Chapter 55: Spark

Chapter 55: Spark

The atmosphere immediately became awkward and there was also a hint of ambiguity in the air.

The two were in deep thought, this was the first time Tang Zheng saw a ladies underwear up close, his face turned beat red, as that black color underwear was immediately blown up within his sight before it plunged deep into his heart.

Liu Qingmei wished for nothing more than to find a crevice and burrow herself into it. She normally lived alone so she was used to throwing her clothes around randomly. Moreover other people would not come to her house so she has never been faced with this problem before. Today however, Tang Zheng came and so that was how this awkward situation occurred.

Even though Liu Qingmei had a habit of randomly throwing her stuff her memory was good and as she was cleaning up her room she discovered that she still had one underwear unaccounted for. She then thought about how last night when she went to the balcony to bring in her underwear that she casually threw it on the sofa hence why she told Tang Zheng to stand up. Little did she expect that he was actually sitting on her underwear.

Seeing her not make a move, something overcame Tang Zheng as he picked up the underwear and said: “Teacher Liu, is this what you were looking for.”

Oh god, he actually picked up her underwear. That was her most private possession, moreover it has come into contact with her most secretive body part causing a strange feeling to rise up within her.

Liu Qingmei grabbed at the underwear and charged as if she was flying into her room. From the outside Tang Zheng could hear her breathing become increasingly hurried.

Seeing her placed in a difficult position Tang Zheng laughed involuntarily as this ice goddess actually had this side to her.

“If other people knew that I saw Teacher Liu’s underwear I wonder what they would think. But, black underwears sure are sexy, moreover it was laced, I wonder how she looks like if she wears it…”

Tang Zheng did not dare continue with this line of thinking because as a virgin male this image was simply to provocative. He already felt his body undergo its natural reaction and a small tent was formed down below.

Keke! *TL: coughing noise*

Liu Qingmei walked out, her face was red with blush. Suddenly, her gaze fell on Tang Zheng’s lower half and she acted as if the Body Lock Technique was used on her.

‘He actually had a reaction! Vile!’

Tang Zheng was conscious of his embarrassing state so he hurried sat down on his butt and finally covered up the source of his embarrassment.

‘He is still just a child, and is full of youthful vigor, so this time I will forgive him.’ Liu Qingmei took in a deep breath and tried very hard to stabilize herself.

“Let’s first eat and then start the supplementary lesson.” Liu Qingmei’s attitude was several times colder as she hoped that this cold attitude would cover up the awkwardness just now.

Tang Zheng also actively suppressed his desires as the two ate a simple dinner, and then started the supplementary lessons.

Liu Qingmei was an english teacher so Tang Zheng originally thought that she was only good at english but after she started her supplementary lesson he realized that he underestimated her.

Literature, Language, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, she was good at all of them and even spoke of these topics with more interest than the teachers who taught them.

“She must have been a prodigy when she was younger.” Tang Zheng guessed, “But why did she want to become a teacher? Based on her indepth knowledge and the fact that her family is well off she could get any job she wanted.”

Tang Zheng suppressed his curiosity as this was the others secret and he had no right to investigate.

He did not know that Liu Qingmei gradually grew very suspicious of him. Even though Tang Zheng was hiding his intelligence it was impossible to completely hide it all and Liu Qingmei discovered him to actually be very smart. This was completely unlike one who would test dead last.

“I heard that your memory became worse, moreover whenever you test you would have headaches. Do you still have headaches right now when you take test? Could it be that… you are intentionally hiding your intelligence?”

She was scared by her own line of thinking. Did he have any reason to hide his intelligence? Didn’t the school hope for him to get good grades?

She discovered that she did not understand Tang Zheng as much as she thought she did as he gave off this air of mysteriousness. His temperament was also unique and even though he seems ordinary like his peers he gave others a sense of calmness that made others want to unconsciously get close to him.

‘Why would I have this kind of feeling?’ She was scared into a jump.

As of today Tang Zheng had stepped into the Third grade Refining body and his entire person’s temperament underwent a complete change. His body unconsciously is in tune and in harmony with the world around him so it would naturally affect those around him, creating a sense of calmness within those close to him.

“Okay, today’s supplementary lessons will end here. You should return home and digest the teachings from today. I will send you home.”

“No need, this place is not far from my house so I can walk home.”

“Alright then, remember to rest well when you get home.”

After seeing off Tang Zheng, Liu Qingmei sat against the door letting out a breath of relief as if a heavy burden was lifted off her shoulders as she said: “Today I was simply seeking trouble. I hope he does not tell anyone about today otherwise it would be so embarrasing. Heng, if he dares tell others just watch and see how I will deal with him.”

“Ai, tonight I must give this place a good cleaning otherwise if something like this happens again then my illustrious reputation will be ruined.”

When Tang Zheng returned home his grandfather was very excited as he believed the teacher’s supplementary lessons were her way of expressing her care for her student. Therefor, he warned Tang Zheng to study well and not to let the teacher’s hard work go to waste.

“The first grade of true fire is the dividing line between ordinary fire and true fire and of the two only true fire can refine pills. Of course, once true fire reaches a certain stage it can also be used to fight off enemies. It must be known that everyone’s body contains a spark but ordinary humans are unable to activate it or use it. Right now I am going to impart on you a technique to kindle your spark.”

