Chapter 58: Truth passing for an act

Chapter 58: Truth passing for an act

Tang Zheng stayed at the Ye Clan's mansion, and at the dinner table, Ye Dingdang intentionally sat next to him, filling up his bowl of rice and grabbing vegetables for him, seeming as if she were lovers stuck to Tang Zheng with glue.

Song Yu lightly smiled with ease as if he did not see what was occurring in front of him and as if he was not here to propose marriage. Old man Qin, on the other hand, had a gloomy face on, unable to help glancing at Tang Zheng as if he wanted to skin the other alive.

Tang Zheng saw but did not care, and calmly ate his food, but he still felt unaccustomed to Ye Dingdang's passionate actions. There was a saying that it is hard to repay a beauties kindness and indeed accepting too large a favor from a beauty was not a good thing.

Tang Zheng could not help but admit that this was one of the dullest meals he ever had. Though all the food on this table were exotic dishes, the atmosphere was too weird, causing the food to lose all its flavor.

"We are finished eating so we will return to our room." Ye Dingdang once again held Tang Zheng's hand and stepped towards her room. As she approached her door, she called out: "We will rest first."

Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang already knew that Tang Zheng would be staying the night, so they already had a room specially prepared for Tang Zheng but Ye Tianlei upon hearing Ye Dingdang's final words was so shocked that he nearly spit out the food he had in his mouth.

Could it be that… the act was not fake but the truth? Could they be giving the brat to many advantages?

Feng Siniang's eye lit up as she smiled and silently gave praise: "This little girl has finally come to her senses, towards this handsome little brother, this excellent person, one must act first to gain the advantage. It seems like she has inherited I, her mother, good points. Tonight maybe the rice really will be cooked, and what's done is done. Aiya, later I need to remind them to take the necessary precautions."

The other two people present also revealed incredulous expression. The veins on old man Qin's face were pulsating, and his gloomy face was as dark as the night sky, seeming as if it could explode at any time.

But Song Yu's lips only curved upwards, as he did not give a reply.

Old man Qin could only resist, as he took a big gulp of tea and suppressed the anger within his heart.

Within the room, Tang Zheng stared straight at Ye Dingdang and asked: "We are sleeping in the same room tonight?"

"Of course, this is the only way to make them believe and give up." Ye Dingdang gnashed down on her snow white teeth, seeming as if to press her luck.

"We are a male and a female alone, together in a room…"

"Don't think random thoughts. Let me tell you. You will sleep on the floor, and I will sleep on the bed. If you dare mess around, heng, be careful that I don't castrate you." Ye Dingdang waved her fist and threatened.

"It's not like you are my opponent, so your threat is useless." Tang Zheng smiled evilly.

"This is my house, if you dare do anything bad, my parents will not let you go." Ye Dingdang bit her lips, not knowing if it's a good or bad thing that she has invited a wolf into her room.

"Heihei, it is you who asked me to come in, so I believe that they have tacitly agreed."

"You… don't you dare. You can't take advantage of others when they are down."

"Fine, I will not take advantage of you when you are down but I want to sleep on the bed and you on the ground."

"How can that be? Don't you have a hint of chivalry?"

"I never said I was a gentleman." Tang Zheng said intentionally being difficult.

"I never thought you were that kind of person. Fine, I promise you. You can sleep on the bed, and I will sleep on the floor.

Tang Zheng was slightly shocked as he did not expect her to give in so easily. He originally wanted to tease her a bit, had no intentions of making her sleep on the ground. So, now he was stuck in a bad position.

"Ai, it seems like I can only make her suffer for a night."

Ye Dingdang gouged him with her eyes and said with a pout: "Meanie, you are not one bit like a man."

Tang Zheng sat on the bed a light fragrance wafted into his nose, as his heart unconsciously sped up. This is a girls bed, and this was his first time on a girls bed. Moreover, the bed was very soft and was many times more comfortable than his bed at home.

"Hey, what are you thinking about right now?"


"Let me warn you; you are not allowed to think random thoughts. Let me first study a bit, so don't you dare wander around." After speaking, she went to her desk and started reading.

Tang Zheng was overcome with boredom and decided just to close his eyes. Since he was in a strange environment and there was an outsider he did not dare to cultivate, otherwise if he was disturbed he may undergo cultivation deviation.

He shut his eyes and started recuperating, as he reflected back on his ten plus years of knowledge, discovering that his thoughts have become clearer. He also found that his sense of logic also became stronger as subjects he was previously baffled about are now comprehensible and easily understood.

'This is the benefits of cultivating. Not only is the body strengthened, but the mind is also further developed, my knowledge has clearly improved.'

"Little brat, remember, a man and a woman alone, in a room. Don't let this incredible chance go to waste." Tian Chanzi was like a ghost and suddenly voiced out.

"F*ck, if you don't speak, I won't treat you as a mute, yet you still flaunt around acting like you are some great figure. I think you are becoming increasingly evil, huh?" *TL: if you don't speak, I won't treat you as a mute= no one will miss you even if you don't talk*

"Aren't I looking out for you?"

"Heng, I need to find a way to shut you up. Otherwise, if you randomly burst out a few words then wouldn't you be scaring people to death?"

"Heihei, if your cultivation is high enough then you will naturally be able to block me off, but right now you are too weak and are unable to do so."

"Oh? Then at what realm will I be able to do so?" Tang Zheng felt his heart move.

"You misheard me. I won't say anything anymore." Tian Chanzi suddenly realized he let slip and immediately turned silent.

Tang Zheng was left speechless, but this reminded him that even though he is currently accustomed to Tian Chanzi's existent, in the future when he is having his own alone time. He would not want another person to enjoy the experience with him.

