Chapter 44: Yin Blade

Chapter 44: Yin Blade

Tang Zheng did not know what was in the basement room next door but whatever was able to make Tian Chanzi so surprised was definitely not ordinary.

“Take us to the basement room next door.” Tang Zheng unquestionably said.

Huang Ziyang froze for a moment before saying: “What basement room next door, this is the only basement room in our villa.”

“Heng, since this is the case I will just kill you outright.” Tang Zheng coldly said.

Huang Ziyang’s heart was in a mess as he inwardly said: “How does he know that there is another basement room? That is where I keep all my treasures and ordinary people would not know of it. How could this brat be so knowledgeable on his first time here?”

Huang Ziyang was filled with unwillingness but in order to persevere his life he has to take them to the other basement room. The entrance to the other basement room was hidden behind a bookshelf that can only be opened by using a hidden mechanism, which opened up the corridor causing a wave of cold air to come charging forth, causing everyone to unconsciously shiver.

Feng Siniang had her own thoughts as she looked at Tang Zheng, completely at a lose at how he knew about the existence of the other basement room. Ye Dingdang was also staring at him with wide eyes as if she were staring at an alien. Seeing him act all mysterious only served to make her even more curious about him.

Huang Ziyang only had a bitter face as he led the way, bringing everyone to a big display room where the walls were covered in an assortment of antique calligraphies and paintings causing everyone to have the feeling like they were in a museum.

Ye Dingdang looked around and mumbled: “Huang Ziyang, it seems you have collected quite a few treasures.”

Huang Ziyang’s face was bitter as he did not reply.

Feng Siniang remained calm as she stared at Tang Zheng in curiosity, not knowing what he would do next.

Tang Zheng followed Tian Chanzi’s advice and walked straight towards an antique looking box. Huang Ziyang stared dumbstruck, his eyes never leaving Tang Zheng as he did not understand how he would walk straight towards that box.

“Open it!” Tang Zheng pointed at the box’s lock and said.

Huang Ziyang hesitated and walked over, saying: “This is just an old plaything. There is nothing good to look at.”

“Open it!” Tang Zheng coldly shouted. When he was walking towards the box he felt an odd sensation like a wave of cold energy slamming into him but it did not make him feel uncomfortable. On the contrary it made him feel comfortable and was similar to the feeling he gets when he is absorbing pure Yin energy.

Huang Ziyang had no choice but to open the box, drawing several people’s gaze over to land on a long sword submerged in cold light sitting within the box.

Ye Dingdang shivered and called out: “How Cold!”

Feng Siniang wrinkled her eyebrows and grabbed ahold of her daughter’s hand, causing Ye Dingdang to feel warmth flow into her. Huang Ziyang was clearly better of than Ye Dingdang by quite a bit as he was actively circulating his inner qi to fend off the cold.

This biting cold came from the long sword.

“Brat, this is a Yin blade. You have hope of breaking through.” Tian Chanzi exclaimed with joy.

“Yin Blade?”

“Yes, it was born in a place with concentrated Yin energy. After absorbing enough Yin energy it will naturally become a Yin Blade and people would usually not dare to come in close contact with it as it leaks out Yin energy that can cause a disturbance within a person's body. This blade must definitely have been dug up from some ancient site.

Tang Zheng was inwardly excited as he originally lost all hope at making a breakthrough but little did he expect that he would find a Yin Blade. As long as he could absorb its Yin energy then he can break through into the Third grade Body Refining. Then he can refine the Life Continuing pill for his Grandfather.

At this time, he temporarily put down the brooding over letting Huang Ziyang live because if it wasn’t for him then he would never have found the Yin Blade.

“I am taking this Blade.” Tang Zheng said.

“Ah?” Huang Ziyang opened his mouth wide. This blade was bought from a grave robber using a large sum of money and was indeed a good blade and can cut through steel like clay. Although one main problem was that it leaks too much Yin energy, making it unsuitable for constant wear. For this reason he specifically kept it underground but little did he know that Tang Zheng would find it.

“Not giving? Heng, is your life more important or is this blade more important?” Tang Zheng asked

Ye Dingdang parroted: “Ya, you are being stingy. You are the one who gets the better deal by using this blade to exchange for your life.”

Huang Ziyang’s face was bitter. The precious blade can only be encountered by chance but can not be sought out, especially for a martial artist this treasure was even more precious. But since he was under coercion he could only lower his head. Moreover he has already gotten Tang Zheng’s otherworldly martial arts technique so this treasured blade could not be considered that important.

“Fine, take it.”

Tang Zheng immediately closed the lid of the box and held it in his embrace. Feng Siniang hesitated a bit before saying: “Tang Zheng if you need a weapon you can come to my house to choose one. We have several top quality weapons. This weapon… doesn’t really suit you.”

Feng Siniang’s discerning eyes already saw through that the blade was not simple so taking it back home was not a bad idea.

Tang Zheng did not explain to her but said: “Aunty Feng, I understand your good intentions but I want this blade.”

Feng Siniang was helpless so she did not continue to pursue this matter.

They arrived back at the large hall to discover that Tang Dahai was still unconscious so Tang Zheng carried him to Feng Siniang where they all left at a fast speed.

Huang Ziyang’s face gradually became gloomy as his destroyed hands swayed back and forth, hurting. He finally pitifully cried out and said: “Hurry and send this daddy to the hospital. It hurts like hell!”

Tang Zheng sat in the car, his taunt mental state was gradually loosened as the pain from the gunshot wound on his leg caused him increased pain until he finally couldn’t bare it and sucked in a cold breath of air.

“Aiya, Tang Zheng your leg is bleeding a lot.”

“You suffered from a gun wound so I will take you to my house to get it treated. Otherwise taking you to the hospital would be too troublesome.” Feng Siniang said.

