Chapter 53: Expulsion Crisis (Unedited)

Chapter 53: Expulsion Crisis (Unedited)

There are many types of different defensive formations but as of today Tang Zheng was only able to use the simplest formation which was the Spiritual Defensive Formation. This was an ordinary formation where one has to first pour one’s true qi into the jade so that when one is in danger the formation will activate and the true qi will be utilized to strike out, employing the defensive property of the formation.

During the middle of the night, Tang Zheng finger flashed through motions as a complicated formation was engraved upon the jade artifact as he immediately circulated his true qi and poured it into the jade artifact. The jade artifact was suffused with a white light but it was then restrained and all the light disappeared within the jade artifact.

Tang Zheng let out a long breath as this simply procedure took up a large portion of his true qi.

“Engraving formations sure is not an easy task.” He unconsciously sighed.

“Of course, if it were easy then there would no be mediocre or useless humans in this world.” Tian Chanzi said, “With your qi, you are only able to engrave a single formation a night so if you want to prepare four gifts then you will need to spend four nights. After this you will be able to cultivate true fire and then try refining pills. Right now what you need to do is amass pills and also to gather more spiritual energy so that you can increase your cultivation speed.

He already bought the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace so refining pills shouldn’t be too difficult. With this thought he turned his head to look at the wooden box covered Nine Revolving Pill Furnace in the corner of his room as his heart unconsciously became excited.

The vacation ended and he had class in the morning while he engraved formations at night. Three days later, four jade artifacts were completely engraved with formations.

“Shishi, this jade artifact is for you.” Tang said giving it to Fang Shishi within a groove within the campus, that became their two people’s hiding spot.

Fang Shishi stared in shock at the jade artifact in his hand, surprise filling her heart, “This is a gift you are giving to me?”

“Of course, remember to always carry it on your person. If I am not by your side, it will be able to take my place and accompany you.” Tang Zheng urged.

Fang Shishi nodded her head vigorously and said: “Tang Zheng you are too good to me.” Saying this she leapt into his embrace, lifted her head and softly kissed him.

Tang Zheng’s heart felt as if it was going to melt as he tightly hugged her.

“I will definitely always wear it on my person whether it be during school, when I’m eating, or sleeping as it will be just like you staying by my side.” Fang Shishi’s mouth lifted up as she sweetly said.

“Ai, I suddenly discovered that you grew a bit taller.” Suddenly, Fang Shishi used her hand to compare their height as she curiously said.

Tang Zheng was shocked for a moment. He was originally a meter seventy, while Fang Shishi was a meter sixty five so there height difference was not large but as of today he was half a head taller than her so he was actually around a meter and seventy five.

“Could this an effect of cultivating the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll?”

Yes, this was one of the benefits of cultivating as his body’s marrows were washed and his bones were tempered, his ability for growth also increased, so his height naturally would increase.

“Could it be that you don’t want me to grow taller?”

“Nope, of course I like it.”

The two held hands and walked back to their classroom. Tang Zheng just sat down when Ye Dingdang could not help but glance at him knowing that he must have gone off somewhere to meet up with Fang Shishi.

“Ye Dingdang, here is a gift for you.” Tang Zheng took out the jade artifact he prepared beforehand.

“A gift for me?” Ye Dingdang stared at him weirdly.

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “Yes, don’t complain about it. This is not some valuable item but it is my thought that counts.”

“Boss, don’t be so modest, that piece of jade artifact costs sixty thousand dollars, so how could it not be valuable?” Feng Yong rushed up, jabbering nonstop.

“Sixty thousand dollars?” Ye Dingdang exclaimed in shock, “I can not accept such an expensive gift.” She was very clear that for Tang Zheng’s family, sixty thousand dollars was not a small sum, moreover she would not take something she did not earn or deserve.

“If I tell you to take it then you take it.” Tang Zheng unquestionable placed the jade artifact in her hand.

Feng Yong advised: “Ya, this is my boss's intentions. After he finished speaking he took out a safety button fasten around his neck.

Ye Dingdang suspiciously looked at Tang Zheng, just what was he doing to actually gift her such an expensive gift, and not just a single piece at that.

“I heard that jade can protect someone's safety so weren’t you in danger before. That is the reason I bought you this.” Tang Zheng explained.

“Jade can protect one’s safety?” Ye Dingdang did not know whether to cry or smile. If jade artifacts had these use the wouldn’t everyone want one. She looked at him with illuminated gaze, not knowing his intentions.

“Why are you so cautious. Anyways just alway carry it on your person.” Tang Zheng did not want to blabber with her so he straightforwardly warned her.

The bell for the class rang and Liu Qingmei walked in. Ye Dingdang did not get the chance to reject and could only accept the jade Buddha.

Liu Qingmei’s facial expression was not good as there was a faint line of anger within her brows as she said: “This time’s the results for this time’s end of the month mock exams came out and the majority of our students in this class grades improved, congratulations.”

Everyone radiated smile as they silently gripped their fist as they did not waste their hard work this time.

“I want to commend student Feng Yong as he made the largest improvement.”

Feng Yong excitedly stood up and said: “This is due to teachers teachings and also for my boss, Tang Zheng for helping create a detailed plan of study otherwise my improvement would not be so fast.”

