Chapter 6: Ice Goddess

Chapter 6: Ice Goddess

Tang Zheng hearing the strange noise above his head, his heart turned cold, not lifting up his head to look, his feet took a step and he suddenly moved a meter forward.


A big bucket of water splashed down from the door and onto the ground, creating the image of an ice flower.

The whole class was looking at him out of the corner of their eyes, an expectant smile on their face as if they were waiting for a good show but now there eye’s revealed shock. What… what just happened, how come the test failed, Tang Zheng was supposed to become like a drenched rat?

A show of strength!

Tang Zheng’s mouth curled in a slight smile, as expected, Hell Class was not going to be easy, since this was how they welcomed a new student.

He swept his eyes across the crowd who was stunned like a wooden chicken, and discovered that there was two open seats in the last row so he wordlessly made his way there to sit down.

At once, the crowd’s expression once again became complicated, several people’s eyes revealed a hint of finding joy in other’s misfortune.

Ding ling ling!

The bell signaled the start of class, a wave of sound caused by heels hitting the floor range out, coming closer, and at once, all the boys sat straight and held their breath as if they were giraffes looking out the door.

A beautiful person appeared at the door, and in that moment the entire room seemed as if there was a dash of color added to it, making it so that even the air was freshened up.

Tang Zheng even heard the sound of several people swallowing their saliva, a look of amazement unconsciously flashed through his eyes.


This was the thought that immediately sprang up within his mind. The person had an oval shaped face, eyebrows like a willow, waist as thin as a water snake, and dressed in a professional suit with an ice cold face. She was most definitely an ice goddess.

Even though Tang Zheng already met other teachers who wore this suit, they could not be compared in the same breath.

The professional suit stuck against her graceful figure vividly outlining her figure, her big breasts seemed like they would pop out as they were stretching the shirt, and her black silk stockings outlined her long, slender and beautiful legs, creating a sight that could simply drive any man insane.

This was fatally enticing, even towards those people who are used to seeing beauties, not to mention a group of teenagers, filled with raging hormones.

Especially that icy cold face of hers which causes a sense of inferiority to arise within people, but at the same time unable to not be lost in reveries.

“She is this classrooms teacher?” Tang Zheng’s heart questioned, having never seen her before.

She halted at the door for a moment, looked down at the soaked floor, her eyebrows knitted together, like two willow branches slightly bent together, looking extremely graceful.

She stepped onto the podium, her big breasts plainly visible as she put down the textbooks she was hugging, making it a magnificent sight to behold.

Many girls looked on with envy, and as if having received a major blow, they drooped their heads and looked down at their own small buns, ashamed and unable to show their face.

“Classtime.” She lightly said.

“Stand.” A small fatty in front of Tang Zheng loudly called out.

“Good morning teacher.” All the student stood, the males loudly yelled while the females sounded out weakly.

She nodded her head, hinted for everyone to sit down, her gazed swept the room before finally falling upon Tang Zheng’s body. She coldly said: “New student Tang Zheng, I am your teacher, Liu Qingmei, please give us a self-introduction.”

Tang Zheng stood up, looked at the crowd and lightly said: “My name is Tang Zheng, the Tang from Tang Zheng, the Zheng from Tang Zheng.”

*he used his own name to introduce himself lol*

Liu Qingmei nodded her head, very satisfied with his terseness as she does not like long-winded people.

What little she knew of Tang Zheng’s situation was that he was once a talented student who fell to the bottom, and this awkward situation would have caused anyone to receive a heavy blow but seeing him still possess a strong confidence caused her to have a whole new level of respect for him along with some curiosity.

“Sit.” Liu Qingmei looked at the seat he was sitting in, her eyes flashed a bit of astonishment as she said: “You don’t want to change your seat?”

Tang Zheng did not understand as this seat was located in the back and was also vacant, making it hard to notice, which was exactly what he was looking for.

“No, I’m fine, thank you teacher.”

Liu Qingmei’s throat moved a bit before it finally stopped, other people wore joyful expressions as if enjoying the misfortunes of others, making Tang Zheng very confused.

Liu Qingmei started her lesson while Tang Zheng quietly listened to it for a moment, the lesson was very clear, and the teacher herself couldn’t help but attract other people’s attention.

“She looks to be only 25 or 26 years old, but she seems skillful at teaching, more so than a lot of other the teachers, which is impressive.” Tang Zheng was secretly speechless.

The blood clot within his brain was already resolved so an abundances of knowledge was flowing back to him making the lesson extremely easy.

He did not continue listening to the lecture but continued cultivating the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll, not letting a single moment go to waste as he must reach the Qi Refining third grade as soon as possible.

Unknowingly, a class period went by and Liu Qingmei hugged her books, and exited the classroom as it quickly became loud and noisy like a market.

“Tang Zheng, it would be better if you hurry up and change seats.” The fatty from the front row said in a secretive tone. Tang Zheng was curious and asked: “Why should I switch? I think this seat is pretty good.”

“Ai, it’s for your own good otherwise it’ll be too late, oh, let me introduce myself, my name is Feng Yong and I am Class 7’s representative.”

“Fatty Ma, don’t go gossiping, just what is wrong with this seat? Careful if Sister Dingdang hears she just might skin you alive.” A coarse loud voice rang out and a big man stood in front of Tang Zheng’s table like a steel tower.

