Chapter 47: Two First Place

Chapter 47: Two First Place

Tang Zheng sat in the classroom listening attentively, his mouth would occasionally raise up in a light smile appearing as if he was dreaming about something amazing, attracting Ye Dingdang’s gaze as she was unable to refrain from asking: “Hey, why are you smiling foolishly? Could it be that you are daydreaming?”

“It’s nothing.” His grandfather’s complete recovery was a secret so of course he could not tell other people.

“Heng, it’s fine if you don’t want to say it.” Ye Dingdang discovered him to be increasingly mysterious, “Oh right, why did you provoke Huang Ziyang that day?”

This was the question that kept bothering Ye Dingdang.

“Who knows? Huang Zhiyang is used to bullying the weak with his strength so how would I know his reasons?” Tang Zheng half-heartedly replied.

“Heng, lies. Huang Ziyang is not that type of person, there must be a reason.”

“Then why don’t you go ask him, I actually want to know the reason myself.” Tang Zheng did not think that his own martial arts technique was anything out of the ordinary.

Ye Dingdang did not gain anything from his words and cast her lips aside in disatisfaction. In reality, this was also a question that has troubled her parents but they were considerate people and would not infringe upon other people’s secrets.

Ding ling ling!

After the bell rang Liu Qingmei put down her pen, looked around and said: “Tomorrow is the mock exam for the month of March. This time everyone must try their best to get a good feel for their strengths and weaknesses, then work to fill those gaps. The high school exam is in two months so everyone has to make proper preparations. Does everyone have confidence in themselves?”

“Yes!” Everyone said with confidence, at this time the atmosphere in Class 7 had taken a complete turn and everyone was focused on their studies. Liu Qingmei saw this and nodded her head in satisfaction, then said: “It is good to have confidence. I also believe in you guys.”

Her gaze swept the classroom and landed on the two in the back whispering back and forth and she unconsciously wrinkled her eyebrows.

During this period of time Tang Zheng had often taken leave of absences and when he was in class he was not overly focused. It is true that there were several matters that happened to him but the high school exam is an important event in one’s life so one can not be too sloppy.

“Tang Zheng, you come with me to my office.”

People looked at him in succession, Tang Zheng’s time in the spotlight was gradually slipping away as people paid less attention to him. Everyone discovered that he was a bit unconventional but aside from that they could not see any other advantages or disadvantages of him.

Gao Dazhi glanced at Tang Zheng, his eyes flashed with hatred as he said internally: “Didn’t Qiao Fei say he had a method to deal with him? How come it has been a few days and he is still fine as if nothing has happened? F*ck, this daddy will immediately go find Qiao Fei to make things clear.”

Qiao Fei was pulled aside by Gao Dazhi to the small forest next to the playground.

“Qiao Fei, how come Tang Zheng is still safe and sound? Did you make your move yet?”

Thinking about this Qiao Fei’s expression deepened as his belly erupted with fire. Just yesterday he went to find Huang Ziyang to ask about this matter but Huang Ziyang threw a temper, loudly cursing at him but Qiao Fei dared not rebuke since he knew that his family is not a match for the Huang Clan. He also knew that he needed to borrow Huang Ziyang’s help to deal with Tang Zheng.

In the end Huang Ziyang carefully asked about matters concerning Tang Zheng in school and upon hearing that he had a girlfriend and that she was also Qiao Fei’s crush he happily told Qiao Fei that he must get her. A man must be able to act if he wants something.

This one phrase resonated with Qiao Fei’s heart as he had long since lusted after Fang Shishi. Seeing her almost really becoming Tang Zheng’s woman has long since caused him to stare with red eyes.

But he had hesitated whether he should do it or not as Fang Shishi’s background was not ordinary.

“I do not need you to tell me what to do. Heng, you also need to make your own move.” Qiao Fei said with no good feelings.

