Chapter 045: Goal Successfully Accomplished

Chapter 045: Goal Successfully Accomplished

Huang Ziyang’s arm was in a cast and he was bandaged as he stood pitifully in front of a middle aged man, who had an overbearing aura and whose eyes were gleaming. In front of this man, Huang Ziyang was like a obedient little kitten.

The middle ages man’s palm suddenly came slamming down and the corner of the wooden table was demolished.

“What audacity, does the Ye Clan really treat my Huang Clan as nothing? To even dare bully my son.”

“Father, the Ye Clan does not even put our Huang Clan in their eyes, to actually threaten me with death over an insignificant brat. This is simply bullying others.” Huang Ziyang said fanning the flames.

This middle age man was the Huang Clans Huang Biao, nickname Huang Si, but as of today no one dared call him Huang Si. No matter whether it is for business or matters of the underworld everyone would respectfully address his as Boss Huang or Sir Huang.

“Sir Huang, Ye Tianlei barged in.” Suddenly, a follower hurriedly came, screaming.

Huang Biao stood up, his expression changed, as he said: “I was just about to find him but he sent himself to my door. Heng, it has been a while since I fought him. Back then I was only at the Eighth Grade Pre-Natal Stage but now I have trained and reached the Ninth Grade Pre-Natal Stage, the same as Ye Tianlei. I want to let him know just how strong I am.”

Several lackeys flew up into the air like kites who had their strings cut. The next second Ye Tianlei appeared in the middle of the large hall.

“Ye Tianlei, you are too much!” Huang Biao said, taking a step forward as he stared at Ye Tianlei as if he were his prey.

“Ye Tianlei said in ridicule: “I am too much? Heng, just ask your son what good things he’s been up to not only did he try to kill my daughter he tried to kill my little friend Tang Zheng. If I don’t give you a lesson to remember then you will think my Ye Clan is easy to bully.”

“Liar, it is clearly Feng Siniang who was bullying others. Did you see how injured my son was?”

“What’s with all this pointless talk, let’s talk with our fists.” Ye Tianlei clearly understood Huang Biao’s nature, the stronger you are the more timid he is, the weaker you are the more tyrannical he becomes.

Ye Tianlei made a move abruptly like a surging gale, the air in the whole room changed and Huang Ziyang flew straight out slamming into the wall.

Huang Biao flashed forward to attack but his fist stopped inches from Ye Tianlei. In the next moment a wave of energy crashed forth sending Huang Biao retreating, breaking quite a few household objects before he finally stopped his steps. The whole room looked as if a typhoon swept through, objects were askew, and everything was a mess.

Ye Tianlei once again made a move, a very simple move, but the surroundings suddenly morphed and Huang Biao’s self-confidence shattered.

He originally thought that by achieving the Ninth Grade Pre-Natal stage his strength would be on par with Ye Tianlei but Ye Tianlei’s strength far surpasses his to the point of complete suppression. Even though the Pre-Natal stage and the Natal stage are only separated by one level it was like the difference between heaven and earth.

“You broke through to the Natal Stage?” Huang Biao asked in disbelief.

Ye Tianlei coldly grunted and said: “Don’t think just because you are a Ninth Grade Pre-Natal Stage martial artist that you can call the rain and summon the winds. Learn to keep your head down and maybe you will be able to live longer.”

After he finished speaking, Ye Tianlei raised his right leg and stamped down on the ground, kacha, the ground cracked open creating an image of a spider web. This sight was especially astonishing to the eye, if this kick were to land on somebody's body then the results would be extremely devastating.

Natal Stage, it was definitely extraordinary.

Ye Tianlei left, leaving the Huang Clan’s father and son standing there shocked, their hearts were filled with raging waves.

Not long after Tang Zheng and his grandfather arrived home, his grandfather regained consciousness. Upon discovering that they were at home he had a dazzled and confused look as he said: “Little Zheng, wasn’t I in the hospital? How come we are at home now? Ai, I recall that there were some people who went to the hospital to look for me…”

Tang Zheng hearing his grandfather hurriedly interrupted and said: “Grandfather, didn’t you say you want to come home? So, I decided to just bring you back.”

Tang Dahai was distracted by the change in topic and a joyful expression showed up on his face as he hurriedly nodded and said: “Yes, return home. Our home is more comfortable than the hospital. Moreover it is cheaper and the time I stayed in the hospital must not have been cheap. Ai, that money was supposed to be for you to pay for college.”

“Grandfather, the hospital fee did not cost a lot and moreover you do not need to worry about my college fees. I will go find a job during summer break so tuition will not be a problem.” Tang Zheng already had an extra two hundred thousand dollars so he temporarily does not need to worry about money.

“Working during the break is too tiring. Your main focus should be on school so how could I let you waste time working?”

“Grandfather this is called practical experience and it is heavily encouraged by school. Moreover with this societal training it will be easier for me to find a job in the future.” Tang Zheng said finding a reason.

Tang Dahai revealed a gratified smiled and said: “Our family’s little Tang has grown up. He understands a lot more than his grandfather.”

“Grandfather, you should rest for the next few days. I will go make food.” Tang Zheng said hobbling to the kitchen.

“Little Zheng, is your leg alright?” Tang Dahai’s expression changed as he asked with deep concern.

“It’s alright, I was not careful when I was walking and tripped. It will recover in two days.” Tang Zheng’s pain tolerance was higher than the average person and coupled with his true qi’s healing properties, even with his serious injury, he was able to endure.