Everyone’s gaze looked at Tang Zheng in succession, so Feng Yong’s improvement was also partly due to him. This caused everyone to unconsciously be curious about what his grades were.

Many people had this question but were too embarrassed to asked except for one person, Gao Dazhi who knew of Tang Zheng’s score so he intentionally wanted Tang Zheng to be embarrassed.

Tang Zheng had embarrassed him on many occasions but this was his turn. He knew he was not Tang Zheng’s opponent so he wanted to humiliate him in front of everyone.

“Teacher Liu, since Feng Yong boasts about Tang Zheng then what was Tang Zheng’s score. He surely must have got first in the school again right?” Tang Zheng said smiling internally.

“Ya, teacher Liu, just what grade did Tang Zheng get?” Everyone else asked in curiosity.

Liu Qingmei’s expression instantly darkened, and looked at Tang Zheng in resentment for falling short of expectations. She discovered that his expression was normal just like nothing happened and unconsciously let out a sigh and change the topic: “Okay, right now I will proceed to explain this test exam.”

Seeing Liu Qingmei change the topic, many people understood that Tang Zheng’s grades were clearly not good as they unconsciously had regret filled eyes as this time it seems like he was hopeless.

Gao Dazi seeing that his purpose was not achieved, he unwilling said: “Teacher Liu why don’t you tell us Tang Zheng’s grade? If he were to test first again then it would bring pride to our class and could even motivate everyone to work harder.

Tang Zheng looked at Gao Dazhi in ridicule. How could he not understand the others evil intention but this kind of thing is not enough to even bother him so seeing him appear all satisfied was like seeing a clown putting on an act.

“Even though student Tang Zheng’s grade did not improve I believe that he will continue to work hard.” Liu Qingmei ambiguously said.

“Haha, so he is still last place? Even though everyone has made improvements he is still dead last. Heihei, this is really opening other people’s eyes.” gao Dazhi loudly laughed and made to glance at Tang Zheng in satisfaction expecting him to be full of anger but Tang Zheng was instead calm and collected. This caused him to be shocked and suddenly be overwhelmed with a sense of powerlessness as if no matter how much force he exerted it would only land on empty air.

“Don’t speak!” Liu Qingmei loudly roared and then started to discuss the questions.

“Tang Zheng do you not have any thoughts towards your grade?” Ye Dingdang asked in curiosity.

“What feeling can I get from being last? Could it be that I must express my proudness of it?” Tang Zheng mockingly said.

“Your martial arts is so strong so how could you possibly test last?” Ye Dingdang was filled with many doubts because if before today she had not come in contact she would not doubt him if he were to test last but it was exactly because she has come into contact with him and discovered him to be out of the ordinary that she did not believe he would test last. Even if someone were to beat her to death she would not believe them.

“My brain was injured so my memory is not good. Do you not know that?”

“You even managed to open my dad’s blocked meridian so could you not even heal yourself?”

Tang Zheng smiled but did not give any further explanation as he said: “Maybe one day I will suddenly recover.”

After class, Liu Qingmei made straight for Tang Zheng’s table, striking at his table as she solemnly said: “Tang Zheng, follow me for a trip to the teacher’s office.”

When the two’s silhouette disappeared in the direction of the teacher's office, the classroom went into discussion. Gao Dazhi said with satisfaction: “Tang Zheng once again drags us down. He is simply a humiliation to our class.”

Feng Yong stood up and walked over, saying: “Gao Dazhi, if you don’t speak no one will treat you as a mute.” *TL: no one will miss you*

“Haha, the follower of the last place student. What does it matter to you what words I speak.”

“My boss’s wisdom is not something you can doubt.”

“Right, he is too amazing. I simply can not match the wisdom of someone who test last. Haha!”

“Shut up!” Te Dingdang suddenly roared loudly. Gao Dazhi unsatisfyingly closed his mouth and silently said: “A last place student actually has so many people protecting him. Simply to fu*king annoying.”

Within the teacher’s office, Liu Qingmei let out a sigh and said: “Tang Zheng, this time your grade is poor, do you know that?”

Tang Zheng did not reply.

“I know that during this period of time you are very worried about your grandfathers matter but this can not be used as an example. Other students are making improvements but you are just staying in place and this is not a good influence on others so the school has made a decision.”

“What decision?”

“Tang Zheng, I really don’t want to see this situation happen and even went to beg to school but…” Liu Qingmei shook her head regretfully.

“The school wants to expel me?” Tang Zheng doubtfully asked.

“They want you to either pay your three years of tuition otherwise they would expel you.” Liu Qingmei said. Peng Cheng International School’s tuition fee is very expensive and three years of tuition amounts to several hundreds of thousands of dollar and towards Tang Zheng’s family this was an insanely large sum of money.

“They want me to make up the school tuition or be expelled?”

“Right, this is the school’s decision. I know that you have your difficulties and your teacher has a bit of money. If you were to go find some relatives to borrow some money then you can first pay the school’s tuition and then through this two months of study hard and see if you are able to raise your grade.”

“Raise his grade? Haha, Liu Qingmei you are too confident in him.” Suddenly, Wu Cuihong’s earsplitting crackle rang out from the side.

“Tang Zheng, the school wants to have you make up tuition and not expel you is already simply a blessing. A rat such as you simply are too harmful to the bag of rice that is our school.

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