Gao Dazhi angrily roared: “What do you mean? It is not like you do not know about Tang Zheng’s strength. If I had a method then I wouldn’t need you now would I? Heng, if I see that you still haven't made a move then Fang Shishi will be eaten alive by him.”

“What did you say?” Qiao Fei grabbed Gao Dazhi’s collar his face extremely vicious.

Gao Dazhi was a person of big stature and swung him off and said: “I am only saying the truth. Everyone knows that they are a couple and from how they are all so intimate I can guess that he will bed her in a few days.”

Qiao Fei took in coarse breathes as this was exactly what he did not want to see but he could not admit that Gao Dazhi’s words had some truth to it, as what he said had a chance of happening.

“No, I absolutely can not let Fang Shishi go in his bed. Fang Shishi is my woman. No one else is allowed to touch her!” Qiao Fei had an extremely possessive nature and had long since treated Fang Shishi as his person.

“I must obtain her!” His eyes gradually became firm.

In the teacher’s office, Tang Zheng sat in front of Liu Qingmei and Liu Qingmei sincerely said: “Tang Zheng, are you confident in this times mock test.”

“I will do my best.” Tang Zheng lightly said, he already decided to hide his true strength and he would not reveal himself during this month’s mock exam.

Liu Qingmei wrinkled her eyebrow and said: “Tang Zheng you can not be discourage, even though your family is not well off you should try your best to study. You must try hard in school, this way you will be able to face your grandfather. What do you say?”

Tang Zheng knew that she truly cared for him but he could not reveal his plan so he could only nod his head and say: “I understand teacher Liu.”

Liu Qingmei let out a sigh. Tang Zheng clearly did not hear her words but she was unable to do anything about it, her heart saying she must find a way to rekindle his desire to study.

The witch teacher Wu Cuihong was stealing glances at Tang Zheng. After the humiliation she suffered from Tang Zheng and Liu Qingmei’s words she has learned to be obedient and this time did not dare to reply to her old age to blabber, otherwise this time the only one who would throw their face would be her.

“Tang Zheng, at this month’s mock exam you will suffer.” Wu Cuihong already had a satisfactory plan to force Tang Zheng to pull out of school himself.

Tang Zheng’s cell phone rang when he left the teacher’s office.

“Little brother, did young master Huang give you any trouble?” Lin Hu hurriedly asked.

For the past few days Lin Hu has been trying to think of ways to dissolve the conflict between Tang Zheng and Huang Ziyang but Huang Ziyang kept avoiding him. Moreover, recently he heard news that Huang Ziyang was heavily injured but there was no concrete detail on how he got injured leaving outsiders confused.

“Brother Hu, let matters between you and him come to a temporary end. You do not need to worry about it.”

“Ah, did something happen? Do you need my help?”

“No need.”

Lin Hu hung up the phone and entered into a deep confuzed state. Huang Ziyang still has not made a move, could it be he was putting up a play? Just what happened?

Moreover how did Huang Ziyang get injured? For he is a Sixth Grade Refining Body martial artist, so who could possibly hurt him?

Could it be Tang Zheng?

He was scared into a jump by his own speculations, his heart was beating crazily. Just what in the world was happening?

Just when Tang Zheng arrived at the entrance of Class 1, a waft of fragrance drifted over and Fang Shishi appeared before him.

“Is your leg better now?”

“It’s a lot better now.” Tang Zheng made a few motions with his legs. After he had reached the Third Grade Refining Body his injuries healed at a faster rate.

Fang Shishi slightly loosened up and stared foolishly at him before firmly saying: “You will definitely get number 1 on tomorrow's end of the month mock exam.”

“Shishi, this time I will not test first but will remain last place as usual.”

“What, why? Your disease is better now so you can test first and stuff other people's mouth and let them know that you are still the genius Tang Zheng.”

“Listen to me, it doesn’t matter how many times I test first, so it doesn’t matter whether I get first again. Moreover, first place is yours and not other people so it can be considered as not letting the fertile water flow into other’s field.” Tang Zheng easily said. *not letting the fertile water flow into other’s field= keep the good things within one’s family or circle.*

Fang Shishi vigorously shook her head like a rattle drum and said: “No, you are smarter than me. First place is earned by merit so I will willingly take second place.

