Chapter 50: God of Gambling

Chapter 50: God of Gambling

This time Tang Zheng did not look at his cards and followed the others in betting two thousand dollars. The others were secretly delighted as they thought that youngsters really were impatient and after losing the first match that he immediately lost his cool.

After everyone made their bet, someone looked at their card but Tang Zheng was calm as usual as he already knew what his cards were. This time his hand was the largest so he was not the least bit worried.

After the person who looked at his card revealed a look of joy as he discovered that his hand was not bad so he continued to bet. After the second round of wagering ended, four people made silent bets while one person made a clear bet. *TL: silent bet= bet made without looking at one’s cards. Clear bet= bet made after looking at one’s cards*

Following this another two people looked at their cards, one of them let out a sigh and folded giving up on his cards as they were too small. The other person unconsciously moved as he discovered that his cards were not bad.

As of now, there were still four people left, but only Tang Zheng and the fatty who won the last match haven’t looked at their hand. The fatty sat their steady and with complete confidence in himself as if he was an old gambler.

After the third round of wagering was completed, Tang Zheng played the part of looking at his hand while the fatty also did the same. The fatty’s face did not reveal any expression, making it impossible for others to see through him.

However, Tang Zheng had long since known the fatty’s cards, the other had a pair of Ace’s and a King, which was the next largest hand after Tang Zheng’s.

Tang Zheng’s hand was a flush as it was a 4,5,6 making it the largest off all the hands.

Before they knew it three rounds of wagering passed, and one of the other players directly called out the fatty to compare cards, only to shake his head in frustration as he lost. Then the other remaining person looked towards Tang Zheng and quietly gave up on his hand, leaving only Tang Zheng and the fatty in the game.

The fatty looked at Tang Zheng with his small eyes and said with a smile: “Youngster, your luck is not bad.”

Tang Zheng smiled and said: “Thank you for your words.”

The two continued to bet and there were several tens of thousands of dollars in chips on the table. The fatty’s expression slightly changed as he stared straight at Tang Zheng and said: “I don’t believe that your luck is that good. I want you to open your hand!”

The result was self-evident and Tang Zheng won.

The fatty suspiciously looked at Tang Zheng who gave up on his hand in the first round but this round he actually persevered and even won. This was simply to weird but then again Tang Zheng’s hand was not small so it was normal to hold out.

The games continued and with Tian Chanzi’s help, Tang Zheng was like the god of gambling. In a short amount of time the chips stacked up high in front of him as he won almost five hundred thousand dollars, making one person straight out leave the table.

Everyone gradually saw a pattern, even though Tang Zheng did not win all the time and would occasionally lose, his losses were few and his wins were large. If he persevered to the end then the one to win would definitely be him, making it seem as if he knew his cards beforehand which was simply impossible!”

“F*ck, there is simply no way to continue playing.” The other three people took their remaining chips and left, looking at Tang Zheng as if he were a monster. The nearby people also discovered the situation and surrounded the table, everyone discussing in succession.

“Deal.” The fatty did not admit defeat but he did not dare be to full of himself as he straight up looked at his cards. His eyes flashed with joy but he immediately feigned calm as his hand was three Kings which was the largest hand in the game of Exploding Golden Flower, so he was completely confident in winning. He unconsciously felt regret at looking at his card because if he knew earlier he would not have looked and made a silent bet instead in order to win all of his opponent's chips.

With such a good hand how could he let his opponent escape, wouldn’t that be a shame? So he took all five hundred thousand dollars worth of chips in front of him and pushed them forward saying: “All in. Let us go straight at each other. I do not believe that your luck is that good.”

“You already saw your hand but your opponent hasn’t seen his. So aren’t you just bullying others?” Someone called out at this injustice.

“Shut up, I am the one making the bet not you. Youngster, do you have the guts? If your luck is really that good then all the chips in front of me are yours.” The fatty instigated on one hand while enticing Tang Zheng on the other.

Tang Zheng’s face was calm as he said: “Since you say that my luck is good then I will borrow your good words and bet this round.”

Tang Zheng pushed the five hundred thousand or so dollar worth of chips in front of him, toppling it into a pile, seeming as if he had fallen for the other’s trap.

“Boss…” Suddenly, Feng Yong came forward and seeing the chips in front of Tang Zheng he stared incredulously with wide eyes, “Boss, how did you win so much?”

“My luck today is decent. How are the fruits of your labor?”

“I… I lost it all.” Feng Yong said drooping his head in despair, as he said with embarrassment. Looking once again at the situation of the table he said in astonishment: “You want to go all in?”

Seeing Tang Zheng nod his head, Feng Yong immediately advised: “Boss, that is too dangerous the other has already seen his hand and is confident in himself. It must be an extremely good hand, while you on the other hand have not even seen your cards so you are at a big disadvantage.”

“Hehe, everyone says my luck is good so I want to bet on my luck.” Tang Zheng said.

Feng Yong emotionally sighed: “This is indeed my boss, this boldness and spirit is definitely not ordinary.” Even though Feng Yong’s family was well off he did not possess the same spirit Tang Zheng had and seeing Tang Zheng’s determination, as a follower how could he throw his boss's face so he vehemently said: “I believe in you boss. This time we will win for sure.”

But he sighed internally, even though this was his hard earned money, he had lost his own portion. If his boss were also to loss then that would be that.

