Chapter 51: Nine Revolving Pill Furnace

Chapter 51: Nine Revolving Pill Furnace

Tang Zheng upon seeing Feng Yun immediately saw the father and son relationship with Feng Yong as the two had similar eyebrows.

Feng Yun possessed the temperament and aura of a middle age man that comes with time but he did not have an unbridled arrogance to his demeanor making others feel a sense of intimacy with him.

Feng Yun was measuring up Tang Zheng and smiled while saying: “Little Tang I have heard of your name as my family’s child keeps talking about you every single day, making it sound as if you stand on a pedestal that stands high above others. Today I see that you are indeed a talent and that my family’s little child finally has good vision.”

“Uncle Feng over compliments me.” Tang Zheng gave a shallow smile.

“No, this is the first time I have seen my family’s child accept someone so wholeheartedly. I heard that you even specifically created a study plan for my son and during this period of time he has been even more hard working. Yesterday he came back home and told me that he will definitely improve during the end of the month mock exam.”

“Feng Yong is my friend so it is a given that we would help each other out.”

“Haha, right you youngsters should make more friends. Let’s go, the auction is about to begin. We should first enter.”

Tang Zheng looked at Feng Yong not knowing about the auction. Feng Yong shrugged his shoulder and said in a low voice: “The auction is not the least bit fun. It is just a crowd of cultural snobs and so is not as fun as the casino.”

“You guys went to the casino?” Feng Yun casually asked, “Did you win or lose.”

Feng Yong’s eyebrows jumped up as he said: “Dad, you don’t know just how amazing my boss was. He was simply like the god of gambling and easily won a million dollars.”

Feng Yun looked at Tang Zheng in astonishment and said: “Little Zheng is skilled in this area?”

“No, my luck was just good. I normally don’t gamble.”

Feng Yun solemnly nodded his head and said: “Small gambles are for fun, but big gambles can be detrimental to one’s health, more so for you youngsters.”

Tang Zheng once thought about using gambling to make money with Tian Chanzi’s help in cheating. With it not even millions of dollars, even tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars would not be impossible. But in the end he gave up on this idea as gambling was still not a proper road to follow and even if he won a lot of money, wouldn’t others be red eyed with jealousy? So, even though he had the capabilities, if it were to bring about trouble then the gains would not outweigh the loss.

Feng Yun’s casual words rang true with his thoughts so it unconsciously caused his good feelings for Feng Yun to increase.

“Little Feng, the auction is not simply mingling with the cognoscenti as this is a good opportunity to train one’s vision and one’s ability to determine to value of something.” Feng Yun taught.

Feng Yong cast aside his lips, not agreeing as he said: “Anyways I don’t think there is a point but since today my boss is here to accompany us I think it will be slightly more entertaining than before.”

Feng Yun helplessly shook his head and said: “Little Zheng, you see how mischievous he is. Simply not giving anybody a chance.”

“Uncle Feng, everyone has something they are interested in and Feng Yong’s interest does not lie in this area.”

“Ai, I do not have high hopes for him to become anything great. Tt would be enough if he did not topple the family business that I built up. If he can keep up the business then I would have to thank god.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as he has never known what Feng Yong’s family does as Feng Yong has always kept it a secret and he has never pried.

“Heihei, Feng Yun, to trade in unspeakable toys and you still want your son to succeed your business. Simply too bold.” Suddenly a peculiar voice rang out, and Tang Zheng following the sound of the voice saw a familiar looking fatty.

Feng Yun wrinkled his eyebrows and said: “Jiang Dali, I do not need you butting into my business and telling me what to do. You just need to worry about your own matters.”

“Haha, I didn’t want to tell you what to do but a man trading in sex toys is simply too embarrassing.” Jiang Dali said in ridicule.

Feng Yong upon hearing these words, lowered his head as his face turned red, embarrassed.

Tang Zheng suddenly realized that the reason Feng Yong was so secretive about his family business was because his family business was dealing with sex toys.

Suddenly, Jiang Dali saw Tang Zheng and slightly said with shock: “It’s you!”

Tang Zheng coldly said: “It’s me!”

“Heng, little brat, so you are a group with the one surnamed Feng. So young yet you don’t learn right, to actually associate with these kind of people.” Jiang Dali said in contempt.

Tang Zheng remained calm yet Feng Yong was both angry and worried as he said in a low voice: “Dad, just now this was the fatty that my Boss won his money from.”

Feng Yun looked at Tang Zheng with praise as he said: “Jiang Dali, so you lost to little Zheng in cards. Didn’t you always brag about how your card playing skills were matchless? I think that your boasts are to overstated.

“Heng, this brat is just lucky. Feng Yun, later when you participate in the auction don’t be too shocked.”

“Thank you for your good will, but I do not need you to worry about me.”

Jiang Dali once again looked at Tang Zheng and walked away after he angrily brushed his sleeves.

Feng Yong looked at Jiang Dali’s disappearing back and said: “Dad, who is this person? He is to evil.:

“Just a silly little clown. Let’s enter.”

Tang Zheng and Feng Yong walked half a step behind Feng Yun as Feng Yong slightly said in expectation: “Boss, you know what my family’s business is now, so would you look down on me?”

Tang Zheng understood in a flash, so Feng Yong had a feeling of self-inferiority so he never told him. Tang Zheng coughed and said with a straight face: “Feng Yong, there is no separation when it comes to business so there are no businesses that are better or worse than other businesses. There is nobody in this world who has the ability to look down upon you and I myself have even less ability to judge you. Do you understand?”

