Chapter 54: Gambling Contract

Chapter 54: Gambling Contract

Wu Cuihong’s satire caused Liu Qingmei to wrinkle her eyebrows as she said: “Teacher Wu don’t go overboard. Don’t think that I don’t know that this matter was caused by you. If it wasn’t for you constantly pleading to the school, then why would the school make this decision towards Tang Zheng.”

Wu Cuihong coldly laughed and said: “I am merely looking out for the school’s interest. Why is there a problem?”

“Do you have to act this way towards Tang Zheng?”

“Am I targeting him? Haha, what I am saying is the truth. He is the last place in school so why should the school’s resources be wasted on him.” Wu Cuihong said in contempt.

“The school’s responsibility is to educate their students and not to give up on them.”

“Heng, you can only educate those that have hope while Tang Zheng is like mud that isn’t even able to stick to the walls. Wanting him to test in the high school exam is a humiliation to the test itself.” *TL: basically says he hopeless.*

Tang Zheng lightly looked at Wu Cuihong and said: “Old witch, you say that me participating in the high school exam is a humiliation to the exam then pray tell me what is not being a humiliation to the high school exam?”

Liu Qingmei looked at Tang Zheng in astonishment as she did not expect him to remain so calm and collected when such a disaster came upon him.

“Of course it is to get a good score on the exam and test into a good university.”

“Then what is your so called good score?”

“Haha, anyways it won’t be you with your last place grade.”

“What if I do not test last in the high school exam what will you do?”

“If you aren’t last place then you will be second to last place so what is the difference?” Wu Cuihong ridiculed him with sharp words.

“What about first in the entire school?”

“First place? Haha, so you are confident. Could it be that you want to test first in the entire school? If you test first on the high school exam then I…”

“You what?”

“Then I will admit I have eyes but could not see and am not fit to be a teacher.”

“Okay! If I were to test first in the school then you will scram from being a teacher because people like you are not worthy of being a teacher.”

“I promise you but you do not have this chance.” Wu Cuihong said satisfied and with complete confidence in herself, “If you do not test first in the school then I want you to bow and admit you are wrong in front of the whole school.”

“There are many teacher who can act as witnesses today so I believe you will fulfill your end of the deal. We will wait and see, after the high school exams.” Tang Zheng gave a weird smile causing Wu Cuihong to feel her heart freeze as a sense of unease settled deep within her.

“Why do I have this sense of unease. He is merely a useless bastard and even if he did improve a bit how could he test first in the entire school, that is impossible. Moreover, he also needs to gather up several hundred thousand dollars in a week to pay for the tuition otherwise he will be expelled so how could he possibly even participate in the high school exam, not even speaking about testing first? Based on his family's situation this several hundred thousand dollar is a heavenly sum and even if he sold off everything he would not have enough money so I have won for sure. Tang Zheng you constantly go against me so just you wait to bow and admit that you are wrong. Haha!” Wu Cuihong smiled in satisfaction.

Liu Qingmei did not have a chance to interject before the two settled their gambling contract. Liu Qingmei let out a sigh as Tang Zheng was too young and hot blooded, how could he randomly make a bet.

“Tang Zheng, you really are too… impatient. I will personally go find Wu Cuihong to see if we can invalidate the contract.”

“Teacher Liu, no need. Could it be that you do not believe in me?” Tang Zheng looked straight at her.

Liu Qingmei froze on the spot, from Tang Zheng’s gaze she could see a burning confidence as if the first place in the school was already in his grasp and that it was a simple matter.

Liu Qingmei shook her head and was certain she was seeing things as her expression turned back to normal: “Tang Zheng, this is not a game. If you are unwilling to cancel this gambling contract then as your teacher, I will not shirk from my duty and put forth my part.”


“From today onward, after school, I will give you supplementary classes.”

“Supplementary classes? Teacher Liu, there is no need.”

“There is. I said that I will not give up on any student and you are my student so I will not give up on you but Tang Zheng I still must speak clearly that these two months will be very bitter. Even so there will be gains so you must persevere.” Liu Qingmei encouraged.

Tang Zheng bitterly smiled, his time was already tight and he did not consider her taking up another portion of it but he had no way of rejecting her good will.

“Come find me after school, I will take you to my house to give you supplementary lesson.”

“Your home?”

“Of course, if other students see me giving you special attention they would definitely complain.”

“Oh, I understand.”

Tang Zheng drooped his head in dejection as he walked out of the teachers office. Tian Chanzi’s voice suddenly rang out: “Little brat, this is a rare opportunity since your strength has recently increased in leaps and bounds you require more pure Yin energy to balance out your pure Yang energy. Since you temporarily do not have any intentions of eating the little girl, Fang Shishi, you should spend more time with Liu Qingmei and absorb her pure Yin energy. This will be extremely beneficial to you right now.”

Liu Qingmei had a mysterious Yin body constitution so her pure Yin energy was even stronger and concentrated than Fang Shishi and Ye Dingdang. It would be even more beneficial to Tang Zheng.

“Tian Chanzi, why are your thoughts so dirty? How are you like a expert cultivator?” Tang Zheng said not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

“How are my thoughts dirty? I am looking out for you okay. Heng, not knowing my good intents, just like the dog who bit Lu Dongbin*. Let me tell you, you can not let this rare opportunity go and you must take the chance to absorb more of her pure Yin energy. If your two bodies are able to come in contact then that will be all the better.” Tian Chanzi did not want to miss any opportunities to let Tang Zheng become stronger. *TL: dog who bit Lu Dongbin= dog biting the hand that fed it.*

“All the money I made is gone so where would I gather the hundred thousand dollar or so?” Tang Zheng did not think that he would have to worry about money this soon again.