After Tang Zheng finished making dinner, he and his grandfather ate together. When his grandfather finally fell asleep he retrieved the interesting box from under his bed and opened it, only to face a wave of coldness that slammed into him.

“Brat, when you finish absorbing the Yin energy from the Yin Blade then you will be able to achieve the Third Grade Refining Body.” Tian Chanzi said with great excitement as the stronger Tang Zheng became the stronger Tian Chanzi’s consciousness would become.

Tang Zheng controlled his state of mind, lifting the sword up with both hands and circulated his qi according to the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll. Immediately a wave of pure Yin energy surged into his palms from the blade and spread out throughout his whole body before finally converging within his nine main meridians.

Tang Zheng sucked in a deep breath as he felt like he was dropped into an ice cold cave, his body immediately froze. He absorbed several times more Yin energy than he did from Fang Shishi. If any ordinary person were to absorb so much Yin energy then they would immediately die, but Tang Zheng did not as his body was sturdier than an ordinary person.

A wave of burning energy rippled outward from his nine main meridians, immediately neutralizing the pure Yin energy, causing Tang Zheng to feel comfy inside, the cold feeling within himself immediately dispersing.

Tang Zheng clearly understood that the Nine Yang Saint Body was displaying its ability as he continued to absorb the pure Yin energy from the Yin Blade and then neutralizing it.

Just like this the cycle continued...

The sun rose revealing the marbled white color dawn sky and Tang Zheng suddenly opened his eyes which flashed through with a light. His face revealed great joy as his eyes unconsciously landed on the Yin Blade which no longer had its luster and looked to be corroded.

Tang Zheng’s hand moved a bit, kacha, the Yin Blade was snapped into pieces.

“This ancient blade was able to retain its sharpness because of the pure Yin energy it contained, causing it to be able to cut through steel like clay. However, after you drained all its pure Yin energy and with it being exposed to the air it was no longer able to maintain its former brilliance.” Tian Chanzi explained.

Tang Zheng clearly understood that this was the result of rapid oxidization. He leapt off his bed feeling better than he ever felt, wanting to loudly roar: I finally broke through to the Third Grade Refining Body!

At this moment his nine main meridians all contained three inches of true qi, and with this abundant energy it gave him the feeling of having a never ending stream of energy.

“Ai, my leg injury from yesterday also doesn’t seem to hurt as much.”

“Little brat, congratulations.” Tian Chanzi happily said.

“Tian Chanzi, thank you.” Tang Zheng sincerely said as if he had not met Tian Chanzi than his life would not have undergone such a large change and his grandfather would also leave him.

“Your grandfather still has two days to live. Today I will pass onto you the skills needed for refining pills and one day later you will be able to refine the Life Continuing Pill so that your grandfather will be saved.”

Tang Zheng was brimming with confidence as he is not only able to refine pills at the Third Grade Refining Body but he can also learn cultivation techniques. In essence today he has truly set on the path of a cultivator, allowing him to enter a new and wonderful world.

“Little Tang, wake up and eat breakfast. You need to go to school in a bit.” Tang Dahai’s voice rang out from outside his room.

Tang Zheng hurriedly walked out to discover that his grandfather had long since got out of bed and made breakfast.

“Grandfather, how come you are up this early? You should have waited for me to make breakfast.”

Tang Dahai amiably smiled: “When people grow older, they need less sleep, so I got up a bit earlier to make you breakfast. I also don’t know how many more breakfasts I can make you.” Saying this, his gaze gradually became dim.

Tang Zheng felt his heart ache as his grandfather must know that his days are limited.

Tang Zheng silently ate his breakfast, resisting his tears from falling as he silently told himself that his grandfather will not die and that he will continue to accompany him.

Tang Dahai ate a bit before putting down his chopsticks and calmly looked at Tang Zheng, asking: “Is it good?”

Tang Zheng nodded his head: “It’s good, Grandfather’s cooking is always the best.”

“Hehe, silly child, grandfathers cooking skills are shallow so what is good about it?”

“No, Grandfather’s cooking is good. It is the best under the heavens.” Tang Zheng seriously said.

Tang Dahai smiled happily, looking at Tang Zheng, his vision flashed back to eighteen years ago on a normal day where he went to the dumpster but when he arrived at the dumpster he saw a rolled up blanket. At first he thought that someone threw away their old blanket but upon checking if the blanket could be reused he discovered that there was an infant wrapped up inside. At the time the infant stared at him with wide eyes, not crying, as if he were about to smile.

That simple and pure smile immediately captured his heart and he suddenly had the impulse to raise him but he did not immediately treat Tang Zheng as his own. Instead he carefully brought him home, and specifically went to buy milk powder and a bottle for babies, then carefully fed him. He then went all over to see if anyone lost a baby, walking the whole of Chang Heng City but did not hear of anyone losing a baby.

He finally understood that the infant was abandoned, thinking that it was a god given gift and he decided to raise him to be an adult. At that time he was fifty years old when he decided to treat the infant as his grandson. Since he was not married yet, this child caused him to feel satisfied with his life. No matter how bitter or tired he was he always had a satisfied smile on his face.

Like this the grandfather and grandson lived together, and time flew by, passing right through eighteen years. Still Tang Dahai continued to accompany him, watching him go to high school, watching him work, and hoping to watch him marry a wife and have kids. Though he knew that he would not last till that day and even though he had a bit of regret he was still filled with satisfaction, thanking the heavens for bestowing Tang Zheng upon him.

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