Chapter 59: Ah, youngsters!

Chapter 59: Ah, youngsters!

At dawn.

Tang Zheng awoke. Yi, how come something is pressing down against his body? He disorientedly opened his eyes, and the white ceiling meets his eyes. Only then did he realize that this was not his room but Ye Dingdang's room.

Wait, no, Ye Dingdang.

He stared straight at what was pressing down on his body. It was a person—— Ye Dingdang.

Half her body was splayed over him, and her two arms were wrapped around his waist as if she was hugging a plushie toy.

Her head was leaning against his shoulder, and Tang Zheng slightly twisted his head and saw her beautiful complexion up close, that was one part languid and another part charming, as a strand of hair covered her white face.

Tang Zheng could even feel her steady breathing and the hot air that was breathed on his neck, bringing with it a feeling of warmth and comfort.

"She's really pretty!" Tang Zheng let out praise. She was definitely a beautiful lady who can drive men to crime.

With half her body splayed over his, her breasts were completely unprotected as they squished intimately against Tang Zheng, causing his breathing to unconsciously quicken as his body felt like it might ignite at any second.

Suddenly, she let out a soft moan and covered her mouth as she yawned, her eyes perfectly round eyes opened as she stared straight at Tang Zheng.

"AH——" She loudly shouted.

Tang Zheng's hand flashed as he quickly covered her mouth right as she yelled.

"Don't scream."

"Wuwuwu" Ye Dingdang continued to struggle her eyes looked as if they were ready to spit fire.

"If you promise not to scream then I will let you go." Tang Zheng said.

"Wuwuwu" She continued to glare at him as if she wanted to skin him alive.

"I'll just treat that as an agreement. I'm going to let go now, but if you were to shout, then you will draw a crowd. The one that will look bad will also be yourself."

This phrase was indeed useful.

Tang Zheng loosened his hand, and Ye Dingdang drew in a deep breath before angrily roaring: "You beast!"

Her hand struck forward, wanting to grab ahold of Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng had long expected her to make a move so he retaliated with lightning speed. The two started to wrestle, rolling around, sometimes her on top, at times him on the top, entering into many different positions, some of them were, to say the least: weird. In the end, the two's clothes were ruffled up with Ye Dingdang choking Tang Zheng, with Tang Zheng grabbing Ye Dingdang's head.

"Let go." Ye Dingdang fiercely said.

"You first." Tang Zheng countered.

"You first."

"No, you first. Then I will let go!"

"You beast, I'm going to go all out with you!"

"Based on what are you cursing at others."

"You doing that thing to me isn't that the same as being a beast?"

"What did I do to you, speak clearly. Moreover, you saw clearly too that you were on the bed. Last night, I was the one who was going to sleep on the bed, but you clearly climbed into the bed during the night, and still blame me." Tang Zheng said.

"..." Ye Dingdang suddenly came to the violent realization that she indeed woke up on the bed. Moreover, she was in such an intimate position with him. Could it be that I actually did climb into the bed, halfway through the night?

No, even if I did it, I can not admit it. Otherwise, that would be so embarrassing that I might as well die.

"Just because I woke up on the bed does it prove that you did not do anything bad to me? Who knows, maybe you were the one who brought me onto the bed while I was deep asleep, and then plan to use it as an excuse." Ye Dingdang righteously declared.

"..." Tang Zheng was dumbstruck. Could there be someone so unreasonable as to twist words and force logic?

"Heng, not speaking now are you?" Ye Dingdang said with satisfaction. Suddenly, her eyebrows knitted together as she suspiciously asked: "What are you pointing at me? You dare bring out a weapon?"


Tang Zheng was embarrassed. It was early in the morning, and his spirits were high, after their little fight, it was inevitable for their two bodies to come into contact, causing him body to produce a natural reaction.

Ye Dingdang was not stupid, and after a moment she realized what it was. She was brought to anger by her embarrassment as she clenched her teeth and said: "Tang Zheng, you beast, I will kill you! Hurry up and let me go!"

Tang Zheng knew deep down that if they continued down like this, it would only become more and more awkward, so he hurriedly let go and like a mudfish, he slipped down the bed and retreated three steps.

Ye Dingdang immediately leaped over, like a white swan taking flight, as she came charging forth. Tang Zheng slid backward and at that moment, the people's silhouettes flashed as a dangerous air flooded the room.

Dong dong!

Feng Siniang knocked on the door: "Wake up, come eat breakfast before leaving for school."

The two both stopped in their tracks.

"Hurry up and open the door. Stop lazing around in bed."

"Mother, stop knocking, we are already up."

"If you are up then open the door." Feng Siniang said while continuing to knock.

Ye Dingdang was helpless as she could only crack open the door and said: "See, we really are up."

Feng Siniang took a peek through the crack and coincidentally saw the incomparably messed up bed and immediately couldn't help but smile and say in a low voice: "Ai, you youngsters sure have no restraint, messing up the bed like that. In a bit, I will have to take some time to organize the room."

Ye Dingdang's face turned red up to her neck as she angrily said: "Feng Siniang if you did not speak, no one would treat you as a mute." With a ‘peng' she slammed the door.

"Tang Zheng, this is all your fault."

"How is it my fault, you were clearly the one who wanted me to follow with your act, even making me sleep in the same room as you. Right now, you even say it is my fault, isn't that too unreasonable." Tang Zheng said unhappily.

"Tang Zheng, you are not allowed to tell anyone about what happened last night; otherwise I really will kill you."

"Relax, I won't tell anyone that yesterday someone climbed into my bed and then fought with me to frame me."

