Chapter 48: Heaven Flying Immortal

Chapter 48: Heaven Flying Immortal

Fang Shishi looked at Tang Zheng’s thigh that was wrapped in slightly blood stained gauze with a bitter gaze as she said: ‘Didn’t you say you just tripped and that it wasn’t serious? Then why do you have gauzed wrapped and there are also blood marks?”

Tang Zheng did not dare say that it was a gunshot wound otherwise it would worry her to death, so in the end he feigned ignorance and lightly said: “I just scratched myself on a rock, causing a hole to open so I bled a little.”

“Heng, if I didn’t want to see would you just hide this from me?” Fang Shishi’s eyes suddenly turned red as her small hands lightly touched the gauze as she said with worry: “Does it hurt?”

“Nope, the doctor says that it will be fine if I rest for a day or two.”

“Then that is fine.” Fang Shishi patted her chest, her face was slightly red, “If something happens you are not allowed to hide it from me. Do you understand?” After speaking she ran her jade like finger over Tang Zheng’s thighs causing Tang Zheng to feel as if he was shocked, making his whole body shiver. Her finger was like it contained some demonic energy, evoking a charming and gentle longing within his heart.


Tang Zheng grabbed ahold of her hand.

Fang Shishi’s entire body went stiff as she bashfully lowered her head, releasing an intimate sound.

A man and a woman alone in a room. Tang Zheng unconsciously felt his breathing quicken, taking advantage of the moment, Fang Shishi was sitting within his embrace.

“You scoundrel, what are you trying to do?” Fang Shishi protested coquettishly.

“Since you see that I am injured shouldn’t you comfort me a bit. Sick people need comforting.”

“Who said they would comfort a scoundrel like you?” Fang Shishi shyly lowered her head.

“Ai, if you aren’t willing to comfort me then I will go find someone else.

“You dare!” Fang Shishi immediately lifted her head up and stared at him with large eyes, “You are mine. If you dare find someone else. Heng, I…” She wanted to say that she would castrate him but that was to savage so she changed her words and said: “I will not let you go!”

“Haha, with such an amazing girlfriend like you why would I go find someone else.” Tang Zheng naughtily smiled.

“That’s right. Seeing that you are being good I will comfort you a bit.” Fang Shishi lifted her head and they sat together intimately.

This was not the first time they were in intimate contact with each other so they were familiar with what to do. Not long later, the two’s breathing had quickened as they were tightly holding each other. Tang Zheng’s hand restlessly moved towards her chests, feeling around through her clothes.”

Fang Shishi let out a moan, both shy and anxious, that was a place no one else had touched before. Even though she was shy she was secretly anxious and also had a bit of anticipation.

Suddenly, steps rang out from outside the house and Tang Zheng was suddenly shocked as he loosened his grip on Fang Shishi. Fang Shishi also hurriedly stood up and fixed her clothing, her face was as red as a ripe apple that was practically oozing with juice. She wanted to say something to him but ended up glaring at him instead.

“Little Zheng, are you home?” Tang Dahai’s voice rang out as he walked in. Upon seeing Fang Shishi he was unconsciously shocked as he hurriedly recognized her and said: “Tang Zheng’s classmate, you came. Hurry and sit, little Zheng a guest came yet you do not greet her. Are you supposed to leave a guest standing? Hurry go get some water for her.”

Fang Shishi said with a flushed face: “Grandfather, no need to be so polite, I heard that you were released from the hospital so I came to see you. You look better now.”

“Hehe, yes, I had long since said I wanted to come home but the hospital wanted to keep me even though I was fine.” Even though Tang Dahai was puzzled as to why he suddenly improved so much in one night he did not think much of it. He can only stay with his grandson for a short period of time as this was Heaven’s will.

“Since I see that grandfather is a lot better now I can finally put my heart at ease. In that case, Tang Zheng, I will leave first.” Fang Shishi was just interrupted during an intimate time so her heart was currently beating chaotically, like a little deer was jumping around, causing her to feel embarrassed and unable to stay any longer.

