Chapter 42: Rage

Chapter 42: Rage

Huang Ziyang stared straight at Tang Zheng and asked: “Just what sect does your martial arts originate from?”

This was one of the most perplexing questions for Huang Ziyang as after observing Tang Zheng’s battle and the sequence of moves he was still unable to get a grasp of it, causing him to feel greatly disappointed.

“This is none of your concern.”

Huang Ziyang’s eyebrows congealed as he said: “How uncooperative, then there is no need to continue our discussion.”

Tang Zheng felt his heart clench as he randomly made something up and said: “My teacher did not say so I do not know.”

“Then who is your master?”

“He did not say.”

Huang Ziyang was not satisfied with his ‘I don’t know’ attitude and gave a cold heng.

Tang Zheng’s martial arts surely did not appear out of thin air, moreover it was learned in a short few months. This makes it seem miraculous, so how could Huang Ziyang give up so easily? He continued to ask: “Then where can I find him?”

“He wanders all over so I do not know where he is.”

Huang Ziyang felt a bit disappointed but he once again let out a breath since the other was not in Chang Heng City it makes things easier for him. This time he must force out Tang Zheng’s training methods and techniques.

“I am a very magnanimous person, I hope that we can both take out our respective techniques and compare notes with each other so that we can both increase our cultivation. What do you think?” Huang Ziyang said in a dignified manner.

“Despicable!” Tang Zheng silently cursed, seeing through the other’s insidious nature. So, Huang Ziyang was making a move for his technique.

“Sorry, I can not reveal my technique to outsiders.” Tang Zheng refused.

Huang Ziyang’s face deepened as he said: “Being so stingy is not fun, I also wanted to take out my own technique for you to take a look.”

“No need.” Tang Zheng refused.

“Tang Zheng, are you going to give face or not?” Tielong angrily said as his killing aura gushed out.

Huang Ziyang gave him a smile that was not a smile.

Tang Zheng coldly said: “You want to use my Grandfather in order to threaten me to reveal my technique?”

Huang Ziyang laughed, hehe, and said: “Saying threaten is a bit unpleasant to the ears, how about we use the word exchange. That’s right this is an exchange between martial artist.”

“Little brat, you must not give him the Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll.” Tian Chanzi anxiously said.

“I know, I am not that foolish.”

The Ancient Clear Heaven Scroll was fought over by Tian Chanzi and Yinmo, these two experts, so how could he give it to Huang Ziyang so easily.

“If I were to give you my technique would you release my Grandfather?” Tang Zheng asked.

“Of course, I am a man of my word.” Huang Ziyang solemnly vowed but Tang Zheng discovered that his eyes flashed evasively, a clear indication that he was lying. Huang Ziyang was clearly lying for if he were to get the technique he would kill off Tang Zheng without the least bit of hesitation. For Tang Zheng’s power grew to quickly and he did not want to leave behind an opponent for in the future.

“Okay, I will give you my technique.” Tang Zheng promised but silently conversed with Tian Chanzi: “Tian Chanzi hurry up and make up a technique for me to cheat Huang Ziyang.” Tang Zheng did not dare rashly make a move as his Grandfather’s life was in the other’s hand and he decided to use a fake technique to cheat Huang Ziyang.

Tian Chanzi had several different techniques and among there were many strong ones. He clearly understood Tang Zheng’s intentions as he evilly smiled and said: “Relax, I will prepare him a technique that I guarantee after he practices it he will gain some ‘benefits’, haha lusting after immortality is akin to lusting after death, haha.” *TL: one’s desire may end up driving one to their death.*

Tang Zheng clearly knew that the ‘benefit’ Tian Chanzi was talking about was said in irony. He knew that Tian Chanzi would purposefully change the key aspect of a technique so that it would do the opposite and provide a negative affect when Huang Ziyang practices it.

“I am currently not Huang Ziyang’s opponent and must first break through to the Third grade Refining Body, save Grandfather and then later collect this debt from Huang Ziyang.” Tang Zheng has lived all his life in the lowest levels of society and clearly understood the need to endure silently. He also knew that for a gentlemen to wait ten years for revenge is not to long. Since he was clearly no match for Huang Ziyang he should not try to act the hero because by doing so he would be complaining that he has lived too long.

