Chapter 57: Fiance

Chapter 57: Fiance

Feng Siniang stood in front of Tang Zheng, blocking the sharp aura like gaze. The old man Qin was slightly shocked as anger knit his eyebrows.

Song Yu lightly smiled and asked: "Tang Zheng, are you and Dingdang friends?"

"He is my fiance." Ye Dindang announced with authority, looking up.

Tang Zheng bitterly smiled. Ye Dingdang sure had entered her role quickly. It certainly seemed like he was destined to be a shield. However, he did not have any desires to refute her claim, as his relationship with the Ye Clan was not bad. Moreover, he did not have any good feelings towards this old gramps who decided to play the matchmaker. So he did not mind helping Ye Dingdang this once.

But then again he also greatly admired Song Yu's reaction. Even a blind person could tell that Ye Dingdang and his relationship was not shallow yet Song Yu still asked if they were friends.

Ye Dingdang was also domineering as she straightforwardly announced him as her fiance.

At that moment, the large hall was completely silent, a pin drop silence. The atmosphere subtly changed as even Ye Tianlei stared wide-eyed in shock.

He clearly did not expect Ye Dingdang to be so bold, but upon looking at his wife once more, he realized that between her eyebrows was a faint hint of laughter, and he suddenly came to a realization.

This was all surely the work of his wife, his wife who never acts according to conventional logic. No one else but her would come up with such a universally surprising way to counter the old gramps will.

"Now we are in for a mess!" Ye Tianlei was stuck between two worlds.

"What? Fiance?", Song Yu gave a smile that was not a smile as he looked at Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang, causing Ye Dingdang to hold Tang Zheng's arms even tighter as if she was fearful that their ploy might be seen through.

Tang Zheng felt something soft press against his arm, and he couldn't resist glancing at her boobs. To make this scene look real, she unknowingly opened up a great opportunity for the two to be in such intimate contact.

"Tang Zheng, you are fortunate to have such a beautiful fiance!" Song Yu's voice drifted like a mist making those who hear it unable to discern his true feelings.

Tang Zheng knew that this was not the time to back down. Since the play was already in action, he must follow through with the script, and he must do so with great lifelikeness.

So, Tang Zheng politely nodded his head and said, "Thank you! My luck has always been pretty good."

"Bullsh*t!" Suddenly, old man Qin could not resist anymore as he let out a loud roar that was akin to the striking of a bell, rippling out throughout the hall. Like the sound of thunder, it rumbled out, causing others to be dazed.

Ye Tianlei's expression slightly changed as he said: "Old Man Qin."

Old man Qin loudly hmphed, his eyes were like daggers landing on Tang Zheng but was blocked by Feng Siniang.

Song Yu did not get a clear look at Tang Zheng's reaction as Feng Siniang blocked him, but any ordinary person under this lion-like roar technique would have their heart shaken up and could even possibly suffer from a fatal injury.

Tang Zheng was naturally not injured as most of the lion roar's strength was blocked by Feng Siniang and he also had the Ancient Clear Heaven Technique protecting his body.

"Tang Zheng, it was not easy for us to meet again so why don't we have a chat? I believe there will be many things for us to discuss." Song Yu continued to speak.

"We are tired, so we will first return to our room." Ye Dingdang said without any room for an explanation as she quickly dragged him into her room. The reason was that she could not allow them to be together in case Tang Zheng accidentally leaked the truth.

Ye Tianlei could not help but inwardly shake his head at how matters could turn out like this. Now he could only try to clean up this mess as he forced out a thin smile and said: "Virtuous nephew, Dingdang is too headstrong so please do not misunderstand her."

Song Yu smiled and shook his head, saying: "Dingdang is still young so it is okay to be headstrong, as who did not have a period of being headstrong. What do you think, Uncle?"

Ye Tianlei upon hearing his words was momentarily at a loss for words.

"Ye Tianlei, just what is this situation?" Old man Qin finally asked as he was unable to hold back any longer.

"This…" Ye Tianlei still had not come up with a proper explanation when Song Yu explained first: "Uncle, we just arrived so we do not know if we can stay at Uncle's house for a few more days."

"This… well of course." Ye Tianlei said hesitantly before agreeing as this was a reasonable request. If he were to refuse, then he would appear to be unreasonable.

Feng Siniang's gaze slightly changed, as she looked at Song Yu as if she had her thoughts. Ye Tianlei ordered some people to bring Song Yu and Old man Qin to a place to rest.

"Feng Siniang, you're guts are simply too big. Did you take a good look at the big mess you stirred up this time?" Ye Tianlei said, slightly angry.

"My guts have always been big, and you knew that back when you pursued me. Moreover, I do not think that this situation is all that bad as we can just let nature take its course, bringing about the result that will happen. So, why would you even need to waste your energy trying to clean up the stage?" Feng Siniang said without a care.

Ye Tianlei shook his head and gave a bitter smile, then said: "How could it be as simple as you make it to be. Just how will we pass the stage that is the old gramps? Also, what about the Song Clan's reputation?"

"What the hell does the Song Clan's reputation have to do with me? It's not like I am a part of the Song Clan, but as for the old gramps, previously he did not even care about us, and now he wants to use my daughter's happiness as a bartering chip to exchange for our clan's benefits…"

"Don't say another word." Ye Tianlei's face deepened, "The old gramps is still the Ye Clan's master, and he is also my father. There are many matters that he needs to concern himself with."