Feng Yong seemed to understand as he heavily nodded his head and said: “Boss, I understand.”

Feng Yun’s mouth hooked up in a faint smile as his heart said: “Little Yong has always rejected this business. Maybe Tang Zheng would be able to change his mind.”

There were many people already seated in the auction hall so Tang Zheng and several others who came in with them went in search of open seats.

Feng Yun introduced: “Within the Chang Heng Resort members there are several who are antique lovers so once in awhile an auction will be held. Apart from this auction, some antique lovers will also make personal transactions. This trading period will be held after the auction is held and at that time everyone can take out their own treasures and people can chose to trade with others or even to sell. Within the auction itself there are no fake antiques as all auctioned items are verified before they are auctioned off. The personal transaction on the other hand may contain fakes as they are personally traded. All Chang Heng Resort can do is provide a location but they can not guarantee the genuinity of the item.”

Feng Yong cast aside his lips and said: “Trades are dishonest, if you are not careful you will become a target.”

“Target?” Tang Zheng asked suspiciously.

“Yes, a target is a slang for those marked by those selling fakes.” Feng Yong explained.

“In a bit after the auction you guys can go take a look at the trading center and if you are lucky you may even pick up a treasure.” Feng Yun recommended.

Feng Yong’s eyes lit up as he said: “Boss, today your luck is so good maybe you might be able to pick up a treasure.”

Tang Zheng smiled as he did not have the least bit of understanding in antiques and unlike with gambling where he can have Tian Chanzi’s help otherwise where would he get all the luck.

When the auction started, the handsome brother walked out from within the monitor room and sat in the VIP seat in the first row. The auction hall only had a total of three VIP seats which are reserved for those with significant status. Even the Secretary of the city would not have sufficient authority to sit in one of these seats so usually these three VIP seats would be left open.

Everyone tried to guess at just what heavenly character this handsome brother was in order to actually be deemed a VIP guest by Chang Heng Resort. However, everyone was left clueless as he was clearly a new character around here.

The auctioneer walked on stage, welcomed everyone and announced the start of the auction.

Tang Zheng had only before seen this kind of scenario on TV and was especially interested so he concentrated all his efforts on the auction and the people competing over the items. The first auctioned item ended up selling for a high price.

“These auctioned items all have their genuinity guaranteed by Chang Heng Resort so even if the price is a bit high, one would not be a victim of fakes.” Feng Yun explained in detail.

“Dad, are you going to make a move today?” Feng Yong asked curiously.

Feng Yun said: “First we will see if there is any treasures worth making a move for.”

“This next auctioned items age is unknown but it is most definitely an antique as it is an ancient pill refining furnace. The starting price is five hundred thousand dollars.” The auctioneer loudly said and pointed at a half a person tall, simple and unadorned, dark and swarthy pill furnace.

“The items age is unknown?” The crowd discussed in succession as this has never happened in Chang Heng Resort since the resorts strength was not ordinary and they had their own master examiners.

“The age is undetermined then this item should be heavily discounted.”

“It may be a rare treasure. If we buy it and bring it back to those who know how to use it, maybe we will make a ton of money.”

“Well what happens if we end up in a deficit. Everyone knows that the Chang Heng Resorts examiners are experts so if even they can not determine the history of this pill furnace than just how many people could?”

“Right, so it is better to be safer.”

Feng Yun shook his head, apparently not the least bit interested in this unknown pill furnace but upon turning his head to see Tang Zheng he discovered that Tang Zheng’s eyes were hooked on the pill furnace with a fervent look in his eyes.

Feng Yong also discovered this peculiarity and asked in curiosity: “Boss, your eyes looks as if you just saw beauty, filled with longing.”

Tang Zheng indeed greatly wanted this item as Tian Chanzi was excitedly shouting: “Haha, the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace. I actually found it here! Little brat, you have to get this treasure. You must!”

“Just what kind of treasure is this Nine Revolving Pill Furnace?”

“The Nine Revolving Pill Furnace is a Earth level cultivation treasure, and is considered to be top quality among pill furnaces. It's just that I wonder where this treasure came from?” Tian Chanzi was usually extremely suspicious but that was immediately replaced with excitement as he continued to blabber nonstop: “Let me tell you, cultivation treasures are separated into four levels: Heaven, Earth, Mysterious, and Emperor. A Heaven ranked treasure can be encountered but not be sought out so an Earth ranked cultivation treasure is extremely precious. Back in the years there are many people who have fought and died over the Nine Revolving Pill Furnace but little did I expect that today you would have it so easy. Hei, even I am a bit jealous and envious of your luck, you little brat.” *TL: highest to lowest rank is Heaven, Earth, Mysterious, and Emperor. Also, for ‘Emperor’ it uses the chinese character for ‘yellow’ but it is also part of the two character word for ‘Emperor’.*

Tang Zheng felt his heart move as he had already experienced the wonderfulness of Pills and was very interested in learning pill refining skills but until today he has never encountered a suitable Pill Furnace. Therefor, he would of course not let it go after encountering it.

“Boss, you wouldn’t be thinking about buying this dark and swarthy Pill Furnace looking item?” Feng Yong asked in shock.

Feng Yun saw the situation and hurriedly advised: “Little Zheng, this item is simply too unreliable so the surety of its nature is too great. If you buy it you could be at a lose so you should proceed with caution.

Tang Zheng said internally, be careful my ass, this treasure is something that could be encountered but not hoped for. I must get it!

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