Chapter 52: Song Yu

Chapter 52: Song Yu

The Nine Revolving Pill Furnace’s auction started. The starting price was five hundred thousand and someone raised it to six hundred then six hundred and fifty thousand, no one else made a bid for it.

It was clear that everyone had the same suspicions as Feng Yun.

The auctioneer also felt a bit of awkwardness as this atmosphere was different from the competitive and boiling atmosphere of before.

“Six hundred and fifty thousand going once, do I hear another person with a higher bid?”

No one replied.

“Six hundred and fifty thousand going twice.”

Tang Zheng seeing the situation was secretly delighted as these people could not tell a treasure even if it was placed in front of him, letting him benefit.

“Six hundred and sixty thousand.” Tang Zheng raised his bidding plate.

The auctioneer raised his eyebrow then said: “Six hundred and sixty thousand dollars. Is there anyone else who wants to make a bid?”

Tang Zheng was extremely nervous and secretly prayed that no one else would make a bid.

The handsome brother sitting in the VIP seat turned to give Tang Zheng a look, his eyes revealed a glimmer of undulation.

“Six hundred sixty thousand going once, Six hundred sixty thousand going twice, Six hundred sixty thousand going thrice. SOLD!” The auctioneer slammed his hammer down and the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace now belonged to Tang Zheng. Tang Zheng finally let out a breath of relief, the feeling of picking up a treasure was simply to amazing.

Feng Yun silently sighed, Tang Zheng was still a youngster so he was easily moved. Feng Yong suspiciously looked at Tang Zheng and said: “Boss, is there something special about this ancient thingy?”

After spending the recent days with Tang Zheng, Feng Yong clearly knew that Tang Zheng would not make a move without a goal and seeing him treat this pill furnace with such importance he couldn’t help but feel suspicious.

“This pill furnace is useless towards other people but it is extremely useful to me.” Tang Zheng said with satisfaction.

“Boss, you aren’t a Taoist so why would you have a need for this pill furnace?” Feng Yong sid with a face of doubt.

Tang Zheng lightly smiled not admitting or denying anything.

The auction ended and Feng Yun had not made a move, appearing not interested in the auction at all. He was rather regretful and unwillingly said: Let’s take a look at the trading center and see if there are any treasures worth buying.”

The trading center was in a small hall to the side. There were many vendors making it look like a antique street, except it was on a higher class.

“You two go play. Remember not to run around.” Feng Yun animatedly said before going off to search for treasures.

“Boss, these items can be fake so you should be careful when making a move.”

Tang Zheng smiled: “I’m not like you, a rich person, so how could I casually make a move.”

“Boss, I am actually a poor person. My dad has money but that does not mean that I have money moreover just now when you made a move you were more bold than me by a lot. That was six hundred and sixty thousand dollars. I have never bought anything that expensive before.”

“Let’s go, we’ll take a walk around. Oh right, are there places that sell jade?”

“Yes, but they are all polished by machines so there are no raw jades.”

“I just want the finished product.”

Since he had already trained in a defensive formation then Tang Zheng would naturally want to carve it into some jade and gift them to the people he cared about.

“Little brother, you want to buy jade artifacts?” Suddenly, a person stood next to them as he asked them with interest.

Tang Zheng was slightly shocked as he astonishedly looked at the person, discovering him to actually be the handsome brother who sat in the VIP seat in the front row.

“Yes.” Tang Zheng replied.

“Towards jade artifacts, I have some knowledge so I may be able to help you.” The handsome brother said with a smile.

“Then in that case, thank you very much.” Tang Zheng lightly said.

The handsome brother’s smile reflected in his eyes deepened as he said: “I still have not asked how I should address you?”

“I am Tang Zheng.”

“Good name.” The handsome brother praised, “I am Called Song Yu. *TL: fun fact: his name can also be tled as ‘Song Jade’.*

“Oh, seems like you have karma with jade.” Tang Zheng said.

“My mom was infatuated with jade, hence my name.” Song Yu explained.

Tang Zheng nodded his head, he was indeed like his name said, he was like a genuine jade, sparkling and translucent.

“This is my brother Feng Yong.”

“Hello.” Song Yu nodded his head in an aloof manner, apparently not very interested in Feng Yong.

They walked over towards a jade artifact vendor and the boss hurriedly scurried over and passionately asked: “Is there anything you guys are looking for?”

“Just a few simple jade artifact ornaments.”

“I sell safety buttons, Jade Guanyin, Jade Buddha, Jade Bracelets and etc. Please take a look to see if there is anything you need.”

“Men wear Guanyin while women wear Buddha. I will buy grandfather a Jade Guanyin and give Shishi a Jade Buddha. Oh right, I also need to give Ye Dingdang a Jade Buddha, since she is still being targeted by assassins.” Tang Zheng had these thoughts so he said: “Boss, help me pick out a Jade Guanyin and two Jade Buddhas, also Feng Yong, take a look at what you want and I will gift it to you.”

“Ah, gift for me?” Feng Yong was shocked, not thinking that he himself also had an identity, but seeing that Tang Zheng did not seem like he was joking he hurriedly said: “I can buy it myself.” He knew that Tang Zheng is not well off and even though today he won nine hundred thousand dollars, money is still easily spent.

“I already said I will gift it to you so stop bickering with me.”

“...Oh, okay then I want a safety button.”

“Mister Song then I will have to trouble you to take a look for me.” Since Tang Zheng did not really understand jade he could only seek the help of Song Yu. Song Yu lightly smiled and straightforwardly picked out a few jade artifacts from the counter and the boss upon seeing his choices, his eyes lit up and he said: “Mister is a true expert.”

“Boss, how much is it in total?” Tang Zheng asked.