“Why don’t you eat dinner first then leave?” Tang Zheng carried some water over and said urging her to stay.

“I can’t, my family made dinner and they are waiting for me. Grandfather, I will come visit you next time.”

“Okay then, come visit often. Little Zheng go send off your classmate.”

The two walked along the small street towards the main road and along the whole way Fang Shishi kept her head down, to embarrassed to look at Tang Zheng.

“Why do you keep looking at the ground? Could it be that you are looking for money to pick up?” Tang Zheng joked.

Fang Shishi lifted her head up stared at him from the corner of her eyes and said: “Just now it was all because of you doing naughty things, we don’t even know if your grandfather saw.”

Tang Zheng laughed loudly: “So what if he saw.”

“So embarrassing I could almost die. In the future if you dare be so naughty, heng, just you see how I will punish you!”

“How will you punish me?”

“I have not thought of it yet but anyways you are not allowed to be naughty. Okay, I will take a cab home now, you hurry up and go back home to eat.” Fang Shishi stopped a taxi and got in. Tang Zheng sent her off with his eyes, only leaving for his house after the taxi disappeared from view.

“Little Zheng, sit. I have some words to speak to you.” Tang Dahai sat down on his chair and solemnly said.

“Grandfather, is something the matter?”

“Is that girl just now your girlfriend?”

“Ah?” Tang Zheng stared foolishly at his grandfather’s piercing eyes that saw through them.

“That little girl is a good girl, she is very well mannered and her family should be well off.”

Since his grandfather already saw through them then there was no need to hide it so he honestly said: “Yes, her family does business.”

Tang Dahai’s face darkened as he let out a long sigh and said: “Little Zheng, I know our family’s situation very well and those kind of family would not look well upon us right?”

Tang Zheng was dumbstruck and unable to reply. Fang Shishi’s mom clearly opposed their relationship so her father’s attitude should be the same.

“This is reality and even though you are very outstanding and will definitely have a future of your own, these people with money will only view you as a weak person so you will suffer many injustices.”

Tang Zheng did not say a word. Tang Dahai’s said with heartache: “This is all your grandfather’s fault. I could not give you a better living environment…”

Tang Zheng hurriedly stopped him and said: “Grandfather, don’t say anymore. Matters between Fang Shishi and me will be decided by us. Her family attitude will not influence us, moreover I believe that I can make a future for myself.”

This was the first time that Tang Zheng had a burning desire to stand above others in life. Previously as a child he wholeheartedly devoted himself to studying but now he clearly understood that to live well in this world one needed many things and to achieve these things he needed to work hard.

Tang Zheng persisted in his views and Tang Dahai did not continue to urge him since he clearly understood his own grandson and nodded his head: “Then I will not try to change your mind but right now the most important task for you two is to study. Everything can wait till after the high school exam and it will not be late to continue this relationship afterwards. Moreover, since you want to pursue another family’s lady then you must treat her well. Do you understand? Our Tang family’s people must always remember to be thankful and cannot fail other people’s views and expectations.”

“I understand, grandfather.” Tang Zheng solemnly nodded his head.

Late at night.

This was the time Tang Zheng had long waited for as he could now finally train in cultivation techniques.

“There are many types of cultivation techniques but it is split into two main categories which are defensive and offensive techniques, both of which are complementary to one another and also possess limitless energy.” Tian Chanzi explained, “Today I will teach you an offensive cultivation technique. This specific technique is a sword technique but it is vastly different from ordinary sword techniques from normal sects. The technique itself is suitable for flying swords and is able to decapitate people from thousands of miles away. However, from what I can see it will be extremely difficult to find a flying sword in this modern society, so you can only use it for close-quarter combat.”

“This sword cultivation technique is called Heaven Flying Immortal.”

“Heaven Flying Immortal? Could it be the one shown on the television?”

“What nonsense.” Tian Chanzi reprimanded, “This is a profound sword technique from my sect and is a true cultivation technique so how could it be confused with some nonsense randomly invented.”