“Okay, then write it out for me.” Huang Ziyang long since prepared pen and paper, passing it over to Tang Zheng allowing him to silently write down his technique. During the whole process, Huang Ziyang did not turn his gaze away from Tang Zheng because even though he did not think that Tang Zheng would lie to him, after training for tens of years in martial arts his eyes have become more discerning and his ability to speculate was not poor.

Gradually, Huang Ziyang’s gaze lit up as happiness appeared written on his face, he internally cried out in alarm: “As expected, this technique is profound and deep. With this my strength will greatly increase and the Huang Clan will be within my grasp. With this I will make the Huang Clan become a truly powerful martial arts Clan.

Even though the Huang Clan was a large family Clan within Chang Heng City, and can be considered a hidden snake, outside the city it was nothing. It had always been Huang Ziyang’s desire to make the Huang Clan a true martial arts Clan.

“This martial arts technique is definitely real. Heihei, all this sure was useful, taking the old man and using him to threaten Tang Zheng more so than trying to threaten him with martial arts.” Huang Ziyang said with satisfaction.

Tang Zheng put down the pen and said: “I finished writing. Now can you release my Grandfather.”

Huang Ziyang immediately put away the martial arts technique not even allowing Tielong who was stretching out his neck to see, a chance to glance at the paper.

“Haha, you are very obedient but you are also very stupid.” Huang Ziyang secretly smiled.

“What do you mean?”

“You now have no use so what do you think I mean?”

“You want to kill me?” Tang Zheng’s gaze turned cold, as the other was truly despicable turning back on his own words.

Huang Ziyang sardonically smiled, gave a hint towards Tielong who leapt over with a ‘shou’, fiercely charging towards Tang Zheng.

“Huang Ziyang, you shameless bastard!”

“Heng, shameless bastard? In this word the only victors are those who survive, so what if I am a shameless bastard?” Huang Ziyang proudly said not believing himself to be shameless.

Tang Zheng did not have any time for words as Tielong’s barrage of strikes charged at him. Tang Zheng hurriedly employed the Heaven Gathering Hands to retaliate, all of his strikes were aimed at Tielong’s dantian.

After suffering one of Tang Zheng’s fist yesterday, his injuries were not completely healed and seeing how every one of Tang Zheng’s strike were aimed at a lethal point how could he not be clear that the other knew his weakness. At that moment he was hurried and angry, but could only fiercely retreat, step after step.

Huang Ziyang slightly squinted his eyes, yesterday Tang Zheng was completely suppressed by Tielong but today that was not the case. Aside from Tielong’s injuries it was clearly evident that Tang Zheng once again increased in strength as can be seen in his attacks.

“After just a single night of training there are such great improvements. This technique is simply to miraculous. If I were to train in it I would definitely improve faster than him.” Huang Ziyang wished for nothing more than to immediately start training.

Tang Zheng angrily roared, putting forth all his strength as he forced Tielong into a retreat. Seeing the wall behind him preventing Tielong from retreating further, Tang Zheng aimed a strike straight for Tielong’s dantian.


A sound rang out as Tielong’s dantian shattered and Tielong appeared as if he were a dead fish falling limply to the ground, his eyeballs seeming as if they were going to pop out, while fresh blood sprayed out of his mouth.

“You…” Tielong pointed a shaky finger at Tang Zheng but could only speak that one word.

Tielong’s dantian was once again injured. However, it was not a light injury like before. This time it was directly shattered destroying his abilities to train in martial arts. For the next half of his life he would be unable to train and if he was ever struck by a disease his body would be even weaker than that of an ordinary human.

Huang Ziyang’s smile froze on his face as he did not think that Tang Zheng would become so fierce after being forced into a corner, causing his strongest fighter to become crippled. This caused great fury to kindle within his heart as he loudly roared: “Kill him! Kill!”