“The total will be four hundred sixty thousand, and after a discount it will be four hundred fifty thousand.”

“What, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars?” Tang Zheng stared foolishly. Expensive!

Song Yu’s eyes flashed a weird color, as to him four hundred and fifty thousand dollars was a negligible sum and he did not expect Tang Zheng to have such a big reaction as he had just seen Tang Zheng buy a pill furnace without blinking. At first Song Yu assumed that he was a prince from some wealthy family but it seems like he guessed incorrectly.

“Mister, our prices are fair and this guy is an expert so he will know that we did not give you an unreasonable price.” The boss pointed at Song Yu and said.

Song Yu nodded his head, admitting that the boss’s words were indeed correct.

Tang Zheng’s face revealed a difficult expression as he said: “I only have two hundred and forty thousand dollars left so I don’t have enough. Let’s first buy some cheaper items.

The boss continued to reveal a smile without it dimming as he said: “We also have cheap items and two hundred forty thousand dollars is enough for four pieces of jade artifacts.”

Song Yu’s expression did not change as he once again chose four pieces of jade artifacts for Tang Zheng. Tang Zheng quickly paid and all the money he won today was spent so he was once again, broke.

“Feng Yong, let me keep your safety button for now. I will give it to you in two days.” Tang Zheng said.

“No problem. Boss can hold it for as long as you want.”

Song Yu looked at Tang Zheng with a puzzled expression, saying internally why didn’t he gift it right away, instead he wanted to take it home. He did not pursue this line of questioning as the two were still unfamiliar.

“Mister Song, thank you for helping me pick out some jade artifacts. If there is nothing else, I will be leaving first.”

Song Yu discovered that there were many interesting points about Tang Zheng so he said: “How about we get something to eat together?”

“No need, if fate has it may we meet again.” Tang Zheng lightly said as he looked at the far off Old Qin who was walking over, his pupils constricting, as he and Feng Yong hurriedly left.

Old Qin walked up to Song Yu and asked: “Young master, did you see anything?”

“He is a bit special but I can’t see through what is special about his person.” Song Yu suspiciously said.

“These youngsters are interesting. Young master you would not be able to guess his background.”

“Oh, which family’s young master is he?” Song Yu asked in curiosity.

Old Qin smiled and shook his head, saying: “No, he is just an ordinary person and is not the prince of any wealthy family. Today he was brought in by the little child by his side.”

“He is a normal person?” Song Yu was shocked as he completely did not seem like an ordinary person from his character and the way he carried himself.

Old Qin saw the doubt within Song Yu’s heart and said: “He is indeed eccentric but no matter how weird he is, he is just an ordinary person and not a martial artist. So, why would young master look so heavily upon him?”

Song Yu muttered irresolutely to himself: “There is something weird about this. Moreover I have a strong sense of premonition that he and I will definitely meet again.”

Old Qin shook his head and gave a bitter smile. The young master was young and hot-blooded, at times his imagination could be to creative. This time he came to Chang Heng City as he had matters to attend to so how would he and Tang Zheng cross paths again.

On the way back, Tang Zheng kept on thinking back to Old Qin’s appearance. Other people did not discover his mysteriousness but Tian Chanzi clearly saw through him and knew that Old Qin was a Fifth grade Natal stage expert.

“Uncle Feng, do you know the man, Song Yu, who sat in the VIP seat today?” Tang Zheng asked in curiosity.

Feng Yun was shocked as he said: “He is called Song Yu?”

Feng Yong hurriedly said: “Ya, he personally said it himself.”

Feng Yun thought deeply then said: “Chang Heng Resorts boss is also surnamed Song, could Song Yu be from the same Song Clan?”

“Is the Song Clan strong?” Tang Zheng asked.

Feng Yun nodded his head and seriously said: “The Song Clan can not be explained with just the word strong. This family Clan is not only involved in the business industry, they are also a strong force within the political world. It is just like a massive mothership aircraft carrier.”

“That strong?” Tang Zheng couldn’t help but be speechless.

Feng Yong stared with large eyes as he sighed in amazement: ‘No wonder Chang Heng Resort could tower above others, its all because the boss is so strong. Boss, just then when Song Yu wanted to treat you to lunch, why did you refuse?”

Tang Zheng lightly said: “He and I are not familiar.”

Feng Yun looked at Tang Zheng in shock, he was actually able to make Song Yu take the initiative to ask him out. This honor was simply enough to cause others to sigh in amazement. Feng Yun unconsciously sighed to himself as he said internally: “This Tang Zheng is not an ordinary fish in the pond, in the future he will fly towards the heaven. Little Yong sure has made a good friend which could possibly bring great fortune to the Feng family.”

At this moment, Feng Yun’s feelings toward Tang Zheng underwent a major change.

“The Song Clan is located in Jing Cheng, and Chang Heng Resort is just a small business opened by the Song Clan, so the Song Clan’s people rarely come here. I wonder why Song Yu came to Chang Heng City this time?” Feng Yun suspiciously muttered.

“Dad, why do you care anyways. The Song Clan is so amazing and have no connections to us at all.” Feng Yong said.

Feng Yun shook his head and continued to mutter to himself, not replying, as how would Feng Yong possibly understand his thoughts. If they were able to make even the tiniest of connections to the Song Clan then their business would soar in leaps and bounds.

“Little Zheng, since Song Yu does not have any evil intentions if you have a choice you should try to get in contact with him.” Feng Yun said as he thought that If Tang Zheng was able to gain the appreciation of the Song Clan then that would be extremely beneficial to Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng declined to comment as of today he and Song Yu are people from two different worlds so there was no need to worry about their relationship. His top priority right now was to hurry up and apply the defensive formation onto the jade artifacts.

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