Ye Dingdang stamped in anger.

The two quickly washed up, changed clothes, then walked out of the room. Breakfast was already long since prepared and since it was still early no one else was up, so the two finished breakfast and Feng Siniang sent them to school. On the whole trip, Feng Siniang had a weird smile as she mysteriously measured up the two, saying internally that youth sure was amazing. They were able to go crazy the whole night and still seem so awake and fresh in the morning.

"Little handsome brother, you should come to our house for dinner again tonight." After they got off the car, Feng Siniang inevitably said.

"No, he can't come tonight." Ye Dingdang hurriedly said.

"Why not?"

"He… is busy." Ye Dingdang did not want to face Tang Zheng again tonight because more likely than not something else may happen and it would not do to let him take advantage of her.

Tang Zheng also did not want to go because acting sure was tiring.

"Yes, aunty, I have matters I need to attend to tonight, so I am unable to go."

"Oh, that's a shame." Feng Siniang regretfully stared at the two as they entered the school. Little did they know that someone was in the distant using their phone to record down this scene.

Today, during class Ye Dingdang was absent-minded as her mind was preoccupied with the event that occurred between them last night.

"I really let him get the advantage of me, in the future, I must be more careful. Right now it really is as the saying say ‘there is a wolf in front and a tiger in the back. Oh god, how is it that I, Ye Dingdang's life is so bitter."

While she was full of remorse, Tang Zheng, on the other hand, was shocked at his gains. He realized that the true qi in his body has increased by quite a bit, but he did not cultivate last night, so the only explanation was that —— he absorbed pure Yin energy.

Yesterday night, he spent the whole time in close and intimate proximity with Ye Dingdang, so there was a constant, steady flow of pure Yin energy allowing his true qi to increase immensely.

"Little brat, I didn't lie to you did I. As long as you can get with one of these girls, then your abilities will soar to the skies." Tian Chanzi suddenly made his appearance again, resorting to demagogy as he tried to instigate Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng really wanted to flip him a white eye but decided to continue focusing on listening to the lecture. Even though he was confident in the test he did not want to be careless because he made a bet with the old witch, so if he did not get first place in the entire school, he would not be able to ‘cash the cheque for the bet.'

After school was out, Fang Shishi and Tang Zheng walked out of the school together while speaking the sweet words between couples. It was during these times that Tang Zheng would feel incredibly at peace.

"Tang Zheng, I want to find an opportunity to invite you to my house for dinner. Is that okay?" Fang Shishi asked.

"Go to your house for dinner?" Tang Zheng was shocked.

"Yes, I know that you and my mom have a little misunderstanding, so I want to help you dissolve this problem." Fang Shishi said in a lovely and sympathetic tone.

Tang Zheng could not help but think back to her mother's words, and then he looked at her beautiful and pitiful appearance, and he said in his heart that if he wants to be with her, he will still have to overcome the trial that is her mom. So, it would be for the best if they can fix the misunderstanding between the two.

"No problem, when you are sure of the time, just tell me, and I will pay a visit."

Fang Shishi's smiling face was like a flower as she said: "You are the best, and here I thought that you would refuse."

"Am I that narrow-minded a person?"

"Of course not, you are the most selfless person in the world."

"Haha, I am not that great, but if it something that you want then it does not matter if I must go through a mountain of blades or a sea of flames, I will do my best to make it happen."

Fang Shishi's heartfelt sweet as her face was brimming with joy and smiles.

Du du! *TL: honking noises*

The car's horn rang out from behind Tang Zheng, as Liu Qingmei's head peeked out the window as she indicated for Tang Zheng to get on the car.

"Then I will first go to supplementary classes. See you tomorrow."

"Okay, you can do it! See you in the morning."

Tang Zheng got on the car, and Liu Qingmei glanced at him with her eyes at Fang Shishi as she coldly said: "I do not oppose you two getting in a relationship but studies must come first. Do you understand?"

"Teacher Liu, I understand."

"As long as you know then it's okay. In the future, if there is nothing important you should not skip out on supplementary lessons."


"How is it gathering your tuition?"

"I'm still in the process of preparing it."

The whole trip was silent as the two once again bought dinner on the road before returning home. This time her house was meticulously cleaned, and it was evident that everything had been tidied which gave off an impression that was as different from the first time as the gap between the heaven and the earth.

"You rest first a bit." Liu Qingmei entered her bedroom and changed into a set of big comfy in-house clothes, which covered up her lithe figure making her seem modest and unassuming.

The two ate dinner before starting the supplementary lessons. Since this was their second lesson they had become familiarized and things progressed more smoothly. Even though Tang Zheng already recovered his memory, he still learned a lot from the lesson.

"Tang Zheng, why is your grade so poor?" Suddenly, Liu Qingmei asked as she stared straight at him with a gaze that penetrated into his soul.

"Eh…. I don't know." Tang Zheng did not expect her question to be so straightforward. It seems like him trying to cover up his true abilities was not enough to fool her.


Tang Zheng bitterly smiled and said: "Maybe."

"No, I think that you are not the least bit nervous." Liu Qingmei thought back to the time he was in the police station and how he was calm and composed as if he was not the least bit nervous. For a person who is not the least bit nervous in the face of a violent interrogation could not possibly be nervous when it comes to taking a test.

"Your ability to lie is not good at all." Liu Qingmei coldly said.

Tang Zheng awkwardly opened his mouth not knowing how he should reply. Suddenly, his face abruptly changed as the true qi within his body suddenly shuddered.

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