Tang Zheng hurriedly shut his mouth. Tian Chanzi was extremely respectful towards his sect, yet he was also very secretive about it not willing to speak in details about it. Since he said that this Heaven Flying Immortal technique was that amazing then it must definitely not be simple.”

“This is the Heaven Flying Immortal technique's sword illustrations and the incantations. Carefully memorize it.”

After Tian Chanzi finished speaking, Tang Zheng discovered that a sword illustration and its following incantation suddenly appeared within his consciousness. This sword technique set was separated into six techniques and each technique was further separated into thirty-six forms, its strength was inexhaustible.

Tang Zheng only took a glance to discover the intricacy of the technique that caused him to have a sudden flash of insight. The Heaven Gathering Hand was completely incomparable to this cultivation technique.

“You first try to familiarize yourself with the sword technique and try to comprehend the mysteries of it. If there is anything you don’t understand I will go over it with you one by one.”

Tang Zheng immediately set about learning the sword technique and not long after he clearly memorized all the details and aspects of it. As of today his memorization technique was absolutely frightening, so much so that it has reached the stage of being able to glance at something and not forgetting it. Moreover, his comprehension skills are superior than the ordinary person making it easier for him to understand the intricacies of the technique. If there was anything he didn’t understand he would just ask Tian Chanzi who would explain it in depth to him.

Even though Tian Chanzi sounded like he was calm, in reality he was actually not the least bit calm as he never expected Tang Zheng’s comprehension of the sword technique to be so damn frightening. He recalled that back in the sect when the sect’s most talented disciple first looked at the sword technique his comprehension was not even as good as Tang Zhengs.

“I really picked up a gem.”

“The tricks to the sword technique has already been fully explained to you, after this it will be up to you to follow the sword illustrations to cultivate.”

Tang Zheng did not cultivate in the standard way but closed his eyes instead and his mind went into motion as a small miniature version of himself was formed within his consciousness and with this he started to follow the sword cultivation technique illustration to mimic every single move.

Tang Zheng suddenly opened his eyes, as he gasped for breath, discovering that the true qi within his meridians were greatly consumed. Furthermore, also feeling that his body suddenly felt weak and that it may collapse at any moment.

“I merely trained up to the fifteenth form of the first move and I am already this tired. I even consumed all my true qi so that I can’t even continue cultivating. Am I simply too useless?” Tang Zheng said blaming himself.

“Little brat, you really aren’t able to differentiate good from bad. Do you know how far people are able to cultivate in the Heaven Flying Immortal on their first try?” Tian Chanzi suddenly asked, his voice was slightly shaky.

“How far?” Tang Zheng blankly asked and thought to himself: how would I possibly know?

“The fifth form of the first technique.”

“Ah, that few?”

“According to my knowledge the sects number one disciple could only train up to the tenth form of the first move in his first try, while you, a little brat managed to cultivate up to the fifteenth form of the first move. Yet, you are still not satisfied and say that you are useless. Are you not giving others a way to live?” Tian Chanzi hurriedly said, utterly defeated.

Tang Zheng scratched his head in embarrassment and said: “It’s not like I know but how far did you cultivate up to in your first try?”

“Not telling you.”

“Haha, could it be that you haven’t even cultivated up to the fifth form, is that why you are too embarrassed to say anything.”

“Who said, back then when I first cultivated it was up till the seventh form and I could also be considered as a well-known figure in the sect…” Tian Chanzi hurriedly explained but then immediately recognized that he fell for Tang Zheng’s trap, he felt extremely exasperated and defeated, “You little brat. you really are becoming more and more clever aren’t you.”

“The seventh form, that is really few compared to me.”

“Do you think that everyone is a weirdo like you and possess a Nine Yang Saint Body?” Tian Chanzi said without any good feeling, his self-confidence

having received a huge blow.

Tang Zheng seeing the situation changed the topic and said: “Don’t feel bad, aside from the Heaven Flying Immortal sword technique what other cultivation techniques do you have?”

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