“Silly girl.” Tang rubbed her head and said: “You are first place, and I am first counting from the back so us two are both first.”

“What do you mean us two, that will embarrass me to death.” Fang Shishi said incomparably bashful, but her heart felt incomparable sweet.

*TL: the ‘us two’ used is ??? and it is a really close terms like how a husband would address his own family*

“Moreover, the first place and last place being together will definitely cause others who see to have their eyes fall out.” Tang Zheng said with dark humor.

“You are so bad, you can be first but you just want to be dead last.”

“Okay fine, I will tell you. If I were to test number one then the school will definitely put me back to Class 1 and then I would have to face the old witch. You know she and I don’t mix well, like fire and water, so things would not go well.” Tang Zheng explained.

Fang Shishi pouted and longingly sighed, then said: “Ai, I want to go to your Class 7.”

“Haha, that way the Old witch will be angered to death, however the school would not agree to that.”

“I just want to anger her. Who told her to treat you so poorly.” Fang Shishi protectively said.

Ding ling ling!

The bell to resume class rang out and the two unwilling parted to return back to their respective classes, enduring separation till school was let out. When school was let out everyone started clamoring while Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi walked out of school together just in time to see Ye Dingdang get in Feng Siniang’s car. Upon seeing the two together, Feng Siniang said bitterly and with grief: “Ye Dingdang, are you silly. You actually let the Fang Family’s girl steal away little handsome brother.”

“Feng Siniang, what are you blabbering on about. There is nothing going on between him and me and plus I like strong men while he does not fit that description at all.” Ye Dingdang said without any good feeling.

Seeing Tang Zheng being so intimate with Fang Shishi, while he treated her coldly she felt indignant: I saved you yet you act like you’re distant from me. Heng, you really are a bastard.

“Silly girl, do you really not see him as a strong person with those eyes of yours? His martial arts level is already so high, in the future his potential is limitless. If you do need listen to the advice of your elders then be careful that you might regret later on.”

“I don’t need you to concern yourself with my business, hurry up and drive.”

Tang Zheng and Fang Shishi sat on the bus and headed towards Tang Zheng’s house. Fang Shishi snuggled up in his embrace, incomparably sweet.

“Shishi, my house is very simple and crude, hopefully you don’t dislike it.” Tang Zheng said.

“How could I not like it, it is your home. Moreover as long as one is with family then no matter how simple or crude it is, it will be comfortable and warm, and it will also be home.”

They got off the bus, the two of them holding each other’s hand as they walked towards the small house. Fang Shishi’s face did not reveal a hint of oddity as if the simple and crude house in front of her was no different from her mansion.

Grandfather was not home and Tang Zheng guessed that his grandfather surely must have gone to the dumpster again as once his body recovered he would be unable to stay still.

Gazhi! *TL: creaking noise*

The door opened.

This house was indeed small but it was also very clean and orderly.

“Hehe, did you clean all this yourself?”

“Of course.”

“You really are hardworking. Not bad, worthy of praise.” Fang Shishi took a look around and asked: ‘Where’s grandfather?”

“He probably went out. I will first make dinner.”

“No worries.” She grabbed ahold of him, her gaze falling upon his leg, “Yesterday I said that I would take a look at your injury on your leg so let me take a look at it right now.”

“My injury is fine now.”

“No, I must take a look.” Fang Shishi insisted, her eyes was firm.

“It’s on my thigh, so it’s not convenient.”

Fang Shishi hesitated a bit, her face turning red: “How is it inconvenient? Hurry and roll your pants up.”

*TL: did anyone else hope she said to take it off?* *EN: Ye Dingdang!*

Tang Zheng was helpless and could only sit down and roll his pants up to his thigh.

Fang Shishi’s gaze was immediately attracted over….

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