Tang Zheng glanced at him, this person was a meter and eighty-five centimeters, his body was full of muscle, deterrence level was at ninety.

Feng Yong’s neck shrank as he hurriedly explained: “Gao Dazhi, I never said anything was wrong with this seat, I was just worried that classmate Tang Zheng was sitting too far and would therefore be unable to see the words on the blackboard.”

Gao Dazhi laughed, ‘heihei’, not paying any attention to Feng Yong but instead was measuring up Tang Zheng before saying: “So you are the previous number 1 in the whole school? Heihei, it seems like you aren’t much and now you have fallen down to our Hell Class.”

“I think Class 7 isn’t bad.” Tang Zheng lightly said.

“Really? Class 7 is the lowest class level but for you a top student wouldn’t it be nothing in your eyes?” Gao Dazhi said mockingly.

“Even if you think that this is a low level class then I have no words to say, you yourself are the one giving it a label but that doesn’t mean you can speak for others.”

“What classmate Tang Zheng said is correct, what is so bad about our class, I believe that our class will definitely rise.” Feng Yong said, spotting an opening.

“Fatty Feng, there is no place for you to speak.” Gao Dazhi angrily glared at the other, “Tang Zheng, you are the real last place, the last in the school, heihei, what a sight.”

Tang Zheng’s eyes flashed a bit of fury, but shortly recovered, his heart could not be compared to the past, and there was no point is getting into conflict with Gao Dazhi.

Seeing Tang Zheng not replying, Gao Dazhi smiled feeling proud of himself, and just as he was about to take advantage of the situation he heard a sound that was full of haughtiness: “Gao Dazhi, what are you doing sneakily, standing in front of my seat?”

Gao Dazhi’s body froze, and hurriedly took three steps back, face full of smiles and said: “Sister Dingdang, I was helping you teach this new fella who doesn’t know how high the sky and how deep the earth is.”

Ye Dingdang boldly and decisively walked over, a pair of intelligent eyes swept over Tang Zheng who was seemingly sitting at ease during a storm, and delicately raised an eyebrow before asking: “who are you, and why are you sitting in my seat?”

Gao Dazhi, who found joy in others misfortune, smilingly said: “Sister Dingdang, he is…”

“Shut up, I didn’t ask you, I am asking him.” Ye Dingdang said looking straight at Tang Zheng, her tone did not contain any goodwill. Gao Dazhi shut his mouth, kept quiet by fear.

Tang Zheng stared at her, Sister Dingdang, just who was she? A girl that unexpectedly caused Gao Zhidao to be so restrained by fear, she was absolutely not normal.

“My name is Tang Zheng, this seat was empty, and is not yours.” Tang Zheng said neither loudly nor lightly.

“You’re that bookworm Tang Zheng!” Ye Dingdang said with curiosity, “So what if you are Tang Zheng, you’re still sitting in my seat, so let me tell you, these two seats are mine.”

Tang Zheng glanced at her butt, saying within his heart ‘your butt is pretty perky but it can’t be that big as to take up two seats’.

Ye Dingdang was going crazy, this person dared to unrestrainedly stare at her butt and moreover with that type of expression which completely conveyed his thoughts.

“Get up!” Ye Dingdang angrily said.

Tang Zheng could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows, this Sister Dingdang was a beauty comparable to Fang Shishi but her personality was worlds apart, completely unable to be reasoned with.

Tang Zheng was previously engrossed in his studies and so would have not heard of Ye Dingdang’s name but she was as popular as Fang Shishi the other campus belle.

“I am going to study now, please do not disturb me.” Tang Zheng coldly said.

The whole class was attracted to the scene, engrossed as if they were watching a show, Die Dingdang had a god like existence in Class 7 because not only was she pretty but she was strong, even the big blockhead Gao Dazhi was not her opponent. Moreover her identity was a mystery and the group of wealthy kids did not dare offend her.

Today, the new student Tang Zheng dared oppose her, the sun really was rising in from the west, and there was a good show to see.

Ye Dingdang was angered and looked left and right, seeing that nothing about Tang Zheng looked out of the ordinary, she grabbed for the book in Tang Zheng’s hands and said: “Heng, I will show you what reading is.”

Tang Zheng’s hand shifted and cleverly avoided.

Ye Dingdang was shocked as her hands have never missed their target yet this time they landed on empty air.

Tang Zheng did not even lift his head, as if nothing had happened and continued to read his book.

“Just then was definitely a miscalculation, let me show you how I will teach you a lesson.” Yee Dingdang said comforting herself, as she grabbed at the corner of the desk, and pulled outwards, while at the same time kicked at Tang Zheng’s feet.

A loud collision sound rang out.


A miserable shriek rang out and everyone present revealed an expression of joy, in their hearts they thought that Tang Zheng was done for because he messed with someone he shouldn’t have and that was Ye Dingdang.

Is Ye Dingdang someone you can afford to provoke?

Feng Yong closed his eyes, unable to bear seeing such a cruel scene.

Gao Dazhi also had an evil smile and seemed incomparably proud of himself. Suddenly, his expression froze, ai, how come the one hugging their leg and crying miserably was Ye Dingdang and not Tang Zheng.

How come this outsider was still reading a book as if nothing happened, the only difference was there was now an extra chair in front of him.

The other people also recovered, their expression was one of shock as they looked upon this scene, their brain’s unable to comprehend the situation.

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