"En, I must think of a way."

"Little brat, trying to destroy the bridge after crossing the river is being too much." Tian Chanzi said. *TL: destroying the bridge after crossing the river= abandoning one's benefactor after accomplishing one's goal.*

"Just how am I destroying the bridge after crossing the river, this is a way of protecting myself! Do you understand? Even if you don't want to tell me, that is alright because I will definitely find out."

"Fine fine, I will tell you. As long as you reach the Fourth grade of Refining Qi you will be able to cultivate in Seal Techniques. By then you will be able to seal my thoughts temporarily." Tian Chanzi helplessly said.

"How come I need to be at the fourth grade Refining Qi to cultivate in Seal Techniques? Why can't I learn them now?" Tang Zheng did not believe him and asked.

"I am not lying to you, do you think that Seal Techniques are easy to learn? Seal Techniques are not only able to seal me, but they can also seal real live people, preventing them from speaking and even seal another's consciousness."

"Isn't this the equivalent of turning another into a wooden doll?"

"Anyways the seal technique can cause another to be a wooden doll but there is also a limit. If one has sufficiently strong inner qi, then they will be able to seal another for hundreds of years."

Dong dong!

A knock rang on the door breaking off their conversation.

"Feng Siniang, why have you come?" Ye Dingdang secretively after she opened the door.

"Of course it's to see you, my daughter. This time it seems you became smart, but let me tell you, tonight you have to be careful about your safety as a youngster you must take it easy and remember to use this." Feng Siniang secretively said as she passed over a box of Durex Condoms.

"Feng Siniang, you want to die? Why are you giving me this?" Ye Dingdang's face suddenly became as red as an apple as if she was about to blow up.

"You youngsters just don't understand. This is a precautionary measure, do you understand? Hurry and accept it. Also, here is Tang Zheng's PJ's, I just sent someone to buy it. It will just have to do, and anyways I will not disturb the good thing between you two. Heihei, my daughter, fighting!" Feng Siniang meaningfully winked, and then hurriedly left.

Ye Dingdang did not know whether to cry or to laugh as she held onto Tang Zheng's PJ and the box of Durex condoms, completely at a loss for words.

"What did your mom come for?" Suddenly, Tang Zheng asked from behind her.

"Uh, she came to bring your PJ's."

"I'll take it. Aunty is really thoughtful." Tang Zheng said as he took the PJ, and suddenly a strange box fell to the ground which immediately attracted Tang Zheng's gaze.

"Durex." Tang Zheng momentarily did not recognize it.

Ye Dingdang also saw the Durex and immediately thought back to when she passed over his PJ and how she accidentally dropped it. At this moment she wished for nothing more than to find a crevice to burrow in.

"Feng Siniang, I am going to kill you!" She roared inwardly, and with lightning speed, she kicked away the Durex condom and stammered out: "Hurry and go shower already."

Tang Zheng gave a meaningful evil smile and took the PJ with him to the restroom. That smile made Ye Dingdang feel ashamed and unable to show her face.

"He wouldn't possibly think that I am trying to make a move on him right? How could it be, in all honesty, this is all Feng Siniang's doing. Feng Siniang, under the heavens, is there anyone who would play their daughter like you? Am I really your blood-related daughter?"

She wanted to cry but no tears came out. Thankfully Tang Zheng already entered the shower room, so she quickly picked up the Durex condom that was cast aside as if it was a dead mouse and impatiently threw it into the trash can.

"Tonight I must not sleep too deeply in order to keep him under constant surveillance to protect myself. If he dares have any bad intentions, heng, I will castrate him."

Hearing the sound of the shower running in the bathroom she immediately realized that he is the first male to use her restroom and unconsciously, stamped her feet: "He is simply taking advantage of me. Fine, this is only a temporary plan: first I need to trick the surname Song person away then settle this debt with Tang Zheng."

"The set of clothes your mom sent me fits nicely." Tang Zheng said as he strolled out of the restroom, having finished his shower.

Ye Dingdang gouged him with her eyes and said: "I'm going to shower now and don't you dare peek."

"Please, who would want to steal a peek at you. I was even afraid that you would take a look while I was showering."

"Only a ghost would want to look at you."

"Since you are so afraid of someone taking a peek then you don't need to shower. You'll be sleeping on the floor anyways." Tang Zheng loosened his shoulders and said.

"This is my house, if I want to shower then I will, it is not your turn to care." Ye Dingdang has always had the habit of showering before sleeping so if she did not shower then she would not be able to fall asleep.

She cautiously entered the restroom, hurriedly took off her clothes and looked at her exquisite and beautiful figure reflected in the mirror, unable to help but inwardly praise herself: "My figure really is beautiful. I must protect it otherwise others will take advantage of me."

Her body was extremely beautiful and she possessed a healthy aura that is brought by training in martial arts as a kid that caused her muscles to be supple and evenly proportioned. Moreover, she also has well-defined lines that even girls who specifically go to the gym are unable to attain.

This time she did not dare spend too much time showering, as she speedily washed up then put on her PJ's, and even specifically wore her pajama pants. After making sure that there was nothing exposed, did she walk out of the restroom only to discover that Tang Zheng was already lying on the bed with a look of contention which caused her to want to drag him off the bed and give him a fierce beating.

She suppressed the anger within her heart as she took out another set of blankets and put in on the ground before rolling herself in it like a Zhongzi. She continually told herself not to fall into a deep sleep but drowsiness overcame her and she ultimately fell asleep.

At midnight, Ye Dingdang drowsily got up and went to the restroom, before returning to her room and collapsing on the bed.

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