"Yes, he does indeed need to consider a lot of things. That year when we were forced out of Jing Cheng, he sure examined the fact that he was your father. That year when we were helpless, it wasn't as if he didn't know about our situation. Moreover, he has never seen Dingdang and yet today he wants to send her off to another man. Did he considered our's or Dingdang's feelings?" Feng Siniang retaliated.

Ye Tianlei was dumbstruck and speechless, as he gave a long sigh, then said: "His time is short, so he was forced to act in this manner."

"... What? Is his time short? Wasn't he close to breaking through to the Scholar Stage?" Feng Siniang said turning pale.

Ye Tianlei shook his head and said: "The last time he tried to break through to the Scholar Stage he nearly went through cultivation deviation, and so his time is limited."

"Ai, within the several large family clans in Jing Cheng only the Ye Clan does not have a Scholar Stage expert. If the old gramps is no longer around, then the Ye Clan…" Feng Siniang did not continue speaking as she finally understood.

Ye Tianlei nodded and said: "Who knows what the outcome will be, that is why the old gramps chose to marry our daughter to the Song Clan to form a connection."

"It's not as if the Ye Clan only has Dingdang, this one daughter. Why couldn't they chose your big brother's daughter then?"

"You also know that her reputation in Jing Cheng is not good, so how could the old gramps possibly allow her to marry into the Song Clan as wouldn't that produce the opposite results? Then again I have also heard that that girl was completely willing and has even stirred up a mess a few times but the old gramps never agreed."

"Regardless, I will not agree to this matter. It does not matter who's face or reputation it is I will not care. My daughter's happiness will be determined by herself." Feng Siniang like usual did not give a single inch.

"Since the situation has already become like this how could I not know your intentions, but then again how will we be able to face the old gramps?"

"The year you received your heavy injury and your meridian was blocked you were deemed unable to break through to the Natal Stage and was forced to leave Jing Cheng. At first, we thought that once you break through into the Natal Stage that we could return to Jing Cheng as that was your long cherished wish but today after this matter, my feelings toward returning has died down. I think that Chang Heng City isn't bad and that later on, we can peacefully develop within it.

Ye Tianlei sank deep into thought not speaking for a while before he said: "We should first pass this obstacle first. In the end it is because the old gramps days are limited, otherwise, if the old man were able to persevere for another few years then this matter would be easily solved."

"To defy the heavens and change one's destiny. I have heard of these kind of things but where would we find such a heavenly character." Feng Siniang sighed.

Song Yu sat straight and calmly stared out of the window at the beautiful scene of the setting sun descending over the Ye Clan's courtyard. Old Qin stood by his side and couldn't help but ask: "Young master, why did you stop me when I was trying to interrogate Ye Tianlei."

Song Yu replied without turning his head: "Old man Qin, there are some matters that when made clear will cause more agitation than good. Do you understand?"

"What do you mean? This old man does not understand."

"Hehe, did you not see uncle Ye's expression when Dingdang introduced Tang Zheng as her future fiance?"

"What was his expression?"

"He was shocked!"

Old Qin's heart moved as he said: "Young master, do you mean that he didn't know of this matter, so… this was all a play?"

"Most likely. So, if we were to continue to pursue this matter we would make this play become the truth, and we would, in turn, be agitated and moved. Whereas if we do not bring this issue up and stay in the Ye Clan for a few days then they will naturally slip up, causing their play to collapse."

"As expected of the young master to come up with this plan. It is this old man who is slow-witted." Old man Qin said with admiration.

Song Yu lightly smiled: "Hehe, actually there are many things that if you think one step ahead, you will have a whole new perspective on them. Moreover, Tang Zheng is just an ordinary person so how could he form marriage ties with the Ye Clan? But then again I was right in the fact that he is not a simple character. Maybe we have been viewing him in too shallow a manner, as there is more to him than we know about."

"Does Young Master want me to investigate more?"

Song Yu splayed his hands and said: "No need, since he does not want others to know then he will naturally have his methods. Continuing to investigate will only create more fake stories, and I only believe in what I see." Saying this he pointed at his own eyes, bursting forth with a strong aura of self-confidence.

Within Ye Dingdang's chamber, Tang Zheng could not help but look around. Her room was very orderly, everything was neat and tidy, with not a single speck of dust, as if it was cleaned on a daily basis.

The style of the room was more robust than that of ordinary girls, especially shown by the large painted word that says "Martial Arts" ("?") atop her bed which was a testament to her devotion to learning martial arts.

"You like martial arts that much huh?" Tang Zheng asked.

"No shit, of course I like it. My dream is to become a Scholar Stage martial artist." Ye Dingdang said with her two eyes ablaze as if she could see the image of herself becoming a Scholar Stage martial artist.

"Then your path a is very long one."

"I believe that I can do it." She confidently said.

"Dingdang, this time you are using me as a shield may not work as that Song Yu is brilliant so he may not fall into our play. Moreover, the other is a pretty handsome dude, or at least he is more handsome than me. Will you not consider him, even just for a bit?"

"Consider your fat ass head, no matter how handsome he is I will not consider him. I hate others dictating my life. I will be the one who will determine my future, especially when it comes to great matters such as marriage. I will not consider anyone else's agenda in this area!"

She suddenly rolled her eyes and said: "To make him quickly believe our relations, you should stay at my house tonight."

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