Chapter 43: You want to make my daughter to stay at home when her husband is away?

Chapter 43: You want to make my daughter to stay at home when her husband is away?

The Pressure Point Technique wore off and Huang Ziyang regained his mobility. He looked at his twisted arm, his face became extremely dark as he shouted: “Tang Zheng, I will kill you.” He raised the gun in his hand, aiming it at Tang Zheng.

Tang Zheng was surrounded by big men and Huang Ziyang stood in front of him, his finger on the trigger. There was no escape. Suddenly, a delicate voice rang out from the door.


An elegant body charged in, standing in front of Tang Zheng, not the least bit of afraid of Huang Ziyang.

“Who are you?” Huang Ziyang angrily stared.

“Huang Ziyang, put down your gun.” Ye Dingdang chided. She had tailed after Tang Zheng, expending quite a bit of energy to enter the villa, and upon seeing a gun pulled on Tang Zheng she immediately revealed herself.

Huang Ziyang’s eyes were cold as the other actually recognized him, “Who are you?”

“Ye Dingdang.” Ye Dingdang said, she believed that the other would have definitely heard her name before.

Just as expected, after Huang Ziyang heard her words, his expression slightly changed as he said: “What are you doing here?”

“You are not allowed to harm Tang Zheng. He is my friend.” Ye Dingdang said resolutely and decisively.

Huang Ziyang was moved to anger as he loudly panted, and said: “He wants to kill me so why can’t I kill him?”

“If I said you aren’t allowed to then you aren’t allowed to!” Ye Dingdang’s two arms were crossed at the waist, looking rather like Feng Siniang.

“No!” Huang Ziyang rejected yet his heart felt some trepidation. Just what is Tang Zheng relationship to Ye Dingdang that she would protect him? However, if he did not kill Tang Zheng then it would be like releasing a tiger into the mountains, causing trouble for oneself in the future.

But Ye Dingdang was blocking Tang Zheng leaving Huang Ziyang with no way of firing. Even though other people may not be clear on Ye Dingdang’s identity, Huang Ziyang clearly understood it.

Chang Heng City had two martial art family Clans, beside the Huang Clan mafia family there is the Ye Clan. The Ye Clan’s rise was abrupt and only took ten years yet they were exceptionally fearsome, completely suppressing the hidden snake that was the Huang Clan.

Even though the Huang and Ye Clan are enemies, towards the Ye Clan the Huang Clan could not see through their depths and with the appearance of Ye Tianlei’s superior martial arts the huang Clan did not dare raise their weapons in fear of bringing calamity upon themselves.

“Huang Ziyang, I want to kill you!” Tang Zheng gnashed his teeth and said.

“Heng, see. He wants to kill me so how can I let him go.” Huang Ziyang said.

Ye Dingdang turned her head to look at Tang Zheng and asked: “Tang Zheng, what exactly happened her and why do you want to kill him?”

Tang Zheng’s two scarlet red eyes said: “He killed my Grandfather so I must get revenge for my Grandfather’s death.”

Ye Dingdang froze at his words, unable to believe him, anger surging up within her.

Huang Ziyang worried that if he delayed anymore he would lose his chance so seeing that Ye Dingdang turned her head, how could he let go such a big chance. He made a hand motion and gave a signal with his eyes, and everyone charged forward together while he went straight for Tang Zheng, raising his gun up.

“Careful!” Tang Zheng has always been watching Huang Ziyang’s movement and seeing him move, he called out loudly. Ye Dingdang still has not turned her head when she felt a wave of killing aura slam forth causing her heart to go cold as she angrily roared: “Huang Ziyang, you dare!”

Huang Ziyang had guts but he did not dare kill Ye Dingdang but even so he dared to kill Tang Zheng. The gun spewed out a spark as the bullet shot straight towards Tang Zheng.

“Huang Ziyang, I will kill you!” Ye Dingdang angrily roared. Huang Ziyang dared not give her face, moreover he dared to mount a sneak attack. This was incomparably despicable and shameless. Her hands flashed and a fist pounded against Huang Ziyang.

Huang ZIyang flew backwards but he had a smile at the corner of his lips as he believed that this time Tang Zheng was dead for sure.

Suddenly, a strong gaze swept through the door, bringing with it sand and dust, causing everyone to stare wide in shock. Moreover the crowd felt a wave of oppressive force that caused them to sway weakly.

Huang Ziyang unconsciously blinked and the smile disappeared from his face as his shock turned to doubt. He involuntarily called out: “Where is Tang Zheng?”

Tang Zheng disappeared. The bullet entered a big man’s chest and blood blossomed into a flower on his chest.

Tang Zheng did not disappear, in fact he saw the spark of the gun go off and felt death approaching as it was too late. When he thought death was imminent a strong wave suddenly sprang forth from behind his sending him flying and in turn avoiding the bullet.

“Feng Siniang, you finally came. If you don’t come out, your daughter is going to die.” Ye Dingdang shouted with surprise.

“Who dares kill my daughter, I will slaughter their entire family!” Feng Siniang’s domineering aura and voice rang out.

The crowd followed the voice and discovered that there was an extra person in the hall, it was a charming housewife and Tang Zheng was standing by her side.

Huang Ziyang stared foolishly at Feng Siniang, towards her famous name he had heard it more than a few times but this was the first time he saw the real person in the flesh, scaring him into taking two steps back.

Feng Siniang’s red phoenix eyes swept through them causing everyone to feel as if they were childs who have committed a crime, and to lower their heads. Her eyes were simply too bright and dazzling like the sun, unconsciously instilling fear in their hearts as they dared not meet her eyes.

The shock Tang Zheng felt was not much different from the others as he already guessed that Feng Siniang was a martial artist but he did not expect her to be so strong. If it weren’t for her just then he would have died.