Suddenly ten large men appeared from the surroundings charging forth, each staring at Tang Zheng as if he were prey. In Huang Ziyang’s hand there also appeared a gun, with its barrel aimed straight at Tang Zheng’s chest, causing his whole body to go rigid. Even though Tang Zheng’s martial arts was not bad, when faced with a gun, he was definitely not the others opponent.

“Heng, why don’t you continue fighting?” On Huang Ziyang’s face there appeared to be a look of satisfaction.

“Huang Ziyang, let my grandfather go and you can do whatever you want to me.” Tang Zheng helplessly said.

“Haha, you were originally not my opponent so what right do you have to negotiate with me. Since you want to meet your Grandfather then you can accompany him to meet the Yama King.”

“What did you do to my Grandfather?” Tang Zheng stared wide eyes, his eyes gradually turning scarlet red.

“Of course I sent him to meet the Yama King!”

“Huang Ziyang, I want to kill you!” Tang Zheng’s aura exploded forth as if he were a tiger, a whistle sound rang out as he charged towards Huang Ziyang.

A gunshot rang out.

Tang Zheng’s body flashed as the bullet shot past him, Huang Ziyang once again put his hand on the trigger and Tang Zheng’s body momentarily halted, his left leg was shot but by then he was already in front of Huang Ziyang. Tang Zheng grabbed the barrel of the gun and Huang Ziyang felt his whole body turn numb. The Pressure Point Technique! Then Huang Ziyang’s whole arm was twisted as if it were made of dough, causing him to release a pitiful cry.

The large men charged up, their fists and legs striking out causing Tang Zheng to stumbled backwards as he loudly fell to the ground.

“This daddy is hurt, kill him! Kill him!” Huang ZIyang involuntarily screeched out nonstop, looking like a puppet, incomparably comical.

The large men seeing the situation were placed at their wits end, they could only continue to rain strikes on Tang Zheng who was down on the ground. Even so, Tang Zheng continued to brandish his arms, blocking the majority of the strikes and since his leg was injured he was completely unable to escape. He also did not have any thoughts of escape because Huang Ziyang killed his Grandfather and today he must get revenge for his Grandfather.


Tang Zheng loudly roared out, his palm striking the floor and he was sent into the air, escaping the encirclement. His right leg kicked out as he once again charged straight at Huang Ziyang, sending a strike towards his head.

This strike contained immense strength and if he was struck then Huang Ziyang’s head would be split open like a watermelon, causing him to involuntarily scream out: “Ah! No, I don’t want to die, hurry up and save me!”

A muffled sound rang out. A large men stood in front of Huang Ziyang, his shoulder was immediately smashed in, all his bone shattered, as he fell down to the ground.

The other large men quickly blocked off Tang Zheng in succession making it difficult to approach Huang Ziyang who at this time was filled with incomparable regret. He originally thought that he made ample preparations but little did he know that Tang Zheng would be so fierce when he went into a rage.

Tang Zheng fought while retreating, as he realized it was extremely difficult to approach Huang Ziyang now. For among the large men, there were First and Second grade Refining Body martial artist and when they joined hands their strength was not to be looked down upon. Tang Zheng gradually discovered that he was unable to hold on.

“Little brat, hurry and run. Where there is life, there is hope.” Tian Chanzi advised.

“No, I must get revenge for my Grandfather and kill Huang Ziyang.” Tang Zheng stubbornly refuted.

Tian Chanzi was incomparably helpless feeling extremely anxious and flabbergasted: “You are just seeking death, do you know that?”

“I make the decisions for my life, if I want to seek death then that is my business.”

Seeing how none of his advice worked, Tian Chanzi loudly cursed at him: “This daddy, Tian Chanzi can horizontally walk the cultivation world and I never would have expected that I would fall to these depths.”

Tang Zheng did not acknowledge Tian Chanzi’s fury and fiercely stared at Huang Ziyang, once again wanting to get close to kill him. This was the first time in Tang Zheng’s life that he wanted to kill someone.

Before when others went against him he only had the thought to teach them a lesson. This time however, the only thought in his mind was: Kill Huang Ziyang, get revenge for Grandfather!

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