If only he wasn’t such a big spender at Chang Heng Resort a few days back, then the school’s tuition wouldn’t be a difficult problem at all.

“Nevermind, it’s not like I can think of something in a moment. I still have a week’s time, if I really can’t think of a way then I will just go to Chang Heng Resort and win another hundred thousand dollars. Since it is a small sum it shouldn’t attract too many people’s attention.

Tang Zheng returned to the classroom and everyone looked towards him with complicated gazes, most of them were filled with regret and sympathy.

“Boss, with your capabilities how come you didn’t test better? It must be the graders problem. Let’s go investigate.” Feng Yong angrily said.

“Feng Yong, it’s not a problem. I just tested that poorly.”

Feng Yong stared wide eyes for a long while before saying: “How is that possible?”

“There is nothing that is impossible.”

“Then what did Teacher Liu call you out for?”

“She wanted to give me supplementary lessons.”

“F*ck, too amazing. She wants to give you one on one supplementary lessons?” Feng Yong’s gaze brightened as he didn’t believe what he just heard, envious to the extreme.

Tang Zheng nodded his head and said: “Can you be a bit quieter, it is best not to broadcast this.”

“Right, don’t disclose this information.” Feng Yong had an expression of understanding, “Boss, I finally understand why you tested poorly, it was all because you were planning for the long term. You long since knew that if your scores were kept low then you would be able to get one on one supplementary lessons from Teacher Liu. This is simply an amazing strategy, how come I didn’t think of it?”

Tang Zheng stared foolishly, not knowing what Feng Yong was thinking about.

Feng Yong prostrated himself on the ground in admiration and said: “Boss, in reality other people want to closer with Teacher Liu as she is an extreme beauty. Whether it be her temperament or appearance anyone who sees her can not help but feel their heart beat faster. Heihei, this time I really look up to you!

“Feng Yong, I really didn’t plan this.” Tang Zheng helplessly explained.

“Denying is useless. Everyone knows so there is no point in explaining.” Feng Yong laughed knowingly.

Ye Dingdang could no longer resist and turned her head, staring coldly at the two and said: “How come you men’s brain are always filled with these random dirty thoughts?”

“I don’t!” Tang Zheng hurriedly denied.

Ye Dingdang had on an expression of not being easily lied to which made Tang Zheng want to say a thousand words but was ultimately unable to express himself.

“Sister Dingdang, appetite and lust are only natural as they are a part of human character. Don’t you know that?” Feng Yong had on an expression that says he did not think it was anything shameful but instead jovely said.

“Heng, more like having a perverts nature.”

After school was let out, Tang Zheng told Fang Shishi about the supplementary classes and Fang Shishi was happy for him as she already knew that Tang Zheng was already back to normal, but having supplementary lesson from the teacher was even better. That wat he would have more guarantees when taking the high school exam.

The campus quieted down as Tang Zheng sat by his lonesome at the stairs of the teaching building when, with a ‘ga’, a MINI stopped by his side.

“Get in the car.” Liu Qingmei yelled.

Liu Qingmei was very quiet while driving as she did not like to talk while driving unlike Feng Siniang who kept chattering nonstop.

“Have you ate yet?”


“What do you want to eat?”

“Anything is fine, I’m not a picky eater.”

“Buying vegetables and cooking at home waste too much time so we get food from a fast food restaurant.” Liu Qingmei stopped her car in front of a Kentucky Fried Chicken, got out of the car and returned later with a bag.

In the end, the MINI stopped in front of a high end apartment complex’s parking lot. Even though Tang Zheng did not really understand housing prices, after living in Chang Heng City for many years he had some sort of understanding and knew that the little community Liu Qingmei lives in was not cheap. From this it can be seen that her family background is not bad.

“I live by myself so my house is a bit messy, I hope you don’t mind.” Liu Qingmei said as she approached the door, appearing to be embarrassed for the first time ever.

Seeing her blushing appearance Tang Zheng unconsciously froze, as he internally said that she was really too entrancing. An ice cold beauty that occasionally revealed a bashful look was simply to killer.

“Teacher Liu is too modest. You are so pretty so your house surely won’t be too messy.” Tang Zheng said.

However, when the house door was opened, Tang Zheng realized that he had spoken too soon. Her house… really was too messy.

But, her house was only messy and not dirty. The floor was clean albeit lined and piled high with things making it seem like a chaotic mess.

Liu Qingmei embarrassedly said: “First take a seat, I will clean things up.” After speaking she hurriedly started picking things up from the ground.

“Teacher Liu, do you need my help?”

“No need, you can just sit there.”

Tang Zheng sat on the sofa and seeing her rush around the apartment he unconsciously sighed and said: “So this is how a woman’s private area is like. I wonder if Fang Shishi’s room is just as messy?”

As he was thinking, he was measuring up the room. He saw that it was a two room apartment and the decor gave a warm and welcoming feeling, with a hint of a woman’s taste.

“Tang Zheng, can you stand up really quickly?” Suddenly, Liu Qingmei’s face turned red as she said, staring dead straight at where Tang Zheng was sitting.

“Oh, okay.” Tang Zheng hurriedly stood up and his gaze fell on where he was sitting and he saw a black color laced underwear calmly sitting where he just sat.

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