Tian Chanzi imparted to him a set of incantations which Tang Zheng silently memorized. He followed the incantations and then guided his true qi to flow towards his dantian, which immediately gave off a warm and fuzzy feeling, as if he were a stove.

“The spark is hidden within your dantian, it is formless, invisible to the even your internal eye but do not be mistaken, it is there. Only when you kindle your internal spark will you able to see a small ball of fire burning within.

The true qi from his nine main meridians flooded into his dantian making Tang Zheng feel as if his entire body was a fireball, and that it may suddenly ignite.

“Your Nine Yang Saint Body contains a strong amount of pure Yang force so igniting your spark is a small matter as long as you follow the incantation.” Tian Chanzi said.

Tang Zheng upon hearing his words felt his heart fill with confidence as he will be able to refine more potent pills once he ignites his sparks and cultivates true fire. With more herbs and pill ingredients he will be able to rapidly increase his cultivation level.

The true qi within his dantian rapidly increased and filled up, revolving to the max. Not long after, it started to form a true qi whirlpool within his dantian.

“Your true qi is sufficient and in a bit your spark will be ignited… Ai, what happened? Tian Chanzi revealed a shocked tone, “Where’s your true qi? How come it disappeared?”

The original high speed whirlpool of true qi had suddenly disappeared as if it was never there to begin with. Tang Zheng’s dantian was empty and devoid of not even the least hint of true qi.

Tang Zheng also stared foolishly. Didn’t Tian Chanzi just say that the ignition of the spark will surely succeed? What the hell just happened?

Where did his true qi run off too? What about his spark?

How come he couldn’t see even a hint of the spark?

“Tian Chanzi, is this what you meant by I will surely succeed?” Tang Zheng was stuck between tears and laughter. Since he started on the path of cultivation he had only been met with success and everything occurred as Tian Chanzi planned but this time he was met with failure even though he was completely confident in him.

“How can this be? Igniting your spark shouldn’t be a difficult matter especially since you possess the Nine Yang Saint Body, so logically speaking it should be even easier.” Tian Chanzi was also greatly confused.

Tang Zheng’s true qi was greatly depleted but he was unwilling to admit defeat just like that so he hurriedly urged the rest of his remaining true qi to move towards his dantian.

His true qi was like a clay ox entering the sea, disappearing from sight. This time there was not even a whirlpool of true qi as it all just up and vanished, as if through some magic trick.

“Tian Chanzi, hurry up and tell me just what the hell is going on?”

“I...I don’t know. If you ask me, then who do I ask? No, this surely must be related to your Nine Yang Saint Body.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be all knowing about the Nine Yang Saint Body, how come you couldn’t even get this simple matter right?”

“This… everything has their own advantages and disadvantages. Moreover the Nine Yang Saint Body has many secrets so how could I know them all? We will try this again tomorrow since it is pointless to continue without preparation.” Tian Chanzi stammered out.

Tang Zheng silently sighed as he could tell from Tian Chanzi’s tone that he did not have a solution so they could only try again tomorrow.

The next day, Liu Qingmei walked into the classroom, her face was normal, but she was extremely apprehensive as she looked towards her students only finally letting out a relaxed breath after discovering that everyone’s gaze was normal. It seems like Tang Zheng did not tell anyone about the awkward incident from last night.

“Boss, yesterday how was your one on one session with the teacher heihei?” After class, Feng Yong hurriedly asked.

“Nothing happened.”

“What do you mean nothing happened? A lone male and female in a room together. Could it be that nothing happened at all?” Feng Yong curiously asked.

Tang Zheng unconsciously thought back to that black colored underwear, but his face remained calm as he said: “I’ll say, what do you think about all day with that brain of yours? She is a teacher and I am a student so what could possibly happen?”

“It is exactly because she is a teacher and you are a student that makes this more exciting! Isn’t this how it’s played out in those dramas?”

“Scram, the more I know you the more I discover that you are an animal.”

Ding ling ling!

Tang Zheng’s phone rang as he picked it up while staring weirdly at Ye Dingdang as he discovered that it was Feng Siniang’s phone number.

“Hello aunty, are you looking for me?”

“Little handsome brother, how are you recently?”

“I’m alright.”

“Did you miss me?”


“Ai, it seems like you did not think of me but that’s okay as long as you think of my family’s Ye Dingdang.” Feng Siniang said magnanimously, “Little handsome brother, there is some big news I want to tell you about.”

“What news?”

“Come eat dinner at my house and I’ll tell you.”

“Aunty, I recently have to take supplementary classes so I don’t have any time.” Tang Zheng was indeed sick of her constantly trying to play the matchmaker for him and Ye Dingdang so he tactfully declined.

“You are so smart so why do you need supplementary classes? Moreover this matter is more important than those supplementary classes. Little handsome brother you definitely must come. Moreover, I have no time to pick up Ye Dingdang today so you will have to send her back home.”


“This what, a grown man being so sissy. Alright, it’s decided then.” Feng Siniang said then hung up the phone.”

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