“Tian Chanzi, just what level cultivator in Feng Siniang?”

“First grade Natal Stage.” Tian Chanzi lightly said.

“What? First grade Natal Stage, that is even stronger than Ye Tianlei.”

“No shit.”

“Then why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Well you didn’t ask me. Moreover it is only the First grade Natal Stage, it’s not anything incredible so why would I bring it up.”

Tang Zheng was speechless.

“Thankfully Feng Siniang managed to make it in time otherwise this small life of yours would have been over.” Tian Chanzi said letting out a breath of relief.

“Feng Siniang, you finally came. Just now he was trying to kill me.” Ye Dingdang pointed at Huang Ziyang and said.

Feng Siniang walked straight toward Huang Ziyang and said: “You want to kill my daughter?”

Huang Ziyang’s face was ashen, with every step Feng Siniang took, he took one backwards, until he was pushed against the wall unable to retreat any further as he said trembling in fear: “It was a misunderstanding. This is all a misunderstanding, I never thought about about killing the honored daughter.”

“Then why did you just fire at me?” Ye Dingdang angrily asked.

“That wasn’t to kill you but Tang Zheng.”

“Kill Tang Zheng?” Feng Siniang halted her steps and Huang Ziyang let out a breath of relief thinking that he must definitely not say that he wanted to kill Ye Dingdang and to place it all on Tang Zheng, this way Feng Siniang wouldn't be angry.

“Right, I wanted to take care of Tang Zheng and I would never have any such intentions towards Miss Ye.” Huang Ziyang added on.

“Why do you want to kill Tang Zheng?” Feng Siniang coldly asked.

“He wanted to kill me so of course I want to kill him.”

“Lies, you first killed my Grandfather so I want to get revenge for my Grandfather!” Tang Zheng angrily roared.

Feng Siniang’s pupils constricted as she said: “You killed his Grandfather?”

An imposing aura expanded out as a wave of ice cold air smashed into him causing his heart to tremble, making him unable to open his mouth.

“Do you know who Tang Zheng is to me?” Feng Siniang asked.

“...Who is he to you?” Huang Ziyang asked trembling in fear.

“He is my son-in-law. You want to kill him? Do you want my daughter to be alone for the rest of her life with her husband away?” Feng Siniang’s voice was not loud but to Huang Ziyang’s ears it was like a thunder on a clear day, making him dumbstruck.

Ye Dingdang felt extremely embarrassed upon hearing these words and distantly glared at Feng Siniang but was completely ignored.

“So, you are saying you want to kill Tang Zheng, then how will I punish you?” Feng Siniang asked.

Huang Ziyang swallowed his saliva. How could things suddenly take a turn like this? Didn’t Qiao Fei say that Tang Zheng was a poor and powerless little brat, just how could he become the Ye Clan’s son-in-law?

Could it be that the Ye Clan also saw his perfect technique and did not stint to marry their daughter to him. In this case wouldn’t he have made the greatest enemy for himself?

Seeing Feng Siniang’s staring at him in an overbearing manner, he was scared into hurriedly saying: “This is all a misunderstanding. Really this is a misunderstanding. His Grandfather is not dead.”

“You liar, you just told me that you already killed my Grandfather!” Tang Zheng angrily roared.

“No, I was just lying to you. I really haven’t kill him yet. He is just locked in the basement.”

Tang Zheng’s joy was written on his face as he said: “Really? Hurry and bring me to him.”

Huang Ziyang did not dare disobey Tang Zheng’s orders as his small life was now in the other’s hand so how would he dare retaliate.

In the basement Tang Zheng saw his Grandfather laying on the ground and he hurriedly ran forward. He was still alive except his eyes were closed shut as if he had fainted.

“What did you do to my Grandfather?”

“He is only sedated and will wake up in a few hours time.” Huang Ziyang explained. At first he did not plan on killing Tang Dahai and just wanted to use him to coerce Tang Zheng so killing him would not be effective. He later said that he killed off Tang Dahai just to mess with Tang Zheng but he did not expect that he would make Tang Zheng go into a rage and even end up breaking his arms.

“Tang Zheng, how do you want to punish him?” Feng Siniang asked.

Even though his Grandfather did not die, this was all caused by Huang Ziyang. Moreover the other wanted to kill him so this debt must be settled. He took a step after another and walked towards Huang Ziyang, scaring Huang Ziyang into begging for his life: “Tang Zheng, this is all a misunderstanding. Your grandfather is fine so can you just let me go.”

“Let you go? Would you have let me go?”

Huang Ziyang was speechless aw he did indeed not plan on letting Tang Zheng go.

Seeing the unbridled killing aura released by Tang Zheng, Feng Siniang realized that he really had the intent to kill. This was the first time she saw Tang Zheng like that and felt her heart slightly move as she was very interested but she still advised: “Tang Zheng, since your grandfather is fine then you should temporarily spare his dog life.”

Huang Ziyang was the Huang Clan’s sole child, killing him would cause a great ripple and even though the Ye Clan was not afraid of the Huang Clan’s revenge, Tang Zheng must be careful as his strength was still weak and his experiences few. It is true that the Ye Clan could shelter him but the Huang Clan would definitely make a move towards him which was unfavorable to him.

Tang Zheng took in a deep breath, looked Feng Siniang in the eyes, clearly understanding her good intent.

“Death penalty may be avoided but suffering is unavoidable.” Feng Siniang said.

Huang Ziyang originally had a face full of hope but upon hearing these words his face suddenly turned deathly white.

“Tang Zheng, how do you say we punish him?”

Tang Zheng was just about to speak when Tian Chanzi cried out in alarm: “Litte brat, there is something in the basement room next door.”

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