing the resentfulness and steel in her eyes, Qiao Fei's heart felt as if someone had fiercely stabbed him, and he felt a wave of unwilling and anger flood his heart as he hysterically roared: "Even if I can not have your heart I will still have your body. You slut, are you still thinking about Tang Zheng right now? Well, let me tell you that I not only want you, but I also want Tang Zheng to stare wide-eyed as I take his woman. I want him to feel so much pain that he wish he never lived!"

"You demented pervert!"

"Haha, you dare curse me as a demented pervert then I will show you what a demented pervert is." Qiao Fei's anger rose up from his heart as he sent his palm flying towards Fang Shishi.

Fang Shishi had no way of avoiding or blocking but she was not the least bit scared nor did she close her eyes. In fact, she stared wide eyes filled with anger and contempt, along with an unyielding will.

A muffled noise rang out as Fang Shishi did not feel any pain yet a hot energy arose from her chest before Qiao Fei was suddenly sent flying. He ended up crashing into the wall and fell limp onto the floor like a dead fish and fainted.

"Ah, what happened?" Fang Shishi stared dumbstruck. From her knowledge what just happened was completely illogical as there was no third person in the room aside from the two so how could he be sent flying.

Seeing him fainted, she finally let out a breath of relief and all she wanted was to leave this accursed place quickly but like before she found that her body was still powerless.

"This won't do; I must leave this place otherwise when he regains consciousness then I will not be able to escape."

She used all her strength to reach into her pockets for her phone but discovered that her phone has disappeared. Qiao Fei must have taken if away at some point in time.

"What should I do. What should I do? I can't move so I must call for help."

Suddenly, then her eyes fell on the phone on the table."

"Right, I can use the phone here." With great difficulty, she stretched her hand out and pushed the number one by one that appeared unconsciously rose up in her mind.

The first person she sought to call for help from was not her family but Tang Zheng as she unconsciously believed that Tang Zheng would be able to save her.

"Sorry, the phone you have called is currently in use!"

The phone then cut off.

Fang Shishi was close to losing all hope and was prepared to call her home phone when her hand was suddenly unable to move. Qiao Fei had awoken!

"Fuck, that hurt like hell!" Suddenly, Qiao Fei loudly cried out.

She helplessly looked at the now standing Qiao Fei, who was shaking his head in confusing, as he glanced around all sides. He did not see a third person and found that Fang Shishi was still lying on the bed.

"Just what is going on, could it be that I was hallucinating?" That can't be right, how could this be a hallucination." He clearly remembered a wave of energy striking him, sending him flying and then falling unconscious.

"This is too demonic. Fc*k, this daddy won't believe that something like that would happen. Right now even God will be able to prevent me from obtaining her." He was already completely overcome by anger and completely unable to be reasoned with.

"Fang Shishi, tonight you are mine!" He sardonically smiled as he once again charged straight at Fang Shishi.

The true qi within Tang Zheng's body suddenly shuddered as he immediately realized that something was not right. This was not something that happened to him, but it signaled that someone else was in trouble as the Spiritual Defense Formation was triggered and since he had a connection to the formation he was able to sense it.

But he did not have any way to know just who it was that was in danger, so he immediately sped out of Liu Qingmei's house like a blast of wind while saying: "Teacher Liu, something came up, so I need to go."

When the voice rang out, he had already disappeared, and Liu Qingmei wrinkled her eyebrow as she firmly stared at the door as if occupied with her thoughts. She then muttered: "Trying to escape; let's see how many times you can escape."

She misunderstood Tang Zheng and thought that since he had his secrets uncovered and did not know how to explain hence why he chose to run away.

"Youngsters sure are youngsters; they really can't stand any pressure. I just said a few words to reveal him and he immediately collapsed."

Tang Zheng did not run recklessly like a headless fly because when the Defense Formation was employed, he had a feeling on the location of the person who was in danger.

Suddenly, his phone rang sounded ringing sharply against his ears.

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