“Youngster, you really are to soft.” The crowd said in succession with words of regret. The fatty’s evil intention was simply too obvious.

Tang Zheng ignored the others words and straight forwardly said to the fatty: “Open your hand.”

“Three Kings!” The fatty threw down his cards and said with grandiose.

“Wa, this hand is simply to amazing, his luck simply is so good that it’s going to explode. No wonder he would dare go all in.”

“This youngster is done for.”

Feng Yong’s expression was ugly as they were sure to lose.

“Boss, let’s go.” Feng Yong said, drooping his head.

“We haven’t opened out hand yet, so how could we leave.” Tang Zheng lightly said.

Feng Yong depressingly said: “Boss, he has three Kings. That is simply too strong a hand so we have lost for sure.”

“That’s right youngster, hurry and leave. In the future don’t let your emotions take control.” Other’s advised.

The fatty looked at Tang Zheng with provocation, then said in ridicule and self satisfaction: “Didn’t you think that your luck is good? Not even opening your card and you still want to challenge me? Haha!”

“Everyone said my luck is good today and I, myself, believe that my luck is not bad. So the victor has not been determined yet.” Tang Zheng loudly said, “Feng Yong, come open my cards.”

“Boss, it’s okay to lose. Let’s go.”

“Open it!”

Feng Yong was helpless and could only flip a card: An Ace. A single Ace in front of the three Kings was still hopeless.

A second Ace appeared.

“Ai, two Aces this hand is not small, this youngsters luck is not bad.” Someone exclaimed.

“What good is it. It is only a pair of Aces, so he will still lose.” Someone else refuted.

“Who knows it may be three Aces.” Someone else said unsettled.

“Haha, did you not sleep enough. Is three Aces that easy to get? Moreover what are the chances of three Aces going against three Kings in a match?”

“The chances are small but it is not impossible.”

“Hurry and open the last card.” Someone else urged.

Feng Yong looked at Tang Zheng and started to get excited as he internally said, could this last card be an Ace? He slowly flipped the third card.

Three Aces!

Everyone gasped in shock, this really was three Aces. This was simply to impossible.

The fatty’s smile froze on his face looking like a wooden statue. He stared stupidly at the three Ace’s. How could it be this coincidental?

Feng Yong also stared at this miracle, moreover he even personally participated in it causing him to be unable to restrain his excitement as he jumped up and said with a large smile: “Haha, three Aces. We won! Boss won!”

The crowd looked at Tang Zheng with gazes of amazement mingled with shock. This little handsome brother’s luck was simply defying the heavens. He was like the god of gambling, not being shaken in front of anything, simply an example of a major character in the world.

“Impossible, you must have cheated.” The fatty suddenly shouted as if he had gone mad.

The crowd revealed a look of despise. Cheat? Please, in front of so many eyes? Moreover he didn’t even look at his cards so how could he cheat? Also, who would dare cheat in Chang Heng Resort? Are they looking to die?

“Hey, fatty, you shouldn’t sprout such slanderous words a lose is a lose. There are so many pairs of eyes watching.” Feng Yong said in disdain.

The fatty was dumbstruck as he just realized how what he said could not possibly happen. This could only all be attributed to Tang Zheng having tremendous luck or him simply seeking death.

“Boss, let’s not play with such people with bad sportsmanship. Let’s play elsewhere.” Feng Yong said.

“I’m not playing anymore. Your dad should almost be here now so let’s go.” Not counting his principle of one hundred thousand dollars he had won an additional million dollars. Even though this sum of money was not a lot in the casino it sure did stir up a ruckus, drawing many people’s attention. Moreover this sum of money was enough for him to spend in the recent coming days so he chose to leave.

“Boss, your luck is simply too good. We should take this opportunity and continue to slaughter forward.” Feng Yong agitatedly said.

Tang Zheng shook his head and said: “One’s luck cannot last forever so we should stop when we have enough.”

“Ai, such a shame.” Feng Yong said rather regretfully as the two headed towards the counter to exchange for cash.

“Feng Yong, for the one million dollars, you and me will each get five hundred thousand.” Tang Zheng distributed.

Feng Yong upon hearing Tang Zheng’s words, hurriedly shook his head and said: “How can I take your money, you were the one who won it so it is your money.”

“But if it wasn’t for you giving me a principle, even if I was lucky how could I possibly win money so you put forth half the effort too.”

“No, that won’t work. This is gained through Boss’s hard work. If it was me who gambled with it then I would definitely have lost it all so at most I will only ask for two hundred thousand to get back my principle.”

Tang Zheng continued to urge but Feng Yong was determined and since he had no other methods Tang Zheng just put the remaining nine hundred thousand dollars into his own card.

Within the monitor room, a handsome brother with sword like eyebrows stared engrossed at the recording of Tang Zheng’s match. The handsome brother’s eyes were locked on Tang Zheng’s face as he couldn’t refrain from muttering: “He is very confident, as if he already knew what his hand was. Hehe, interesting, it seems like an interesting little fella has appeared within Chang Heng City.”

Saying this he turned his head to look at the old man by his side. The old man was drowsy and looked as if he was asleep, “Old Qin, can you see anything from him?”

Old Qin opened his eyes and glanced at the screen, shaking his head: “He did not cheat but as for any inkling about him, my old eyes can not discern anything.”

“Seriously interesting, it seems like Chang Heng won’t be boring anymore.” The handsome brother said overflowing with interest.

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