Chapter 56: Marriage Proposal

Chapter 56: Marriage Proposal

“Feng Siniang called you?” Ye Dingdang asked out of curiosity, clearly having heard Feng Siniang’s voice.

“Yes, she told me to go eat dinner at your house.”

“What is trying to do now?”

“She’s your mom so how would I know. She also said that she isn’t able to pick you up after school today and wants me to go back with you.”

Ye Dingdang rolled her eyes as she did not know what kind of crazy play she was putting up this time so she must make things clear.

Towards her mom’s sudden and peculiar actions she has already experienced way too much of it. This time she must make clear her mother’s intentions otherwise she would not be able to relax.

However when she called Feng Siniang directly rejected her call and when she called her again the other had shut off their phone.

“Feng Siniang, if you dare mess around then I will cut off all ties with you.” Ye Dingdang said between gnashed teeth, feeling angry just thinking about it.

Taking the time between two periods, Tang Zheng went to the teacher’s office to ask for a leave of absence from Liu Qingmei saying that he wasn’t able to attend tonight’s supplementary lessons. Liu Qingmei was sensible and agreed.

What Tang Zheng did not know was that yesterday's shock had caused Liu Qingmei’s heart to still be unsettled. Tang Zheng’s suggestion was fitting with her current mood.

After school was dismissed, Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang got in a taxi that headed straight towards Ye Dingdang’s house. Just as they entered the house Tang Zheng discovered that the atmosphere had undergone a change.

Ye Dingdang also discovered the change in atmosphere and curiously looked around, her gaze finally landed upon a luxurious car parked in the parking lot.

“A guest?”

When the two entered the big hall, Feng Siniang quickly came over and grabbed onto Tang Zheng, nervously whispering: “Little handsome brother, there’s an urgent matter.”

“What’s the urgent matter?” Tang Zheng was momentarily stunned and a seed of doubt started to sprout within his stomach.

“Feng Siniang, have you gone crazy again?”

“You are the one that has gone crazy! Not knowing your place. I am your mother!”

“Just when do you act like a mother?” Ye Dingdang speechlessly said.

Feng SIniang did not continue to bicker with Ye Dingdang and secretively said: “Little handsome brother this is related to you and Ye Dingdang’s future happiness. Therefor wouldn’t you say that this is an urgent matter?”

Tang Zheng discovered that the other had less and less boundaries and couldn’t help but give a bitter smile and said: “Aunty, just tell me directly what is this urgent matter that you had to call me over?”

“Didn’t I say already that this is related to you and Ye Dingdang’s future happiness. Someone has came to our house to give a marriage proposal.”

“Marriage Proposal?” Tang Zheng and Ye Dingdang both simultaneously said with wide eye.

“Yea, this was a sudden attack that even I did not expect but rest assured I will definitely not let this happen!”

“Mother, I am only eighteen years old so what marriage proposal are you even talking about? Could this be something that you stirred up?” Ye Dingdang said both angrily and anxious as she was more clear than anyone else about Feng Siniang’s ability to mess with someone.

“How could you be so suspicious of your mother? I have already set my eyes upon the little handsome brother so how could I possibly introduce you to another person. This time this marriage proposal was introduced by the Lord Grandfather__.” Feng Siniang helplessly said. She was normally unfearing of anything but when it comes to the Lord Grandfather she was extremely respectful.

“Grandfather?” Ye Dingdang was speechless.

Feng Siniang helplessly shook her head.

“This won’t do. I will be the one who decides my future happiness and even though he is my grandfather he can not interfere with my personal life.” Ye Dingdang resolutely said, “Moreover after all these years, does he even care about me? Suddenly running over and setting up a marriage proposal. Is there even a grandfather like him?”

Feng Siniang patted Ye Dingdang’s head and said: “Dingdang, relax, I will stand up for you. My daughter is so pretty and obedient so how could I let others get the advantage of you?”

“Auntie, this has nothing to do with me right?”

“How is this unrelated to you? Dingdang is about to be stolen by someone else. Are you just going to sit and watch it happen? Don’t speak so cutely. In the future you are not allowed to speak like that. There is one method that could solve this issue. Do you guys want to hear what it is?” Feng Siniang said with all smiles.

Tang Zheng felt his heart freeze as he got a sense of foreboding from Feng Siniang’s smiling countenance.

“What method?” Ye Dingdang anxiously asked.

“When the rice is cooked, what’s done is done.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you were to already be engaged then do you think that Lord Grandfather would still be able to proceed with this marriage proposal?” Feng Siniang mysteriously smiled.

Ye Dingdang unconsciously shook her head and hurriedly said: “But the point is that I am not engaged.”

“This is our family’s business so what we say counts.”

“This is wrong, where can I go find someone to be engaged with?”

“Heihei, the heavens are in the distance while those in front of you are close by. Isn’t the little handsome brother a good choice?” Feng Siniang’s gaze fell on Tang Zheng’s body.

“NO!” Tang Zheng loudly shouted.

Ye Dingdang stared foolishly. She did not expect Feng Siniang would switch in Tang Zheng. No, why would he reject that quickly, as if she was ugly or something. She fiercely gouged out Tang Zheng with her eyes and asked: “Tang Zheng, I haven’t even said no yet so why are you so quick to speak?”

“This… idea is no good since I already have a girlfriend.”

“You can always break up with your girlfriend. This is an engagement, so your future fiance is more important than your girlfriend.” Feng Siniang said.