Tang Zheng did not reply. The bullet was still stuck in his wound and if he did not quickly remove it and was infected then things would become troublesome.

As Feng Siniang was driving she would also glance at the rear view mirror to observe Tang Zheng. Even though he had received such an injury he was steady like usual and this was something that the majority of the people could not do. The more she observed Tang Zheng the more she thought that he was not ordinary, and the more she liked him. If it was Ye Dingdang on the other hand she would not be as calm and collected, completely not having the stable attitude that Tang Zheng possessed.

Arriving at the Ye Clan and undergoing a small surgery, the bullet in Tang Zheng’s leg was removed and Tang Zheng looked at the blood coated bullet and thought back to the battle earlier. He realized just how much danger he was in.

The door opened and Ye Dingdang’s head popped in to take a look, her two large eyes were searching the room.

“Come in, what is the point in hiding behind the door?” Tang Zheng said.

Ye Dingdang walked in and said: “Who’s hiding. This is my house so what is there to hide from?”

Tang Zheng did not bicker with her because if it wasn’t for her and Feng Siniang rushing over then his life might really have been over. No matter what he felt, he was thankful for the other party. As a result he sincerely said: “Ye Dingdang, thank you for saving me.”

Ye Dingdang’s eyebrows did a little dance as her heart said that he could be considered to have a bit of heart. She hurriedly replied: “So you know that I saved you, then how will you thank me?”

Tang Zheng splayed out both hands and said: “I am poor so I can not pay you. How do you say I should express my gratitude?”

“Dingdang, Tang Zheng also saved your life once. This time you saved him so you guys can call it even so where is the need for thanks.” Feng Siniang said as she walking in with Ye Tianlei.

Ye Dingdang immediately pouted in dissatisfaction, saying in her heart: I already helped him wash his underwear and have long since paid that debt so this time he really does owe me.

But these words could not be said as she coquettishly said: “Feng Siniang, just who’s mom are you? Why are you helping an outsider?”

Feng Siniang coyly smiled and said: “Tang Zheng is not an outsider so how could it be considered as me helping an outsider?”

Ye Dingdang knew that if she continued to speak then Feng Siniang will surely try to play the matchmaker for her and Tang Zheng so she tactfully shut her mouth.

“Tang Zheng, you do not need to worry about the matter between you and Huang Ziyang. I promise you that he will not dare find you trouble again.” Ye Tianlei said assuredly.

Tang Zheng clearly felt that Ye Tianlei’s aura had changed and said: “Uncle Ye, congratulations to you.”

Ye Tianlei laughed loudly: “Your eyes are simply too keen. You actually saw through me that quickly.”

Ye Dingdang excitedly said: “Father, you already broke through to the First grade Natal Stage?”

Ye Tianlei nodded his head with a smile and said: “I just broke through today. Just when you called me was the most important time of my breakthrough so that is why only your mom went to rescue you guys.”

“Wa, too amazing!” Ye Dingdang excitedly said, jumping up and down.

Ye Tianlei’s illuminated gaze fell upon Tang Zheng as he said: “This is all thanks to little Tang, if it wasn’t for him opening my meridian then I would never have been able to step into the realm of the Natal stage within my entire life.”

“Uncle Ye over compliments me.”

“No, little Tang, you have done a great deed for the Ye Clan and if anyone dares hurt you then my Ye Clan will not sit by the sidelines. Recently Huang Ziyang has been going around like he owns the place so it is about time somebody gave him a beating.” Ye Tianlei said.

Tang Zheng did not refuse his good will as the Huang Clan’s power in Chang Heng City is not ordinary and only with Ye Tianlei standing out for him can he save himself quite a bit of trouble.

“Uncle Ye, I want to go home with my Grandfather first.” Tang Zheng said.

“Little Zheng, I don’t know whether I should say these words.” Ye Tianlei said doubtfully.

“If Uncle Ye has words to say then please speak.”

Ye Tianlei gave Feng Siniang a look then gave a long sigh and said: “Just now when the doctor was inspecting your old man they discovered that his body’s condition is extremely poor so if you trust me then I can have the old gramps sent to a hospital in Jingcheng to undergo treatment. Then his chances will greatly increase.”

He spoke tactfully as in reality the doctor told him that Tang Dahai did not have long to live. Even with treatment his hopes of survival are slim.

Ye Dingdang hearing the news hurriedly advised: “Yea, go to Jingchen or out of the country, that way your Grandfather will have a higher chance of recovery.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart move but did not hesitate in rejecting, saying: “I understand Uncle Ye’s good intentions but my grandfather will be fine. I will still have to trouble Uncle Ye to send a car to take me home.”

“You aren’t going to the hospital?” Ye Dingdang asked astonished.

Tang Zheng did not even consider going to the hospital as once he was able to refine the Life Continuing Pill then his grandfather’s life will be saved. If he were to take his grandfather to the hospital they would only fuss about it making things more complicated.

“I’m not going. My grandfather has always liked our home so I want to take him home.”

Ye Tianlei thought that Tang Zheng had given up and wanted to spend the last few moments of his grandfather’s time together, hence he did not continue to urge him. In the end he sent a car to take them home.

“Tianlei, you must thoroughly take care of Huang Ziyang’s matter so as to not let Tang Zheng suffer from any backlashes.” Feng Siniang warned.

Ye Tianlei nodded his head and said: “Of course I know, Huang Si does not know to discipline his son so you must discipline him in his place. If he dares mess around, heng, I do not mind giving him a lesson he will not forget.”

“Huang Si has always gone against our Ye Clan, and it is about time to give him a lesson. Once this is over you can prepare to return back to Jing.” *TL: Jing is an abbreviation for Jingcheng which is the capital.*

“I know, I also want to go find the Huang Clan.”

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