“Heng, I haven’t said I would get engaged yet as this is only putting up a show.” Ye Dingdang unsteadily said.


“No but’s. We will settle it like this. Little handsome brother this is an exceedingly rare opportunity so I wouldn’t mind if you treat this act as if it were the real deal.” Feng Siniang smiled mischievously.

Tang Zheng did not know whether to cry or laugh, was there anyone who would throw their daughter to some other man like this. Was Ye Dingdang her daughter or not?

“Tang Zheng, for this matter whether you want to or not you will have to agree to it.” Ye Dingdang weighed her gains and losses and firmly said.

“What if I don’t agree?”

“Heng, you dare!”

“Little handsome brother, when the Jianghu calls you must be able to provide aid.” Feng Siniang said.

Tang Zheng shook his head as this kind of matter was only able to be carried through with a weird mother-daughter duo. This pretending to be an engaged couple shouldn’t be a hard task.

The study room’s door suddenly opened and Ye Tianlei and an aged man walked in.

“My good nephew, Chang Heng City may not be able to compare with Jing Cheng but there are also its own beautiful sights so you should stay and play for a few more days.” Ye Tianlei said.

“Many thanks for Uncle’s concern, I will definitely stay longer as this is Uncle’s will.”

“Dingdang, school’s out? Why don’t you hurry up and greet the guest?” Ye Tianlei suddenly waved towards Ye Dingdang and said.

Ye Dingdang measured up the guests, one was old and the other was young. It was clearly evident that they were no ordinary people as their aura was not ordinary. This was especially true for the old man Qin as he had an aura that emanated from his body making him seem as an unsheathes treasured sword, making others not dare look straight at him.

“Little Tang, you came too? Come, I will introduce you to a few guests.” Ye Tianlei said seeing Tang Zheng, his heart slightly moved as he glanced at Feng Siniang, who winked at him.

“It’s them!” Tang Zheng did not think that the Ye Clan would meet up with Song Yu and that old man, “So the one who came to propose marriage was Song Yu.”

Song Yu’s gaze flitted over Ye Dingdang’s face and finally landed on Tang Zheng’s face, slightly shocked as he could not conceal his shock.

Old man Qin was also shocked as he suddenly remembered that Song Yu previously said that he had a premonition that they would meet Tang Zheng again. Little did he know that they would meet again so quickly. The world truly was a small place.

But at this time the two recalled Tang Zheng’s identity as an ordinary person so how could he have any relationship with the Ye Clan? Moreover their relationship was so intimate.

“Tang Zheng, we meet again.” Song Yu slightly smiled as he extended his hand.

“Yes, the world truly is a small place.” Tang Zheng shook his hand and said.

“You guys recognize each other?” Ye Tianlei and Feng Siniang were both shocked as they were clear on Song Yu’s identity, so how could Tang Zheng possibly know him?

“We met several days ago at Chang Heng Resort so we have a bit of karma.” Song Yu explained.

Ye Tianlei and his wife both revealed shock.

“So this must be little sister Dingdang, truly a beauty to the eyes.” Song Yu said towards Ye Dingdang who hmphed and said: “Who’s your little sister? Don’t randomly call people names.”

“Dingdang, don’t be so rude.” Ye Tianlei’s face deepened as he berated her.

Ye Dingdang pouted and cast her lips in disdain.

Song Yu said: “Uncle, this is not Dingdang’s fault since this is the first time Dingdang and I have met so calling her little sister is indeed a bit rude. Dingdang, hello, I will introduce myself. I am Song Yu and our two family Clan’s the Ye and Song Clan’s are long time allies. You have not been to Jing Cheng so we have not before but there will be many opportunities in the future.”

“I still do not know you.” Ye Dingdang said with a cold and distant tone.

Song Yu was not angry as he said without anger or coldness: “Now we know each other.”

“Dingdang, don’t be so rude.” Ye Tianlei warned, deeply afraid that Ye Dingdang would let her temper get ahold of her. Song Yu was not like others who would be okay with it, causing the losses to outweigh the gains.

Ye Tianlei deeply looked at Song Yu and couldn't help but deeply sigh, the successor of the Song Clan was indeed not ordinary. He was only twenty years old and he had already possesses such a stable temperament that ordinary people can not compare to. With this successor the Song Clan does not need to fear for passing on its heritage or even flourishing, so no wonder the old gramps would want to organize this marriage.

Ye Tianlei knew that the old gramps body was not as strong as it once was and so he must find the Ye Clan a strong and powerful ally.

And marriage relation was indeed a strong way to form a solid alliance.

But upon seeing Tang Zheng, Ye Tianlei sudden saw through his wife’s intentions of using her own actions to oppose this marriage.

‘Even though there is Tang Zheng, this variable, if the old gramps were determined to settle this marriage then they would have no way of refusing.’ Since Ye Tianlei was a member of the Ye Clan he was clearer than anyone about the old gramps temperament and strength.

There is no one in the Ye Clan who can resist the old gramps!

“Dad, if there is nothing then I will first return to the room with Tang Zheng.” Ye Dingdang suddenly intimately held onto Tang Zheng’s arm as if they were a couple glued together.

“You guys... “ Ye Tianlei stared wide eyes, as the situation became more complicated than he thought it was.

Song Yu’s expression remained normal but old man Qin’s expression slightly changed as his gaze fell upon Tang Zheng’s body, releasing his aura as if he were a sharp blade chopping forth.

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